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1.5cc of Radiesse per mid-face cheeks. I saw...

1.5cc of Radiesse per mid-face cheeks. I saw youtube videos of surgeons and online wesbites indicating the filler to be injected superficially and fanned at angles, thus I expected my surgeon to do such. He did the opposite and inserted the needle straight through my cheeks until the needle hit my cheek bones, I was startled as I inquired earlier to the method of how he would be injecting it. Trust me I asked a lot of questions and its not because Im anxious! I want to be an informed consumer while assessing the knowledge and professionalism of the surgeon.

I iced my cheeks 15 minutes prior to the injection, which probably resulted in a painless injection. The filler definitely plumped up my mid face, better profile that showed 50% volume. I like the plump yet still have not achieved the rounder upside down triangle face shape. I've come to realize that it is my genetics to have a fuller jawline (surgeons discourage buccal fat pad removal as I am not a strong candidate and do not exhibit severe chipmunk cheeks). I plan to get another injection (.7cc) to plump up my right side as it in general more deflated than the left (even prior to the initial injection) and aim to increase the lateral plumpness near my cheek bones to create the illusion of a slimmer jaw line.

Con= surgeon continued to ask me where else to inject, which is fine, but at the same time, I expect him to also lead the session inorder to achieve my cosmetic goal

During my filler research I was not able to find this useful information I am about to provide and hope you appreciate this information. Cosmetic surgery (invasive or non-invasive is great, but knowing the downside is just as important as the upside! Sometimes, you have to experience it yourself because no one is willing to share. :(

Day of injection:
area feels hard and tender (lasts 3-5 days) very weird to the touch
mild/moderate swelling but subsides
develop rash like appearance on left side of cheek only- does not itch, has not resolved yet, covered up with makeup
caused left side of cheek drier than normal, has resolved
altered smile
hurts to smile
injection site felt raised like an ant bite- but has resolved
(5-7th day)
Score scale 0= deflate midface cheeks prior to filler/baseline, score of 8=after injection fuller face :)
5= cheeks now =>helps to quantify effect :)
area is no longer tender or hard to the touch
smile is still affected (can't smile as wide) :/

Hope this is helpful!

11/1/12 adding a new post, yes, radiesse well...

11/1/12 adding a new post, yes, radiesse well worth it! mid face is fuller, smile is back to normal, radiesse substance not noticebale to touch or compression, will get more to produce more angle
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