35 Yo, Mini TT with Muscle Repair and Contour Liposuction - La Jolla, CA

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I have always had a bit of a pooch in my lower...

I have always had a bit of a pooch in my lower belly. I'm really healthy, I eat right and exercise regularly, but my tummy has never budged. After my second c- section I developed an apron of flab over the scar and I began feeling really sore from having no core strength. I started researching and it led me here, and then eventually to two excellent surgeons in La Jolla. I decided to go with Dr. Brown, because I like that his approach involved a less invasive mini tummy tuck with a smaller scar and Contour liposuction that will give me the kind of definition that I've always wanted in my midsection. So I just paid in full and terrified that I just spent so much money on myself, but proud of myself for making myself and feeling good a priority.

I did it!

I had rage procedure yesterday morning. I got to the surgery center, changed into the gown, then DR Brown drew the "map" on my body. The anesthesiologist was great, she got me really comfortable and started asking where I want to go visit with my new bikini body. And that it. I was completely out. I barely woke up enough to see my husband standing there to put me in the car. I think I opened my eyes once on our 30 minute drive home. He put me to bed, which I fixed up with a wedge pillow and those huggies bed mats. I slept forever, but when I got up to go pee I was hit my the dreadful pain of it all! I mean, it really sucked! The good news it that once I got back into bed and feel back asleep the pain went away. Honestly, as the mom of two little ones, the napping aspect of this has been amazing. I'm feeling pretty good this morning, kinda hungry actually. I will try to get up and have sip of coffee.

Post op day 2

Finally got I tinge of excitement this morning when I peeked under the CG. I am SO swollen and bruised, especially in my hips. However I can see a shape under all that mess and it is reassuring. The pain was awful last night after I ate dinner, but I took my meds and rubbed my bruises with arnica and ended up getting a good night's rest. This morning I got up, was still really sore, but made coffee and took meds. I did not get to enjoy the coffee because I became nauseated from the meds. I got emotional and my sweet hubby helped me back into bed and gave me the anti nausea meds. Feeling better now. Gonna have a bit of toast and just try to take it easy.

Post op day 4

I knew the swelling would be very intense, but my goodness, it is profound. It's causing so much stiffness and discomfort, but with that said the pain is now totally manageable. Mostly I just feel exhausted from trying to manage the pain for several days. I just want a break from it all! I am going to start weening off meds tomorrow, which I think will help a lot. I love taking breaks from my CG which I know I shouldn't do, but it feels so good!

It's still hard to get super excited about results because I look like a zombie, with all my swelling and bruising. But I do see a nice shape under all of that. I hope to see more of the results in the days to come.


I made a judgement call yesterday and weened myself off of the Percocet. In retrospect it was the right choice, but it sure didn't feel that way at 3am. Between no perc and my super thick uncomfortable binder (plus the fact that it summer) I was feeling awful all night. But this morning was the pay off when I finally (!) had a bowel movement. Plus, no more throbbing in my ears and feeling much less emotional today. Got up and, with my mom's help, straightened up my house, took a shower, and went to kohls to buy more comfortable CGs. Soooo much better to have a breathable garment on. I hope it's tight enough. I am going to get my drains removed in the morning Yay!!!!

Slowly getting there....

Well, I didn't get the drains out yesterday as anticipated. However, I did get to talk to Dr. Brown about all of the things he did during the procedure. I'm so glad I went with this doctor, he did a mini tummy tuck yes, but he actually went up above my belly button and did the muscle repair. He also said he took 2 L of fat out (!). Basically he did everything involved in a regular tummy tuck but was able to leave me with a smaller scar. He said that all of the swelling that I currently have is totally normal and I just have to be patient. He's very confident that I will get the desired result, which is so reassuring!!
Last night was the first night I slept without having tons of pain in my sides and today I'm able to stand more upright. You can tell by the picture that I'm still super bruised and swollen but even looking at the side-by-side I can see a big difference already!!!

Still with the drain...

So I was supposed to get my drain out today, but I've been putting out consistent levels of fluid for the last three days, something my PS said would happen as I become more active. So I have to keep it in a little longer. On one hand, I have got the hang of it with showering, clothes that cover it, etc... But on the other hand it's the only real source of discomfort for me, as the drain site feels awful every time it shifts.
Overall, I am feeling SO much better! It feels great to be able to cook dinner for my family again, no more takeout! I can hold my little guy on my lap and snuggle him which is so nice! Still can't pick him up for at least another week, but I'll take the snuggles.
I am debating on whether to return to work on Monday or not. My clients and come-workers need me, but I will still have this damn drain coming out of me. Oh what to do? Has anybody on here had experience with going back to work with the drain?

No more drain, but total swell hell

Got the stupid drain out, finally! It did NOT hurt but felt really weird. I am really dealing with swelling, which is no surprise after researching people's experiences here on Realself. It is super uncomfortable, but each day is better. The bruising is still apparent too, but I'm very fair skinned so that makes it worse.

I wore jeans for the first time post op today and there was zero overhang. Weird to have jeans fit so well and that's with all the swelling, I can't wait for the swelling to subside. Patience......

Feeling pretty good

Finally the swelling is going down enough for me to wear some clothes that I couldn't wear pre op! Feels great! Also, I'm down 5lbs from pre op weight! Still very swollen, but this is an encouraging day!

Finally getting over the hump!

Finally I've turned a corner and am feeling so much better. I had PMS for a week and that was truly awful, but I got my period on time and have felt like I'm on the incline ever since.
I started the embrace and it's okay so far. More on that later....
Dr. Brown

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