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10+ years ago I had silicone using the...

10+ years ago I had silicone using the microdroplet technique. My mother had the same procedure on the same day and she still looks great, but for me, within a few years it started to grow and become rock hard. This has caused me so much embarrassment and grief over the years. I was still a teenager when I did this. I wanted to do something to look pretty, and I ruined the next decade of my life, and brought about years and years of severe anxiety and depression. It is something I have thought about every single day, and it has severely limited me from socializing, as I have felt so self conscious about this. I've had 2 surgeries with a doctor in Plano, Texas, who is the "expert" on removing silicone from the lips. I've also had a bullhorn lip lift, as the weight of the silicone pulled the top lip down over my teeth.

None of the results have been that great, to be honest. They were all little improvements, but it was nowhere near what needed to be taken out. The expert Doctor in Texas told me that even though my lips were still WAY too big after two surgeries and very still very uneven and unnatural, that there was no hope for me, and I needed to learn to accept that I was forever deformed. He wasn't willing to make the lips more even, and said that he couldn't operate in the area around the lip where the silicone had migrated.

The lip lift I had with a different Doctor helped a bit, but it left me with unnatural scarring and an awkward upper lip shape.

I tried to ignore this, as it has caused me so much grief that I just wanted to move on, and I had WRONGLY been told there was nothing else that could be done for me. I believed the doctor who told me this because he does so many of these. Fast forward several years and now I am finishing up prerequisites to start nursing school. The thought of having to be in a job where people might stare at me was giving me so much anxiety that I thought about dropping out. I realized that although I've done my best to move on mentally, I really haven't. I saw that this has been affecting me more than I was admitting to myself and I decided right then that I was going to fix this, no matter what, because I just couldn't live this way anymore.

I met with Dr. Brucker after doing some research into plastic surgeons near me who were excellent. He really is fantastic. I'm about 3-4 weeks post op from my upper and lower lip reduction and scar revision around my nose, and for the first time in several years, no one is staring at my mouth with a weird look on their face! I've been dealing with this for nearly 1/3 of my life and honestly...I still don't believe it. There are still a couple more minor corrections that need to be made, but for the first time in my life I feel like I might be able to someday in the very near future have a natural smile.

Unless you've experienced the humiliation and anxiety that silicone gone wrong can bring, you have no idea how amazing it feels to find a good doctor. I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this.

I do need one more surgery to fine tune some spots, but I knew this going in. This is silicone we are dealing with and to be to this point - to be able to look at my lip and see a natural shape is incredible. For the first time I am able to see more than just a weird blob on my face: there is a pretty lip that is very close to natural looking.

I'm going to have what I believe will be the last revision I will need at some point. I'm not in a super big rush because I no longer feel deformed, but at some point it will be nice to put the icing on the cake.

The point of this is to share hope: I've made some friends on here who have been disfigured by silicone. I know what you're experiencing, but just keep looking. In the right hands, this is something I am able to overcome, and I thought I was hopeless.


The pics I added aren't that great, but I wanted to put something up for people to see. I don't really have many pics of myself before my surgery, and when I did take pictures I was so self conscious that I would try to change the anglenot my face or suck in my lips so they would look a little better, so it's hard to see how much improvement was really made, but I did find a couple that kind of show the difference. My swelling is t completely gone just yet, but there is a big improvement and I'm very happy.

Lower lip is starting to grow back :(

I had plans to have 5fu shortly after surgery, but I never followed up and about 3 months later I'm beginning to see the scar tissue form again. I have an appointment with Dr. Brucker this week to talk about it. It was so great going out and not having people look at me funny when I talk, but I feel like I'm back at square one.

This wasn't Dr. Brucker's fault - I just want to make that clear. He did a great job, and I'm grateful to have found him, but silicone is silicone. I should have followed up.

Just had 5fu/Kenalog today

Already the swelling has come down a lot, and I am very happy. I will post pics and more details later.


Due to the nature of silicone, there is almost always a need for more than one surgery to get things back to normal, and that has been my case. I have been more than thrilled with the improvement from my first surgery and yesterday I had another minor procedure. Because the area beneath the lip was so dense, it was not possible to debulk the area beneath the vermilion with lipo as we had hoped. After careful consideration, it was decided to make an incision on the outer area of the lip to more fully address the problem. The thing about a scar is that it can be covered very well by a skilled permanent makeup artist, but there was no way to disguise that lump and it was very embarrassing to me. Even though I'm very swollen I can see that it is tremendously better. I am soooo excited to see how things go. He also did a little more reduction on the upper lip and I can finally see my top teeth when I talk!! It looks really good already.

Another thing I'd to mention is that Jen (the nurse) is great. I just get the feeling that she really cares and is very competent.

Pics coming!


I went into this trying to be very positive, and I am happy that I've chosen to have this procedure. The thing is that silicone is a jerk and my expectations must be adjusted. Dr. Brucker and his staff have helped me to improve my lips to a big degree, but with some time between my initial procedure and now, I have to be honest with myself: I do need more surgery, but I'm not really sure if I'll go forward with it or not. I get fewer stares than I did prior to having my surgery - but I still get them. I'm just not sure I care what anyone thinks anymore. I'm a great person who made a mistake a long time ago, and if someone wants to be callous and rude and stare at me because of it, well, it says more about them than it does about me and I'm not going to lose my peace because of it. I am going to go on for a consult and talk to Dr. Brucker about my final concerns, and there is a small chance I may have one more surgery - there is also a chance that I might just say, "Forget it." and move on. I have a lot to be grateful for - and I don't want to become consumed by something that in the long run, means nothing. Who cares if I don't look perfect? I have a family that loves me and a great life to look forward to living. Worrying about this isn't adding to my life in a positive way. If I have more surgery I'll keep you all updated. Best of luck to you all who are dealing with this, and know you're not alone. Don't let anyone steal your sunshine.

Pics taken tonight

As you can see, more swelling has gone down from the pics posted in the update above (from December). Things look more smooth and soft if you compare them to the very first pics posted prior to any surgery. There is definitely an improvement and I would recommend Dr. Brucker. I will say that if I could do it over, I'd start 5fu before scar tissue could take over, as this is such a big issue with silicone.
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