Contour TRL Laser - Waste of Time and Money - La Jolla, CA

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I'm a 40-something guy who is starting to show...

I'm a 40-something guy who is starting to show some age lines/wrinkles, plus I've had some mild scars and textural inconsistencies on my face due to different pore zones, young adult acne and also getting chicken pox in my 30s. I had previously tried chemical peels to some success, but decided to explore something more intense.

As such I visited a number of the highest rated cosmetic places in the San Diego area, and all of them recommended laser treatment, mostly Fraxel. Initially I was leery of the downtime, but then one particular place was doing a special re. the Halo laser treatment. However during my consultation, the technician said it might take several sessions as that particular laser was mild, compared with others. She suggested if I could handle 7-10 days downtime, that I should go with TRL for a really deep treatment. Timing wise, this would work for me as I was still in a job where I worked from home, but would soon be starting a new job down the road when it would be tougher to get time off.

The procedure seemed to go fine and the technician said they'd never gone that deep/strong with anyone... but that my skin would be "smooth as a baby's bottom."
This was done on a Thur. and I fully expected to look like a burn victim for a week... and I did through Sat. However by Sunday night I had completely peeled and was simply pink. I thought this seemed a bit quick from what was described, plus I could still see the same issues I had before going in. I emailed my technician and she said not to worry. By Tue, you could barely tell I had anything done.. even went out for happy hour. During my follow-up that week, I was told to be patient as it takes at least a month for a lot of changes to be seen.

Well it's now been about 2 months and I'm not at all happy. There's been some slight smoothing of skin in some areas, but this has had the effect of making other textural issues seem even more pronounced. Not a single divot, scar, wrinkle or other defect is any better. In fact, not a single person in my life even noticed any changes at all.

It's extremely disappointing as I not only spend a lot of money, but also a lot of time - delaying job searching and during pre-and post treatment, I had to avoid the sun, which meant giving up all my favorite hobbies for months (kayaking, biking, etc).

I did, of course, let the Center know of my dismay and they suggested 4 more rounds of laser treatments, spaced 12 weeks apart. They did offer to deeply discount these treatments, but now I'm likely getting a new job and it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to schedule another 4 weeks of downtime in the coming year.

According to the Contour TRL website, the company claims it's for the aggressive treatment of mild to deep wrinkles, scars and bad texture. It didn't work for me, even at supposedly the more intense settings, and my particular skin issues were relatively medium to mild.

Now I've lost confidence in the whole laser industry and don't know what to do.
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