Fraxel Laser: Can You Live with the Worst Case Scenario? - La Jolla, CA

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I easily had skin in the top 5% of all skin I've...

I easily had skin in the top 5% of all skin I've ever seen. I was grateful for that, and eager to take the best care of it. My doctor said I'd be "treating" my condition/minor flaws, and "rejuvenating" my skin, making it "better". I regret this everyday. I have lost my healthy skin that people always guessed made me 5-10 years younger than I really am. My options in life have diminished. Doors have closed. Think carefully about how you would live your life if you emerge looking 10 years older with scars and lines streaking down your face, or loss of fat/skin tone causing your skin to hang on the bones deflating the fullness of your face. How will you cope when you look in the mirror and instead of seeing your "self", you see something so painful that you can no longer look at yourself? How will you cope when the people who love you tear up because they feel helpless to help you, and fear for your future and the changes that may come to your relationship as you process all the grief and loss of your identity as you knew it?

My results are not as bad as others I've seen in person and I have met so many. I try to feel lucky. The truth was misrepresented to me and distorted, and I was used for money, but I refuse to be a victim. I speak the truth on my experience so no other human being has to walk this path. Several doctors I've sought help from have told me this has harmed so many people and they are "concerned" about the way this laser has been "sold to the public". They "don't know" what to do about it.

Whatever you see in the mirror that bothers you, remind yourself it can always be worse, and be grateful for a feature you have that you love. Then tell yourself you are ok the way you are. Walk out of anyone's office who tells you this laser is "good" for your skin. I have yet to meet one person who's results support that (1-2 years out) except for nurses who were not treated at near the same treatment levels as patients. At worst, the people I've met, are disfigured and regretful.

At best, they "traded one problem for another" or lose their money and a lot of peace of mind, with zero to minor "results" at the end of an arduous recovery. Swelling creates illusions. So do marketing and pictures taken at the peak of swelling. Be informed. Ask yourself if you can live with the worst case scenario? And whatever you're told that will be...imagine it possibly worse, before you make this potentially life-altering decision.

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Much of what I was told, turned out to be not true. I've met other patients of his who were scarred and he told us all in the "selling" phase that he has never had anyone get scars. He proclaims he is an expert but frequently didn't know what to do to help me heal and for almost 2 years I've been waiting for my skin to get better. Several of his recommendations (guesses) caused more damage. He talks about the importance of being board certified, but several patients (including me) have been burned/scarred nonetheless. I had several complications and once I started reporting them to him, sending him pictures he asked me to send, he did not respond. I lost a year of my life/career. My face will not recover or go back to what it was. The issues his laser was supposed to "treat"... it did not. Nothing was gained, but immeasurable loss. He did not disclose that he is a researcher and developer of the laser, and shareholder in the laser company.

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