Frraxel for Sundamage - La Jolla, CA

Have used sunscreen and hats for over 20yrs. Went...

Have used sunscreen and hats for over 20yrs. Went to talk abt Lazer treatment for freckles on chest. He told me I needed some laser treatment on my face. I am fair skinned, red head Irish. I left with both sides of my face badly bruises. They were black and looked like lesions. I left without doctor even mentioning bruises. Did not notice until I got home.

Frraxel for sun damage

I am sending pics

Frraxel for sin damage

I am trying to send pictures. I dont think they r going through. I am trying , again.

Fraxel for sundamage

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Awful. As I said above, he never mentioned the bruising. Went back he used another laser. Took months to heal.

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