56 Years Old Neck and Lower Jowl Line Did Not Match with my Face. La Jolla, CA

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I first met Doctor Sadrian's nurse Hilary eight...

I first met Doctor Sadrian's nurse Hilary eight years ago when I got my very first botox injection. I Immediately formed a strong connection with her and soon became a fan of the entire staff. The team was far beyond just a medical visitm I truly felt I was going to visit my girlfriends every time I went to the office. Carol did my facials, Hillary did my restylane and botox. And Patty was just about the best receptionist anyone could ever ask her. I cant tell you how many times she went beyond the call of duty just to make me feel comfortable. One day I came into the skin care center after a long absence due to Hilary's leave of absence due to her foot surgery. As bummed as I was I found various other places to have botox in the meantime Needless to say, somehow I found out Hilary was back and found myself back at my favorite spot. As I was saying it had been a while since I saw Patti. I said to her OMG you look great! And she said well I had some work done by Doctor Sadrian, Neck and facelift and I remember being shocked at how beautiful the result was. The girls were always touting Doctor Sadrian and I felt like I knew each one of them well enough that they would be honest with me in telling me which Doctor I should choose when it was my time. There were several other Doctors associated with the practice at that time. So... again poor Hilary had to take another leave due to her foot. So again I strayed :(
During this time, my eyelids were starting to get heavy and I would use botox to lift them. And it worked for quite awhile until one day my sister who is 10 years older than I am was having an upper eyelift and said her girlfriend had used this particular Doctor and loved him and said he was so well respected and the best. She had hers done and was happy. So I figured what the heck she already did the research and we have similar eye shaping so I thought this was a no brainer (we are both half Asian). I couldn't have been more wrong in that decision. He said that he knew right away I was going to need a re vision. He wasn't skilled in our particular eye shape and did not remove enough skin to even make a difference. He was very nice about the unfortunate situation and said he would re do it whenever it was convenient for me. The truth is its never a good time when you have to take time off from work. But oh well things happen was the attitude I took! I am now happy with them but if I had done my homework and asked all the right questions in the first place I would have been back to Dr Sadrians office. I just made one of the most commonly made mistakes! just because some one else might have liked the Doctor. You yourself must do your own homework ask around. Ask for opinions My sister never went back and she looks like she did before she started. I'm not going to mention his name as I am sure he is skilled in many other proceedures.
So, finally it got to the point where I couldn't do anything about my neck and lower face any longer. My face and neck just didn't match up. People still always thought I looked younger than I was (or at least that's what they would say)!
But this time I was bound and determined to do my research and homework. I ended up with 5 consultations in all! 4 of which were in the same medical building. And one that was elsewhere. Again all very nice and all highly qualified. But this was my face!!! I did NOT want to make a mistake. I was not unhappy with my face the shape etc... and had no desire to look any different than I looked minus the wrinkles and loose jowl line. In fact I was terrified that I would end up looking different. All Doctors told me I would look remarkable all except for Doctor Sadrian. He was just sweet, kind and humble. And I think that's what I ended up basing my decision on. And it was a tough one, but the little voice inside my head kept reminding me about what my friend Hilary kept telling me all those years back. Patty and Carol, Lydia had all told me they would Choose Doctor Sadrian when the time was right not to mention his credentials being both an oral surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon! And his family background well, pretty much all doctors which was pretty impressive and it seemed like he really cares about helping people. It's a very competitive field and a lot of doctors are obviously in it for the money and will tell you what ever you want to hear. Again, quite different with Doctor Sadrian. He doesn't try to talk you into anything Where the others are very quick to tell you all kinds of things you can benefit from.
Well, here I am 2 weeks post surgery and I cant begin to tell you enough how happy I am. No one would ever be able to tell I had anything done! except for the few people I have told that are vey close to me. The first night after surgery I was up walking around watching movies with my girlfriend wide awake like it was just another day. I had absolutely no pain and I had an ace bandage around my face along with some drainage bags around my ears other than that I didn't feel any differently. I stayed with my girlfriend because I was instructed to! but really I would have been absolutely fine by myself.
I had my 5 hour surgery done on Wednesday on Thursday morning I had my dressing unveiled and I was in complete shock!!!! I was flabbergasted with the results. If some one told me I would look exactly like I had dreamed of looking for 8 years the day after surgery I would have never believed them in a million years!!! But It is absolutely the Gods honest truth. The very next day my parents were leaving the Country on vacation so I stopped over to say goodbye (my parents Knew). But I didnt tell my sister and I didn't know she was at my parents house that day the same sister who referred me to the Doctor that did my blepharoplasty and she didn't say a word. Had no idea that I had any surgery at all!! She said did you have a facial?
To say I am pleased would be an absolute understatement. Doctor Sadrian is in a league of his own. I have seen tons of facelifts living in Del Mar. And I feel like I could always tell when work was done. And the closer I was getting to surgery the scarier it was getting.

I was defiantly in the hands of a gifted, blessed surgical genius. No one is more tactful and adroit than this phenomenal expert!
I cant thank Doctor Sadrian and his wonderful staff enough and of course I would have never ended up in his skillful hands if it weren't for Hilary! hands down the sweetest nurse I have ever known and very skillful at her craft as well! I'm just getting to know the other wonderful members of his staff!
I better stop as I feel l like I could write about how happy I am with my experience all day!!
Before any of you out there make any decisions about plastic surgery. Please, Please don't be fooled by smoke and mirrors! Doctor Sadrian under promises and over delivers!!! This is the very first time I have written a review about anything before and sorry for the novel! I just want everyone who makes such an important huge decision to be as happy as I am!!!
Thanks again Dr Sadrian, I now have my confidence back!
I thank God and of course Hilary for making my way back into your gifted hands!

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