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I have wanted to get my lower eyelids done since I...

I have wanted to get my lower eyelids done since I was 43 years old. I'm 50 now. I noticed the bags after giving birth to my son. At first, I thought it was due to staying up late breast-feeding and just the general fatigue of having a newborn.

As my son got older and I felt more like myself, I noticed that the bags were still there. Feeling self-conscious and frustrated (especially since people kept telling me I looked tired) I did a "google" search and realized that I was one of the many unfortunate individuals whose "fat" around their eyes dropped and created the unsightly bags.

I've been blessed with very nice skin and most people don't guess my age. That's what made the bags all the more frustrating for me. But I was absolutely terrified of surgery. I tried every topical solution I could find with nothing that could banish my unwanted, ugly bags.

For years, I fantasized about getting my eye bags "done." But the fear of botched plastic surgery always outweighed the possible happiness I knew I would have if I only dared to go under the knife.

About a year ago, a very dear friend had both her upper and lower lids done. Her results were amazing and it gave me the courage to talk to her surgeon about the procedure. My husband and I discussed it. He didn't think I had bags (love is blind) but understood how I felt and wanted me to be happy so we decided to get the surgery done for my 50th birthday.

I had a consultation with a top plastic surgeon in San Diego. He was nice, his office beautiful and he confirmed that I only needed my lower lids done and that I was a good candidate. I voiced my fears about drooping lids and he assured me that my facial structure was one that would yield great results.

Although I found my consultation to be a positive one, my inner voice was telling me to talk to someone else. This was my face ... not a part of my body I could cover up ... and I wanted to be absolutely sure. I kept coming back to the realself website and many people/doctors recommended going to an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon if you are getting your eyes done. Made sense, so upon a general google search I found Dr. Bobby Korn.

First of all, I was absolutely impressed by Dr. Korn's credentials. I felt like someone who graduated from MIT and continued on to the most prestigious medical schools/programs would be someone who I needed to talk to! It made me feel even more confident knowing that he did reconstructive surgery as well as plastic surgery and that he is a board certified Ophthalmologist, not a plastic surgeon who works on everything from head to toe.

One of the most obvious differences between going to a plastic surgeon's office and to Dr. Korn is that Dr. Korn works out of Shiley Eye Center at UCSD. This is where all the top surgeons in the field of ophthalmology work so you go there knowing you will be getting the best of care. Before I even spoke to Dr. Korn, I was given an eye exam. Again, good to know that you at a medical facility that is concerned about your health. I was not give an eye exam at the plastic surgeon's office.

When Dr. Korn walked in the room, I was immediately given the impression of someone charismatic, self-assured and caring. He is simply one of those physicians that you just KNOW you can trust. I was open with him about the worst-case scenario fears ... blindness and sagging eyelids. I asked was it just bad luck or operator error? He explained to me how those things happened and also told me he teaches other surgeons how to avoid these disasters! I think the icing on the cake was when he showed me pictures of people who had surgeries that went wrong and the amazing job he did not only making them look normal again but giving them the results they originally sought!

I booked my surgery the same day as my consultation knowing that I had found the perfect surgeon for my lower blepharoplasty.

As the day of my surgery arrived, I couldn't fight back my nagging fears. I finally looked online at "after" shots of people to prepare myself for what I would look like after the surgery. And on the actual day of the surgery, I took the most unflattering "before" pictures of myself ... I knew when I looked at those horrible bags that I had to go through with it and trust completely in Dr. Korn.

At Shiley Eye Center, the procedure is done in a surgical suite with an anesthesiologist. When I spoke with the plastic surgeon, they told me I would be given "happy pills." I don't know about most people but I definitely did not want to feel or remember a thing! I wasn't under completely but enough so that all I can remember was being wheeled into the surgery room and waking up with my bags GONE!

I was shocked to see that directly after the surgery I didn't look bad at all. And I definitely knew that I didn't have the feared sagging eyelids. The recovery included icing on and off for three days and using an ointment in my eyes. Tedious but very easy. At my one week check up, I was doing so well that Dr. Korn said I could discontinue the use of the ointment. I started to bruise the day after and I could go out after a couple of weeks with just a tiny bit of makeup to cover up the last of the bruising.

I am now 6 weeks post-op and I can't believe it when I look into the mirror ... it's so liberating to actually be able to look at myself again and like what I see. Dr. Korn is the most talented, professional, brilliant surgeon and I owe so much to him. He's put a smile back on my face where there used to be a grimace.

If you are thinking about any kind of surgery for your eyes, please, do yourself the biggest favor and see Dr. Korn. You won't regret it!

Trust your eyes to Dr. Korn! Pictures to show my great results!

I was a bit embarrassed at first to post pictures of myself but someone was kind enough to comment and I decided it would be the most helpful for anyone considering the surgery to see before and afters. I am including: 1) photo taken the BEFORE (day of surgery ... so horrible I hate seeing it again!); 2) photo directly after surgery was performed; 3) photo taken of the worst of the bruising (not too bad!); 4) and finally, a photo I just took today on my iPhone. It's been seven weeks now since the surgery. No more bruising and most importantly NO BAGS!

If you are hesitating, don't waste another day feeling bad about under eye bags. Please go see Dr. Korn. I would trust him with any procedure involving the eyes.
San Diego Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Korn is a brilliant, talented, charismatic surgeon who sent my eye bags packing! He is simply the best in the field. I can not recommend him any higher. His bedside manner is equal to his surgical skills and professionalism. He also teaches and has written books and made videos to instruct other surgeons on these procedures. You couldn't ask for a better surgeon! Don't wait another day when Dr. Korn can make you feel good about yourself again!

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