Worried About Possible Results of Removal - La Jolla, CA

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I had a mastopexy in July of 2012. I have a lot...

I had a mastopexy in July of 2012. I have a lot of my own breast tissue, but it was recommended that I also have breast implants to achieve a more full look to my breasts. The smallest size implants were used and placed under the muscle. I was happy with the initial results, but found my happiness to be about my breasts no longer being saggy. I was slightly uncomfortable with the size, but wanted to give myself time to adjust. I have never fully adjusted and while I have been waiting to get used to them, they dropped dramatically. Over the course of the last year, my breasts have bottomed out, leaving my areolas reaching high to the sky. I have spent the last few months having people tell me that I am “hanging out” and helping me to adjust my breasts back into whatever top I am wearing. I pop out of bikini tops, tank tops and v-neck tops. I literally have my areolas coming right over the top of these clothing items. It is embarrassing and uncomfortable and I have taken to wearing large baggy articles of clothing that are high on the neckline to hide my breasts. I returned to my PS to see what could be done. He suggested a revision surgery that would place a sort of internal bra to hoist the implants into a better position and hopefully reverse the bottoming out. Unfortunately, I read that this can occur multiple times and I do not want to continue to revise the original surgery. Therefore, I have opted to take them out and attempt to redo the mastoplexy. I will also need to have my areolas reduced because they have become stretched out with all of the drooping over the past year. I am a bit worried about the possible results, but am strong in my decision to take these implants out. I am scheduled for September 18th. Any suggestions and/or recommendations are welcome.


My pre-op is this Wednesday. Does anyone have suggestions on questions to ask? Thanks!

Pre-op melt down

Sitting in the middle of my pre-op appointment and I'm melting down. I've had two nurses come in and I am not sure anyone knows how to answer my obscene amount of questions. Surgeon is next up. I hope I get out of here without becoming a complete emotional wreck.

One week until they are out!

What a difference a week makes! Am getting excited about the explant and am actually feeling a lot of peace about it. One week and counting :)

24 hours till surgery

Tomorrow is the day! I am nervous and excited. I have been reading and following stories of others and it is helping greatly. My husband has taken the day off work and will be driving me there, as well as home. Can't believe it's finally here :)

They are OUT!

I am home! Just a little sore and very tired. I am SHOCKED at home much of my own tissue I had. I AM very happy to have those things OUT of me and to move forward implant free :) thanks for all the support ladies.

Waking up a happy woman!

I am awake a little early today, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to nap. I feel amazing. Just a tiny bit sore. It's nothing like having them put in! I go back to my PS today and will get a peak then. I'll update again later today. Maybe I'll add another photo.

Follow up appointment

Just finished my follow up appointment. Considering my surgery was yesterday, I am thrilled with the results. Can't believe I ever had implants. Think I'll look just fine without them!
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