wanted big but natural on my tall body- got my breast aug w/ teardrop gummies 445-495cc

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I have started to post a million times and never...

I have started to post a million times and never post. So finally, here we are.
I'm 5'8" 125lbs Mommy of 1

I've graduated past the consultation phase and decided on my P.S.

Now I just need to save $1100 more, and the anticipation is killing me! I am really good with money and I know I can save it in about 1 month but I just wish I already had it bc waiting is killing me. How did you guys save the money?

I'm financing $3500 thru Alphaeon (does anyone know how that works???) and I've saved approx $2600 cash already (my quote was $7200). I refuse to schedule until I have it saved at risk of losing my deposit if I have to cancel for any reason. I would just feel so much better knowing I could count down the days til surgery.

Does anyone have any ideas on discreet ways to ask for time off work? I work in a small office and everyone is always in everyone's business. I honestly don't care if ppl talk about me but it's *my business* and I know ppl are going to ask me. Plus I need to ask my boss for a few days off. Just trying to figure out how to phrase it when I ask.

How do I keep myself busy I want this so badly I just don't know how to wait ahhh

Wish boobs

I leave you with my wish boobs this morning.

Scheduled my surgery!

I was between two board certified plastic surgeons and I've finally decided! I chose a different one than the one I price quoted above.

Today I scheduled my surgery and it's in 3 weeks, so I also had my pre-op appt.
Together we decided on Mentor Memory Gel Moderate Plus, 445cc Left, 495cc Right. We decided anatomically shaped implant would help me reach my goals. I tend to over-analyze, so at this point I really hope I communicated accurately...

I'm really excited because now the countdown begins!! I'm open to any and all advice, what to buy, what to wear, etc!

My p.s. discussed anatomical for me because I didnt want hp...

These wish boobs make me feel good about the decision to go with anatomical

15 days!!!!

15 days til surgery! I can't wait!!

2 days left to prepare but pls tell me what the first 24 hrs are like

please tell me what your first 24 hours post op. were like? I'm talking from surgery til the next morning please tell me what your day and night was like. ... Is it really necessary to have supervision the whole time? Will i be literally helpless?

Had my surgery yesterday!

Had my surgery yesterday at 730am! When I walked into the OR it looked like heaven, everything was bright white and I got sooo excited. I don't even remember getting hooked up to anesthesia I must have gone down so quick. Next thing I remember I woke up in the recovery room and then driving home.

I was worried I was going to be nauseated after going under, but I wasn't at all! The nurse in recovery asked me my pain level 1-10 and I said 0... because literally all I felt was pressure.

Once I got home is when I got really sore. My lifesavers were a neck pillow and one of those pillows that sit up with arms, so that I was really supported up straight. The one thing that was hard at first was it felt hard to take a deep breath I felt smothered almost by the tightness on my chest. I had to use my feet to lift the toilet seat and flush but I felt ok getting off the couch myself and walking alone. Just super super slow.

This morning I was allowed to shower. Removing the bandages (but I left the tape per my P.S. orders) felt so weird, I felt like I needed to cradle my boob like a baby. I did not need any help in the shower and it felt AMAZING! Post-shower I feel even better. The only feeling I have is muscle pain near my armpits and near my incisions it is really itchy- I had insertion inframmmery. I go back to work on Monday(today is Saturday) so hopefully I still continue to gain more range of motion and relived of some of the tightness.

I'm now in a sports bra and need to wear it 24/7 except for showers for four weeks.

Going back to work...

Ok, so post op day 1 & 2 were my lazy days and I had very minimal pain. I keep feeling this burning sensation on my left boob near my incision and i think it's nerve pain, vs actual incision pain, bc it shoots up the area. It's tolerable, but my main source of discomfort.

Here I am post op day 3 and it's Monday so I'm heading into work today 8am-5pm (my surgery was fri morning). My PS told me this would be ok and i agree since I work at a desk all day 99% of my movement will just be at my keyboard.

honestly, I feel like the main struggle will come with having zero naps today. My pain pills are vicodin and i take 2 appx every 5-6 hrs with my antiotic and a muscle relaxer every 8 hrs. I feel drowsy often with them so hopefully I'll be busy and awake.

I'm not driving myself my husband will drop me off so that's good because I don't feel ready yet to take that on.

Yesterday pretty much all day I felt amazing I even felt up for emptying the dishwasher (I took it easy and slow since I know i wasn't supposed to) bc i feel so bad leavin all the chores for my hubby! But then last night i slept thru the whole night and didn't take my Pain pills at 1am and then woke up at 6am with burning morning boob! ugh i just took 2 vicodin and 1 muscle relaxer with 1 antibiotic and then ate a bagel hopefully they will kick in and fast before work.

Sorry for the ramble I'm on my phone so I'm not proof-reading! I'll update u all on how my first day back went later!

oh PS I'm so effing bloated! I look pregnant lol.

Going to post a new review

If you follow my posts just FYI my review did not properly link to my P.S. and I wanted to start it over ensuring it linked to him.... SOOOOOO I am starting a new review, as a Breast Implants review. I'll be updating that review from now on, so check there if you're interested! THX xoxo

25 Yrs Old - Finally Got my Gummy Bears 445-495! *Pictures*

25 Years Old5'8" 125 lbsMommy of 1My breast augmentation was Friday, 2/27/15 & I was able to return to work by Monday 3/2/15! I love everything about my plastic surgeon. Mentor MemoryShape Tall Moderate Plus, Textured ImplantsLeft- 445ccRight- 495ccInframammery SubmuscularMy Dr uses the Keller Funnel, which was very important to me!I'm visual and I come to RealSelf for the pictures, so here are a bunch!I'm not up for posting a bunch of details right now so I will update later. XOXO

2 weeks post-op

OK ladies I’m sorry I realize my review is a complete mess! I tried leaving a proper review for my PS, because if you remember I changed doctors last minute & well it was not properly linked to him. Well anyway after not receiving a response from the RealSelf team on if they would link my review I decided to try & link it myself by just posting another one & to my dismay they conjoined it & well it just became a mess... *YES RS Team I now know I can't leave 2 lol Thank You!* Anyway, they finally understood what I was trying to do & linked it to my PS & now I'm happy enough. Except when they joined it all my pix got messed up & made to lesser resolution and well they just uploaded crappy & even tho it says I can supposedly remove them so I can re-add them for you it won’t let me right now. So whatever. When I was trying to update my review in the beginning of this debacle I was able to delete & re-upload which is why you don't see pics above on earlier posts that at one point did have them.
Today I'm 2 weeks PO & I feel so good I wish I could be released to start working out hard. at my 1 week post op appt my PS said I could start doing lower body as long as I'm not bouncing my chest. I had to get rid of my danskin zip up sports bra shit was suffocating me!! Way way too tight. I bought a medium support slightly cupped sports bra from target in size medium which fits 1000x better and it fits more like a seamless cup bra rather than sports bra and I can breathe much easier. My PS & his nurse told me the main things I needed in a sports bra while I'm healing in this first 4 weeks: tight/supportive enough that my breasts don't jiggle & that they don't gravitate lower due to weight. Also my incision scar strips will be removed at my 3 week post op from what I understand.
That’s prob all I will update for now I hate to bore you all but I’m always open for questions! On another note: I really love seeing all of your pix and I really do feel lucky to have found this RS resource; it has been invaluable to me, so thank you to all of you.

tape off, incision reveal!

Scar tape removed at 3wk post op appt. Nice thin lines! I've been advised to massage the incisions with lotion or oils several times per day.

One more week til i can be fitted for bras!

just saw my before pics....

Omg i just saw my before & afters on my ps' site LOL omg I'm straight embarrassed! Love those afters but damn how did I live with those befores..... just wanted to share that I'm horrified!

if you have textured pls tell me....

to anyone with textured implants: will mine eventually get jiggly?????? They don't move/drop much obviously bc the texture is meant to adhere but i wanted big jiggly boobies and i feel like they are so stiff......

5 weeks postop, profile

Progress pics. can't wait til they are squishy and can jiggle more so i can have cleavage.... I'm happy but honestly sometimes i wonder if i should have just gotten hp round.... Idk if these are the sexy but natural look i wanted. Sometimes i feel like i got natural with no sexy. Can natural be sexy? What an emotional roller coaster

can squish together & a pic of anatomic implants when lying down

Getting more jiggly every day, yay! they are soft & squishy, and I'm so happy they still look really big without being too obviously fake.

4 mos post, this was the best decision!

Where have I been? I needed a break from realself! I love my breasts!!! I feel womanly, sexy, confident.... believe it or not I still feel natural even though they're big implants!

Why did i need the break? Let's just say it was making me second guess my complete satisfaction and making me insecure! I had so many questions..... So many breasts, all beautiful, but why do my nipples point slightly up? Should i have gotten hp or round or areolar incisions? A lift? Bigger cc? What if i lose weight, gain muscle? Did i communicate my aesthetic? Can i still rough house play? Too many thoughts!!!!!! Too many worries!!!

I decided to take some time to look at them myself, i chose my dr for a reason! Trust! And, since my surgery he's gotten crazy amounts of incoming five star reviews, seems like 2 new ones a week, and he's been putting in a lot of the same implants! Makes me feel good like he knows just how awesome he did on me ;)

Now that I've taken a true break i finally see my own beauty! I think i was overwhelmed with how beautiful everyone else is that i started questioning my own. I'm so happy with my implants i got then for me and only me and i know i made the right choice in surgeon bc he was the expert i trusted to make the qualified decisions.

I just wanted to update to say realself was the greatest gift in my PRE surgical research and in the immediate post surgical research but i think my time here is close to done. ... I hope I helped anyone in their journey u are all beautiful and wonderful.....and smart to research your decisions!!! Do what is best for YOU!

Revision Required

It's been confirmed at my 6 month post op that my suspicions were correct.... implants dropped. I'm really heartbroken.

Need a capusulloraphy.... suture repair to bring up crease in correct spot.. will fix my nipple placement with that and the double bubble look that's MINIMALLY showing on left breast. Prob is the drop brought my nipples higher and then i lose upper pole.

I'm really sad at this point I just feel like i need support. My plastic surgeon will reoperate for free and i only have to pay anesthesiologist.... yes i have to go under general again. Prob is surgery time increased and thus for anesthesia quote is now $2500.... I'll be reimbursed the diff if time is quicker. I don't have that money nor do i want to do this at all.

He said my skin stretched and I have thin skin & stretch marked breasts from pregnancy. I know this isn't his or my fault just my body but I'm not willing to put in smaller implants. Plastic surgeons on here say Capsulorraphy is simple but I'm still upset.

We discussed mesh, suture repair, downsizing, up sizing (also an option), etc. Still asking lots of questions and starting to research the procedure. I thought my breasts were perfect and they still look great.... but def have dropped.

I have so much to think about.

revision update

Hi everyone, sorry I know it's been awhile. I went in for my 1 ur post op and we discussed options. Some major things have been made pretty clear- 1. My skin stretches to adapt, same with my pocket 2. Textured didn't make a difference for me as far as adherence, but no they haven't rotated 3. I should go lighter in weight and get a suture repair with non dissolving sutures inside wrapped twice or three times. 4. He said this is less expensive than the internal bra and they seem to produce same results 5. We decided I'd consider 400cc, for both breasts, silicone not gummies 6.his revision cost is free, but I'd have to pay for anesthetic and new implants. Total new cost would be approximately $3100, which I can't afford for a while. So, I'm thinking next year. The transition to smooth should help with rippling as well. My boons are still big and pretty, just a bit low, nipples angled a bit high, and some rippling. Mentally, I'm great!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I reside in San Diego where there are lists upon lists of board certified plastic surgeons all within reach.... and I feel lucky to have found the hidden gem among them all. Dr. Park is located in Oceanside, CA & I drive 40 miles just for him. He's meticulous, always available to answer questions, extremely professional and overall worth every star. In my experience with him I never feel rushed or pushed & never have I felt nervous knowing I'm in his hands. I don't feel like just another number to add to his resume. I proudly recommend him to anyone. I trust his expertise and immediately after seeing in person that he is as genuinely impressive as he is on "paper," my husband and I knew he was to be my #1 & only choice as a board certified plastic surgeon.. & this is after previously choosing one in La Jolla... My gut to switch was right because Dr. Park & his entire staff are amazing and I'm so happy! My results are better & my recovery easier than I could have ever imagined & there's no way I can thank him enough. At the very least I owe him my genuine and honest patient testimonial. *Proud to be a Dr. Park patient.*

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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