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I wanted to do the surgery as long as I remember...

I wanted to do the surgery as long as I remember myself.But after giving birth and breast feeding I went from 36B to A cup.My expectation is full C or small D cup.
And I found my Doctor Tom Pousti by Internet and best Rewiews,made an appointment and yup I'm having my surgery in two weeks!!!
I feel exited and happy,worried and can't wait to get it done

Preparations for BA

Well today I bought some products that I was reading about in the posts here.Its Bromelain tablets,Arnica 30x and Arnica gel,I also will attach the pictures.Have no idea when to start taking it,what is the dose,but I hope I will figure it out.
I'm worried the most about how I'm gonna sleep because I'm a side and stomach sleeper,and still didn't bought any pillows,but I read a lot of post and found some info on that too!!!
I just wish time could past faster and I will be done and over it,can't wait to see my new body transformation...
Well good luck to everybody who is having surgery!!
Much Love

Have so many thoughts about every little things

Ok,so I think I got extremely addicted to this web site!!I loveee to read all your stories,updates and experiences!!!
So thankful to the people who created this web site.!!!!
So my last per op is tomorrow,and in seven days I'm having my BA, to be honest I'm felling pretty different emotions everyday, and I planed it to be absolutely different.
We bought a house and I thought we can move in on June 18,but it all went wrong and we can't move till June 27 a day before my surgery,plus my little step daughter (2,5 years) coming to visit us from June 24 till July 4, and I have very important interview on July 3, just after 5 days of BA, and I have no chance to change it!!!!OMG!!!
I feel like I wanna freak out,and hurt somebody but I'm just taking a deep breath and ensure myself it all gonna pay off!!!!
Have so many thoughts about every little things but the only thing I'm super sure about is my PS,I'm getting only good reviews about him,anywhere I go everybody seems to know him,lol.
Thanks again for all your stories!!!
Much love


Oops,forgot to say that my PS suggested to go with 425-450cc for natural look I want,but not sure about profile yet.
I will post an update after tomorrow's appointment!!!

Last pre op


Pre op

Sorry was trying to update from my phone :(
Anyway So I went for my last pre operation today,a little bit nervous about other personal things but pretty sure about size that I wanna go with 400-450cc.But after I talked to my PS and he told me that with my frame and breast size that I have now I can go for 500-550cc....
Damn I'm feeling so greedy I want boobies,nice big but natural at the same time!!!
Please anybody tell me what I should do?Am I gonna go too big and regret it or I'm gonna be too small and wishing I went bigger???
So for today I decided to be HP 500cc and no bigger ;-)
I also went for some shopping today and bought Vita fusion Fiber Gummies from CVS,bought cotton pajama with buttons and nice soft robe, 7$ sport bra and all from TARGET.cause I really don't wanna spend extra $$ on VS or anything unreasonably expensive.lol
Can't wait,it's just 7 days left and next week the same time I'm gonna be with beautiful breasts!!!!
Hah and my PS told me don't get too addictive with reading stories,lol.
Best wishes to you all there and I hope u healing well!!!
I post pics with sizes that I tried today

495 cc HP Silicone

Day three

Well it's been quiet fast journey from operation day to today. Today I feel better take a walk.
I feel very sore in the morning and now I know what it means morning boobs;-)
I will update you later as soon as it's going to be easier for me to type.
I love my new look and today I went first time to see my doctor for post operational Appointment, And Dr. said I look amazing and i have a great results for three days after surgery

Day 6

Feeling a little better,and trying to get off my Percocet .
I love my results so far;-)))
Next appointment is on Saturday

Sooo happy:-))))

Hey my sweet sisters!!!!
Just wanna share pic from day 10,of a dress I thought I will never wear without push up;-)

Post op day 8

Hey there!!!
I'm feeling really great and healing well,just getting tired fast.Wanna post pictures from my second post op appointment on day 8,taken at doctors office.
It was so kind of him to meet me on Saturday, I don't think every doctor does that!!!

1 month

Hello ladies!!!
Sorry I didn't update for so long,I was just waiting till I will be absolutely happy with myself and now I am!!!
Can't believe it's already a month!!!Yay,I'm very happy with my results,size shape and all.
My recovery was easier I thought it would be,and the incision on the left breast is absolutely invisible already,but have some complication with right one and I'm working on that,my doctor said I will be just fine.
I have no regrets,and be honest when you choose a size go a little bit bigger!!!
Love you all and thanks for sharing your stories!!!

Six month

I haven't update my profile in so long,but I honestly can't believe how time passed so fast!!!
Now I don't even feel like I did surgery,feels like I always had them,my breast feels very soft and I love the shape and how it looks no matter what I wear.
Since I healed from surgery I don't wear regular bra,only cotton sports bra,because I feel very confident and no need for push up or anything else!I try on some VS bra but they feel so tight and I feel like my breast looks huge,so I ended up buying one lace bra with no padding.
I'm absolutely happy that I made a choice to have breast implants,and I'm happy with the size, only thing I regret that I didn't have surgery earlier :)

Day of surgery

I just read my profile and realized that I never shared my experience with surgery.even tho it's been six month I remember very clearly.
So the day before surgery I took a shower ,did my hair and went to bed early,was a little bit nervous but it wasn't bad.
I had to be at the hospital at 10:30 and we arrived a little bit earlier.i met my nurse and that's when fear and anxiety hit me,I was so scared and thinking I should never do that...
I had two nurses and they talked me through the whole process ,I changed into hospital gown,got my IV,and then my doctor came to see me and discuss last time what size and look I want.he saw that I was nervous and before he left he held my hand and told me I have nothing to worry about,that I'm surrounded with best staff and he will do his best to meet my goals.
Oh I forgot to mention that night before surgery I made a poster with pics of what kinda breast I want and the ones that I didn't like.and in the morning we left to the hospital and due to my nervous condition I forgot it!!so we had to drive back to get it:))))
Anyway I got to operation room at 11:55 a.m and nurse was holding my hand all the way before I knocked out,and that was pretty fast,ha ha!
I woke up,feeling tight around my breast and a little bit thirsty,and immediately I wanna to get up but another nurse told me no no,u just had the surgery so I looked at the clock ant it was 1:10p.m just hour after I got to operation room!!!
So they kept me there for about an hour,and then I tried to get up,and it was so hard!!But my husband managed to get me into the car and we drove home for about 20 min,but it felt like forever,I just waned to get to bed and rest.
I got home put on pajama pants took my pills and fell asleep.
That's how it was first day:-)
I'm very happy that I choose Dr.Pousti, he and his staff made my experience great and positive,and what's more important safe.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I recently moved to San Diego,and always wanna do BA.So I started searching for a doctor and Dr.Pousti had the best reviews and rating.So I immediately set up an appointment. When I first time came to his office every body was so nice and caring,and when I met my doctor I made my decision at the same moment. He is very nice,polite and understanding person and I felt safe to do my surgery with him. As a result I'm very happy and satisfied with amazing masterpiece that he created.I love my breast and I'm really happy that I trusted him to choose what implants to use,because he gave me the look that I wanted and even more!!! Oh and one more thing,he gives military discount so that's an awesome bonus too!!! Last but not least I wanna thank amazing girls that were with me all the way Vanessa and Daisy,I'm absolutely in love with you guys!!!!

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