31 years old with 1 child, went ahead 400 cc mentor modern profile silicone

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I'm 31 years old with one daughter that is 2 years...

I'm 31 years old with one daughter that is 2 years old. I'm 5'7 weigh 128 lbs, chest size small 34c: I always thought getting breast implants since I was teen and soon after having baby breast fed my breast even got little smaller- I feel insecure when I don't wear a bra.

Next wk I have my surgery, I'm little nervous and very excited...I cannot wait until I have some boobies how they will look in my clothes and when I'm naked.

I just want get this surgery done I'm sick of thinking about it every day - every night I look on you tube, realself, and yelp

5 more days

Here's a pic I took last night (no bra)
I wonder what bra size I'll wear after my surgery...I want be d cup
Ill will post more pics after my surgery

Another before pic

Here's a pic of before result

5 more days

3 more days

I'm very anxious and I'm very delighted the nurse Carmen called me if I have any questions and she will call me Wednesday to confirm the time I need to arrive this Thursday...such excellent service! I definitely recommend who ever looking for certified ps and excellent staff to call dr smoot for consult, it's free consult

2 more days left, getting more anxious

I have 2 days left for the big day: I'm for sure with the size 400 cc I wonder though what bra size ill be in after recovery...I wonder if ill be size d or dd?

I'm just taking Thursday-Sunday off work I'll be back to work on Monday march 3rd; I'm just taking little time off work since I work in sales and I cannot take more days off...I hope I'll be able to function

Tomorrow is the day

Check in at 11am tomorrow I'm very anxious I cannot believe it tomorrow I'm getting the surgery done. I hope I'm not going to be in a lot of pain though and I hope the size will be perfect not small and not too big

Day after my surgery

I feel really sore but I love my new boobs dr smoot did really good job

I took some pictures if u can email me I'll show you the before and after I just feel uncomfortable showing my nipples for everybody to see

My email is deborah_robinson2012@yahoo.com
I'm relaxing a lot taking my percocet 2 pills every 4 hrs since I'm very sensitive in pain just very sore drinking a lot of water and crackers

If I have any questions please ask

Pics wearing surgical bra

Love my boobs I recommend dr smoot he is the best and love the staffs to

2 days pre opt

Had my follow up appt today with dr smoot everything looks fantastic

I got the approval take my shower and the nurse Carmen gave me another surgical bra so nice of her

Everything going great just feeling sore and I got keep taking my meds every few hours

Feel lonely and bored, my husband helping out little as watching our daughter but not giving me any attention

He never wanted me to get breast augmentation but I did this for me to help my confidence and I wasn't happy my breast size from pregnancy and losing baby fat so quick

Feeling better

It's now 3rd day from my ba I'm feeling better but little sore mostly on my right breast

Love how they look

Feeling better

Not in much pain just feeling bloated

My right boob little more swollen then the left but it's normal

Going back to work tomorrow as I'm account manager all I do on the phone and the computer

I love my new boobs it's perfect size for me

As I'm 5'7 weight 127 happy that I chooses 400cc modern form silicone under the muscle

I'm happy that my husband helpin a lot cleaning, bringing me food to bed and my little Serena that is 2 even helping out cleaning

I'm so pleased that I picked dr smoot as my surgeon he is wonderful surgeon

If u have any questions please ask if u r considering with BA go for it don't worry

I was worried at first but I went ahead and did it; I had rhynoplasty last year and this year with BA no pain no gain lol

The only think it's hard that I can't excercise until 3 wks as I love to excercise everyday on my elliptical but I'm following all the rules what dr smoot told me what I can't do

New pic

Took another shower today feeling good; feeling bloated though don't know why, I'm my right boob still bigger then the left but should be normal

Minor back ache because I sleep on my back and I usually sleep on my side so I guess I got get use to it

I recommend use meturnity pillow it works very good

No bleeding but still ware the gauze on my incesion

Drinking plenty of water and I have another follow up Thursday

Feeling lonely still :(

More Pics

Some pics today front and side view

5 days of recovery

I'm feeling great and sexy

The only pain is my back probably because I have to sleep on my back and I usually sleep on my side

I already returns back toe work since march 3rd and I had my surgery feb 27

No bruise...dr john smoot such perfection he did such great job

Ill post pic I just today feeling sexy lol

6 days recovering

Not in any pain just my back especially when I drive

Everyday my breast feeling little softer

Have my follow up tomorrow dr smoot will show me my message excercise

I cannot wait until I get the approval to excercise

Lastly I feel really bloated too

More pics my boobies

Looks pretty good since I jay had my surgery last Thursday feb 27th

I had cover my nipples to respect my hubby

No bruising

What I'm feeling now

My little Serena that is 2, so hard that I can't play and hold her

She's mommy girl, before the surgery I always played with her gave her so much attention everyday after work

I can tell she miss the attention

I love my baby more then anything

But this year I had to give myself the attention get the dream boobs I always wanted, so as soon I got my refund I paid cash an I got 3% off

As I been saying about dr smoot he is such perfection, I'm happy that I choose him as my ps for ba

Well every night I get pretty bored just relaxing watching DVR judge Judy, judge Mathis lol

I'm my hubby getting little mad at me that I keep looking at my breast and taking pictures and looking online on my phone but I like to see other pretty girls here the after results and get there perspective

Thank u all everybody for sharing

7 days now since my BA

Just got back from my follow up

Dr took off the sterile tape under my breast and no bruise it looks good and he showed me how to press underneath my breast(message) I got to do 5 times morning and 5 times at night everyday

My next follow up in 6 wks

So far everything looks great

New pics I just took today

More pics just 1 wk recover

So it will be about 6 wks until the implants drop

I can't wait one more wk I got the approval I can excercise again

8 days since BA

Yes I'll update my review each day, since each day my breast Change, feeling softer and sexier lol

Will I'm going show my nipples the pics I took today

Since I got my BA my hubby not happy very jealous person but I did this for me

I feel sexy with and without clothes very confident

No pain I got no bruises the incision healing really well that I don't think ill will get scar

I do my message everyday and follow dr instructions

6 wks my implant will drop so I'll get that sexy natural look

When I get the final result I hope I'll be size d or dd

9 days loving my new honkers

No pain still

Here's some pics me laying on the bed, one standing front pic and side view

Lastly still constipated for over wk now driving me crazy in know tmi but damn it drives me crazy

I'm drinking a lot of water taking laxetives and alots of fiber in my diet

Naked boobs I just took

Sports bra

I'm wondering if it's okay to wear sports bra just being 11 days since surgery? Instead wearing surgical bra to work...I'm wearing sports bra that is lower profile then surgical bra so it's not much noticeable shirts i wear to work

I just don't feel like calling ps so I'm wondering any of you guys worn sports bra

I bought one yesterday the size is large/xlarge (universal) at kholes

11 days since BA

11 days already feeling the same no pain but my breast feeling softer

I went shopping yesterday at kohl's found nice sports bra to wear size xlarge

Got great deal paid only around 8 bucks...what bargain

Pics new sport bra and just naked boobs

12 days since post opt

Still doing my message daily but seems my right boob little more swollen on the top then the left but are feeling softer each day

2 more day I get exercise again cannot wait

Lastly pretty hard having 2 year old and I can't do much since I feel very fatigue after long day of work

2 wks post opt

I'm feeling very sensitive right nipple and my right boob still little bigger but my tits still getting softer each day

Here's some pics still love them

19 days since my BA

Still no pain my breast r getting softer everyday

I still wear my surgical bra all the time, sleeping back on my side, my right breast little swollen then the left but that's totally normal

When I see my final result believe I'll be 34 d , what u think?

Some days I feel fatigue and other days I have so much energy

Still no pain and love my breast cannot wait to finally wear bra again

3 wks now

Feeling good just worry that my right boob larger then the left, is that normal? My breast r soft no pain

By reading online stated it can take wks for sweeling go down, I guess my left boob recovering quicker then my right boob but I really like the size right boob them my left

Will I guess it's too soon to tell and it takes 6 months final results and 6 wks for swelling to go down

Here's pic

Pic I took today wearing my old bra size 34c feels very tight but damn my breast looks huge wearing it lol

5 wks since my surgery

Feeling great no pain my breat feel softer and I do my messages twice a day as the dr recommended

I'm just worry why my right breast more fuller then my left it's like cup size bigger...I love right breast better then the left as thE size, I hope the left will match

Next wk I'll be 6 wks and I haven't had any issues as in pain since my BA, no bruises, just only swelling

Went bra shopping

Went to Victoria secrets today got fitted in size 34 DD

Feeling great to finally wear bra

Little worried

It's been little over 2 months since surgery and my right boob more fuller and dropped more then my left is little higher and looks smaller I'm worried if it's normal? I message them every day and they are soft

I sometimes think if the dr put smaller implant my left boob and my right have the correct size or Am I just trippen

New pics

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

I met with dr smoot last wk on Wednesday spent hour with him talking about the procedure and tried the sizers and I'm leaning 375cc or 400cc silicone under the muscle to look natural. I love my ps he is very professional, kind, intelligent, board certified As soon I met him I know he is the one to do my surgery so I booked it

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