"350cc Sientra Anatomical Submuscular Implant, 25 yrs old, No Kids, Athletic" - La Jolla, CA

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Dr. G is hands down the BEST plastic surgeon in...

Dr. G is hands down the BEST plastic surgeon in southern California. Coming from a medical family, I knew what to look for during this process. My father is a vascular surgeon who runs his own practice now for over 25 years in Arizona, and my mother is a post-op recovery nurse here in La Jolla, Ca. I went to eight different consultations before making my decision, both in San Diego and Orange county. I went to "the best rated" online - the surgeons who have had a strong media presence on TV shows, etc, and NONE of them met half of my expectations. I knew exactly what questions to ask, beyond your typical "what type of implant should I get". I put them on the spot. The ONLY doctor who out performed every other doc I saw was Dr. G.




After high school ended, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dance career. I lost about 25 pounds that I needed to lose, and my boobs went with it. I loved my new body - I finally felt fit and healthy! My dance career in Los Angeles was starting to take off and everything was pretty much great. I went back and fourth with myself about whether I should get my boobs done. Around 19/20 yrs of age my best friend I lived with said " no you don't need it - be comfortable with who you are" - So I listened. My boyfriend at the time was against it and said " no way please don't- your beautiful, please don't change yourself". So I listened. Parents - obviously No way.

(That best friend, got her boobs done 2 years ago. That bf - not with anymore. My parents- are in medicine and protective). BTW - my best friend LOVES her boobs and would do it all over again if she could.

So now I am 21 yrs old. I moved to San Diego because I got accepted to UCSD and transferred to finish my undergraduate career in psychology. At this point, I am single, I'm in a new environment and a bit older. I STILL have this desire to get my boobs done. Being drawn to psychology and how I naturally conduct myself, I am incredibly introspective - almost too much sometimes. Even as a single woman, I wanted them. As a taken woman, I wanted them. As a dancer, a swimmer, a college student, a graduate, and now a working professional, I STILL desired to get this done. So 6 years later - (Now with the man I'm going to marry might I add ( going strong now for 2.5 years eeek :-)))) - It's TIMEEEEE!!! BOOBIES ARE COMING!!!!!! I have been waiting for the day to feel confident with the own voice in my head, and go "confidently in the direction of my dreams", and its here. I am not listening to anyone's else opinion because at this point, I'm learning mine is the only one that matters. If you're reading this - REMEMBER YOUR OPINION IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS. DO THIS FOR YOURSELF - NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE EVERRRRRRRR. MAKE SURE YOURE DOING THIS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

I digress...back to the my main point:

I adopted an intensely active lifestyle over the past 6 years after I lost weight. I am incredibly health conscious (gluten-free [not by choice, definitely allergic :/ ], dairy-free, no red meat, etc..), and do everything from running, cycling, elliptical, stair-master, Masters swimming, Pilates, barre, Zumba, hiking, and weights. Ask anyone that knows me, and the emoji in their phone for me is the "flexing arm", slightly embarrassing but I guess its a compliment (lol). I LOVE WORKING OUT!!! Its my medicine for everything - I will skip going out, parties, anything, to get a second workout in. I grew up competitively swimming, so swimming is my absolute favorite. However, with swimming, you are working your lats and obliques so much, that I literally go flat. Swimming does so much for me mentally though, that I would never stop because of how it shaped my boobs - I swim for at least an hour everyday. I really struggled between feeling AMAZING about my body working out twice a day, but not having any boobs. I don't like that trade-off. I wanted to keep my active lifestyle- but not have to sacrifice what I considered to be the most feminine part of my body!! It doesn't effect some women - but for me, It was a trade off. This is really the main reason I wanted boobies - is so I could go hard in the gym, swimming, barre, wtv - and not be thinking in the back of my mind that the more I get in shape, the more Im going to look like a boy.

NOW (2/17/15) I am 24 years old (almost 25 in April...omg). GOT MY SURGERY ON 2/2/15.

(I will continue this soon...so much to write I need to draft this first. Update coming soon)...See below in doc recommendation section)


Photos: What you'll see!!
Before photos in real-life moments
My consultation
The day of surgery
The AFTER surgery
Bruising photos/Incisions
Photos throughout the past 2 weeks!!

More to come!


Sorry for the weird blurred out faces photos!!!!! But, I wanted you all to be able to relate to all of me! I wouldn't even care if my face wasn't blurred, but they make this anonymous so whatever!

Message me if you have ANY questions.

This is me LAST NIGHT 2/17/15!! I was doing laundry for all my post-op bras and thought trying on my clothes would be fun. Literally blown away that I look this good 2 weeks and 1 day post-op! Seriously, when I went out on Valentine's Day and told my friends, every single person thought my boobs were naturally big. They were like " I just thought I maybe never noticed your boobs before"...haha. Exactly the reaction I was looking for.

Only par that is bumming me out right now is my inability to be active. HOWEVER, i dont want to ruin my result to its worth the wait. Eva - the patient coordinator at Dr.G's office, has bee the most supportive and the most amazing woman on the planet. She encourages me everyday, and helps me stay on track. She is also very into fitness, you'll be able to tell when you meet her! So she knows what a struggle it is to get your boobies done, feel bloated from all the meds you get on post-op, and then not be able to do Abs!! ARRRRGGGHHH. Its coming soon though, and I would never want to ruin this....

I am still icing everyday just because I think its a really good thing to do after surgery. Even though on the outside you make look healed - you are NOT on the inside and everything is still reconnecting and settling in. Plus, Ive found it speeds up your recovery a lot.


(This article also correlates to the pictures associated with it.)

Since I am a total health nut, and would consider myself to be very well educated in this arena, I am going to post some suggestions for you ladies. You want to make sure that you do your part to prepare, just as you would expect your surgeon to prepare. Its just as important that we do our parts as patients, and not just rely on their surgical skills.

Your surgeon will give you a list of "Do's and Dont's" before surgery. Its absolutely imperative that you follow those rules. BE A GOOD PATIENT - If you want good results, listen to your doctor.

If your body isn't already in a healthy place ( ie. weight, diet, sleep, alcohol, drugs, weed, immune system, etc.)..then make sure that AT LEAST 4-6 weeks before your surgery, you prep your immune system for whats about to come. You want to think of this as "shock absorption". Surgery is a big deal for our bodies! It's incredibly taxing both emotionally and physically. You really want to make sure that you are a "well-oiled machine". Your body will thank you when you are recovering.

Dietary Ways I prepped:
-Drink recommended amount of water daily - shoot for 3 liters
-Eat plenty of veggies, fruits, and lean proteins
-Cut out sugars, white carbs, bad fats, alcohol

The vitamins and minerals in veggies, as we all know, significantly improve all of our bodily functions. It only makes sense to load up!

I juiced every day the week before, at least 1-2 juices a day. I always feel the most energized when I do this, which means my body is loving what I'm putting into it. Smoothies are also a good way to go, but- cut out the sorbet, sugary yogurts, etc. Get an all fruit/veggie smoothie.
Bases can be: non-fat greek yogurt, juice(s), water.

-Vitamin C - essential for all immune and recovery functions. Amazing for your skin
-Probiotic - You will be so constipated from the drugs post-op. Get your gut health before hand as much as you can
-D3 - Most people are deficient in this. We get this from the sun. Its good for "lubricating" all of our internal systems also.

This is so important! You do not want to go into this process already exhausted.

RitaVie Vitamin C Serum:
I use this stuff for my face and its heaven. It's a non-oily, anti-aging serum. You put this stuff on, and its soaks into your skin making you look like you have make-up on. Its amazing. SOOOO - I thought to use it for my boobies leading up to my surgery to prevent stretch marks, bruising, help with scarring. I will never really know exactly how this helped, but I do now my skin was so soft, moisturized, and filled with Vitamin C.

CervaVe Lotion:
Use a non-scented, good lotion. I feel like reasons are obvious. Hydrate your skin :-) :-)

You are most likely going to need a good laxative if you are taking pain killers. Your body shuts down, and puts all of its energy towards healing, which slowly digestion down immensely. Here are some good places to start:
Stool Softeners- least abrasive, slower working
Mirolax: produces bowl movement in 12-24 hours. Didn't really work for me.
Prunelax: Love this stuff! You need to take 2-3 at bedtime; ONLY 3 if yours so constipated you look pregnant.
Milk of Magnesia: THE MOST EFFECTIVE - strongest formula. I had to use this and I ended up using the whole bottle over a week because nothing else was working. I literally looked pregnant. My mother who us a nurse says that this is what they give to patients on intense pain killers. Also my patient coordinator Eva recommended it!!

NOTE: YOU NEED TO DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER for these products to take effect. I set an alarm, and I would take a big gulp of water every 5-10 minutes, or else you'll forget.

Arnica Gel: This is a non-scented, natural remedy for swelling/pain/bruising from injuries. I heard from a few friends that most PS recommend this for face lifts. My surgeon said to try it - he isn't sure how much of difference it makes but it wouldn't hurt. I used it almost every day - I think it helped..?

Thats it for now!

Oh!!!! DONT STOP ICING! I am still icing over 2 weeks later twice a day.


I dont know why these photos didnt upload! Here they are

Boobie Update - 2 weeks and 3 days

More pics

I feel so much sexier with boobies!...[3 weeks and 2 days post-op]

I am currently sitting at a tattoo shop called Guru here in San Diego. My boyfriend decided to get a tattoo one year ago. The guy he chose had an 8 month waiting list because he is so highly regarded. My boyfriend spent months looking and I was so skeptical about him getting one. His body is clean and beautiful, total athlete, captain of our college soccer team, etc.

However, when he was in college heading into his senior year (as captain and getting scouted), he was walking from his house, which was across the street campus, to soccer practice when a huge 40 foot truck blew a red light and hit him as a pedestrian in the crosswalk. It was a miracle he 1) survived and 2) Walked away as well as he did. He fractured his hip, one of his spinal discs was bulging out, and his face had abrasions all over it. One surgery later and one year of physical therapy - and he is fine. So - he has been wanting a tattoo his whole life and now he has a reason to get one. He survived a terrible accident and had his soccer career completely taken away from him, but he also adopted new hobbies that are now his professional career, and his near-death experience gave him life changing, and life-challenging insights. On the side he was hit - he got a huge Phoenix - representing the strength of the biblical character when "rising from the ashes".

OMG ANYWAYSSSS...... lol the reason I brought that up is because I have witnessed how it has changed his confidence! I never thought it would - but its so funny what he does every morning. He lifts up his shirt and checks himself out in the mirror and gets this cute smile on his face...he loves it so so much! He loves staring at it, showing people, talking about it...it also matured him a bit. ...

And I started thinking..that is exactly what I do every single morning with my boobies. I cant wait to get up, head to the bathroom, strip down and see what they look like each day and how they are shaping up! I have had a couple over-judgmental mornings like "they look too far apart", "this looks rippled right here.." "they are too low" "I should have gone bigger" "I should have gone smaller" "i look fatter with bigger boobs". Its so intense what that little voice in our head can say to us sometimes - but overall, I always talk myself out of being ridiculous. I also have to remember that I started off pretty far apart, and not perfect. Mine were asymmetrical. So I'm not going to be perfect afterwards - and i should shut up my perfectionistic self...im sure im not the only one experiencing this!! Have you all had moments like that then gotten over it as time progressed?

"I FEEL SO MUCH SEXIER NAKED!!!!"...paragraph lol
Its the craziest feeling to feel myself with boobs though!! I feel so much sexier naked its the most liberating feeling to take my shirt off and not think twice about my boobs. Ive always wanted my boyfriend to be able to grab my boobs and not feel my ribs! lol When we have sex now and he grabs my boobs (which isn't too intense cause I'm only 3 weeks post op haha) - its like an indescribable feeling. It feel so womanly and I feel sexier than I ever thought I would. I would go through the pain all over again just to feel how I do now in bed!

wait another thought about bras

I really really really cant WAIT to wear regular bras. I go to get dressed- and its so aggravating! I didn't realize how many of my shirts have thin straps- and I'm wearing these ugly stretchy thick strap bras for another 2 weeks. I went shopping for more attractive, elastic, supportive bras and found none! Marshalls, target, macys, VS...they are no where. PLEASE help!!! if you know of a place I can go to get those comfortable bras we have to wear soon after surgery. But literally cant wait to go bra shopping and see what size I am!!

I went shopping with my mom about 2 weeks ago and we went to Victoria's Secret for her. For fun, i put a strapless bikini top over my clothes to see what fit, and it was a size 32 D!!!!! I DIED!!! I never ever thought i would ever be close to that. One i get measured - I'm sure I will be more like a full C cup. But also secretly excited I might be a D. Also, I've loved strapless bikini tops my whole life because you avoid the tan lines, but I would have to get the super padded ones and still look pretty flat. SO excited to wear strapless tops and have full boobs!

Also - my boobs looks SO much bigger without a bra! Its crazy - like maybe its cause the bras im wearing are compressing and elastic, but in clothes i just look like I have a good sized rack. Without clothes its like ...WaBAM ShBAm holy tits!!! Even my boyfriend agreed. I mean its kind of cool, its like a big surprise lol..idk....

The BEST way to keep Track of your Meds

As I mentioned above, my mom is a post-operative recovery nurse! She is the lady that wakes you up from surgery and controls your pain, etc.

Luckily, I had her to take care of me! Since she was gone most of the day, and my boyfriend was definitely new to this also, we realized setting alarms for meds didn't work. There are too many to keep track of, and neither of us (especially me!!), would remember.

So- MAKE A CHART!! I posted a picture of the one my mommy made for me. Its brilliant and its how the nurses do it in the OR. Its impossible to keep track of - but when you make a chart, you can check it off every time you take something and its super easy when you feel crappy and your brain is temporarily retarded. LOL

Separate which drugs you only take ONCE per day for a period of time (Prednisone, Montelukast, etc), and which ones you take multiple times per day for pain (Oxycodone, Valium, etc). You will most likely be prescribed drugs you take "once a day" that reduce inflammation, and your pain killers that you take "every 4-6 hours".

Across the top: Mark Dates.
EX: on mine as shown " 2/2, 2/3, 2/4...". Write dates for as long as your prescribed. Ex: for Prednisone, I was only prescribed 10 days - So I have Prednisone running from 2/2-2/11. For Montelukast (an anti-inflammatory), I have it running for 30 days...
You can see at the top of my chart: prednisone/montelukast are grouped together, each with their own box to check ONCE daily. These are easy - you just check it once and you'e done.

FOR THE HOURLY MEDICATIONS: Group them together at the bottom.
Have a Row for each
Write down the time you took your medication/dosage.
When you feel like you want to take more, refer back to when you last took it. Make sure there has been enough time in between. Simply cross the old time, and write the new one.

I started tracking
-Ibuprofen once I was off pain killers
-laxatives I was taking. I started losing track, so I just added this to my tracker.
-Vitamin C - you wont ever overdose on this but i wanted to keep track

Hope this helps also!

Boobie photo update! 3 weeks 4 days post op

I am seriously starting to get addicted to posting on here! I love sharing with everyone. Just started getting ready to leave my house - going to cook paella with my boyfriend and some friends. Took a few quick boobie snap shots!

Sorry if it loos lopsided! my phone was laying on a stand sideways on the timer. I also have slight scoliosis in my back which you can sort of see..so either way I guess I'm fucked. lol

There is one of me squeezing them. They have definitely gotten softer! I can also push them together a bit now which is fun.

Loving the way they are shaping up! The swelling has mostly gone down. I can see where the implant might change, like along the outsides. I think the integrity of the gel will shift more towards the bottom over time. We shall see!

Over do review!!

Hi everyone! Sorry I suck.

SO much has happened these past few weeks. I was going through an intense interview process for a position I really wanted. My first big girl job right out of college. Basically, they loved me but the company didnt have the funding to bring on a new role. They are hoping in the next 3-4 weeks, they will come back to me with a different answer. I have been so MIA because I was preparing my presentation for this company, etc. and I forgot.

My incision on my left breast got infected! I was sort of anticipating this. My mom had the dissolvable stitches when she had surgery some years ago, and she reacted horribly to it. Today, you cant see her scar and she recovered fine which is good. Like mother like daughter, i pretend we are not alike, but we are basically the same person when it comes to our bodies. I told her.."Nah, I dont think that will happen to me." And BAM! The knot in my left incision started to swell 2 weeks ago. Sent pics to my doc, and he said I needed to get on antibiotics as precautionary measures to make sure the problem didn't escalate to inside my implant capsule.

After the week on antibiotics, the swelling completely went away !! Im back to normal healing.

More great news!!..I CANT LAY ON MY STOMACH..with some adjusting. lol But still its great.

I went to VS and bought their supportive sports bra with the cups, and the front zipper. I wear that under my suit for maximum support and it works well. I cant even begin to tell everyone how excited I am to get back in the water. Its so therapeutic for me, and its the best workout on the planet. I am really excited to start working towards getting my pre-surgery body back.

Requested Progress pics !

I really have to remind myself to post because honestly everything has been so great for me- that I get caught up in loving my boobies everyday and I never think about sharing it! But for all you ladies out there who are on the fence about this decision, it would be good for me to remember to post specifically for you.

I am now one week shy of the 3 month mark! I had my surgery February 2nd.

My only complication after surgery was the infection I got in my left incision. I took some antibiotics and it went away. No big deal. It's a bit more red on that side but luckily captain maderma has been scrubbing away ;)

My wishes/ me being over analytical:....
1- these implants are super firm on the bottom. Squeezing my boob around the top, it feels identical to a natural boob, which is most likely because that's where my normal Breast tissue is. Lol the bottom however, where most of the gel sits in an anatomical implant, feels firm to me. Luckily it's been getting softer and moves a lot more now. I've had my boyfriend feel-test my theory many times and he says it feels great to him. He says it's the best "real feeling fake boob he has ever felt".... Hahaha. We all have our past... At least my tits are the best than the previous chicks. ;) lol...but anyways. I don't think this is a big deal, just sharing my thoughts.

2- it feels so weird to swim. I swam competitively my whole life. When I pull in the water now, I'm afraid my muscle is going to squeeze and pop my implant or something. And when I flex in the mirror, I can't help but laugh cause my tit looks so ridiculous. But I did say before surgery when my surgeon asked me if feeling it move would bother me "no not at all"... I mean. I don't know how I was so confident about how I would feel when I've never had fake tits before! So yes, initially it's super weird and it's going to take some getting used to.

Is this all worth it?... YES!!!

I have literally never felt sexier in my life.

I will take weird looking flexing tits, two scars, and doggy paddle for these bobbies!!

Clothes rock. Sex rocks. Being naked by myself in the mirror rocks. Putting on bras rocks. Taking them OFF rocks. Doing abs and not going flat rocks.

Side note- funny how when I didn't have boobs I was so anal about the rest of my body. When you don't have tits, you make up for it in other areas like your abs, butt, legs, having nice skin, dressing well, etc. however, I still workout every day now like I used to. But if I'm bloated one day or I don't feel like wearing make up or I look like shit I just think... " well, at least I have big tits now".

Life is better with bigger boobs.


Ps. I hope no one was offended by this. If you couldn't tell from my
Previous posts- I am very blunt.



look at this before and after of myself. I don't even know those little boonies anymore. This is blowing my mind haha.

Pics in a top last night

Starting to not be happy at all

Was really hoping this didn't happen. I am at my 1.5 year mark.

I told Dr.G that if I chose to lose weight in the future, I didn't want it to effect my implant and he told me that it would not.

A few months after my surgery, I was concerned from a couple of comments on here and I went to see him. He reassured me that my nipples were not too high, and my implants were placed perfectly for my frame.

I am now 7-8 pounds lighter,
And I can see ripples in my implant. Actually, from the early days I could feel it on the sides of my implants. I kept expressing my concern about it and he said not to worry.

I am am not sure what to do so I'm going to schedule a follow up with him to see what he suggests. I had very little Breast tissue to start with, so I'm not sure if a fat transfer would help. The last thing I wanted was to be another client that ends up having multiple surgeries and spending thousand of dollars. I have a girlfriend who had less breast tissue than I have an doesn't have this problem with her implants. So either we picked the wrong ones, Dr.G placed them poorly, or my anatomy just isn't doing it. Could be a combo of all 3.

Sincerely sincerely disappointed right now. I want to be able to be lean and in shape and enjoy my implants.

Double bubble

From the side view, and frontal view, this is an an example of what my implant is starting to look like. This one is way worse than mine, but I'm noticing the beginning stages of this. I REALLY hope this doesn't happen.

I read that breast tissue sometimes wont fully drape over the implant. Plastic surgery is such a gamble because you never know, and neither does the doctor, how its going to turn out. My issue is one of three things (if not all 3)..
1- my anatomy
2- chose the wrong implant
3- doctor did a poor job

Im not sure which one it is yet. I havent gone to Dr.G for a follow up about this yet. And better yet, I pointed out this ripple from week 3 post-op, and he said not to worry. I read back through my posts, and i mentioned this. :-(....

I had such little breast tissue to work with from the beginning, but isn't that WHY we get breast augmentations is to get fuller breasts. I feel like my surgeon maybe put me in an implant that was too big and my tissue isn't draping over it well, or the wrong shape. or too low?...

I really didn't want to focus on this in my life right now. I got these, was super excited, and didn't want to look back. I don't want to pay thousands for another procedure. Im 26, no kids. At this point, I feel like I need to see how this develops over time and try to forget its there. Once I actually have a stable career and a couple of kids, my breasts will probably have changed and Ill have the money to get these redone. But sincerely, just so sad about this.
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