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I have always hated my boobs I was somewhat...

I have always hated my boobs I was somewhat tuberous meaning I had pointy boobs and after two kids and 16 months of breast feeding they were even worse. I had bad credit so I had to save up the entire about to get them done. I was so excited! It was all I could think in my spare time. I knew the Dr. I had selected would not want me to go to the size I wanted but I went to her anyway because of her reviews and because I had several friends that went to her. We decided on a 430cc silicone textured under the muscle under the boobs incision. The day of surgery I asked to go to a 500 but the implant I chose only comes in 520 so I went with 480cc. After surgery I woke up upset they looked small I honestly thought something went wrong and they were unable to perform the augmentation. They just were not as big as I hoped. When I got home I freaked out! They were so ugly I had implants up to my neck and small boobies down below. They were rectangle and horrible looking. The next day I went for post op and wanted to discuss my concerns with the nurse but I had taken two percocets for the pain and I was way to high and couldn't comprehend a thing. The third day I called the office to find out why my breasts were so hideous and she gave me a explanation and put my worries at ease for a hour or two but I kept stressing. Gradually they have gotten better I know now I needed a lift and they probably wont ever look the way I wanted them to. I like them now but they aren't amazing. It has been two weeks today so I hope they get better. I wish they would have told me about how ugly they would look at first.

No drop yet

17 days no drop I am still sore and can't sleep and my nipples still are low and shape is awkward. i'm unhappy so far.

Looking better but not great

Just past three weeks my right is still painful I thought they were dropped looking in the mirror but after taking a pic they look high still and my nipples are still lower than I would like. I hate the size they feel much smaller than I wanted but oh well.

Almost one month post op

They still hurt when I sleep on my side or try to wear a bra. They look so much better. Can they please be soft soon they are so hard but I'm starting to like them.

Almost two years later

Eventually my implants dropped and they were much better. I did have a double bubble from not getting a lift the Dr. seemed pleased though. I really needed a lift but I am now pregnant so I guess I can get one after I am done breast feeding. If I could go back I would have waited and got it all done after I was done having kids. I would have also went to a Dr. that agreed with the size I wanted I wanted to have larger implants. I'll Post pics after I am done breast feeding.

1 year post op

After a year they were ok read previous post.

2 years 5 months post op post preg

They seem so small now not sure if it's weight loss or just shifting. I hardly breast fed and they sag so much I didn't gain much weight through my pregnancy. My baby is 5 months and this pic is 3 months after finishing breast feeding but not exclusively I also bottle fed. I honestly can't believe how small they look now. I was thinking of a lift but figure if I'm spending they money I might as well get all new bigger better implants as well. Maybe I'll wait a few years though just in case I have another baby, I think I'm done though.
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