34yo 5"2 105lbs. Mom of 2. Bodybuilder and very active 440cc mentor shaped high profile. La Jolla, CA

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8 days! 8 days! I'm so very excited. Sometimes I'm...

8 days! 8 days! I'm so very excited. Sometimes I'm nervous that I chose the wrong type of implant but I guess that's probably normal for anyone making a permanent decision. I'm going with the mentor high profile 440cc cohesive gel implant. I met with my fabulous Dr. last week for my pre op appt. I picked up a multi vitamin and vit c supplement as suggest by my dr. My Dr. Said he will take a small range of 395-440cc in surgery. It feels surreal at this point. I've wanted this done since I was 18. Eeegad! For the most part I'm not nervous about the surgery or the recovery. I expect it to hurt probably like it felt when my milk came in after having babies plus some. Sorry if these posts are all over the place, like many of you this is my only sounding board and my thoughts are all over the place.

Before pic

Updating with before pics. Can't wait to update with after pics!

Another before and sizer pics!

One week from right now I'm going to be going back for surgery! I'm going to take a nap and wake up with BOOBIES! While picking out clothes this am I thought "this may be the last time this shirt fits".
I am stating to get s little freaked out about small details. I have surgery on Wednesday and the following Monday i have to return to work. Not only that but I have to drop off and pick up my kids from school. Part of me feels like I have zero f@cks, but the introvert in me feels like it's going to be so awkward and slightly embarrassing to converse with the other parents with two huge elephants sitting on my chest. If I see then looking do I mention it? Do I ignore it? Idk. I wish it would cool down here in San Diego so j can at least hide under sweaters for a while but alas no, it's about 12million degrees daily average. I'm also feeling nervous about cleaning, laundry, cooking DRIVING. My husband is gone a lot and while he will be home to help the first few days he still has a job that does not involve boobie sitting. As fun as it may be ( . )( . ). I have zero family to help here and I haven't told any local friends about my BA. I'm not sure why. I didn't even tell anyone at my work. Monday will be "surprise BOOBIES" ????.
I'm not sure if I should go buy some sports bras or wait because I'm not entirely sure what size I'll be after. My dr. Initially said DD but his beautiful and incredibly sweet assist said probably more like a D.
Yesterday I filled my scripts for after (6 in all). The guy at the pharmacy said " oh wow, um that's a lot.... This will take a while" lol! I've never in my life had so many kinds of prescription pills to pick up. Lol
So I guess that's it for now. Drugs, awkward boob meetings, and daily chores.

last weekend B4 BOOBIE PARTY

Hello to the last Saturday with these tiny ol' gals! WOOHOO
I've got a busy busy weekend. I'm trying to get everything deep cleaned around the house because I'm a freak and I know if I see dust or scuff marks on the walls etc I will sit in bed and stare at it until eventually I get up and clean it. I was in the hospital with pneumonia 3 years ago and while I was supposed to be on bed rest I was up with a chair cleaning the ceiling fan (shhh my DH would spank me if he found out ;) ) haha. I also need to meal plan because my husband will be out of town starting 4 days post op. I need easy quick things to make for myself and kiddos. I think my crock-pot is going to be in high demand! Speaking of kids... The very few people I've told about my BA have asked if I told my kids... I'm so confused by this question. My girls are 9 and 13, of course I told them. It's not like they wouldn't notice if I was in bed for 5 days with substantially larger boobs. They would be hurt if I had surgery and didn't tell them. I would never hide anything from my kids especially something like this. My oldest asked if she can have my old sports bras (LOL!) and my youngest made me promise that I'm going to be OK. I'm not actively trying to HIDE that I'm having this done, I'm actively AVOIDING the conversation because everyone has an opinion and i just have zero f*cks to give about their opinion :D. Once my beautiful new boobs are in people are less likely to give me their opinion.
I keep reading threads about zip up sports bras. I've seen a number of ladies post that they wish they had more right from the beginning so I think I'll go to VS and see what I can find. I'm not 100% sure what size I'll be after but I think i'll be around 32D (I am currently barely a 32A). Thankfully VS has a great return policy.
I have my post opp supplies ready. I bought plenty of tampons (wouldn't that suck LOL!), a laxative, wet wipes, feminine wipes, sparkling water, crackers, jello, etc. On Tuesday I'll wash the bedding and get a station set up next to the bed with chap stick, lotion, tissues, a small pail for garbage or barfing (which I have read is GREAT to have in the car for the ride home), books, my meds (which I wrote notes on for my hubby. like AM/PM etc).
I'm also planning out my last week of working out. I read women who are very active and muscular have a harder recovery because there is so much dense tissue for the surgeon to cut through. As a bodybuilder (and as my user name suggests I'm a bikini competitor as well) I think this might apply to me ;). My chest muscles are actually bigger than my breasts lol sadz. I stopped working chest two weeks ago. I notice that I often hold tension in my chest and shoulders so I've been conscious of relaxing the chest muscles. That ish is going to hurt after. I also do not want my legs to be sore on top of the pain after surgery so I think Sunday will be my last heavy leg day. I'll run today and walk on Tuesday. Just the thought of not working out for any amount of time scares the crap out of me! I dont want to turn into a fattycakes! I'm not planning to compete again until fall of 2016 but still I like to remain relatively lean during the off season... . I doubt I'll have massive muscle loss, but any muscle loss is sadz. I can't freaking WAIT to get a NEW comp suit with my new boobs LOL!
Well, I guess that's about it. I'm a type A list maker so these posts are cathartic for me. I feel more clear headed when I write everything out. I appreciate the privilege to post here. this community is so fantastic!

Bad luck flows

My period wasn't due until the week after surgery but as my luck would have it, it came yesterday. This means my heaviest day will be surgery day. I admit, I'm super bummed about this. On good month during my heaviest days I go through a super plus tampon every hour. I've read on here that tampons are a no no during surgery so that leaves the unbearable mattress pads. ???? I can just see me bleeding straight through the pad and being covered in blood. Boo and of course cramps. No Advil two weeks before surgery so all I can take is Tylenol. I sure hope it dies the trick because I've got so much to do at work before Wednesday I can't sit at my desk and wallow in pain. I'm just super bummed that my body did this. :/

Today is the big day!

It's 7:30 am. My surgery is sched at 11. My husband just took our kids to school and I've been taking a crap ton of before photos lol. I slept surprising well last night. I got up at 6, and I'm able to have black coffee and clear liquids. So far my period is not too heavy (yay!). I showered with the special pre surgery wipes and blew out my hair last night. I'm dressed and ready to go tic toc. Between 8:30 and 9 I'm supposed to drink the special pre surgery drink. It's called clear fast and apparently my anesthesiologist invented and patented it. I spoke with her on Monday night. She's a funny, spunky and sarcastic lady (just like me! Ha!). I feel surprisingly calm. I think because I know that I'm in excellent hands with her, my amazing Dr., and his staff. So wish me luck! My next post will have after pics! I can't believe this is finally happening. Hoe-Leigh-chit! Good luck to my fellow boobie buddies today! Eta it feels weird AF putting pics of my naked bewbs online!


Ok I'm home. I've been home a while but I'm still out of it. I'm in quite a bit of pain but no nausea at all. I'll post a longer play by play when I can see straight and spell lol posted a post op pic.thabks for a the support. It means a great deal knowing there are so many ladies thinking of me and in the same boat!

Post op pics

1 day post opp and op day recap

I'm on s lot of drugs atm but I'll try to keep this from bouncing around. My hubs and I arrived to the surgery center about 10 min early but they had my preop room already set up. My wonderful nurse Michelle got me situated in my couture surgucal attire ;). I told her about my period and she said no big deal! I could use acts moon during surgery! That was the best news all day lol! She put my catheter in my arm (painlessly!). Dr G was running a little behind which was totally ok with me. I had no other plans to attend to lol he's s perfectionist and I love that so if it takes a little longer I'm totally understanding! Dr G came in, marked my chest and went over the procedure. We joked about donuts and pizza because I was so very hungry. Dr. marsh came in and recapped our conversation of medical history, she again explained her role. She's so stinking cute. I wish she could be my adoptive grandma! I went to the bathroom one last time, gave my hubby a hug and kiss and went to the OR. It's cold in there but the bed was nice and warm and there seemed to be a heater blowing under the blanket. I had RN Michell putting these massage wraps around my legs while Dr. March was getting my Iv cocktail going. I vaguely remember telling her she made an excellent margarita lol! Then j thought about the Anza borrego desert (one of my favorite places) and the next thing I knew I was waking up. I didn't want to wake up but the nurse told me when I was able to talk they'd bring my hubby back so I tried my best. Once he came back he helped me eat 2 crackers and drink a water bottle. Once I ate that I was able to take my pain meds orally. I went to the bathroom and they wheeled me outside to the car. Most of the afternoon was a blurt. I remember telling my husband how annoying it was that the strings holding the curtains in the recovery were not evenly spaced lol! I dozed on And off all night. Sitting up hurts a lot and it hurts to breath deep, buy dr G said that is normal because the input is putting pressure on my ribs. I did wake up in a pool of blood because I was so out of it o didn't get up to change my tampon during gf night. My hubs freaked out at first thinking I was hemmoraging but once he realized it was my period he graciously helped me clean myself up. I cried a little. I was not able to pull my panties on or off until today but we worked it out that he pulls them down, I sit on the toilet and he shuts the door until I call him back in. He's so wonderful. My post opp apt was at 9:45. dr g said everything looks beautiful and I think he might have been a little suprised at how great they look :D they really do look beautiful lol I'm so happy with them and the size is perfect! I'll post pics later after I shower. That's about it for now. Hopefully the pain gets better over the next day (I'm sure it will).

Few more post opp day 1 pics

Silly pre op pics

Real boobie photos' 1 day post op


I had a great day until a few hours ago. Now I'm in so much pain I can't see straight, mostly on my right breast. I Took my bra and band off and my hubby massaged my back (only no massaging of the shaped breasts per dr G). I'm icing still every 30 min off 20 min on. Just gotta get through the night.

Post day 4

I took only Tylenol through the night. I slept ok until 6, then my hubby gave me the magic cocktail (the 5 pills minus the perc)and some new ice. I woke up at 10:30 easily got out of bed without a second thought! What!?? I washed down stairs ate bowl of cereal (idkw it just sounded good). I haven't had bm since Wednesday but I'm not in any discomfort. I haven't eaten much so that could be why. I'll be pleased if I can go all day without the narcotic pain meds. I'm supposed to return to work tomorrow but even as I feel better today I don't feel sharp. My job relies on a sharp through mind. I couldn't spell "isn't" yesterday lol! I also see driving as completely out of the question. If day 1 felt like -1000, today feels like a +30. My boobs look so freaking amazing! I can't stop looking at my pics. I have boob greed of my OWN boobs! ;)

Another tip

One thing I've just found to be amazing is I have one of those strip arromatic heat wraps. That around the back of my shoulders with ice packs in an upside down u shape around my breasts is simply amazing. It helps a ton. Xxoo hope all my boobie buddies are doing ok.

Day 4-5ish it's late

I keep having throbbing in my right breast and stabbing pain in my right side as well. Im sure it will pass. I'm down to just two otc Tylenol during the day and my loopy cocktail before bed. I was supposed to work tomorrow and drive kids to school but that just isn't going to happen. I'm going to have my hubs do the drop offs/pick ups and take me to the office from 10-1 sadly after he takes me Home he's off for his Weekly comunite. ???? I have nothing to wear to work lol all the button ups I bought can be seen through or the ugly band is visible so I'm going to wear one of his with leggings and give zero f@cks lol.
Im feeling about 35% now. I'm still doing my stretches but I still need his help washing and brushing my hair. My older lovey put my hair in braids so it's not so bad to brush tomorrow. Good grief , l be a mes tomorrow Good thing I'm the only person in my office lmao! Wish I had the week off but it's just simply NOT An option. I guess that's it. Hope my updates help because they help me :)

Hide your phones ladies.... I repeat hide your phones!

Oh my gosh. Apparently I sent full frontal nude boob pics to one of my best friends , made various so not me comments on social media, bought stuff, and held convos via IM. All of which I do not remember. ???? Lol nothing bad but still funny As hell. I guess target banned me for a comment I made on one of their decor ig ads (lol!) I'm at work by the work of miracle but I am getting getting nothing done, I'm confused and not sure what I'm doing. I think adavent (sp) does in fact cause loopy head. Just a warning. My hubby drove me thankfully.

I'm obsessed with looking at my boobs :)

5 days post opinion so bloated I literally look 5 months preggo. Lol oh well. It'll pass.

Oops meant to add one with a tank

1 week post op apt with Dr.G

I had my one week post op today. Everything is looking beautifully. I'm having more pain in my right breast but nothing to be concerned about. I got my steri (?) strips removed and had a chance to look at my scars. My hubs got pics so I'll upload those later. I got to ok to start taking Motrin (thank goodness!) and Dr.G gave me some suggestions for bras.
Here is the big deal of the day... I freaking drove myself to work! ???? Lol it wasn't pretty. I went off road in the parking lot at my office by accident and my first parking job literally took three spaces before I corrected it hahaha! I feel about 50% today and that's without any pain meds at all. I feel very busty though (not that it's bad) just different. I use to always wear a tank or cami under my t shirts because they'd hang so low (having nothing to hold it up) now I feel like covering up in a shawl lol.

Scar pics 1 week post op

I hate shopping! I braved the mall tonight. My one non surgical bra is a 32d but super tight and I feel like a hussy busting out of it. I bought 8 bras in all Two from vs (with a free tote that was totally my joy for the day! Yay new gym bag!) those two I think I'll exchange because they feel too tight and 6 from target. I was just too tired to try them all on so i bought them all. I'll return whatever doesn't work. Most sizes were a 34c which I have to admit made me sad. I know it's early LOGICALLY but my heart was set on a D. Silly I know.

About to get real here. I cried this evening. Just too much, I didn't eat today, I was tired , in pain, my kids were fighting (like yelling at each other), my house is a mess and it was just too much. The bloat sucks, I feel gross. None and I mean none of my pants fit. I miss the gym. I miss my stress release. I over did it all around. Over did it going to the mall (which I had to do because in my drug induced state last week I promised to supply things for Halloween school party). I over did it driving, cleaning, changing trying on bras at vs and not eating. I just cried. I know I should just be happy but it feels like one week out everyone expects me to be 100%. I'm not. Pity party over.

Some before comp pics. I'm afraid to try on my comp suit

One last before comp poc

I always had padding and the chicken boob inserts so there really isn't an accurate pic of how small my breasts were when I was stage lean. :/

Sad flex

Just laying in bed taking pics of mah boobs and flexing of course. Lol

Getting bigger?

I have a hard time sleeping lately (not enough activity I guess). I think I have grown accustom to my breast size but for giggles I put together a side by side mostly to see how dropping is changing??. The whole process is facinsting to me. Is it my imagination or have my boobs gotten Larger? I'm not complaining by any means, but I'm wondering if it's just me. Lol
Im feeling much better today. The kindness from you all is so cherished.

Same old comp suit new boobs

Haha I couldn't help it. Totally doesn't fit at all.


My dr gave me some pretty specific guild lines. Individual cups (no bandu), no underwire , not too tight (no need to smash the ladies) and no over the head. I found a 32d dkny that i like, 2 34c from vs that are now too tight, and 6 from target that were all around 15-20. They all are getting too small (lmao I never had this problem in my life!) but they are all very comfy and do not look like surgical or tacky old lady bras. My fav is the Hanes. The bennefit with theses is you go by s,m,l ect and fill out the cups. My rib cage swollen is 27" so this works better for me. A black bra is in the wash but it's the same as the top white

"Puckering" at incision site?

My incisions are healing quite well. They are pretty small. I'm wondering if others have had this "puckering" type thing. It looks like tendons or something when I stretch. I assume it's totally normal. Just wondering if anyone else has/had it and how it turned out. It was really hard to get a good pic.

Better pic of the lines or puckering

They decend down my rib cage staring at the incision. I can feel them tighten when I stretch. I'm sure it's normal... Right? Lol
Also, I STILL look pregnant or like someone shoved a bowling ball right in my middle. It's not even an all around bloating lol it's like just my stomach is distended.

Confirmed mondors chords

I love Dr. G, as always he fully answered my questions, even questions I didn't know I had. He set my mind at ease. I sent him photos of my chords and he confirmed. We chatted on the phone for a few min. I'm the proud owner of Mondors chords. He said he's never had a case that did not resolve on its own, and there is nothing to worry about. It will cause me some discomfort and I'm to continue taking Motrin and to add in a warm (not hot!) compress. If I feel the bolts or zaps while doing my stretches then I'm to stop and not push it as that further inflames the veins. Apparently, this was first noticed in women that were breastfeeding so it's not soley related to breast augmentation but is very common in a) tension b) infamamamory incisions, c) a larger implant (I'm tiny so 440 is large for me). So i guess with all those checks it shouldn't be a surprise at all that I have them. I love that Dr, G gives me all the medical details. I won't bore you all with it as you can google mondor chords if you want but it's fascinating to me. I also love that he called me back personally. It wouldn't have been a big deal if an assistent had called as i do fully understand he's s busy man giving ladies amazing boobs (and other stuff too), but I appreciate it so much that he did take the time to call and chat with me.

Glassy skin and other weird stuff

Sometimes I feel like i may share too much on here, but then I remember how helpful it was for me to read other ladies' stories leading up to my surgery and even still now 2 weeks after. I liked all the tiny details. It gave me comfort knowing what I was going into. So, I'll keep posting all my weird shit in hopes that it helps someone. Lol
First let me say, I don't want to seem like I'm complaining. I love love love my boobs. I don't regret it by any means and would do it all exactly the same way again... But that being said... For a while I felt like it wasn't ok to express all the emotions that come with BA. both the bliss AND the bad. I felt I should be blessed and that's that. Well, I've come to realize it's totally ok to be in love with your breasts and NOT the process. It's ok to complain about discomfort even though it's an elective surgery. I felt like I had no right to complain about feeling like crap because I chose this and there are those that have major life struggles with disabilities, surgiries, and illness that can't make the choice. I felt guilty like I'm taking something from those people if I complain. But you know what? I'm not. My heart and prayers are always with those people, but it's ok for me to have feelings too. This is also why I've had a hard time asking for help or saying no when I should. I'm working on that.
Right now, and for the last 3 days I've had this insane feeling in my breasts. It's as if shards of glass has been scrubbed into my skin. Anything and everything that touches them hurts. I've deduced that this feeling is... Feeling! Holy shit I think I'm getting feeling back and it hurts... a lot! Im in a constant state of discomfort but it's in flux. Sometimes it's the lighting bolts from the mondors cords, sometimes it's shooting pain in my nipple (wth is that!) and constantly is the glassy feeling. I took my bra off during the night last night because I felt like I was being smashed and crushed by it. Sleep is not good at all. From the upright position to the "morning boob" which seems to happen after about and hour of being in bed, then the insomnia. I had a bout of insomnia for 4 days that was ridiculous. All these things are just a part of the process and I'm SO SO thankful I don't have any complications. while I love my boobs (seriously, my own boobs could make me swing both ways they're so pretty) I don't have to love the process and it doesn't have to be rosey colored. Not everyone is going to bounce back in two weeks, I'm one of those ladies. I felt woefully inadequate about that until last night. That's why I decided to share this post. Everyday gets a little better...and a little more weird!
Finally, someone asked to see pics in clothes so I've attached a few. I'm still 10 yes 10! Lbs up from surgery day so I was reluctant to post any but going with my mantra of taking it moment by moment im going to be kind to myself and love myself in this moment.

5lbs to go bye bye bloat finally

I just woke up, and I was so excited by how my boobs look this am. Idk they change daily! Then I step on the scale and boom 5lbs baby! 5 more to go and I'm at my normal off season weight. Took long enough geeze. Idk why my body is taking so long but I'm happy as shit this am. Lol I haven't even had coffee yet and I had to share. Hahs!
The glassy feeling is moving on, it's different areas but less of an over all area. I still have the clenching in my right breast but hopefully after having two days off work that will calm down.
My left incision still hurts and I may send a photo to my dr. There aren't any outward signs of infection. No oozing, fever, puss ect. But it had not professed like my right which is almost completely healed. I'll add a photo of that. I guess it could be the cords that are causing that pain. I'm not sure so I'll give it a few more days then ask my dr.
Feeling really good today.

3 weeks post op... So that's how this shirt is supposed to look!

In some ways I can't believe I'm 3 weeks post today. In other ways I've felt every second of these three weeks. Funny how time is. I've seen a huge difference from last week not only in his I'm feeling physically but also how my breasts look. I've got some massive natural cleavage going on as my breasts settle closer together. My scars are nearly non visible from the front view (before they were obvious). Only one of the bras I bought before fit. One. Smh. They're not too big they're too small! Even my surgical bra which was my go to for comfort is so tight it's unbearable. Let this be a word to the wise... Buy 1-2 bras to get you through but hold back on the big trip ;) thankfully I didn't spend a lot and I never wore or took the tags off the vs stuff. That brings me to another thing. Vs Victoria's Secret. Ok I'm just going to say it. Don't flame me please but I really hate their bras :x lol ice also been (well actually my hubby has) been researching how to find the correct bra size. As it turns out vs has manipulated the bra market into believing we all fit in these little boxes. According to vs, they don't have a bra that would fit me properly. My under bust is 26.5 my bust 33.5. This makes me a 28f not a 34 of anything. No wonder the band on those vs (34c) sticks off my chest so much (like 4") I'll still shop at vs for panties and other cute stuff but not for bras. I'm sure there is a good portion of women that vs will fit but def not me!
Speaking of fitting... Getting dressed everyday is like entering a whole new closet! I've only come across one top that no longer fits. Everything else is like " oh so that's how this is supposed to look!" It's quite fun. Lol

I did some calculations and figured out my implants weight 2.6lbs so that means.... I'm back to my pre surgery weight! Once I went off the prednisone it was gone in like 3 days so I guess for me, the prednisone was the culprit of my weight gain. I'm feeling very soft and ive def noticed a difference in my body composition but I'm not worried. The body is a fantastic force, and muscle memory is an amazing thing. A minor break will not result in muscle loss unless you are doing catabolic (muscle eating) things such as not eating enough or long duration cardio. I'm not eating enough to gain but I'm not eating enough to lose either so to me that's right where I should be. Of course conditioning is going to be less when I get back in the gym, but i see that as more of a challenge than anything else. I'm sure it's going to take some getting used to squatting with these girls or pull ups (I can't phantom doing a pull up right now oooouuucchh!)
Pain: alright so here is nitty gritty of my pain. The glassy feeling has subsided (thank you baby bunny!) but my nipples hurt. A lot. I can't go braless because my shirt rubbing on my nipples is too painful. This excites me lol because I know that means my feeling is coming back! Sneezing, coughing or any jaring motion still hurts. My right breast still aches 90% of the time. My left incision still hurts but it looks great so I'll hold off on calling DrG. I'd say that as far as my breasts feeling like they are a part of me I'm at about 50%. That's a huge improvement as up until Monday I was always congnicent of them. Always.
Capabilities: I still have reach issues associated with the mondors cords, but if I don't over reach I don't notice the cords so they are improving.
Driving is still difficult but getting better. Saturday I cleaned my house except for the real heavy stuff (showers and mopping) and I sched a house cleaner promptly after lol! I was wiped the whole rest of the day and i hurt so much I took pain meds. If you're only 2-4 weeks out take it from me, don't over do it. I'm better at being able to do laundry on my own but I still ask for my daughters to help reach into the washing machine and to take bedding ect didn't stairs.
I also fell up stairs. My house is tri-level. There is carpeted stairs and wooden stairs. I fell going up the wood stairs. I caught myself on the wall but racked my leg on the lip of the stair. I have a nice big bruise on my leg and afterward my muscles in my back, chest, and abdomin were cramping and seizing. They were like "um excuse me, we haven't been used in 3 weeks wtf are you doing". Lol I'm just thankful the boobies didn't get hurt. So that's about it for now. I tried to respond to some comments on Sunday but I was having issues with RS. My comments wouldn't post, so please know I'm not ignoring you guys! Xxoo
I'll do another post with pics in a little bit. Hope you're all healing well!

Week 3 pics

My right is still dropping so it looks like I'm lopsided, but both are so soft! This is the one bra that still fits comfortably.


Soooooooo... Hoe Leigh chit! Took those 34c back to vs and exchanged for 32dd's! They didn't have anything without underwire so I'll be putting them away for later. I then went to Nordstrom and found a 30ddd. I thought why not try it on... Shockingly it fit me! So I went to the rack (because I'm cheap AF and refuse to pay full price at Nordtrom) and found a huge selection of 30ddd and 32dd. I bought two for around $20 each and had my hubby cut the underwire out ;) yay! I got stuck in an over the head sports bra lol I almost cried for help. I was going over my options ("well I can have hubby come try to help and if that fails I can have them cut it off and I'll be stuck paying for it") lol! Over all bra shopping was a fun experience today. Still not spending a lot because things could still change.

4 week post op

Lazy righty is finally catching up with the over achieving lefty. I date say as to not jinx myself but I'm feeling really good. Some bras are still irritating but the sensitivity is subsiding, the achy is less each day. My mobility has greatly improved and I'm feeling more comfortable in my daily life. I do t even notice them 75% of the time. I still have some cords (go away please) and so that does hold me back some, especially where sleeping is concerned. Sometimes when I turn or get out of bed i get a huge zap. My incisions look good and I'm anxious to start some scar treatment. I have my 1 month post op next week and I am excited to start working out again. I may sneak a walk in tonight since its technically 4 weeks ;)

1 month post op appt :D

I had my one month post op appt with Dr.G this am. I have major itchy rash from (we suspect) palmers cocobutter. It's maddening itchy. He's putting me on a temp steroid to treat it. I'm to start some rolling (at first with a towel) to loosen up my rib cage as I'm petty right from the cords. It's been causing some pain when I'm in bed at night. Other than that everything looks fantastic! I can sleep however is comfortable (yay!) and wear any kind of bra I want (double yay!) AND I am free to workout (yays over 9000). Obviously not to the extent I was before but working slowly back in with whatever feels comfortable. No push moves (push ups, bench press ect) but I may do pull ups (if I can). He gave me the name of some great local places to find really nice custom fit bras (oh so exciting!). I have an apt for 3 months from now for a 4 month follow up. Here are some pics of my lovely allergic reaction.

First post boob workout

Hi all! Sorry I've been a little quiet on here. I've been busy with thanksgiving travel and work. I did my first real post boobie workout tonight. I say real because I did a few body weight leg sessions and a mini run. The mini run (seriously so mini at the end of a walk) felt so weird. My right boob was vibrating for a good 3-5 min after. Lol so tonight I started on the treadmill 1 mile very brisk pace. Then i did the first circuit in Jamie Eason's 12 week fit to flat without. I needed something to force me to keep it mellow. It felt weird to be in the weight room again. It's my comfort zone but I was definitely feeling out of my realm tonight. I did lat pulls. My mind said pull 90, my back said yeah 90! My boobs said ha ha ha pull 20. I did squats on the smith (only the empty bar which kinda sucks mentally because normally I'd squat -
165 in the rack) but the stretch on my chest was difficult so I decided it was safest to use the smith and not add weight. Every move felt tight and kind of penchy. I'm a little achy right now on my left incision and my right breasts. But I did it and it will only be a matter of time before I'm back to my normal routine. I knew it would be like this so I'm trying to stay positive. My boobs are totally worth it! ;)
I found a teddy thing in my closet and surprisingly it fit. I'm pretty sure it never fit properly before lol. It feels so good to wear something sexy and actually feel sexy in it!

2+ month update

Yikes I meant to post on the 21 for my two month anniversary but time got the best if me. When I was researching it seemed hard to find anyone with updates beyond 6 weeks so I'll try to post a few more. Everything is perfect! I'm so use to my breasts now that I can hardly remember what life was like before them! Every now and then I get a little pain (cords on the right side I assume) while at the gym but for the most part I'm back in full swing. I still can't do pull ups because the stretch is too much. My lower body strength is back to where it was but my upper body is still getting there. I use to rep 90lbs on the lat pull but now I'm at 60lbs. It's ok I want to take it slow so I don't damage anything. I stay away from most push moves (no push ups or barbell bench press) I have been doing incline dummy press just fine.
I still have a numbness under my nipple and about 50% of the feeling back in the nipple itself. I'm well aware that this may be all I ever get, but I'm ok with that. A few weeks ago I was in bed and When I stretched I heard and felt a pop. Ever since then I haven't had any pain in my left incision and my cords on the left seem to be gone! I'm not sure how or why that happened but whatever it was I'm thankful because that shit was getting old.
Having this surgery was the best thing I've ever done for myself. If you're reading this and you've just had surgery or about to, hold on to my words. It does get better ...just hang in there. Two months felt like forever but now that I look back at it, it seems to have gone incredibly fast. It's a tiny fragment of time.

Pics :)

Trying on clothing

I'd never wear this out of the dressing room but my daughter made me go shopping so is figure why not try some stuff on :D

Happy Boob-iversary to me!

Holy cow, I seriously can not believe it's been a year today! In some ways it feels like yesterday but in other ways I can't believe a whole year has passed. I'm so use to my breasts that I truly never think about it. I can't remember life without them. When I go back and look at my pre-op pics it's unbelievable that it was once me. I adore my breast and love my results. I'd do it again 1000x over.
I had my 1 year post-op apt yesterday. Everything looks great. My scars are still a little dark but I'm so fair skinned I didn't expect them to totally fade. My C-section scar is still visible 10 years later. However, the scars are so thin and placed perfectly in the fold that they are not visible. I have some mild texture or rippling on my right breast, but it is to be expected with putting such a large implant in with as little before breast tissue. It doesn't bother me at all. I can't thank Dr.G and his staff enough. From the consult to the one year post op Dr.G and his staff treat patients with caring respect. The aftercare care support even a year later is noteworthy to say the least. I'll continue to see him once yearly and throughout the year if issues arise... or if I decided to have something else done (juvaderm anyone?) :D Dr. G is truly the best!
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