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Hi everyone I was doing a Google search on BBLs...

Hi everyone I was doing a Google search on BBLs and came across this website. Who knew there was a whole community out there! I am surprised, happy, and relieved to see I am not alone. I've been lurking for a few days spending hours upon hours reading everyone's blogs and looking at pictures. I am kind of smiling to myself as I see so many ladies going back and forth on what Dr. they want to go with because in just these few days I have gone back and forth myself.

Just a little background on me. I'm 48 years old 5'4" 213 lbs and a mother of 2 grown children. I had both children by c-section so my stomach muscles have been non-existent for years. Add gaining weight and you wind up with the blubber mess I am today. However, I have started to lose weight and am plan on losing more. I am waiting for some of the doctors on this site to give me a recommendation of how much to lose before getting a BBL. I'll definitely need a TT too and I want a BL to round out my new figure.

As far as doctors go its funny because Dr. Younai is literally right down the street from me - I pass his office when I go just about anywhere. The thing is with his pictures almost all of his patients start off as skinny minnies and I do not see much waist to hip action happening in the after photos. Then I check out Dr. Duran in the D.R. and I am really liking what I am seeing. The work is great the cost is fantastic. I guess I owe it to myself to at least set up a consultation with Dr. Younai. A friend had a consult with him about a BA, but that is waaay different than a BBL so we shall see.

I am still skimming RS to find out all the things I will need pre and post op. My hope and plan is to become an asset to all the ladies on this site - to give back and not just take. I welcome the support and want to offer support as well.

Ok, the journey officially starts now.... WEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I'm in CA not DR

This site won't let you edit your location.

Will it be California or the Dominican Republic??

Yesterday, which was a Saturday, I emailed my quote request to Yily and Duran in Spanish and English. Let's see how long it takes for them to respond.

In the meantime like most of you reading this now, I continue to spend hours upon hours on this site looking around and reading blogs. Well I came upon one that stopped me dead in my tracks. She was looking for a BBL here in L.A. and she went to Dr. Hughes. Now I looked at Dr. Hughes' work early on, which was very nice, but did not see the kind of butt I wanted in any of his photos. I had my head pretty much set to go the D.R. but was going to see him out of due diligence of checking local doctors with no real expectation of ever using him.

Well, along comes (Mesna) who not only writes a glowing review of Dr. Hughes and his staff, but has some incredible photos of her procedure to back it up. Her wish photos were like some of those that want to go to the D.R. for their surgery.

At first I was a little concerned about a back fold she had, but when reading the blog it sounds like it was more due to her wearing her compression garment wrong and later in the blog she said the fold was doing much better.

But the point is Dr. Hughes will inject a high number of cc's and knows how to sculpt the dip in the back and s-curves on the sides. His photos do not make one think he does that kind of work. But apparently he does...who knew!!

In reading some of the comments on Mesna's thread I ran across some other women who had BBLs (SummaTimeFine) with Dr. Hughes and again I must say I was impressed.

Sooo, my eyes have been turned back to my own backyard instead of 3 time zones away.

A few days ago I posed a question to all the doctors and Dr. Hughes was one of the 4 doctors that responded. I will take that as a good sign. I will wait to see if Yily and Duran respond and if they do great, if not then so be it. I am also going to check out Dass, Younai, and Dr. J - all here in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area.

BTW I am seeing that Dr. Hughes is being called thee bootie doctor of the West.

One other thing I would like to add - check out Mesna's blog on compression garments it is thorough and comprehensive.

Until next time, happy BBLing ladies!

How To Build Your Blood

In reading so many blogs I see a lot of women are concerned with building their blood count. I have been juicing for awhile and have been researching what juicing does for the body. I would strongly encourage any of you ladies who need to build blood to look into juicing beets. I am talking juicing, not blending them in a bullet or blender.

As always check with your doctor first!

Beet juice is very potent so you want to start off with just a little at a time until you build up your tolerance and please note it will turn your poop red so don't freak out.

I have juiced beets with green apples or carrots. My favorite way, and the way I am currently doing them is with sweet potatoes. any of those will add an extra sweetness to the juice. Beets naturally have any earthy flavor but they are sweet too.

I juice 3 beets with 2 sweet potatoes. If you buy organic you can juice the peels too. If it's not organic then peel them first. You can also juice the beet greens.

I hope this tip helps anyone preparing for sx. Again, double check with your doctor to make sure it is good for your current health situation.

Happy juicing!

Wish Pictures

Here are several real life wish pictures that I have taken from this site. I believe I asked permission from the ladies, but if I didn't and the picture is of you and you want it down, just let me know and I will take it down immediately.

Oh Good Grief!

At first I excluded Jimerson because he is too expensive especially if I will be flying in from out of town BUT how can anyone deny his artistry!! Now I am contemplating saving up for him and at the same time losing more weight to make the procedure a complete success.

I'm starting to go a little nutso over this whole thing of choosing a doctor.

Our Male Counterparts

There are several men on this site who are looking for TT and butt lifts. They don't get nearly as much attention as the ladies do. Please keep that in mind when searching this site. I am sure they would appreciate the support.

I've Got To Step Up My Game

I go hiking or work the treadmill in my gym and am huffing and puffing at 30 minutes 250 calories THEN I see other people posting pictures of 60 minutes and 1,000 calories! #damn

Family and Friends

The other day I started to let some girl friends know what I wanted to do. For the most part they have been supportive. Some said they wanted work done too but just can't afford it. 2 of them said they would help take care of me the first few days. One got super DRAMATICAL telling me not to get multiple procedures done at one time because that is how Kanye's mom and James Brown's wife died. There is so much more to their situations than just having multiple procedures done at once, but I thanked her for her concern. :)

I also told my daughter who is supportive but very concerned so I told her she can go with me to a consultation and talk to the doctor to allay any concerns she has.

Overall I got pretty good support and no push back - as if that would've stopped me any way.

On another note - weight loss activities continue.

Income Tax Return

So my income tax return will pay for my procedure in full if I go to the D.R. I would still have to add a little for flight, recovery, and supplies. Still not sure who I am going to go with, but I still have time since I need to lose weight.

So Mad At Myself

It's one thing to have childbirth, age/gravity wreck havoc on your body and it is quite another thing to have just let your body go. I have all 3 issues working against me. For the first time in a long time I am looking at myself in the mirror and I mean really looking at myself and I cannot believe what I have done to my body. Now that I am ready to fix it, I have the slow process of losing weight first. I have the time off and money right now, but don't have the proper body. I am extremely frustrated at this moment.

Confessions Of A Realself-aholic...

Hi my name is ShinyNewPenny and I'm a realself-aholic.

I was on this website at 1a this morning reading blogs, looking at wish pictures, checking doctor reviews, and scouring doctor Q&As. It is now 6:30a and I am back up on this site doing the same thing all over again.

How many other realself-aholics are out there?

My PCP Visit

So I have been eating clean and increased by exercise so I was totally disheartened today when I went to my PCP and stepped on the scale only to find out I have not lost any weight in the past month. Can you say frustrated!

On a positive note I told her my plans for having PS around September once I get closer to my goal weight and she was not concerned. She just asked me what type of PS I wanted. So she is all on board. She's hooking me up with a nutritionist to help me along in the 3 months we will do more lab work to see how I am coming along.

It feels great to that my PCP has my back on this. It will be a team effort.

Not Doing The BBL Just Yet

After much thinking, reviewing RS and looking in the mirror (eek!) I've decided to put off having the BBL and do the TT first...I think.

I Have a consultation next week with Dr. Younai to discuss a TT letting him know I want a BBL later, probably with Dr. Hughes. I want to see what Dr. Younai has to say about that and about my weight loss.

I am so excited about the possibilities!
I've Got To Step Up My Game

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