Ulthera Full Face Treatment Will Change Your Life--not in a Good Way - Rocklin, CA

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Specifically asked the doctor numerous times if it...

Specifically asked the doctor numerous times if it just targeted the muscles, not the fat. He said it was not big deal and would lightly tighten my skin and keep me rejuvinated and young looking. He said he did it himself and does it to his wife and had done 100's of procedures with success.I was drugged and very relaxed but the treatment was painful. He zapped my entire face and neck according to the machine guidelines. I thought I was doing something that was going to help rejuvinate my skin laxity from natural again. I wish I had done nothing at all.

Just gets worse and worse

Going to see a reconstructive plastic surgeon this week and another 2-3 in the next 3 week period. Want to find one who will be able to be there at the end of what promises to be a terribly painful, emotionally and physically odeal this next year. My eyes are much smaller and there is no white showing on the outside at all. They are pulled tight and the skin all around the eye, which is thin to start with, is starting to just show through to the bone, so fillers will no longer be an option. My face has already lost any contour or shape and is already starting to just hang in the bottom half. This was NOT the face I had just two weeks ago before ultherapy when I still had firm, beautiful skin that reflected the light. My skin now absorbs the light and looks dead, dry and like an orange peel. I'm eating as clean as possible, but it won't bring back the damaged skin, or my eyes, which have lost their color somehow too, and look "dead", besides being tiny. Does anyone out there have any advice or if you have been through something similar, can you recommend a good reconsructive surgeon who knows about ultherapy and what it can do. I can see the future already and it's not pretty. We need to band together and get this thing out of the marketplace. It's not worth one more woman ending up like this. It's sooooo depressing. My skin was one of my most complimented features, along with my face overall. Now that is all in the past and I just don't want my eyes pulling like this any more. Hope someone out there reaches out to me with any advice that might help. Thank you for listening. I will keep you posted. I know there are several of you out there just like me. Lisa

Worse every day!

Yep. it gets worse every day. Today my eyes were actually swollen shut like little slits. I went to the emergency room and they said it was just an allergic reaction and some swelling. I STILL have swelling from Ulthera 2 weeks ago! That is not supposed to happen. Today, the right side of my face, which is smaller anyway, started to shrink into itself a bit more. i talked to a lady the other day who has all kinds of jaw and teeth problems because of all the loss of tissue she suffered a few years ago. That's me coming up next. I know the doctors will continue to deny this ever happened and we are just imaging it, but the ones who it happened to KNOW it's true. We know our faces and our eyes and our eyes are DEAD little dark pools--no life, no character or spark in them. It' s strange to look at yourself and see a dead person looking back.
Dr. Raymond Turnure

It was painful, but they gave me a cocktail of three drugs before I started the treatment. I remember they told me to go ahead and take the drugs first, and THEN she would give me the medical disclaimer papers to sign and initial. I was already out of it when I signed the forms which i think is quite deceptive. My looks will never be the same. My eye cavity has actually shrunk. My face is losing fat from different areas every day. My eyes look sunken in and much smaller than ever before. My skin texture has decreased significantly and there has been no volume improvment. I look at least 10 years older in 2 weeks. It is so depressing- I don't even want to go to work or enjoy my social life any longer. I am visiting plastic surgeons to interview and see what could be done going forward but it will never be the same and I willhave to wait at least 2 years before I can do any real intervention. This device should be taken off the market. It is not safe and it is permanently damaging to womens' faces.

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