Serious About Taking the BBL Plunge 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

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I've been lurking on this site on and off for a...

i've been lurking on this site on and off for a couple of years now. i had a tummy tuck and boob lift in december 2012 and am happy with my results, especially my boob lift! my doctor grafted a bit of fat on the girls because i did not want implants. 1 year post op and they look full and i retained my D cup! enough about the the mini mommy makeover. for the longest time, i've wanted a fuller butt! as soon as googling became the means to find information, i would search for butt jobs - i mean before it was a thing to do. before the nikki minajs and kim kardashians. i'm talking when j-lo first hit the scene and folks were like, um ew! i was like, i want!! a-n-y-way, now it's a thing. not a scary busted implant thing. it's the new boob job! so, my dream of having a butt is in reach. i had a consultation with dr. hughes yesterday, 1/13. he's the first doctor i've seen. traveling for this is not an option and it's not like i live in a place where i can't find a doctor, i'm in the la area. the reason i'm not using the doctor who did my previous sx is because BBL doesn't appear to be his specialty (it was dr. max lehfeldt btw. he's LOVELY. he does A-1 work and is located in arcadia, but can do consultations in torrance/PV area).

i've read that dr. hughes is extremely personable so honestly, i expected more from our consultation. he was pretty matter of fact and he did not look me in the eye during our entire talk. i don't think he's shifty at all, don't get me wrong. i just didn't get warm fuzzies. i also felt like i was being rushed. we probably spoke for about 10-15 minutes. i will say that he comes across confident in his abilities, not arrogant, and i liked that very much. i've done a lot of research on here and think he may be the one despite not being bowled over. however, with an endeavor of this magnitude, i should perform due diligence and see at least 2 more doctors (dass being one of them). i'll probably call his office tomorrow.

after dealing with the tummy tuck with drains (the mastoplexy was a breeze, no pain there), i think the bbl will be easier for me to deal with, or at least comparable in discomfort. finding the time to recover will be a bit difficult as i travel for work and i'm a single mom, but again, after the tt, i know i can manage. i also don't want anyone to know i'm doing this, so that will be a factor as well. i guess the biggest factor in not meeting the doctors back to back and scheduling right away is the money. i have the cash to do this or i can pay off the loan i took out to do the previous sx. since i borrowed the money from myself, the monthly payments i make are transparent to me and i could just continue with the payments as they are, even possibly pay it off in full at the end of the year. if i do this i can pay in cash for the bbl. i know i want to do it, but i also love to travel and collect old things so i am a bit torn on spending the money on something like this again. i don't regret my sx, and i'm pretty sure i won't regret the bbl, but i'm thinking is the cost worth it? would i be happy spending it elsewhere? is it better spent elsewhere? probably not ;)

i've been collecting a few wish pics and after looking at photos i'm wondering if i'm getting butt greed already! i don't want a badonk. i don't want crazy flared hips. i'm bigger than i'd lke to be, i'm best at a size 4-6, so i want to slim down before surgery. dr. hughes said that would not be an issue. i also weigh a lot for my size. i'm 5'2" and 160 but am a straight up size 8. i've gained 8 lbs in the past year and would like to lose that plus some before my surgery. i have loads of vintage clothing i'd like to be able to wear again and "hells yeah hips" do not apply! wasp waist does though, which is probably what i'm most after. no more back fat with tiny waist and a "boop" butt. at least that's what i'm saying now ;) when i first started looking at butts i was very critical. seeing underwear that disappeared between butt cheeks did not appeal to me but now... ultimately, i'm sure logic will out and i will opt for a conservative backside (famous last words), i've attached a before photo (but after tt and boob lift). the lack of bootay is so evident. sorry for the poor tattoo coverup. here starts the journey!

Dr. Duran is now in the running

So after more hours online researching, I've been checking out Dr. Duran's work and I really like what I see. I decided to shoot an email to get a quote and received a reponse a few hours! (it was 4am in in DR when i wrote). The quote is significantly less than what one would get charged here. SIGNIFICANTLY. I guess that's why so many go out of the US. It's obvious many women have gone to Drs Ylily and Duran with successful surgeries, it's an easy thing to see on this site. But one can't can't help being trepidatious about going out of the country for the price. Obviously their work is making it worth it, and it doesn't seem to be a case of you get what you pay for otherwise they wouldn't even enter the equation as candidate surgeons but...

Decisions, decisions...
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