33 years, 5'4'', 126lbs, 75A (US 34A ) - 320cc Motiva Ergonomix under muscle

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Ever since I have been a teenager I have been...

Ever since I have been a teenager I have been thinking about breast augmentation. But first I was too judgemental myself, then had no money left as a student when I finally startet work and gained enough money the PIP implant scandal was uncovered so I was more than unsure about getting BA. Now I'm 33 and think it's now or never, as I want to show the result of the BA in a Bikini which I probably wont be wearing anymore when I'm 50 ;-)

Pre op happened and implant size at around 300cc fixed

I've been looking for a good ps for quite a while and had appontments with two different surgeons over the last two years. At the beginning of this year I came across Dorow Clinic and Dr Schwarze and knew immediately that I will be in good hands at this place. So I had my first appointment with Dr Schwarze on February the 12th when he explained everything to me and measured me out. With my current size of European 75A (=34AA in US) at 5'4'' (166cm) and 126 lbs (57 kg) and a chest widt of 12.5cm he suggested 265cc moderate profile round motiva implant.
Back at home I read a lot about boob greed and wishing to have gone bigger so I tried on diffrent rice sizers and agreed with ma husband that 300cc would look the best with my frame.
At my pre op on Ferbruary 29th I told my surgeon I preferred 300cc high profile but he said he doesn't do high profile as this gave a fake look. After trying on silicone sizers of 285, 300 and 320cc we agreed on 320 to 300cc depending on what would fit in my chest (keeping the 285cc as an emergency implant if both happened to be too wide).
As I already did my deposit we scheduled the op for March 30st and I'll be the first at 8 am. Looking forward to it!!!
Sorry by the way if my spelling is somewhat weird as I am Swiss and not used to writing in english. ;-)

Before situation

In search for cleavage...

Nothing to fill these beautiful dresses out! Looking foreward to my new boobs :-)

Rice sizers

That's how I decided on 300cc: I bought an unpadded wireless bra in my wish size (75C / 34B/C) and stuffed it with as much rice as needed (In a sock of course to prevent a mess). After trying different sizes I felt good with 280-300cc though my husband preferred 350cc :-)))
As I'll go under the muscle (from under the breast, that's the only technic my ps uses as this minimizes risk of CC) I assume 300cc will look like 280cc. And I feel I'll be happy with that.
What do you think?
Remember: I live in Switzerland where a C Cup is referred to as reasonably big. The biggest bra size you get over here in a regular store is a D Cup!

Whom did you tell about surgery?

Up to now only my husband and a good friend know about my upcoming ba. I haven't told my parents, my grandmother or my other friends and collegues but I'm wondering whether and if, how and when, I should tell them. I am particularily concerned about it because ba are not very common where I live. How did you handle this issue? What would you suggest?

3 days to go

Only three more days to go and I'll be under the knife. I'm getting more and more nervous and sometimes I think "Why am I doing this to me?"
Have to stay calm and prepare the house (washing, fresh bedsheets etc) and precook food for the next week. I should also take some before pics in different bras and shirts as to compare them afterwards. So that should keep me busy and I'll hopefully stop worrying.

A few more before shots

I did it!

Just woke up, feeling dizzy and an elephant sitting on my chest
Cant move or take a glimpse yet


I definitely got 320cc on both sides as wished

Survived the first night

I had to stay in the clinic over night as my doc doesnt use drainages but wants to control the first night. Except from my back pain due to sleeping upright I'm almost painless, just some zings and a lot of pressure. I have to wear the dreaded overboob belt. Argh! For 6 weeks, day and night. Phew! Can hardly breath in it. But otherwise I'm ok, slept for 6 hours and woke up with no breast pain. Could have been due to the oyxcodon they gave me last night. This pill does wonders ????

First post op control

This morning the doc checked me and said everything looked normal. The nurse then took a picture of my new boobies and changed me in a medical bra (I was still in bandages) - size 80B (36 B) which transfers into a 75C (34 C), the size I wished for. I already love the size and placement ( my doc positioned them in the final place so they need'nt drop) from what I see on the photo. But have a look yourself.

With medical bra

Day 2 post op

Yesterday, I felt pretty ok, no harsh pain even though I have to wear the dreaded overboob belt. It just makes me feel like I can't get enough air. Yesterday night I came home from the clinic ( so I've been there for 2 days and 1 night) and had my husband go to the pharmacie and get me some stool softener. As I expected to be only on ibuprofene I didn't prepare for such occasion. But as I had an oxycodon the morning before surgery and one the night after my hole belly is still fast asleep :-) Hope this gets better today.
As I'm officially not allowed to remove my surgical bra till next Thursday, I might not be posting any new pics unless I can't stand the itching underneath and decide to take it of for a proper scratch. Argh! Has any of you experienced such an annoying itching mainly between the boobs? It drives me crazy!

First shower

I just had my first shower since before surgery and washed my hair although I wasn't allowed to until next Thursday. I felt so grose I just had to! Now I feel much better. To prevent infection I changed my non waterproof dressings into waterproof ones after cleaning the incision with sterile gaze and kodan. And as I didn't trust the waterproof tag I even changed them again after showering. But they stayed indeed dry.
Now it's time to wash mi surgical bra and strap. Meanwhile, I'm wearing my sports bra in 32C which I used to figure out my implant volume. Fits perfectly!

Day 4

As soon as my surgery bra was dry I changed back in this one as it gives less pressure on the incisions. During the night, I felt very uncomfortable ( no real pain) and tense, both in the back and the breast. After an Ibuprofen Rapid I could finally sleeep. (I'm on no other pain meds). Bi the way, I only had to sleep elevated the first night after surgery, at home I could always sleep flat on my back (which is no problem for me as I'm a back sleeper anyway). The disadvantage of this is that my breast are hard and swollen ( I bet 1 size bigger!) the next morning and hurt so I don't get more sleep than 5-6 hours.

Day 5

Today was already a bit better than the days before, still very swollen boobs in the morning and therefor more pressure on the breast tissue but hardly any pain shots unless I happened to forget I had surgery and reached out for something *stupid me*
But I realised I tire much faster than normally so I'm still not completely back on track.
Well, tomorrow I have to go back to work anyway. Let's see how that goes. I'll keep you posted.

Day 6 -first day back at work

Outch, my back hurts from standing/walking all day at work and moving in an awkward way as I tried to relieve my breast muscles. But beside this and being exhausted, I feel ok after my first work day.
Now I'll get a nice hot shower and change my dressings afterwards.

Day 6 pics

Day 7

Now it's one week since my surgery and I've been to work the second day. I felt sore all day but the worst part came during my car ride back home: Due to a traffick jam it took me 1 hour (instead of25 minutes) of constant shifting from gear 1 to 2 to 3 and back to 1 and so on....and shifting burns like hell! So when I finally arrived at home my breast muscles were painfully cramping non stop and my boobs looked like rockets. Ouch!
Tomorrow I'l have my 1 week appointment. I'll tell you more after.

Day 8

Today was my one week post op and my surgeon was happy with the results so far. Everything seems to be healing well. So far so good. Ah, and I got my dressings off, now I just have a plaster over the incisions and I am officially cleared to take showers (which I already did before), just have to change the plasters after showering. I forgogt to take a picture so I'll do that tomorrow or on the weekend. Only 5 day of recovery at home was not enough and going back to work at day 6 was early. So I'm looking foreward to the weekend.

Day 9

2 week post op

Today was my 2 week appointment and the knots of the outer stitches were removed ( my doc told me they made 3 layers of stiches, some in the muscle layer, some in the subcutaneous layer and one in the skin layer, all with dissolvable material).
I'm feeling pretty much ok, still some back pain and pressure in the morning but driving and working is a lot easier than a week ago. I have some stings now and then that really hurt though.


Day 20

Today, it's nearly 3 weeks and the first day at work I felt pretty normal - no itching, no stings.
I believe this is due to the fact that today was the first day I didn't put regular plasters on the scars but only silicone strips for scar treatment. I think I was just allergic to the glue.
So feeling way better now.
Last night was also the first one I tried sleeping on my side. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but no pain anymore.

22 days

Nearly 6 weeks post

Nearly 6 weeks post

I'm feeling pretty normal now, I have no pain at all, can lift almost everything and can reach out for not too heavy objects.
Last weekend I even visited a thermal spa and the only incinvenience I experienced was a tense feeling due to the water pressure pressing my boobs kind of in and upwards.
I realized my right boob is slightly lower than the left one, which looks somewhat smaller and more compact. Maybe I should have listened to my doc who wanted me to wear the band 24/7 for 6 weeks (I skipped it after 2 weeks because it gave me pain and because it seems to be widely controversal anyway).
3 days ago, I noticed a red and itchy pimple next to my left scar where the last stitch was. I hope it's going away as I only have to see my doc again in August this year.
For my scars I am using silicone scar treatment strips day and night. I hope the'll fade soon as I'll be on vacation in one July. Therefore I had to order a few new bikinis, none of my old ones fitted me anymore. I'll post some try in pics when they arrive.
For bikini time it's also about time to get back in shape. I haven't been allowed to do any sports so far. But I'm a bit worried to go to the gym as I haven't told anyone about my ba but won't be able to do my regular circle training for a while. I guess I can only do cardio right now. When can I start upper body training or yoga again? I really miss my yoga lessons!
Please tell me how you handeled the restart of your gym routine.

Comparison week 2 and week 6

Bra shopping

Yesterday, I finally found time to shop some new bras without wires ( I'll only be cleared to wear wired bras and push ups after 6 month. I measured myself and found I'm a 34C, the size I wanted. Now, it's just not so easy to find unpadded wirefree bras in that size. But I happened to find those 3 ones. The black one is the same als the light rose one, both together for 25 bucks. They are ok but I prefer the blue one, it's so comfy!
Dr Hardy Schwarze

Dr. Schwarze and all the staff from Dorow Clinic in Lörrach, Germany were so freindly and professional, I felt at ease instantly. I'd go there again!

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