30 Years Old and Finally Getting Invisalign !

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I finally got the opportunity to get Invisalign...

I finally got the opportunity to get Invisalign after years of having a fear of dentists. I decided it was time for straight teeth. It will take 31 trays for my top row and 18 for my bottom. I can't get Acceledent in Kuwait, so it will take me around 1 year and 4 months to complete the whole process.

Day 1, tray 1 of 31

I've been wearing my Invisalign for over 24 hours and what can I say, but Ouch! Nothing prepares you for the discomfort and pressure put on your teeth. Thankfully, I'm not speaking awkwardly, but my lips definitely protrude. My colleagues could notice I had something in my mouth due to they change in my lip movements and smile.

First off, the edges of the aligners we sharp and cut the inside of my lips. I had to go back to my dentist to find a solution. He filed down the sharp edges and gave me some healing gel, as well as some wax that I could put on the sharp parts.

Secondly, I didn't realize taking them out would be such a hassle. The first time I took them out, it took me about 15 minutes because they were so tight and snuggled up to my attachments (I have 15 of them). I thought I was going to pull down the tooth that had the IPR! Was not fun, but I think I'm getting the hang of it, thought it's still kind of painful getting them out.

You can definitely feel the movement of the teeth as the pressure is quite noticeable. Even when I take out the aligners to eat or brush my teeth, you feel an awkward sensation.

I've taken extra strength Panadol (Tylenol) to help with my headaches.

I'm hoping this gets better and I'm trying not to regret it!

Attached are my teeth with and without the aligners. You can see I have a lot of crowding on the front bottom and top. Also, I have a lot of saliva so I've constantly have bubbles, which is kind of annoying but my dentist said there's nothing to do about that.

Day 5 of Tray 1

The past 5 days have been very uncomfortable for me. I'm not sure if it's just me, or what, but my trays don't go all the way to the top of my teeth and so I'm getting some yellow coloring (even though I'm brushing, flossing and rinsing with water after every meal. I'm not drinking anything except water, as well! Also, the Ray doesn't fit well on my back lower moler. It doesn't go all the way down covering my tooth, and so my tongue is getting butchered. I've put dental wax on the inside but it's such a headache because it falls off if it's too wet and it gunks up the tray.


I'm planning to tell me ortho at my next visit , but I'm worried all the trays are like that. When I see most of the pics with other people's reviews, the trays look so snug and barely visible. Since mine don't go all the way to the top, you can see them and the saliva/bubble build up inside :(

I've gotten used to the pressure and having them in my mouth. My only issue is the fact that they aren't "invisible" and due to the fact that they don't go all the way up or down, my speech is still messed up.

I'm a kindergarten teacher so I speak for 8 hours a day! That's a lot of uncomfortable-ness.

I see my ortho on the 19th, so I'm hoping he doesn't just brush it off as "normal" because then I'm going to be very dissatisfied and dreading the next 30 trays.

Still trying to stay positive tho! I've mastered taking the trays out, finally. You have to start at the back and work your way forward, taking them off the attachments that are the easiest.

To keep my trays clean, I'll brush them one day and soak them in Retainer Brite the next, and so far so good.

Next update will be with Tray 2!

Day 2 of Tray 2

I saw my ortho a couple of days ago and he was happy with how things were going, especially the fact that I only take my aligners out for about 1.5/2 hours a day. I was able to switch to Tray 2 after having Tray 1 in for ten days!

Tray 1 was difficult for me. I was very conscious of them being in my mouth the whole time. Towards the end of the ten days I was still getting very bad headaches, to the point that was nauseous. However, Tray 2 seems to be going well!

My ortho had some difficulty putting them in because they were more tighter and the attachments were hard to pop into the tray, but once they were in, they felt fine.

I speak better with these tray. They are only tight when I put them in, especially on my lower canine where I had an IPR done.

I've attached a few pictures of what my clincheck looked like at the beginning. I've also attached a picture of the difference on my trays in terms of coloration. There's slight coloration even thought I brushed them and put them in Retainer Brite.

One thing I'm having trouble with is that I can't clench my teeth together. The picture attached shows how much I can put my teeth together, which is quite annoying. did anyone else face this problem?

Tray 3 of 31

I started Tray 3 yesterday, so it's been 24 hours! It was a rough night. This tray is a lot more snug than tray 2. Tray 2 went by like a breeze, but I had a feeling tray 3 wasn't going to be easy. I'm not a fan of taking sleep aids, so I popped in a couple panadols before bed, but I still woke up throughout the night from the pressure.

Teaching 24 5-year-olds all day wasn't that great either, but I've survived! My teeth are much more sensitive today, even when I took them out to eat. I'm hoping it subsides over the next couple of days and becomes easier.

I've read a lot of reviews about not seeing any changes the first few trays, but I can't help focusing on my teeth! I've attached a photo, top is before tray 1 and bottom is before tray 3. There's no visible change, but when I floss, I can tell there's more spacing.
Dr. Javed Parker

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