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Hi all, i have been stalking this site for quite...

Hi all, i have been stalking this site for quite some time! Have decided to go ahead with dreaded thigh lift, i will be traveling to malaysia wuth my family to have the procedure done with dr jalil from beauty yours, i had a previous tummy tuck 12mths ago and was really happy with the result clinic and care i received and not to mention price $$$
I did have a couple of consults in australia one docter just took one look at my legs and basically said YUK! Theres nothing i can do for you. The other said he could help with a long vertical incision, but was going to charge upwards of 15k.
So back on a plane i go.
I will be staying in malaysia for 14 nights (hope that's enough) and having in total 17days of work.
Not really sure what to expect in recovery terms as some reviews say its just awful and others say pain is minimal.
i will be having a small revision on my arm after a previous armlift 4yrs ago left me with a bulge of fat skin near my elbow, done in australia and surgeon just wiped her hads of me after surgury and when she got her money! Typical.
Will post photo's later.


here's the photos as promised

2 weeks out

hello all!
2 weeks to go until my surgery, still very nervous and anxious about what to expect. I am just trying to be positive and run with the idea I wont have any complications and the pain and recovery wont be to bad.
any advise would be greatly appreciated on what to expect.
there doesn't seem to be a great deal of coverage on thigh lift procedures! I have had a previous arm lift tummy tuck and extensive lipo on thighs , possible lipodema
I flew through all of those surgery's without a problem, with virtually little to no pain, I don't know if I have a high pain threshold or I am just lucky.

day after surgery

Hi there, well i made it out the other side , no problem at all ! Woke up from surgury peaking out with a incredibly tight stinning sensation in my thighs, the nurses were onto it with pain relief immediatly.
today the pain has been sitting at around a 4 out of ten not really that bad at all, i have been walking around had a shower etc" all in all i feel pretty good considerind i have a long incision running from my groin to bellow my knee.
dr did a revision on previous armlife so i have a incision near my elbow and some lipo of hips love handle area, wich he included in thigh lift price (complementry????)
i will be leaving the clinic tomorrow so well see how i get on there

week one

The first week hasnt been very bad at all as long as i stay up on my pain meds i am pain free, i just feel a bit sore and stiff if i miss a dose of meds. The swelling is bad if i dont manage my sitting and standing time, if i sit for to long its not good ans if i walk for to long its not good , just a balance between the two. My incision is starting to get very itchy, i guess that means its healing!
All in all i feel pretty good and quiet surprised at how little pain i have been in given i had a long incision.

heres some photos

Still recovering well, totally of pain meds and have arrived back in australia. Todays 2 week mark.
dr jalil

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