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Hello all. In the lead up to making my decision to...

Hello all. In the lead up to making my decision to have this surgery I spent many hours reading all the reviews available on here. The information was incredibly helpful and comforting and helped me make my decision and prepare for what was to come. I felt it only fair to share my story in return for every one's candour and bravery, hoping it will help someone else.

I have two boys who are 6 and 4 years old. They were both big boys and both came by Caesarian Section. I also had muscle and ligament damage along the Abdominal Rectus muscle, pretty standard stuff for large pregnancies.

About 2 years ago I decided it was time to get back into shape and try and shed those extra pounds I'd collected along the way. I lost the weight (23 pounds!) slowly and consistently and I found myself living a new healthy life. With no intention of putting those pounds back on. I also started to realise that 'the gut' wasn't going any where. I practiced appropriate core work and only did abdominal exercises suitable for my kind of damage. Alas, 'Fred' (lovingly named as he felt part of the family) wasn't shifting! If anything it was more pronounced. I had come to terms with the fact that my skin was never going to look nice but I hated how it hung out in clothes, sagging over jeans and showing in dresses. I had so many people 'when the next one was due'! A story I read many times on here! I also found with the last 5 pounds or so my breast were no longer appealing (who knew the fun bags were so fatty, less fat = less fun!). So I figured if I was going to be out of commission I might as well get the BA as well (happy husband!).

We found ourselves in a good position and in a good place time wise. My husband was able to take some time off of work to help with children and we didn't have anything on the calendar for a few months.

I knew I wanted to go to Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It is a centre committed solely to Plastic/Reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic procedures. I also have a personal friend who works at the Medical Centre so have been coached all along as to what to expect. I also knew that she would never recommend some where that I wouldn't be in good hands. I had a consultation with Dr. Nazir right before the holidays. He was very friendly and receptive to my 101 questions. I liked him very much and he made me comfortable.

I went in with a very specific idea for my breast augmentation. I wanted fuller, round breast but not huge beach balls! I basically told the doc that I wanted nice shapely breast during the day that could be kept conservative. But also something to work with if I wanted to wear a push up bra and be a little more voluptuous. I brought along a photo I found with a 'before' (who shared my stats and breast shape etc..) and a photo of an 'after' that we liked the look of. The doc made it very clear that he would use the photo as a guide but can't always be 'exact' because the woman in the picture isn't me! And my shape and size may be different. I felt comfortable with that though, it meant that he would make the breast look the best they could on my body. To be honest though...he nailed it! My breast look just about the same as the example photo we brought in. We decided on 420cc Mentor Round High Profile Silicone Implants. I am very happy with my new breasts! I am 4 weeks along now and they are still pretty sore. I have very little sensation in them and keep bashing them on things! I also still have the 'crackles' of air bubbles behind the implant on the right breast which I think isn't helping with the swelling and discomfort. But am able to sleep on my side now, which is a huge relief! Despite all that, I would 100% do it again!

I required a full TT with muscle repair. No lipo. I am so impressed with how flat my stomach is...even though the doc says it's still a little swollen! Because of my previous c-sections I knew what to expect for the recover and I think that helped me a lot. There is a lot of restricted movement and you do have to learn how to move yourself around so as to not damage your new tummy. You also have to rest! rest! rest! Which can be frustrating if you're used to be on the go. My scars look good and have been healing well without a lot concern. I've moved on to using the Silicone sheeting now and the scars look months old as opposed to weeks old! Great stuff. I've read that 3M tape can work just as well but I'm scared to try it in case it's not as good. Anyone have any opinions on that I'm happy to hear them.

I think Dr. Nazir and the team at BWMC have been great! Dr. Nazir was very quick to respond to questions via email, leading up to the surgery (as well as all the questions post surgery). During my stay I never waited more than a few minutes for the nurses to respond to a call bell and they were all very friendly and helpful. Dr. Nazir has now seen me twice as a last minute appointment when I had some concerns. Very attentive!

All in all I had a good experience. My only advice would be to do your research and be prepared for the recovery. It's not something to take lightly and understand you will need help at the beginning (or for a few weeks like myself).

I come from a Western country and so the Malaysian medical system was a little different to me. For anyone travelling to Malaysia be prepared for the doctor to treat the procedure and lead up a little differently. I was reading about how the American PS have like 5 or 6 pre op appointments. I only had the 1 consult and then saw the doc on the surgery day. I had a prepared list of questions. I don't think the doc would have touched on these if I didn't ask. I don't think this is any less professional, just different. So if you plan to come to Malaysia or any other Asian country for your PS, do your research and know what to expect. Ask! Many upon many of the people on here have had their work done abroad and I'm sure they would be happy to explain a thing or two. Me included ;)

Best of luck to interested reader!

Forgot the photo!

Here's a photo of my before and 10 days post surgery! I am now 4 weeks 5 days post op but I haven't taken any photos since the 10 day ones. To be honest there hasn't been any changes..I look the same!
Dr. Mohamad Nazir Zahari

Very attentive and receptive. Friendly and makes the patient feel comfortable.

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