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*Treatment results may vary

So hi everyone! I've been poking around here for...

So hi everyone! I've been poking around here for months but not had anything books or the guts to book.
I've decided to take the plunge! After huge amounts of research, I went to a few consultations. I currently live in China and this made things more interesting. (I am from the UK originally, but my job is here now)
China is not known for its huge breasts and so I didn't feel reassured by having it done here. I went for a consultation in Hangzhou, Victoria Hospital but the communication was not great and I didn't feel they understood what I wanted. I don't have unmeetable expectations or anything! Just they wanted to make the breast pointy, which I was not cool with.
After thinking I should leave it in the back of my mind, I was hit with an email from a friend who had used this place for another procedure. Beverly Wilshire Medical, Malaysia.
I emailed to just enquire and the more I emailed the more I felt reassured. The women, Carla emailing was so polite and every question I asked, she had the answer waiting! Explained the procedure and said that they can arrange the hotel afterwards and transfers etc. I am one for less stress the better and this was a dream! No stress!
I have decided to go with them as the complex has a good reputation and after checking out all the medical boards they claimed to be on (on the Website and via email) I was satisfied with the whole idea.
I have uploaded photos! I know compared to everyone, I'm not huge! But I am big enough to cause myself pain. This morning is a great example, I am sat here with another headache and I'm trying to take painkillers to make it go away but no such luck :(
I am a 34GG (UK Size) and I hate it. I remember being a 38C and as I started to lose weight, I felt my boobs didn't get the memo. I never ever in my life ever wanted big breasts. Ever. I remember going for my first bra asking the women, "They wont grow anymore will they?"
Unfortunately so. I stopped going out in my 2nd year University because I never felt I had anything to wear and all guys did was stare at my chest. Being blonde on top of that does me no favours!
But alas! Working in China, I have finally got savings! And as much as I know my family would've preferred a return to the UK or start looking at the housing market, I just don't feel that's right for me. I want this more then anything!
I will update as things come up but so far:
~ I have booked my flights to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) which cost £253.
I am just waiting to get my confirmation price and pay the deposit :) will update you on the prices of the hotel etc!

More emailing!

So today was finalising totals for me to start giving away my big earned cash! (FYI - This is actually so easy, I'm worried I might have a spending issue soon!)

I booked my one night hotel for when I get there, as the clinic have arranged to pick me up and sort out getting me safely to the hotel. I have booked into one that is close to the clinic. This will be because I have to get myself there the next day and I cheekily would like to walk!
Cost? Drum roll please! ... £19.30 for a double bed basic room. SCOREE!
So with my hotel and flights being less then £300 I'm already feeling my savings going far.

Carla sent me the final total for the hotel that they have arranged for me, it is a 5* that is used to having their patients come stay while they ask whatever higher power to take the discomfort away (Bit of humour coming out...)
My booking on MiCasa hotel for 11 nights from the 14th of March till the 25th with transfers from and to airport and 3 diary nurse visits at MiCasa hotel – total of 4190RM (100% payment up to 30 days before arrival).
That is roughly £730! Which was a bargain, I am so lucky. The person I email Carla is always keeping my updated and making sure I have everything, a lot of repeated information which I am glad for because she clarifies everything! And anything I disagree with we sort out.
This has been one of my most least stressful hospital trips, it's definitely got myself thinking about having private medical care!
So I said I would keep updated, I mainly feel that anyone in the UK looking at a surgery abroad needs more reviews as I found nothing!
Oh and the operation cost is 18000RM which equals about (Roughly) £3330.
Well everyone have a happy new year! I know I will :)

70 day count down!!

I am literally so excited! I couldn't hold it in any longer!
Job number 2 have given me consent for time off, although as far as all my work places are to know, I am going for a wedding. I don't wish to really tell them and with my extra tummy weight and my always wearing baggy clothes I'm hoping they wont notice!
Job number 1 are just finalising the plans but the department have said I will be ok to have it off. So that's jobs sorted! And I am aware of needing to take it easy. My job isn't physically demanding, it's more a mentally demanding job as I lecture on photographic content and then the odd oral english. It's very handy as back home, my jobs are completely physically demanding. It's why I feel now if the perfect time in my life to do this. I'm not freaking out as I expected to, just like everyone here. I cannot wait to have this weight lifted and live a normal healthy life :) x

PS. Just read this article that I thought everyone might like to see!

10 Things you should know about Breast Reduction!

* If you have very large breast you will be amazed at how much better you will feel after the scars heal. Most women say that they wish the would have had a breast reduction and lift years earlier. Many report that their back, neck and shoulder pain is gone and their posture has improved. Some women report that they are less self conscious now and their confidence improves.
* Your drains will most likely be removed within a day or two after your breast reduction and lift surgery. While not painful, it does produce some discomfort. About two weeks following surgery your stitches will be removed. This can be painful as the breast area will be very sensitive. Some women report that it feels like the nipples are being pinched very hard. Make sure you have taken pain medicine before the appointment to help reduce the discomfort.
* The scabs around your nipples will itch but you must resist the urge to scratch. Some women have reported scratching in their sleep so consider sleeping with socks or thin cotton gloves on your hands until the stitches are removed or the itching stops.
* After your stitches are removed you should some type of heavy moisturiser or oil that contains vitamin E. You can also use scar reducing creams to reduce scarring. Post surgery your breast skin will probably become dry and flaky so add moisture in the form of creams and oil frequently.
* Have someone assigned to pick you up at the hospital when you are released. Preferably someone with a large comfortable vehicle. Make sure they bring a pillow to place under the chest part of the seat belt and ask them to avoid sudden turns and bumps. Remember you will have fresh incisions and the breast tissue will shake with each move.
* Do not purchase new bras until the healing and swelling goes down. There is no way to accurately predict the size and fit for several weeks following your breast reduction and lift procedure. And you will not be able to wear under-wire bras for at least four months. For the best results you should wear a bra around the clock for the first six months. The surgical bra they put on you post surgery is very comfortable and can be slept in. Go ahead and buy extras so you can have one clean to wear when you are washing the others.
* Prepare your spouse, partner or caregiver for what your breast will look like immediately following the breast reduction and lift surgery. Most people do not realize the amount of bruising, stitches, swelling and dried blood and it takes a few weeks to go away. It’s probably a good idea for both of you to look at post-operative pictures to help reduce the shock factor.
* The final shape of your new breast may not be visible for several months up to a year. Some women report that they look boxy or a little unnatural. Your new breasts will take time to settle and drop into a more natural state.
* Following surgery do not attempt to exercise for at least four weeks. While many women want to tome up the rest of their body to match their firmer breast, going back to the gym to early with cause pain and discomfort and could cause damage.
* You will not be able to sleep on your stomach for at least one month following your breast reduction and lift surgery. At first you may want to sleep on an incline pillow or in a recliner. When you return to sleeping flat on your bed have lots of pillows around to prop up areas that will be sore, like under your arms and upper back.

Amusing quote for all!

My friend just said this to me:
"You've done your decade of service, time for some comfort"

Pahaha! I was amused, hope you all are as much! xx

Shirt issues anyone?

So I'm getting ready for my job interview, after my minimiser bra and 3 different shirts, I still have the buttons pulling apart issues. Anyone else?
It's really putting a dampener on being a female teacher here! I know I get taken seriously most of the time but when working with business men, well. I may not speak a lot of Chinese but I understand enough to know what the sniggering is about. My operation date cannot come soon enough!

I'm here to get support from those who understand.

I woke up in a great mood today, slung my sports bra on and went for a run! First time in ages. When I got back I was reminded why. Agony, utter agony. Then I have a message in my inbox telling me I am making a mistake and that I'll be deformed if I go through with the operation. Worst part, I have no idea who it is and they wont tell me, they also don't see how upsetting their message was.
Now I don't know if I have the strength to go through this, it was bad enough 2 of my best friends were being 'political' with their opinions (by avoiding giving me their actual opinion) now this person.
Today turned into a 'Go back to bed' day.
I came to this website for support and advice from women who are going through the same pains. Now I'm in bed in tears questioning my own pain.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyones kind words. It's meant a lot to me today. I had a weak day and I let myself go into that dark place I'm sure we all have! I am so grateful to have a community of people who understand and support. I wish to be a member and do the same for everyone :) xx

60 days!!!

I have all paid up 100% cost. Flights booked, hotel's booked and paid.
Whats left? Working to have extra money for while I am out there I guess!


This thing was reminding me to update but I really have nothing to update you guys on :( sorry!

I'm so happy to see more UK women! HELLO :D I am a fellow UK women but not in the UK until later on this year :( but keep up the posts, it means the world to me to not feel alone!

49 soon to be 0?

So I was checking and nosing at everyone's reviews. I have 49 days left!! :D So excited! Been trying to pack my bags and keep my room clean. Way too excited! Keep posting lady's, everyone's looking fabulous! xx

Its surprising how quickly panic can arise.

So I got an email today, the bank transfer still has not turned up. £4150 has just disappeared and they can't find it.
I they felt sick and now have the biggest migraine ever. Super concerned because the bank used the codes and the codes linked to the information which they are now saying is not quite correct. Did I mentioned I feel sick to the stomach?!

Skyping means more comments!

Don't get me wrong. I love my best friends to pieces! But sometimes they don't think (Sort of like me!?) and I was on skype, my friend sent me this photo (I have attached)
She was like al I have is boobs and then your head! Anyone seen Beetlejuice? Said I looked like when he had his head shrunk with my rank sat there!
Boy oh boy I have comedians as friends!


Someone messaged asking for my weight and height!

I am 5"5 or 165cm (Depending on country) I weigh 75kg which is 165lbs or 11 Stone 8lbs.
My boobs are stupid, well ridiculous size as my measurements are 36" hips - 31" waist - 43" chest (Measurements in inches)
You could say I'm top heavy ...

Paid up just waiting to go!

Email confirmation, payment arrived and now I have a 40 day wait :D
I am happy but not nervous at all. The nerves will come when I fly out there. For now I am just trying to get through this next month. With Chinese New Year, and holidays. Kids everywhere want their teacher and it's crazy! Part of me wished I had booked it during this month. Oh well!

36 days left

With over a month left, I find myself rather impatient! Been really fidgety lately!
Wearing some of my favourite clothes, wandering how they will look after ...
My favourite kiddy tee, feel like a porn star in it :/

Desk to hold a shelf

Just realised today, when I'm typing on my computer. I use the desk to hold my boobs when I'm typing long texts. That's how heavy they are! Cannot wait for that to change :D ... 29 days ...

New Hair cut to Compliment smaller breasts!?

So today marks few days left! I am so super excited!! I keep bouncing around at work (Although they just think I'm some insane foreign girl) as I know soon I'll be able to go running properly, run round even more at work with the kids (And not have to tuck my boobs back in the bra afterwards!) Wont be in pain after work either!
So to mark such a happiness, I decided to chop my hair shorter and stick some layers in it (Plus I hear with it being hard to lift arms, washing hair could become an issue)

Everything is done! For those of you who are considering abroad surgery, I would so far (I'll wait until after to give a complete recommendation) going to Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (I have just realised I have never said where I am actually going ... sorry!)
On their admin alone, they have been super easier and happy to deal with. When the payment went walkies somewhere (God knows where) they were super calm and kept reassuring me that I have plenty of time to pay up and that it will be okay as I sent the receipt so it can be tracked etc.
Emailing Carla less at the moment as she has answered everything I needed and I can imagine she will be super busy so until I feel I have something I need to add I just leave her a lone but she does always emailing like with my pre op surgery details that I needed 4 weeks before my surgery, she emailed it 4 weeks and 3 days before! So always making sure I have everything I need.
I have told her about my flight details and she's on it! Although on the pre operation stuff it says about bringing a person with you, I said I was concerned as I am coming alone (I find it more stressful having people with me) and she said that is no issue as they will be sending nurses out to check on me and show me how to change my bandages. Because I am also booked into the hotel they recommended she said they are used to their patients and are really good in accommodating them!

So, so far seems all very hopeful :) did some research on Dr Eileen Fong, she is a well known breast doctor and being female I feel somewhat reassured by her abilities :P She is quite well known within plastic surgery sites and has quotes in places which makes me feel more reassured that she is looked at by others?

Either way, despite morning pains I am feeling more positive then ever!

24 days until!

So I have been sat round trying to organise everything because 2 weeks before my op, my department will be going insane with start of term and as much as I spend half of it with a cartoon question mark above my head until someone translates. I wanted to be overly prepared :)
I was chatting to a guy I'm seeing (we have bee seeing each other on and off for 18 months) I have said about this to him, as he will notice. Very supportive although has his own withdrawals which is understandable.
Chatting to other friends. One made me giggle a lot, she said that I'll be the girl with the big blue eyes soon not the big breasted girl. With all the selfish thoughts if what I'll think of myself, I totally forgot how other people will perceive me. I know it's not important but it's kinda a nice feeling that I'll be known for a complimentary aspect of my physical self instead of a highly sexualised part of myself, you know? Or am I talking rubbish? I have been in coffee all day so this is a high chance of speaking nonsense lol

Sometimes I wonder

So today is Sunday and I have work. The only school I was mainly worried about, as I don't really wish to explain.
I thought if they notice my hair cut then they will notice my chest. Guess what, not even a sound! Sometimes I think I work with blind people ...
So hopefully if I can get away with cutting heaps off my hair then I'll get away with cutting heaps off my chest!

Feel slightly lucky

So after reading some of the other girls who fell into the trap of trying bras on, I felt lucky. I mean, I would instantly fall into that trap too! I'm so impatient in some ways but being in China where such shopping is so difficult I felt lucky that I will have to wait 4 months minimum to see my size at all.
Also is frustrating because I'd love to be able to bra shop or browse while I'm healing to keep my morale up. Guess we can't win?!

appealing to the wrong crowd?

So, with my operation coming up. I needed something to take my mind off it as I have been driving myself up the wall with second thoughts etc.

I am a child, still. In most ways! I found out one of my all time favourite artists is playing in China in March! Avril Lavigne, so as a treat to take my mind off it all, I bought tickets to go watch her. She never plays in the UK and never seems to tour often! So while I have the chance, I'm going! 4th March. Hopefully find an outfit, if not I'll go looking bad! haha

2 WEEKS!!!

So today marks my 2 weeks :D Yes I am excited!

Quick note for you all, UK GIRLS! Or if you have a VPN that can be set to the UK, watch bodyshockers! (Or you can download from various sites!)
They did an episode on boob jobs and some of the ideas these girls have about big boobs, made me very sad to think some girls actually think big boobs will solve everything! Eugh!
Was very sad to see! On a plus note, made me feel grateful that I've had big boos to know that it does not. And not paid to have them put there and taken out. Now I realise that this is a program targeting girls who regret it and doesn't take into account girls whom it works for!
Like this reduction, it is purely choice! But I just felt a lot of girls that do get this procedure don't give it a lot of thought, as said in the program, it's done so often they don't think anything can go wrong :(

Starting to pack with my final countdown!

So with my surgery and leaving for said surgery being very soon (Just over a week!)
I have been trying to put together a bag so I can chill and take it easy the night before. As I know I wont be able to sleep!!
So thus so far I have packed:
2 Skirts - Easy to put on!
My unicorn pj top - its huge so maybe not to hard to get over my body
Lots of underwear haha
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of slip on shoes
1 pair of flip flops
yoga pants!!
2 front buttoning shirts
My Boogle Good Luck Charm (My best friend found one with part of my name and stitched the other part - so cute!)
2 vest tops
1 pair of sunglasses
floppy hat
iPad (Although will be physically be put in the bag later)
Pain killers
Loads of Vitamin C fizzy tablets

That's it so far, I'm going for 2 weeks so I don't see the point in taking my bio oil but I have it at home on stand by!

Time is in the single!!

So with less then 5 days, I am freaking out! In a good way. I keep re-packing my bag and getting things sorted.
I am super excited, despite all the hiccups and departments making it hard to leave. Threats flying around and none pleasant words being exchanged, it's not bringing me down. I have to do this!
The Avril concert was AMAZING! Although the jumper I bought, I am looking forward to that fitting better. I had to buy a XL (It is chinese size which is smaller then ours) when I could of bought a L but oh well :)
Hope to see you all on the other side!! xx

bee stings, bras and haircuts

So this week has been interesting to say the least!
Avril Lavigne was AWESOME (as previously said) have added a photo :) she opened with Hello Kitty and ended with 17, both from her new album. Very good! Although her encore got cut short due to technical errors, 2 hours going is still good enough for me :)
I have been trying to not freak out. I said trying. With such short time left, my department decided to have a few issues now. Not the previous 2 months ago when I first said. Well, you know the Chinese, organisation is not the strong point of the nation I will admit!
After stressfully clearing that up, I went nuts in my stress and panic and had my hair cut even shorted. One long side one short. I went a little insane I guess.
I guess on the other note, the plane that went missing. I'm sure you all heard, that's my plane route :/ I am now feeling more nervous and really hoping for a disney ending for those passengers but I am in the media hot spot on it all and guys, it's not looking good. Prayers go out to all the families.
I guess with being 4 ish (Less then, more like 3 days 12 hours ...) left. Everything is just a panic. Bags still not fully packed.


I truly love you girls! I was so afraid but after an ass kicking and comment reading, I feel 100% better.
I decided to celebrate my boob job (I decided to be really fun today) so in tee minus 1 day and 14 hours OR 38 hours I will be on the other side (Now with recent events, I say other side, I mean like without boobs)
Here is a fun photo I took this afternoon (Shows haircut AND new glasses for holiday sun)
I also was listening to a song and changed the lyrics ...

I'm gonna pop some breasts
Only got 5000 dollars in my pocket
I, I, I'm healing
Looking for a come up
This is fuckin awesome!

I would do the rest but I'm afraid I'm not musical enough :')

In Hong Kong

Made it to Hong Kong and with 20 hours until I go under the knife, my sense of humour has returned! Few pics for you guys :)

Sleeping, gremlins and excitement!

So, I have arrived safely! :) Carla, the women who has been sorting me out came all the way to my hostel to greet me in person twice! First time I had popped out to get something to eat! Felt rather bad but glad she persisted as the second time I had come back to go to bed and have a shower. The temp is 35'C here. I'm dying inside a little trying to get used to it!
I'll be a gremlin this evening, no food after 12 and no water after 8am. My surgery is 10am. She wants me at the center at 8am to go over final bits :D Just had a shower after a good wander. Shampoo'd no conditioner on hair and just climbed into bed. It's 10pm haha. So I will message when I come out :) thank you for all your kind words of encouragement! I will reply to each one afterwards. Need to sleep, getting up at 5am disagrees with me and with my next early morning tomorrow, I'm wandering when the student days will return ...


So finally arrived. Added photos of my room and the place in general. They are super good! Dr Eileen Fong is wonderful beautiful person!
Had my markings done. I'm trying to be calm but its hard when this amazing thing is now HAPPENING D:

fighting off bad sight!

HEY guys :) So time to give it all you.
Dr Eileen Fong came in, spent little under and hour with me :)
My anaesthetist came in, talked me through everything Funny as women :) liked her too!
Was given 3 tablets because I was a good gremlin and didnt eat after midnight nor drank :) So surgery went on time!
Tablets were a tummy settler, sleepy pill and nausea tablet!
Then got taken to a series of rooms. I wanted to stand in the surfing position there but the nurses most likely wouldn't of let me.
In this room I met my other anaesthetist, while the first one sat and distracted me (was a little teary and scared - the room was scarey) She then started telling me some funny jokes to which I remembered, she was a genuine funny person! Like her :) my other anaesthetist was super friendly and polite but had the job of putting thing in my arm to drip and other bits. While number 1 anaesthetist was putting my ecg things on. I alot was going on and I was thankful for it. Was ready to go No I can't do it. But I did :)
Woke up, eugh groggy and unable to see! lol
My surgery was 6 hours. and they have allowed me to see my boobs they removed when I can see better. I am hooked up to a morphine thingy with a button until tomorrow :D
The nurses brought me dinner, which I ate ALL of. Panni thing with egg and cheese, side salad and an apple sliced. I feel 100% ok, although was told to be careful. My vision is still not back 100% and I always walked into the window. Walk before I can run etc ....
I was in and out of it a lot but my PS came by to see me afterwards :) she's also coming tomorrow too! The admin lady I was emailing Carla, came to see me before I went in! To wish me luck :)
The nurses are amazing, came in to check on me, see if I needed anything. Doing it a lot but I wont lie, I wanted to be left for a bit. I feel strange lol

Yes! Doctor Eileen Fong explained I had the lollipop technical done because she doesn't like the scarring from the ankor :) she said as I long as I take good care of myself it should all heal fine!
My boobs look funny, I saw my toes in bed for the first time in forever, wiggled them and everything. Nice to see past my chest.
Guys here, thank you. I couldn't of made it to Mayalsia or even here without such a beautiful amount of support

My boobs in the bra and even a little nipple ;)

Continued ... cut me off before I finished ...

Guys here, thank you. I couldn't of made it to Malaysia or even here without such a beautiful amount of support from all of you.
Pain - 0/10
Discomfort - 0/10

I"m doing really well. Very tired though!

Peedie - I am declaring she is a goddess as far as I am concerned! I'll be admiring her work for my life! ;)

Side note....

Sorry, I am posting so much.

My nipple on the left is completely fine, I dont it even realises shes been moved, but jerry has some parts that can feel but others that a little numb? I guess. I know its normal. Just forgot to mention :) xx

Heaven and royalty.

Good morning :)
So I am feeling great. Had the nurses pop in and check on me all through the night and this morning. I couldn't sleep much as I wanted to skype and flash a few of my close friends who know. I am so impressed. I know they are still bloody etc but the shape is beautiful and they feel a little solid but no pain :)

As for Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. I feel like a Queen here. So lovely, the staff have been taking such good care of me! I don't want to leave and go to my hotel!! lol. The food is tasty :) Carla the admin women popped down to see me today :) she's been so good and checking up. Dr Eileen Fong popped in to see me this morning also. Everyone is so caring and checking on me.
Had to get up and shower this morning and get all fresh clothes and bedding. I felt like a toddler trying to walk! Was funny, the nurse was giggling with me as I tried to not fall over! Very helpful in showering my button half.
Now I think this is due to my choice of incision, but I can lift my arms above my head with no pain or pulling. I did have the lollipop method, so only around the nipple and down the breast.
So far:

1/10 Discomfort
0/10 Pain

The center I chose to have this done?

10/10 on everything you'd ever score. I cannot praise Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre enough. They have taken care of me so well and made sure I am comfortable. I'll be sad to leave :(


The nurse let me see and photograph my breast tissue :D being a photographer, I always have my big DSLR with me so when she gave me this opportunity I almost jumped out my bed with delight. I had 200mg removed from each :) not much but enough to make me the happiest girl in the world.
This photo is of my holding it (Wanted to know what it felt like) and I will be honest, I thought my breast tissue looked like a steak?! lol

Other photo.

So I have uploaded a better photo of my tissue :) has the skin they removed too. So as you can see, I had roughly 200g removed from each side and the photo shows 200g.
Feeling? Oh goddess, today went for a turn. I had been too used to the high feeling that I'd forgotten that I have in fact had surgery and might of strained myself.
I had a rough day today from not being gentle. So I pre-warn to all, this will not happen if you are kind to yourself.
Dr Fong came in again today :) she changed my bandages and was very happy on the pinkness of my nipples etc. Then I had Carla (Admin women) come in again to see me :) (They really do care here!) due to feeling a little worse for wear, I paid to stay an extra night and will be discharged tomorrow as Carla said the option was there as I didn't look so good. I hadn't really slept and after last night, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to get your rest. I felt awful! But after being taken care of by the nurses I am back to feeling a lot better :) breasts are not really that sore but I still have my drains in. Might end up going home with them but we shall see! Well need to sleep, anyone wants anything else from me, drop me a comment :) love you all xxx

Yep, it's happened.

I have just realised I have become one of the ones who still hasn't passed that type of thing in the toilet department o.O
So I casually went to the corner shop thing, bought conditioner, hazelnut dairymilk and laxatives. That will be my evening set. Yay, I think? Would explain why I feel so bloated.
I have also added a photo without my bra on :) I have put my top on that used to sit so forward but it now feels normal. I feel normal :) Going to get some rest! xx

Drains out

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Been very much busy!
Had my drains out yesterday, although they got blocked. To anyone who thinks they aren't draining enough fluid, don't worry. Isn't the end of the world, but it does mean that you get treated like a wet flannel!
So Dr Fong squeezed all my fluid out after removing the drains. Didn't hurt, was just uncomfortable! Had bandages changed, from what I saw its looking all very neat :) although I'm trying to not look at them much as I know they will be a different shape and size when they aren't swollen. I was able to sleep on my side last night :D I do think this is due to the different incision I have had (Lollipop)
Pain 1-2/10
Discomfort 3/10

I have had more discomfort then pain. I have been taking my pain killers more recently but generally only take them before bed and in the morning. Don't need them much in the day.
Been drinking the Vitamin C tablets 2/3 times a day. I think that helps as I feel full of energy and have a lot more strength. Been going out just about everyday and eating really healthily :) I genuinely think this has made a huge difference! Although I have had a chocolate brownie with ice cream yesterday! Came on my lady time late so I thought I should have one for good measure ;)
Hope everyone is well :)

A little bit neglected!

So I'm at my two weeks post op.

Feelings? Well, I am still sore so on the odd occasion I am treating myself to some painkillers. It's a totally dull pain from where I sleep on my side at night but I'm ok!
For this operation, the thoughts came to my mind. Youth. Sorry to my beautiful older lady's but I do feel that age has been a huge help to me. I feel awful for saying it, please I mean no offence to anyone!
I am feeling stronger everyday and my breasts have been healing great, hell I even got a little grooving on 1 week post op and I am still perfectly fine!
My point is, please please if you are young and thinking about getting it done, seriously consider it NOW, because 2 weeks post op and minus the tenderness, I am back in work feeling 100%.
I have uploaded photos :) I look bruised, trust me it looks a million times worse then it is!

They look so boxy right now but I have read and seen everyone. It's way too early to tell anything! But for now my compression bra is fab, and I don't really care right now on shape, for teaching and until I make it home (UK) they are perfect :) I feel like myself, I feel so pretty and petite! I also feel as though no one is staring at me or them anymore. Even went for a long walk today without even a care in the world :)

Creams and oils and anything else?!

So I'm coming up to my third week, but I am a little anxious.
I have two, bio oil which I intend to use after the Dermatix Ultra cream I got at the medical centre. I'm sort of keen to use soon as I can!

So, the main thing is, I don't want too bad a scarring so when did people start using bio oils or scar creams??

3 weeks now ...

gosh 3 weeks has passed! (Week since I came back from Malaysia!) Time is passing fast. Cannot wait to be 6 months past but I'm jumping ahead of myself!
Nothing really to say, keeping my surgery bra on 24/7 until 6 weeks past. I have been letting them have a breather on occasion when I'm out the shower and cannot be bothered to get dressed lol!
I have noticed a fair bit of the swelling has gone as they feel alot smaller then when I first came out and it's a little strange. I keep thinking did I let her take too much?! But then I'm sure if I do the family thing etc they'll grow again lol. So I am not fussed. I'm just glad they are gone!

downturn for the worst.

Unfortunately I've gone from totally healthy to very ill in a matter of days! :(
Headaches, dizzy, temperatures, loss of appetite and large swelling on my left breast which means raising my arm is painful.
Will be emailing plastic surgeon, but has anyone else had this issue? It's really knocked me back. Been in bed 2 days straight :( boo!


I realised today, I left you all a little in the dark! I was having my dramatic moments of being in bed on skype to my best friend saying how I'm dying :') he wasn't so appreciative.

Main thing is, I have got antibiotics and am now feeling better. Started having to stick a little moisturiser on my nipples because they got so dry! Other then that, I'll post photos tomorrow as I am writing this at 1.35am.

Thank you to everyone who left comments. Hopefully with some TLC and antibiotics coursing through my veins I'll be back on track in no time!

4 weeks

So with my harsh course of antibiotics I am hoping I can get rid of that last bit of swelling.
It's now not even painful, well unless you press really hard. I have been feeling where it is and it seems to be going. Feeling hopeful and better.
I mean everyone has some form of tiny issue! So hopefully thats the last of mine :D

5 weeks!

So I feel like time is going a little slow for me :(
5 weeks post op :) Only small issue of holes in the nipple to under incision?! (Cant think of a better name) Just using tape on the one side to encourage the hole to seal. But they are healing fine. Just a little blood sometimes. Nothing some anti bacteria stuff and TLC cant sure :)
Not much to report, except its coming to the point where I forget I had the operation. No pain, no annoyance. Just waiting to buy beautiful lingerie :D

Free time!

So I thought I'd get round to writing a full update with a bit more detail. Sorry I haven't been saying much. Work is once again busy and trying to find free time is amazingly hard. Plus while I am in China I am trying to see as much as I can! Have very few things left on my to do list and with 73 days until I return to the UK I am keen to get it all done!! D:

So lets talk breasts! I'm going to start running again tonight. I miss it and with the weather getting better as well as my breasts feeling almost normal I feel that almost 5 1/2 weeks post operation, I should be safe to. As most surgeons say 4-6 weeks! Plus it's long distance running so it's relatively light on my movements. I enjoy it more for the climbing stairs fitness and thinking time! Weight loss is my bonus part :P
As well as that, I have started using my Dermatix Ultra, which is apparently an Advanced Scar Formula! (Or so that tube says!) I am using it twice a day as instructed and keeping it off the open holes. Which on my right breast, is tiny now. Possibly will close up within a few days to a week. (Peedie's advice works a treat!) The left is still a little raw and big BUT it'll close. Again, Peedie's advice has been a treat to me! Just letting the left breast get on with it and keeping it clean. In terms of pain, 0! Nothing. Not even the ill feeling anymore! Completely normal. Just a tiny bit of solidness in the left but the right is soft and normal all over, just waiting on the scars to bugger off! (Or become invisible)
Left really isn't bothering me. The hole is just an extra 30 seconds to clean and but a little anti septic on it.
Clothing is fitting better, managed to buy some new tops and have a better run with everything. I feel 10X more confident about going outside and walking around. No one staring at me, because in Asia anything above a D is stare-able. It has given me exactly what I needed to pursue coming back. When I first arrived I was waiting to go home and crying a lot because men would stare and it wasn't pleasant (Eyes are easy to follow) but now, they stare but knowing that my chest isn't the first thing popping out, I feel unbothered. I wear baggy clothes normally because I prefer the ease of movement (I do a lot of running around and work with Children a lot)
Night's out aren't missed, although when I am back I would like to go shopping, get an outfit (First time) and experience the UK night out again and see how it goes?!
Overall, I am very happy with my result. I am still shocked how much of a difference it can make.

6 weeks! (+ 1 day)

So sorry this is late guys! Been somewhat lazy then really busy. It's been an up-down week! So I am now 6 weeks (and a day) post op. Nothing has really happened, but I did start running again!
It felt GREAT! I could run and my chest wasn't hurting. I didn't have the sore everything's been bouncing feeling either!! :D It was marvellous! So I am in the midst of preparing to come home! only 68 days until my return! (Scary stuff) but I'm looking forward to bra shopping :D

7 Weeks!

8 weeks (2 Months) Post Op!!

9 weeks

So now I finally have some time! A lot has happened in these few weeks so I haven't been able to sit and properly inform you guys!
So after a very long time of wishing to come home, I am now only 48 days away! Excited!? Hell yes! Mainly as I need to graduate and then I can spread my wings and fly without crashing at my chest weight!
Boobs - yes well, minus the odd sensations in my nipples every so often, they are fine! Been using bio oil twice a day and I can see some improvement in the scars. Though it does say to use for 3 months to get a really good feel of the stuff. I have been bought 2x200ml bottles, I'll just keep using it until I run out and see where I am at after that. I will be doing my weekly photo for you all :)
The clinic I went to has emailed, to check up on me. I emailed back, it was nice! Although I think if I had stayed in touch more so would they but I like to just be left to get on with it. The shape is great! Although I am concerned of this part under my breast from where the stitch has pulled it up!? (Photoed) but I am not really that bothered, it's something I could live with. I guess I am just happy that ... I can now go braless!!

I realise this article does highlight that it doesn't work for all! But I decided except for exercise, majority of the time I wish to be braless. I am finding that I have less red marks and when I go out with friends I am not fiddling with my bra constantly. I know previously big boobs were to blame and now my surgery bra is to blame but honestly? I prefer no bra. I just feel like a child again, completely comfy. Not saying I'll be doing this everyday for the rest of my life but I find it way comfier 90% of the time. Going to take each day as it comes. I do still wear a sports bra at night just to take care of the post surgery side but honestly?
I can sleep on my front now, with no pain. I am pain killer free (Except this week - period), and most of all, I go running and its all good. It's so nice how I don't need to spend silly amount of money and time stressing myself out shopping.
Although when I come back to UK I shall take it as it comes before I give my verdict, but for the remainder of China, I will be going bra free!!
It's the best choice I've ever made, my 23rd birthday is coming up next month and I just feel like I'm on top of the world. My life is coming together and if it was anyone else I wouldn't mention my breasts but the new confidence I'm slowly finding to just go in and get it done has amazed myself! The site of graduation doesn't make me sick, I'm not looking for an excuse to delay it anymore. I'm honestly thinking "Bring it on". I cannot express how much the clinic has given to me, how much you ladies have inspired me - reading your blogs, chatting to you and generally being given the lift from those who suffer the same. I feel as though all the doors are flying open and I can just choose now instead of shying away :) muchos love ladies. You are the best thing a women can have xxx

The 10 weeks mile stone!

So a little over 10 weeks, been very busy. I feel that they haven't really changed much :/
I'll let you guys decide!

11 weeks

12 weeks!!

So with this being the 12 weeks mile stone, I really have nothing to say! Things are healing great! I've been braless for about 4-5 weeks :) it's really not gotten old! I'm loving not needing straps! Although I am going to get a sports bra for running and the gym when i am back (Which is only in 27 days!)
Been using Bio Oil as I ran out of the other stuff. Not sure I'm seeing much of a difference but we will see how I feel as Christmas :)
Dr. Eileen Fong

Dr Eileen Fong - by far the most beautiful person I have met! She was so polite and very understanding. When I had said I wanted a UK C/D she showed photos that she had printed to give me an understanding of what the size looked like. Throughout my markings, she has been wonderful in telling me what each one is for and reassuring me throughout. So easy to talk to, so understanding of individual concerns. Right now, this has been one of my most fantastic choices and I am glad I am lucky to have such a wonderful PS doing this!

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