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Had 2 caesarians after 2 pregnancies-one for twins...

Had 2 caesarians after 2 pregnancies-one for twins where i ballooned to 86 kilos. Weight has been stubbornly at 75 kilos after the last caesar 14 years ago and lost all motivation to work on weight loss as no matter what I did the weight would not budge from my waist to my knees. Being 5 feet this weight was not making me look pretty and I hated the sight of me in pictures!

I went to see one Plastic surgeon (ps) 5 years ago who basically told me to starve and lose weight before coming back (of course she had an hour glass figure and easy for her to say that!)

Anyway went to another one who said that lets do it and we started with a lipo of the back thighs and buttocks with a plan to do a tummy tuck (I have a huge flap in front!) 6 months down the road.

He assured me that the pain in relation to a caesar would be approx 50 percent so I was mentally prepared. As he expected to remove a lot of fat, he advised that an overnight stay would be advised.

So all was fixed and I went in to the hospital and got wheeled into the ot at about 2pm. blood work done and Quick chat with the anaesthetist and we were into dreamland. Woke up a few hours later and I was wheeled to my room. Had a full GA and all I could feel was plaster all over my back thighs and buttocks with padding. Wheeled to my room and slowly came out of it in mild pain. Somehow turned over and slept on my stomach for most of the night with the nurses coming in with antibiotics via drip.

Next day I was feeling much better and surgeon came to take a look and advised that I was doing very well with minimal oozing and that I could go home. He also said that they managed to remove 5 litres-slightly more than the 4 litres that he said he was going to stop at.

Went home and was asked to come in on Day 3 to get my dressings removed. Slept through most of Day 2-all on my stomach-while it was sensitive to touch-pain was very tolerable.

When the dressing was all removed and I looked at myself in the mirror I was worried for a bit as it all looked dimpled and saggy in the butt and I was wondering if I had done the right thing. Anyway on went the garment and was given some gel for the wounds (6 in total) and told to apply minor dressing till it all dried.

Went through the weekend with minimal pain-even managed a movie with the kids and went around with husband with naps in between. Started bruising a little.

Went back on Day 5-doctor gave me Arnica for the bruising-and was told to stop dressing as the wounds had healed substantially. Swelling had also gone down and the sagging had reduced considerably. Figured out how to put on the garment myself and that was also going well.

ITs approx Day 11 now and have done a 6 hour flight and almost back to normal. In fact it hurts more without the garment-waiting for my second garment to arrive:) No more painkillers and am able to move around a lot

So cant wait for the tummy tuck in December! Am very happy with my results-a pair of pants I could not get into before now fits me well! So goal is to exercise more and lose more weight before next procedure!!

So I thought i will see the

Weight is slowly going down

Pain has reduced considerably garment fits much better and am doing lots of walking for exercise-next week am starting a 12 week exercise program!

Tumny tuck done!! It's a wrap:)

Here is an update folks. In 6 months I steadilh lost weight and brought it down to 66-68 kilos with a careful diet and regular walking and this brought is to December. Decided to delay the tummy tuck to April due to travelling conflicts with my husband. Then missed a couple of periods and gained weight back to 71kg. In first quarter though clothes all still fit.
Finally went ahead with the tumny tuck last Friday , 3 April and am soooo happy witb the outcome.

Again checked in in the morning and had doctor come and draw and take pictures etc. Got shaved and all. We agreed it will be a tummy tuck with a new belly button and some lipo on the flanks and inner thighs and anything else he could manage within safety.

So wheeled into surgery at 130pm chatted up the anaesthetist and then off to dreamland. Woke up 4.5 hours later wrapped like a mummy with compression socks and all.
1.6kg in flap removed and another 1.2 liters of fat in lipo. Yaaaay
Oxygen levels were low so they gave me oxygen overnight
Spent the night on my back sleeping all the ga off.

Next morning doctor came and was very happy overall witb the results.
Took off the mummy wrap dressings and the catheter for urine and drips came off. 3 drains remained in place with minimal oozing and drainage in the drains.

Encouraged to walk to toilet with nurses help and minimal dressing applied. Oral painkillers only witb iv antibiotics

Walked to toilet like the hunchback of notredame and alternated between sitting and lying in bed

Pain was very manageable. Only hurt like hell when I coughed or laughed. In fact I would say hurt less than the lipo even. Wore an abdominal binder 24/7. Lipo spots hurt more

Finally got discharged on Monday. Got 2' drains removed on Tuesday and the final one got removed today so could finally shower.

Absolutely love my new body it's got a little swelling but will go down I think Soon.

So this motivates me to get back into my walking and chase this weight down all the Way to 60kg once I get the ok from the doctor

All in all would highly recommend it to anyone suffering witb the saggy paunch you just feel so amazing about yourself and it is worth every bit of pain!!
Love my surgeon he is amazing!!
Dr. Somasundaram Sathappan

Awesome experience-very precise and very realistic-skilled hand

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