Bruises I Bear for a Great Waistline - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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I had Body-Jet, a Water-Jet assisted liposuction...

I had Body-Jet, a Water-Jet assisted liposuction on my upper and lower tummy and also around my flanks 4 days ago. Body-Jet is described as to be the latest innovation in liposuction with simple cosmetic surgery procedure designed to simply wash the fat away with a gentle fluid spray and after the surgery you can feel the smoothed skin, without the pain and bruises found in standard liposuction procedures (I copied this description from the clinic's intro).

I am 5'2" and weigh 60kg and had a bit of a belly since i was a kid. I had started a workout regime and tried to stick to a healthy diet since 3 years back. I have successfully shed 7-10kg, but the belly still won't go away. So as a part of my 2012 new year resolutions and a kick of encouragement from my fiance, I tried Body Jet. I was really scard of the idea of lipo, tummy tuck, cosmetic surgery etc. before this as I never had any surgery before but after seeing some videos, my confidence grew. I first thought of doing Smart Lipo or Vaser Lipo. But during consultation, my doctor suggested Body Jet instead. My overall cost is estimated around RM8000.

At that time I was more worried that the surgery will be painful, but both of them told me not to worry as the discomfort will be temporary.

Day 1 – Friday, 07/12/12
Had no breakfast. Reach clinic around 10am. Receptionist gave me some crackers and a hot milo to eat before surgery when i told them i have not had any food. Seems like it's important to eat before surgery. Consultation, preparations and procedure started around 11am till 4pm but we left around 6.30pm. During surgery, Dr. Jas and the nurses were very attentive to my feelings and needs and if I felt any jab of pain or discomfort, they will attend to me immediately. Along the process, he also described his movements and process to keep me inform. The fat removing procedure itself was very fast and swift. I can see the fats being transferred out from my body through transparent tubes and felt satisfied that it is out of my system. I really had a lot of fats sucked out from around my flanks. After i cleaned myself up, I felt bit disappointed because I think I still look fat around the tummy area and blue black and numb all over. I definitely feel uncomfortable and irritate easily. I definitely look bloated! I found out that they put in around 2.5L of fluid in my body. I don’t feel like walking long distance and dragging my feet. My fiance said I acted like someone who had just undergone a heart surgery. I have no appetite – just had hot milo and the top of a pandan cake for dinner. Didn’t have any water to drink other than twister and hot milo. Relief that I do not have to wear griddle because I feel bruise all over. I also have difficulty sitting up on chair and bed. Total amount of fats and fluids taken out from my body is around 1.5L.

Day 2 & Day 3 is almost the same as Day 1 after surgery. Still black and blue all over and bruises and swelling along tummy area leaves my skin sensitive. Some part even itch. Insertion wounds are fine and i changed and dressed it with antibiotic cream and clean bandages. I used my own griddle on the 3rd day because the one which my doctor ordered did not arrived on time. I feel very uncomfortable. I tried on 3 griddles and I feel that the 1st two could not fit me because i was really swollen all over. So i opt to use the one that look like a panty hose. I used it while i was sleeping but took it off when I am not. The doctor gave me Ciprofloxacin antibiotic, Diclofenac Sodium for the pain and Serratiopeptidase for the swelling. I also took Loraten for the itch. I slept a lot these past 3 days.

(I'll post some pictures a bit later. Need to transfer from camera. Sorry for delay!)

Day 8 - 14/12/12 Wound at both hips has started...

Day 8 - 14/12/12
Wound at both hips has started to heal. The belly button still has some slight discharge. I have itch around the belly button area these few days due to the surgical tape and near my panty lines so i applied some eczema cream. No more itch after that. I am able to sleep flat on my tummy and on my sides (since Day 5). I can still feel the pain from the bruises and numbness around tummy area, side and back but it is more bearable this few days. The griddle garment is sometimes uncomfy, maybe because long hours of wearing it, but it makes me feel that my tummy is tucked at it's place and not jiggling and flopping around. it also helps my body get in shape. I still feel that i sleep more than usual. I even nap in the afternoon for 1.5-2 hours - that is not the norm for me.I dont feel that I can hit the gym in full swing because I still feel uncomfy but i guess regular walks at the park or treadmill should be ok. I tried to gulp more than 1.5L of water everyday and tool Loraten twice daily. So far, so good.

Day o - 15/12/12 I went to the clinic today to...

Day o - 15/12/12
I went to the clinic today to take off the thread from the insertion wounds at my side. The nurse said my wound is healing well. After a short inspection she said that there's no bump and lump visible. I still have slight bruises all over my tummy area, flanks and back, but all seems to be ok.

The nurse then used an ultrasonic lipolysis machine and massage my tummy,flanks and back to break and soften down my fat before proceeding with another machine to tighten the skin. No pain in these 2 treatments. Just a bit of ultrasonic noise and warm heat. The whole process took around 1hour.

I also weigh myself and am so happy that my body fat % and visceral fat has drop! My report also read that I have to control my diet. It read there that my exercise prescription calorie is 330kcal. ( that's equivalent to atleast 1 hour of treadmill jog!)

Day 10 - 16/12/12
Feeling fine. Hit the gym and did a1 hour brisk walking on the treadmill. Felt slightly difficult at first but ok after my body has warm up to my walking rhythm.

Day 15 - 22/12/12 Went to the clinic for postcare...

Day 15 - 22/12/12
Went to the clinic for postcare treatment again. Still have slight bruises and pain on lower abdomen. Suffered from light Eczema around tummy area. Used eczema cream and took Loraten to ease the itch. Had menstruation in the evening, so have to take off my griddle garment as it feels quite uncomfortable. Didn't see that much difference on body. In between Day 11 till Day 13, had been doing 1hr - 1.5hr of brisk walking on the thread mill.

Day 22 - 29/12/2013 Went to clinic for postcare...

Day 22 - 29/12/2013
Went to clinic for postcare treatment as usual. Did the same 2 treatment on machines. Bruises is less and much more bearable. Found some lumps on right side of lower abdomen and left side near belly button. According to nurse, this is normal and expected but it will go away. Still do brisk walking on the treadmill almost daily and weight is more or less the same. Can see that there's a slight curve on my right silhouette but did not balance with the left. Crossing my finger and hopping for a better outcome at the end of the week.

Day 24 & 56 - 31/12/2012 & 01/01/2013
Celebrating the end of 2012 and Welcoming the New Year by eating dinners with MF like nobody's business! Can't consume that much because I'm wearing the griddle and it feels so tight and uncomfortable when the tummy starts to expand. (I'm feeling guilty after that.) A slow walk along the walkway did the trick and sooth the fullness away a bit. My feet is aching but the bruises and discomfort at my waist and tummy area didn't bother me much anymore.

01/02/2013 Had my last post treatment 12/01/2013....

Had my last post treatment 12/01/2013. All seems well. The seroma/ hardening beneath my belly has subsided leaving a minimal rock size hardening on my left tummy, just below the belly button. Bruises pain has decreased tremendously to almost nothing so when the nurse start massaging my belly area with the ultrasonic equipment and so forth, it almost feel as relaxing as a parlor massage. But you do feel something when you stretch your body or when someone put their hands on your waist.
Other than that, i devotedly do self heat-treatment buy placing a hot water pouch on my seroma area almost daily at night.
Dr. Jas also gave me an alternative diet plan for me to follow as well, which is very kind of him. Wounds are hardly noticeable as it is very tiny. As in today, I do saw a slight improvement on my waist and lines.

13/02/2013 Just finished our Chinese New Year...

Just finished our Chinese New Year break and still No *blink of an eye* magic to report yet. Changes are not obvious though I do feel that my belly area is much more slender. Bruising sensation is equivalent to almost nothing and lumps at the lower belly which I have been reporting previously has 95% disappeared. I said 95% because I still feel a slight hardening at the same spot. Food indulgence during our many local festive celebrations has made my body weight fluctuating 1-2 kg but i always manage to counterback and trim it down by hitting the gym within 1 week time, right after the holidays. That few kilos gained doesn't affect the physical appearance much. Still fighting the fight and won't be releasing any pictures until the 6 months observation period is over or until a more significant result has emerged around target area.
Dr. Jasvinder

Recommendation from a friend. Dr. Jasvinder has been in cosmetic surgery for few years already and he showed me some of his videos and portfolios of previous patients. Their results were very promising and it excite me a bit. Dr. Jas was very nice and warm, if you have any doubts, he can clear it for you in no time. He even said that if you are uncomfortable with male doctor, he can ask a lady surgeon from his clinic to accommodate you. His staff and nurses was also very friendly and caring towards me. One staff gave me her personal experience undergoing the same treatment at her belly and even introduces me to another patient who also did the same treatment.

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