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I seem to have the same story as most others for...

I seem to have the same story as most others for wanting a reduction. I have had very large heavy breasts for so long that I am finally going to do something about it! I am currently a 38H-I and 224lbs (down 12lbs this month!) My consultation was in March with surgery scheduled for Nov 30th (by my request--to be off for Christmas :) ).

I had consulted 2 surgeons, one (who is female) that would perform the surgery at the hospital I work, the other one (male) is still in network but at a different hospital. I chose the other. A friend who works for the cancer center had given me his name and has had great reports from prior patients. Granted most was for either mastectomy or implants after a mastectomy. I felt more comfortable with him (I didn't think I would like a male for this). He took his time, was very detailed with his measurements and expectations. His office staff has been great with answering any questions. I was approved right away through my insurance (BCBS). It helped that I had started to seek treatment for migraines almost 2 years ago and have paperwork to back it up relating it to my large chest. As well as physical therapy and massage which hasn't seemed to help much.

I am very anxious to have this done and worry about the scarring and complications. I have been following real self for over 2 years now to get the courage and insight to get this done. I know that it will be better afterwards. I will have more energy to play with my kids, I won't hurt when I attempt to exercise, no more expensive bras from overseas and hopefully no more looks when I wear a bathing suit! :)

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Last week I had a mammogram (required prior to br by my surgeon). The staff at the office was nice enough. I was there for 3 hours! The first mammogram showed a mass, they couldn't find it on the first ultrasound. So, they did another ultrasound to get a better picture of where it was. Finally found it on the 2nd ultrasound and was determined to be a cluster of cysts, which I apparently have 2 of on my right!
I am glad to have had it done so that my ps knows what he is getting in to when he operates. Hopefully, there will be no further pop-ups until then.

I can't believe it is 6 weeks until my surgery date! I worry that I won't have everything done in time! Working on getting the house really clean and the kids clothes updated to winter wear and the last of the outside stuff done before it gets cold. At least my work is aware and I know that I will be able to take off 5 weeks with pay. Until then, looks like I need to start getting supplies ready for after the surgery :)


So much to post! I had surgery last Wednesday, November 30th. My surgeon had allotted 3 hours OR time for the procedure but it apparently took longer. He had told my friend that was with me that they had to take out more than anticipated but didn't really tell her why. I have my post op this afternoon to see why the surgery went long and why more. For now, I am super happy with the size! I was a 38H-I and have been comfortably wearing a 40D! I do have drains on each side that will come out today. That seems to be where the most discomfort is.
Right now, I have what looks like spitting stitches and blisters to the sides of my right breast incision and have serous drainage from the left. I don't see anything open on that side and am guessing it's from the internal sutures.

My pain has been really good! I don't do well with pain medicine (makes me very nauseated) and have been taking Tylenol and tramadol for the last 3 days. Usually only one dose each. I am trying to limit my movement to prevent the incision from opening until I see my surgeon today.

My breasts are softening up and aren't as tender. I have some sensitivity to each nipple. I am sure it will get better with time. Keeping fingers crossed for a greatpost op today! :-)
James Butterworth

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