Visian Eye Surgery, Upper Bleph and External Levator Muscle Surgery

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Sort of a back story. I have worn rigid contact...

Sort of a back story. I have worn rigid contact lenses my entire life. My vision was horrible (-13 diopeter). Hard lenses had taken their tole on my eyes, so I looked into alternatives. Long story short, I could not do Lasik, but opted for Visian (intraocular lens) surgery. Honestly, some very mild discomfort during the surgery - but the best decision of my life. I cried when the first eye was completed. For anyone that has worn glasses/lenses their entire life (I started with glasses at 5), this was a life changing surgery for me. My only regret is that I did not have it done sooner. Cost was $6600.00. This I had to pay for from my own funds. So, during my prep for the Visian, the surgeon said he felt my excess eyelid skin and muscle droop also had a negative impact on my vision.

Well, guess he was correct since Insurance paid for the Upper Bleph and External Levator Muscle surgery. Both the upper bleph and the levator muscle were done at the same time under anesthesia. Swelling and bruising were present, but honestly I was surprised I didn't look worse. Dissolvable stitches were used on the exterior of the lid and a permanent stitch on the inside of the orbital area to hold my lid in its proper position. I do not know the exact area this stitch is, but all I know is it is inside somewhere - lol! I had no pain at all. I had to use erthromycin antibiotic on the surgical area and on the inside of the eyelid at bedtime. Healing went very well. I did/still do have a little change to my vision. I understand that with this type of surgery, the cornea will change shape somewhat. So I am hoping that once all swelling is gone, my vision will be back to my post Visian numbers.

So, after all of this, my left eye was set a little too tight with the permanent stitch leaving me unable to completely close my eye. This caused lots of tearing and dry eye in the morning. Last week, my surgeon removed the permanent stitch - I was awake for this surgery. It was not the most pleasant experience - I am really one of those anxious patients, but they talked me through everything. I cannot believe how little swelling and bruising I have. My surgeon thinks my eye should heal just fine. The upper bleph and levator muscle cost $3500.00. Insurance paid $1000. The only reason I had to pay $2500 was due to my deductible under my insurance plan.

So, some thoughts. As I said, I am so happy with the Visian eye surgery. I had my surgery at Kremer Eye in King of Prussia, PA. Dr. George Pronesti is absolutely wonderful. Dr, Jurij Bilyk is an occulo-plastic surgeon who did my upper bleph and levator muscle surgery. He is absolutely awesome also!

I hope if you are thinking about either procedure, find experienced surgeons in the field.

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