Korea Asian Rhinoplasty W/ Paranasal Augmentation- Swollen and Fake Looking (Seoul)

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Hello Everbody, I was considered very cute before,...

Hello Everbody, I was considered very cute before, like many Korean celebrities. I got enticed by the Korean plastic surgery industry. I am half Korean and the price and expertise could not be beat. There was some lost in translation moments. My nose was bulbous with a wide alar base and a deviated septum from a sports injury. I was told my before nose matched my face and that it was a button nose.

Well now my after nose is shaped like an L. I have a Gore-Tex implant that has raised my bridge 1.5-2 cm according to Dr. J. His clinic also recommended a paranasal implant to get rid of the lines under my nose that lead to my mouth. Now my cheeks look raised. My bridge actually looks weird from the semiprofile almost obstructing my eyes.

Nothing prepared me for this appearance! I have isolated myself for weeks, missing out on work and social outings. I get panic attacks about being seen. I look like everything you have read about: a raccoon, a Nav'i from Avatar, the Grinch, the Joker, Miss Piggy, Michael Jackson, etc. I definitely do not look like Halle Berry, Miss Korea, or Angelena! Of course not but I do not look like me!

What I hoped was just swelling seems to be my face! I am still only 6 weeks post op so I have months to heal. But in the mean time I have spent a lot of time in hiding and not smiling. It has actually caused my face to look atrophied from not being able to smile. Plus it is depressing and so disappointing. I won't even let the new man in my life come visit me. He is probably long gone after a month and a half! Stupidly, I pictured myself do beautiful at our first reunion. I didn't tell anyone but my parents because I wanted just a small change.

Dr. Jung at Shimmian Clinic

Even though my experience is undecided I still have faith that Dr. J is the best in Seoul. His clinic and staff were good. I just feel it is important to not get lost in translation. I hope my face turns out after this tremendous healing process.

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