21, Major Asymmetry. South Korea, KR

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Had ptosis correction, epic and lateral w...

Had ptosis correction, epic and lateral w incisional double eyelid. The crease has gotten better after the first few weeks but still too high. Main problem is asymmetry. It has been a little over a month. Every day the crease changes shape. One day it is good, the next it looks terrible (too high and weird shape.) I am not sure why this is. Also I currently do not think the shape suits my face. Does anyone know if the shape will change even after one month. I am not too worried about the height as much as the asymmetry and the shape. Also seemed to develop a tiny cyst on the right eye that may be accounting for the asymmetry. This has been a terrible process. I am already plenty nerotic and a very paranoid person as well as highly critical of myself. I did not know it would take this long to heal. Doctors said three weeks, after three weeks he says one month. It has been a month, now he is saying 3 months. I am seeking on this site reassurance (though no false hope, honesty is appreciate) regarding the possibility that i may end up liking my result. I am wearing pretty thin right now.

Seven weeks

Eyes looked worse this week but perhaps because of menstrual cycle. Not sure if that is scientifically related, but trying to keep calm. The left eye is always fine, but seems a little shorter than the right. The right eye is the main issue.

This week i felt something inside inner corner on the right eye. It is a hard lump that follows in the direction of my incision line. Not sure if this is affecting the way the crease forms. Either it is internal scar tissue or a chalazion or God forbid broken sutures. My surgeon in Korea has not messaged me back (after a few days) but I have an appointment with an oculoplastic surgeon on Monday.

The biggest issue is the ptosis. It has been a month and a half and I still have ptosis. I know this because I have sceleral show below my pupil. However when I smile, the eye sort of lifts up to cover the sceleral show. Now, I did have a lateral canthiplasty so perhaps that is still taking awhile to heal and that is causing the sceleral show? Nonetheless when I am in public I still have to lift my eyebrows up. I've gotten used to it but it is so annoying and I have been getting headaches. I look like an idiot whenever I pass a reflective surface.

2 months

The crease has lowered, hoping it will lower a bit more but mostly hoping the shape becomes less round. It has getting better but still not good enough. Hopefully it will be better by the third month.

Does anyone have issues with random parts of the eye swelling? Sometimes my inner corner on my right eye swells up.

Uneven and Unnatural

It has almost been three months and every day I regret getting this surgery. The crease is too high on my right eye and my left eye crease is unraveling. I just look weird. Scarring is terrible and has not gotten better. It looks like I have two creases. I went to girin clinic with dr song and while I am sure he is a nice man, what he did to my eyes is unforgivable not that he cares since he does not return any messages. I would not put a bad review unless I think it is deserved.

Dr song

He was nice but unresponsive. Literally every concern I had was met with "wait." Could not even answer a simple question about what stitching technique was used (internal stitches, etc.) so I could get a check up in the states. Do not recommend at all.

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