I guess i hurried up with my so called satisfied thing.

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So recently i had a double eye lid surgery,i am...

So recently i had a double eye lid surgery,i am asian myself,but i do not live in Korea.I never had a issue regarding my little asian eyes,but someday when i looked at the mirror and compared my eyes to my mom's,who also doesn't have double eyelids i was quite shocked,my eyes were like mini double sized,to which my mom asked me if i wanted to have double eye-lid surgery.I agreed.It was end of my summer holidas and school was about to start,so me and my mom agreed to do it later,maybe next summer.Mom found a great hospital,Korean hospital which is located here.We have gone to have a consultation,but there wasn't anyone beside nurse.The korean doctors were to fly here in the middle of the month,so we agreed on the operation.

The day of the operation.
There were quite a lot of people,so i waited quite a lot more,than i expected.Finally it was my turn.I have gone to see the doctor for the consultation and the surgery.We have talked about it,and it started.I was given an anesthesia and i didn't feel anything.The next 3 days i slept and was laid with ice packs,which really helped in minimizing the swellness.It was really puffy at the moment.And i had worries about my one eye,which was quite really different from the other,but soon the swellness kind of went away,and the puffy eye lid was turning into normal,natural looking eye lid.On the 4th day after the surgery i went to the hospital,to get rid of the stitches.That was the most painful thing in the whole process.
And now it has been 3weeks since the surgery and it is still healing,and it has also minimized at it's size too.My two eye's and eye lids are quite different,but who has perfect eyes?xD So i am quite happy with the results.

Ok so it has been exactly 5months since my surgery...

Ok so it has been exactly 5months since my surgery.And i am really not satisfied with the results, what happened to my double eye lids you'll ask?they're gone.Yes, gone.The one eye's lid is just way too small and the other one's isn't even a double eye lid or monolid,Its something in the middle.No, i meAn it is just a line.
Was it worth it?Definitely not.
So me and my mom went to the place when they did it and they told me that they will do it again, i mean the surgery.The doctor will be arriving in ten days and i will be doing the surgery again.But they told me that this time it will be non-incisional surgery, i did a research about it, but couldn't find any information that could actually help me.so can anyone tell me more about this Non-incisional method?
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