Subcision and Fat Grafting for Acne Scarring - Kolkata, India

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Hi All , I am Soham and I am recent but but...

Hi All ,

I am Soham and I am recent but but frequent member of this blog. Well ,I has a severe acne since my early teen and now when I am at 25 I have severe scarring due to that.I have tried many thing like with little invasive like microdermabrasion, dermarolling,chemical peeling.Nothing seems to work.Then almost 1 year ago I developed two cysts on the both my cheeks which had to surgically be removed and thus I developed stitch scar along with acne and my face was a mess.I then videted to may derm and plastic surgeon in my city and only one proceedure remains and that was Laser.He suggested mt ablative laser as my scarring was pretty much severe and it look ever more due to the surgical scars.I was a bit nervous because It was a costly process and couldn't afford if it sort of fails and It did faif.I dad 0% improvements with my first one and the derm said you need three more cause you have severe scarring and I was a bit worried as I have Asian skin complexion.Then I sort of found another plastic surgeon in my city who suggested me have subcision and then fat grafting before going to any resurfacing..I has all type of scars Boxscar, ice pick and even surgical.

Today ,I has this procedure done.I has it done under full anesthesia so I cant say how was the procedure.Now my face is is swollen like hell and is now covered with bandages.I am going to take that out on day after tomorrow.I will post gradually how I heal.This procedure is not going to take care of the narrow ice pick scar but going to improve my boxscar and surgical for sure at least this what I am thinking.My PS said this will definitely going to improve my depth of scarring and then he wants a total ablative laser to complete the procedure but that is after 6 month because autologous fat takes 6 month to settle down.
Thanks for patience.I like you to post if you or your friends have similar sort of experience regarding fat grafting in acne scar and also I will welcome any sort of quaries.

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