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I am 38 the mother of 2 kids 11 months and 5 years...

I am 38 the mother of 2 kids 11 months and 5 years old. My daughter (11 months) did quite the number on my tummy! I've never struggled with weight issues and eat well and exercise for the most part. I am 5'8 and currently 145lbs. I am most comfortable between 135-140 so I am a bit over my "ideal" weight. I gained 45 pounds (YIKES) with my last pregnancy and worked hard to take all of the weight off but was left with stretch marks and a very saggy tummy. I had an umbilical hernia that came back during my pregnancy with my daughter so I knew I was going to have to have it repaired and made the decision to go ahead with the tummy tuck at the same time. I was really unsure about my decision because it felt a bit selfish but my husband was fully supportive of whatever I decided. Trying to find the time to do this with my small kids and especially the baby was tough. Was able to get it scheduled on Nov. 2nd 2012 and arrange for help for the month of November. I am now 11 days post op and all I can say is that I am SO SO Happy I did this! Don't get me wrong...the first two days I literally thought I was going to die. I was SO sick from the anesthesia (I did IV sedation instead of general) that I threw up 5 times before leaving recovery and continued to be sick the rest of the day several times. It was honestly the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life and I've had several rounds of kidney stones and given birth twice (once with no meds) Once I got the nausea under control it was still pretty awful. I was feeling a bit better by 4 days post op and continue to get better and stronger everyday. I have been off of pain pills since about 7 days post op and am trying to get my body to fell as well as my mind! The incision is well...huge. It is hip to hip (much larger than I thought it would be as my PS did a fair amount of lipo on the flanks. I am still unable to stand up straight and still pretty swollen. BUT my tummy is FLAT. FLAT! My belly button is kind of hideous right now but I think it will be cute when healed. I had a definite innie before and now it might be kind of an outie. My scar looks yucky but my PS closed with staples and the removed staples and drains 3dpo and it is healing nicely, though a bit of a pucker on one side. I had my belly button sutures removed last Friday 7 days post op and have another appt this friday (14dpo) and then will begin scar treatment I think. I'm not able to wear anything but very comfy loose fitting pants or sweats right now, tried on a pair of jeans and couldn't button them (fit fine before surgery) so I know that I am still swollen. I really just wanted the flab and stretch marks gone. Since all of my stretch marks were below my belly button I am proud and happy to say that they are ALL gone. Tummy is flat and stretch mark free! I am excited to see how I progress and how much better it will get! PS told me that I wouldn't even see the results of the lipo contouring for 6 months but I would be pleased with it. I cannot say enough good things about my PS. He and his staff are amazing! Very pleased with my decision!

12 days post surgery today and doing really well! ...

12 days post surgery today and doing really well! Feel great and was able to get out a bit today. Standing straighter so less back pain and just really sore tummy muscles. Itching near the incision line on both of my sides but area is still numb. Weirdest feeling. I was able to pick my almost 1 year old daughter (18 pounds) this evening and really felt it in my muscles. Didn't stand and hold her for long. So scared I am going to mess something up! Not a whole lot to report, which is good I guess! Go back to dr. on Friday and hope that I get the okay to drive next week! I am still in the binder the doc gave to me. I have tried Spanx as I had several pair before surgery and they are very uncomfortable and too tight. I bought a large size compression garment (instead of the Mediums that I have) at Target today and it felt good in the lower tummy area but very uncomfy near my rib cage. Very strange. Will update with photos tomorrow!

Drove today! Did great! Slowly getting back to...

Drove today! Did great! Slowly getting back to myself! I am worn out at night though! Post a couple pictures 13 days post surgery!

I am 17 days post op now. I think I overdid...

I am 17 days post op now. I think I overdid things on Saturday and I was very sore yesterday. I had been feeling so good so it's a bump in the road. Still having to sleep in a reclined position, laying on my side (either side) makes my upper tummy muscles ache. I am very very sore in the upper tummy. Must have been quite a bit of repair work there or maybe I'm just getting feeling back in that area? I feel like I have been punched and kicked in the stomach. I am silly because I really thought I'd be up and going by now and I am not even close. I can get around but still have low energy and it hurts to hold my daughter who just turned one and weighs 18 pounds. So thankful for my awesome husband, without him taking time off and helping I could never have done this. He keeps telling me to be patient and I am trying. He's headed out for Thanksgiving shopping for me! We will have 18 people over for dinner. Yikes. Long day. I saw my doctor on Friday and he gave me a tube of scar cream SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel. I have been using it twice a day and am happy with how my scar is healing thus far. He said that things looked great and that I actually looked better than average for 2 weeks out. I'm so happy I did this!

I am 3 weeks post op now (as of yesterday) and...

I am 3 weeks post op now (as of yesterday) and doing well. My swelling is subsiding and my tummy looks pretty amazing. I was able to wear jeans for the first time on Thanksgiving with a CG underneath! These were the first pair of pre tummy tuck jeans I was able to get into (size 28/6) It was pretty awesome to have zero muffin top! I slept on my side for the first time last night and still not super comfortable. My tummy aches after a while and am still most comfortable in a reclined position. Scar is healing well, flattening out though I still have some puckering but for 3 weeks it looks pretty amazing. My biggest challenge right now is lack of energy and my back still hurting a bit. I am upright but find myself stooped at the end of the day and it wreaks havoc on my back. Every day is getting better and there have been no complications. I hope to start on the elliptical this week for about 10-15 minutes and gradually increasing over the next few weeks. Just taking it slow and easy. Really wanted to get out of the house today and do some shopping but after a busy two days with Thanksgiving and family in town I am pretty exhausted so yet another day of doing nothing...resting...getting stir crazy! :)

Just had to share this...I tried onto a pair of...

Just had to share this...I tried onto a pair of jeans that I had prior to my son's birth (so...its been 6 years now) and though I've been able to get back to the size 6 and fit into them previously I could not wear them because they looked horrible. They are low cut and after my kids I had to move to mid rise jeans and still battled the muffin top in the front! Tried these on today and they fit on super easy and they look GOOD! I was pretty happy considering I'm only 3 weeks out! I'm still swollen in my flank areas but YAAAYYYYY!!! I of course put my Yoga pants back on because I'm most comfortable in those right now but it is encouraging. The thought that I might be able to wear jeans that don't come up to my belly button makes me SMILE!

Nearly 5 weeks out and doing great! I am still a...

nearly 5 weeks out and doing great! I am still a bit tired and have swelling if I am doing too much during the day. I haven't returned to the gym yet. I am going to wait until 6 weeks. I am finally able to sleep in bed on my side and move around with little to no pain. I can lay straight on my back with no pain! Scar is healing nicely...things are going well. Posting a couple of pictures.

Almost 4 months post op! I am SO THRILLED with my...

Almost 4 months post op! I am SO THRILLED with my tummy. I started taking barre3 classes 3 weeks ago and my tummy was super sore. I have worked slowly and can feel my tummy getting stronger. I didn't really lose any weight due to the TT, but I did lose almost 4 inches. Most important I can wear any of my pre preg. jeans (from my son over 5 years ago) with no problem! No muffin top! I am down to a size 27/28 in pants/jeans (4/6) and in a 4 in dresses. I have had to lay off the strenuous working out and to be honest with you I really don't miss it. I was crazy trying to get fit and now...I work out because it makes me feel good. I'm no longer driven by the scale and just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I get to see my PS tomorrow and haven't seen him since the beginning of December. My's still there. :) I tried silicone sheeting but honestly it was such a hassle. I am super active with two young kids 5 and 16 months and couldn't get them to stay in place for anything. I was using a creme that my dr. gave me but he stopped using it because a few patients had an adverse reaction to it. I massage with Mederma 2 times a day. I just want the redness to go away! I will talk to PS tomorrow but I know it just takes time. Will post new pics soon!
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I did a lot of research on PS in my area and had 3 consultations with different doctors. Dr. Lazarus was great, he was the only one that didn't charge me 100.00 for the consult and he took a great deal of time answering any questions that I had a the time. I had a friend that had a hernia/tummy tuck done in the Spring by Dr. Lazarus and she was very happy with him as well. Wonderful.

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