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Hey everyone my name is Pam, I live in Tennessee...

Hey everyone my name is Pam, I live in Tennessee and I am on my 2nd month of 7 month medical supervised diet. So it is looking like it is going to be closer to the holidays for my surgery. I am 5'3" weighing in at 251. I am nervous, scared, excited and all other adjectives to describe this life changing surgery. I have pretty much been over weight all my adult age especially since having my daughter in (1990), I have tried so many other diets and nothing has worked LONG TERM. I am on BP meds, thyroid meds, pain meds, and C-PAP machine. I am so ready to start feeling better. My granddaughter Charlee (will be 3 Y/O this summer) she wants Mamaw to play with her, which means a lot of down in the floor playing that I can't do so I make excuses why Mamaw can't but, TRUTH IS I AM TO FAT TO GET BACK UP. Seeing the disappointment in her eyes just breaks my heart. This surgery is for me but is also because of her too. I go next Wednesday (4-23) for my Psych Eval and my H-Pylori test. I will update later as each appointment comes. I pray that my road to a NEW LIFE help someone like the ones that I have read has helped me. I pray many Blessings for all who reads my posts.

Psych Eval

My Psych Eval went well, no problems there. I also had my H Pylori test done and it was Negative, which is great. So I asked WHAT'S NEXT, the receptionist said, we now have to wait for my 7 months of Dr Supervised Diet paperwork (this is my 3rd month) and my Dr's recommendation to get faxed into the Insurance Co to get approval to move forward. Which to me is a little nerve wracking and aggravating. I wished they would just go ahead and assign me a date so I can start crossing dates off the calendar, lol. I know I have to follow protocol, I guess I am being impatient. But so far so good.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

1 day after my 46th Birthday. I am so tired of looking like this, FAT FAT FAT. My Husband & I were on our Motorcycle, so that explains the hat, because of helmet hair. A lot of insurance changes coming up, so now it is up in the air whether I will be able to have my surgery sometime after October. I am so upset and worried. Will know more after July 1st. I pray everyone's Memorial Day was filled with Love, Family and lots of Memories. God Bless.

Pictures of ME......

Gatlinburg, TN 2012


Has anyone had their surgery done in Mexico, if so how did you like it and what Dr. did you use? My insurance is changing, might have to go SOUTH of the boarder to have my Gastric Sleeve done.


Getting ready to go to my Supervised Diet month # 5 out of 7. Seems the months are dragging by. Come on September, then to wait for the insurance to APPROVE me. Don't know what I will do if they don't.

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for everything to get sent into the Insurance Co for APPROVAL or DENIAL...... Whisper a prayer for me, that if it is God's Will that I will get APPROVED for Surgery before the end of the year. Been trying to get this done since March, I had to go thru 7 months of Dr. Supervised Diet. FEELING VERY NERVOUS.

Still Waiting

Documentation was sent to the Insurance Co on October 27th, still playing the WAITING GAME.


Surgery went GREAT

Had surgery 12/17/14, Done GREAT, also had my Gall Bladder removed. Highest Weight 255 (12/3/14).


Knoxville General Surgeon

My first impression of Dr. Williams was, he's awesome and really listened to me and seems to understand all my problems and concerns. His whole staff is wonderful. I would highly recommend him.

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