1.5 years Post OP and THRILLED with the new me!- Knoxville, TN

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I am 35, a wife, and mom to 4 awesome kids. I had...

I am 35, a wife, and mom to 4 awesome kids. I had three cesareans and was lucky to get to be a step mommy to our oldest. My babies were 9lbs 11oz, 9lbs 9oz, and 9 lbs 6 oz. I am 5'1 and did not have a lot of room for these giant babies. I feel so blessed to have my kids and now that my youngest is 5, we decided it is time for me to feel good about myself again. I weigh about 135 right now. I nursed all of my babies so I will need a lift and implant. I also will be getting a tt to get rid of the loose skin that drives me nutso!!! I exercise regularly and I am stepping that up over the next few months to get as fit as possible before my surgery. I know there will be a significant amount of down time so I want to be in the best shape possible. Looking at all of the experiences on this site has really helped me to prepare for this. I have learned a lot about what to expect and what I'm going to look like for a while as I am healing. So I decided to share my experience as well. I am still in the early planning stage. I have my consult on Feb 10th as there is a waiting list to get one with my doctor. I would wait a year to go to this doctor though. From the research I have done he is well worth the wait. (and the 4 hour drive) Looking forward to reading more about others' experiences and sharing my own. So happy to have found this community of ladies!

Had my Consultation

My consultation went well. My husband is confident in the doctor and so am I! We haven't decided on an exact date as we have to organize this with my family who will be helping during my recovery. I know I will have to pick a day soon (probably in May) because his schedule fills up quickly. He seems to be a popular doctor and I can understand why. I will be having a drainless tummy tuck- no lipo. I will need a lift and after working with sizers, I decided on 450 ccs. BUT after thinking about it I may want to bump that up just a bit. I will discuss that with Dr. Reath.
About the doctor: He was very warm and thorough. I did not feel rushed. I was nervous to be there but he put me at ease. Nobody likes baring it all to a stranger, right?
His staff: They were all very pleasant and helpful. A very overall positive feeling at the office. I met with a few of the women there and all three were wonderful. I will be going back in a month for juvederm for the first time. I can't wait!
So excited to be a new me!


So it is now one month away from the big day! I can't believe it! I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. My real fear is something happening to me for fear that my children would be without a mother. This is why I chose my doctor very carefully and took my time researching. I am not scared of the pain. I am sure I won't like it but I am tough and I know it is temporary. 

I have faith in Dr Reath's ability to give me a pretty tummy, so that is not a real fear of mine either. He told me "you will wear a bikini". Music to my ears!!! The incision line (being low and straight) and my belly button (shape and natural look) are important to me. My cesarean scars faded so well it is difficult to even find them unless I look very closely. That is encouraging! Maybe that is one good thing about being fair skinned. My mother had surgery on her breasts years ago and they look absolutely perfect! very thin, barely visible scars. I am crossing my fingers that I will heal like her.
I will update as the days get closer and will put some pictures up as well.

before pics

I am adding some before pictures. I have a lot of stretch marks (even above the belly button). I also have a few scars from laparoscopic gallbladder removal and three cesareans. I know he will not be able to get rid of it all, but I am hoping for most of the stretch marks to be gone. I included a pic of my back. I am hoping that with the muscle repair it will help to give me back the small waist I had before children. A girl can dream right?


I forgot to mention that I have decided to do the "mommy makeover" in two stages. The tummy tuck with muscle repair first and the breast lift/ augmentation later.

Only 8 days!

I can not believe how time is flying by. On one hand I can't wait for this to be over so I can look and feel better. On the other hand I feel like it is happening suddenly. (even though I have waited years for this) I am so excited about the muscle repair. I truly think I will feel like a new person. I had my last training session with my personal trainer today. I think he wanted to send me off with an intense one! I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I will continue to do cardio up until the day before. I will really miss working out and I find myself worrying about that. Silly, I know. I just don't want to lose muscle/ put fat on. I will have to watch my diet carefully for sure. I also am always in a better mood when I exercise so I hope that not being able to will not make me crabby.
I decided to get each of my children a little gift before I head off for surgery. I also want to write them a little note to remind them of how much I love them. They really are my life. I have a husband I love very much and the best kids in the world. I am so lucky. Now I am on the road to feeling good in my skin. I am happy that my husband understands my desire to look and feel better. He tells me he is happy with me the way I am but is supportive of my decision. He's sick of the ordeal I go through anytime we go somewhere. I try on so many things before finally giving up. I hope those days will be over soon.

It's done

Had my surgery yesterday morning. it was a little chaotic in the morning because I forgot my bikini bottoms at the hotel. My husband drove back yo get them and got there just in time for the doctor to mark me. I told him I brought my skimpiest ones. Her teased that I was trying to make his job difficult. I felt nauseated as soon as I woke up and continued to be all day. I threw up several times. I hope I didn't undo any of Dr Reath's work. I have not taken my binder off yet and plan to do so sometime this afternoon. I'm hoping I can eat something today. We will see. I can tell I am swelling. I feel tight under my binder. Also my girlie area is very swollen. More so on my left side so I look lopsided. It is also very bruised on that side. I didn't notice the bruise until after my husband spoke with the doctor last night (Dr Reath called to check on me) so I will call the office today to make sure it is normal. The swelling is, he said. I will post later when I shower.

Just had to add...

Dr Reath and his staff are the best. I'm so impressed with how they make me feel. I got a call from their office today and they offered to bring me an ice pack to my hotel. Who does that? I declined but thought it was so nice of them to offer. Not only is Dr. Reath wonderful, but he has the best group of ladies working with him. It helps so much to know they are willing to go above and beyond AFTER the procedure. OH! and they gave me an extra binder at the hospital so i didn't have to go without while I washed it.

my nurse (husband)

He has been so great through all of this. I feel like this experience has brought us closer.


Here are some pics I took when I showered earlier. I am very happy so far. Love the shape of my belly button from what I can tell. I'm also very happy with the low incision. I'm a happy girl.

4 days post op

I have not been great about posting here on realself. I have really just been focusing on resting and healing. The Percocet I was taking made me nauseated and dizzy so I didn't want to look at my laptop. I finally called my doctor's office to tell them and they switched me to vicodin. I feel sooooo much better! I don't think it works quite as well for me as far as pain control but I am no longer sick and I can finally eat. I had a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner last night and it felt like heaven. I had been living on crackers lol. TIP: if you feel nauseated, let your doctor know right away. No need to suffer through it when there are other options.
I have trouble with my binder and keeping my incisions properly covered. I have such a short torso and my doctor made my incision low (YES!!!) so the binder wants to pull the covering. I am using maxi pads to cover the area after applying antibiotic ointment. I was using three across and one over my belly button, but after my shower today I am going to use more to make sure the entire area is covered just in case it moves.
I am getting up and walking every hour. when I sleep it is 2 1/2 hours at most before I walk. I set the alarm on my phone to make sure I don't sleep too long. I am paranoid about clots and I also want my incision to heal nicely and the blood flow from walking will help with that. I will try to take a pic when I shower in a bit. Just waiting for my husband to help me : ) DON'T SHOWER ALONE!!!!


This photo points to the scar I have from gall bladder removal years ago. It was super high but ended up next to my belly button! So cool!

Post Op Appointment (6 days PO)

I am finally home! My husband and I (and our 5 year old son) have been staying at a hotel suggested to us by Dr. Reath's office (because I wasn't comfortable making the long drives right after surgery). The hotel was great. They upgraded us to a suite for no extra charge because I am a patient of Dr. Reath. We will certainly stay there again when I go back for part two (breasts). My sister was so nice and drove separately and stayed with our son during the surgery. She took him swimming at the hotel and spent the day with him. I'm so lucky to have family that is so helpful. My mom kept my older two for the week and they had a blast there.
So I FINALLY shaved my legs and armpits and put a little makeup on this morning before my appointment. It felt good to feel half human again. My doctor said he is very happy with how I am healing and that i'm right on track. That made me feel good. I figured I was fine but it felt good to get confirmation. My stitches were removed from my belly button today. It didn't hurt a bit, just felt really weird with the tugging sensation. I was speaking with Dr Reath about everything while the nurse removed my stitches... a nice distraction. I'm sure they do that on purpose. Very smart : ) I am sure I would have been more anxious about the removal if I hadn't been carrying on a conversation. Speaking of my belly button... this was so funny... This morning I was looking at my belly button with my hand mirror and said to my husband "It looks just like the star trek insignia". We laughed but also thought it was pretty cool because we are both HUGE fans. (don't judge lol) So while at my post op, the DR says he tried to make it look like star trek because he had noticed my husband was wearing a star trek shirt. OMG we just about died. It made my day. Now, that being said I really do think my bb will end up looking great when it is healed. (fingers crossed) The Dr left and Mandi helped so much and explained what I should and should not do etc. She helped me get my clothes on and was really encouraging. She spent a lot of time and made sure all of my questions were answered.

some before pics

1 Week Post Op today

Today makes one week! I am still pretty hunched over and my back is killing me when I walk. I am feeling better in a lot of ways though. That is messing with me because I want to do things I know I can't do yet. My house is a mess already and I've only been back in town one day. I am so tired of asking my husband to do everything. Mess doesn't bother him like it bothers me so it's stressing me out. I just have to remember that this is temporary. Also, he went grocery shopping last night and got a bunch of things that I can't/ won't have. I need to watch my sodium intake so I don't swell. I usually do the grocery shopping so I think he feels like a kid in a candy store when he goes alone lol. Gets all the things I won't buy. So anyway, I have to send him back at some point to get things I can actually eat. deeeeep breaths. On the bright side I tried on some panties today that aren't like the comfy grannies I've been wearing since surgery and my scar was easily covered. That makes me so incredibly happy!!! Oh, and I can't remember if I mentioned- my husband asked my Dr when it was all over how separated my muscles were (we had a little bet going) and it was 4 inches! Crazy, but totally believable because I felt just blah in that area for years. I knew it was a problem because I couldn't even do a proper sit up. Hopefully I will one day soon : )

I can see the resemblance haha

8 days Post OP

well, this morning I am feeling like I am on an emotional rollercoaster. On one hand I am happy because I am feeling better than yesterday and that is so encouraging! On the other hand, I feel so helpless. I decided I really wanted a cup of coffee this morning. I haven't had one since the day before surgery. I figured this was a good time to get my coffee addiction under control. I am going to try to only drink it on special occasions rather than rely on it to keep me going. I can't imagine how much money I have given to starbucks over the years. (not to mention what it does to the PH of the body, so time to back off from it). Anyway, I asked my husband to make some coffee. As he was making it I hobbled into the kitchen and from where I was standing it looked like he forgot to use a filter, which would make sense because we just got this new coffee maker and our old one did not take paper filters. So I asked him if he remembered to use a filter. He looked at me very annoyed and told me I need to stop micromanaging him. It made me angry but mostly hurt. I was just trying to help and it sucks to feel like I am such a pain in the butt to him. I know this whole thing is draining on him as well, so I hope I can get back to feeling a closeness we felt leading up to today. I feel closed off from the world and really need him to just be nice to me. ok, done with my pity party now. On the bright side, I enjoyed a half cup of coffee out on my front porch in my jammies, binder showing on the outside of my tank and all. The neighbors are far enough away that they would have to be pretty nosey to get a good look at me. It was refreshing to get some sunlight. I think I need to do that more often throughout the day to keep my spirits up. It really does help. My husband has to leave for work for part of the day today. I've been lucky up to this point because the only time he has left me was to go to the store briefly. He has his own IT company and does a major part of his work from home so that has been a blessing. But today he has to head out so I will be alone with my 5 year old son. I think it will be just fine. He will take good care of his mamma : ) It's so funny... he has said he wants to cuddle and take care of me so I get better faster. Evidently me scratching his back is taking care of me lol. He really believes that hahaha. You know what, he may be right. It makes me feel good to snuggle up with him and scratch his back. That is one thing I CAN do for him right now so it does make feel better to do it. He went with his dad to target yesterday and they were in line to check out. (He has imaginary dogs, all with the same name : coco.)He made a goofy face and said to his dad "one of my coco's is being an asshole" I just about died when he told me this (and evidently so did the ladies in front of them) My husband and I don't cuss much at all but have let it slip a few times so I guess he just doesn't miss a beat. My husband asked him what coco was doing and he replied "you know, scratching too many trees and getting dirty". My sweet little guy had no idea he said a bad word which makes it that much funnier. I have laughed a few times (ouch) about this situation and still have to try not to when I think about it. I love my family lol. My older kids are in Florida until the end of the week, lucky kiddos. I miss them so much, and so does their little brother. I may try and take some pics after mt shower later. Hope everyone here is doing well : )

9 days PO

I am feeling good today. Last night however got a bit scary. I was getting ready to shower with my husband right next to me, thank goodness. Took my binder off and suddenly felt nauseated and couldn't breathe. He told me to get in the shower and maybe the water would make me feel better. It really just got worse from there. I sat on my chair, couldn't catch my breath, and he started to become a blur to me. I was saying "something's not right" at one point i told him to call 911. But he got me out of the shower and laid me (soaking wet) on the bed. I very slowly started to feel better. He took my blood pressure. I can't remember what it was exactly because it is kind of fuzzy and he doesn't remember either. But we know it was very low. I do remember my pulse was in the 40's. my arms were tingly and numb. He gave me water and stayed with me. After a while, I felt just fine with the exception of a headache. Today I have felt good so I am hoping it was a one time deal. My husband thinks it may have been caused by weaning myself off of pain meds and muscle relaxer too soon, so I am back on them regularly. For a few days at least. I called my doctors office and spoke with Mandi. She was concerned and asked me to be in touch with her, monitor, and call her tomorrow. A similar thing happened to me after my son was born (cesarean) 5 years ago. I ended up in the ER but without a real explanation of what may have happened.
I'm adding some photos- all from today. I am swollen but can see the light : ) I put my teenie tiny string bikini on and it does not cover my scars (didn't think it would). However, I know I will have many options for styles because of the low incision so that pleases me greatly!

11 Days Post OP

I woke up feeling a little better today. It seems that each day gets a little bit easier. I'm getting in and out of my bed more easily now. I have slept in a bed from day one. I was in a hotel for the first 6 days and then went to my bed when I got home. My husband helps me get up by slowly pulling my arm to sit straight up, then I catch my breath and slowly turn sideways before standing up. I was getting in and out of bed by myself fairly early but there were times when I was "stuck". My husband sleeps so deeply that I had to call him because he wasn't hearing me call his name even though he was right next to me lol. I have also relied on texting him while he is in other parts of the house. Whatever works!
My mom and grandmother and great aunt brought me lunch yesterday. Although I was completely exhausted by the time they left, it was great for my emotional state. I laughed a few times which left me sore, but it felt good. It was so nice to have company. They made greek salad and rhubarb crisp And stuck dinner in the crock pot for later.
So, I sneezed this morning. Oh my gosh!!! It was not a good thing. I felt it coming on so I was able to push on my tummy while I sneezed so I think that helped. It burned like crazy. Thank goodness it was only a single sneeze.

11 days PO photos

I am still swollen but not nearly as bad as I know it could be (I've been stalking realself forever lol) I was just slightly hesitant about a drainless tt because I thought it may cause me to swell badly. However, after researching it, I realized that it is all in the technique the doctor uses. It is more time consuming for them, but oh so worth it to the patient. (In my opinion) I feel so lucky to have the talented surgeon that I do!

tried a dress on

I wish I could fast forward several weeks. I'm eager to see how I look standing straight. You can see my sweet little redhead on my bed keeping his mamma company. He has had to do a lot more for himself since the surgery and I think he is really proud of himself. I am guilty of babying him because he is my last baby :) but he has had to do some big boy things lately. So proud of him.

12 Days PO First Outing!

I woke up feeling very antsy. I needed to get out of the house, so I decided to go to target with my husband and son. It was an overall fun/ funny time. I hobbled hunched over and very slowly into the store and my husband convinced me to sit in the kids double cart so it didn't take us forever to get the things we need. (see picture lol) My little boy thought it was cool and I really didn't care what anyone else thought haha. It was nice to get out of the house but by the time I got back home I was exhausted! I included some photos. One of them shows me in jean shorts that fit me comfortably before surgery. I could barely get them over my hips/ butt. I certainly could not button them. I also tried on my victorias secret bikini bottoms to see if the scar would be covered and it was!!! They kind of look like panties because of the lace but they aren't. I am in my bra and not a bikini top though. Didn't bother with the whole look : ) I wear my bombshell bras all of the time because they are super push up and padded. I can't wait until part two of my makeover so I can wear any kind of bra or bikini top that I want!!!

17 days

Feeling frustrated. I felt like I could get some things done around the house today and got off to a great start with dishes, laundry and fixing the kids a healthy snack. Then all of a sudden I started shaking and had to lay down. I'm just not there yet. I am still hunched over and I am feeling most of the pain in my upper abdomen where I still have bruising and a lump. I hope this resolves itself soon. If not, I may head back to the doc before my scheduled appt to make sure everything is ok. They told me I can come if ever I feel the need to. I'm really happy with their follow up care. I'm feeling so hungry all of the time. I don't eat a lot at one time, but feel the need to eat often. I am still swollen. Where's the fast forward button? : )

20 days Post OP

I definitely hit a turning point yesterday. I woke up feeling wonderful (in comparison to the days before). It's funny because the evening before I was on the verge of tears and said to my husband " I just want to wake up tomorrow and feel better". Well, I did! I did some laundry and even made goulash for my family and my step dad who just had surgery on his spine (sent my husband over with some for him). We took a trip to target and I rode in the double cart again with my 5 yer old while my husband pushed. This time I got a lot of giggles and funny comments. People thought I was just riding to be silly and I didn't correct them. I was more swollen than usual at the end of the day but I didn't care. I finally am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This morning I woke up feeling great again. I made myself coffee, took a shower alone, did laundry, and made the kids something to eat. I even went up and down the stairs just fine (slowly). I initially thought I would be feeling better early on in my healing, but considering the major muscle repair that was done, this isn't too shabby. I would do it all over again. I am peeing less often which is such a major plus for me. I can only imagine that not having any muscles to keep my insides from drooping put a lot of pressure on my bladder. I used to feel like i had to pee 10 minutes after I went. But I went the entire long trip to target without using the restroom once (not normal for me). I didn't realize that this would fix that problem so easily!!!! yayy
Tips for ladies that have upcoming tummy tucks:
1) Don't waste money on a bunch of recovery clothes and panties. I didn't wear panties the first four days and only started after that because I got my period (early- probably from the physical trauma to my body). A robe should be sufficient in the beginning for getting up if you want to stay covered. I was in a hotel and had a huge suitcase full of clothes and jammies and panties that never got touched. Save your money for some cute form fitting clothes for after your recovery : )
2) Wear a tank under your binder when you get to the point of not needing bandages (for me it was sanitary napkins over my incision and belly buttons per doctors suggestion- worked great) At my post op check up (day 6) I was told I didn't need them anymore and a tank before the binder was a good idea. It makes it so much more comfortable and you won't have to wash your CG as often. Also, make sure your tanks aren't too big or they will bunch up and be uncomfortable.
3) Trucks! We have a family truck that is a large step up to get in. Luckily, I thought about this before the surgery and we got a large and sturdy stepping stool so I could get into the truck. I can tell you there is no way I would have been able to get in without it (even now).
4) If you do not own a recliner, they are not necessary. I do not have one and did not want to add one to our living room. I also knew I would be in a hotel for 6 days and wouldn't have it there. Instead I got a sturdy wedge ( I will include a photo). It's firm but memory foam so it is not too hard. I am still using this for sleep and to relax during the day in my bed. If I am asleep I will scoot down and Just use part of it for a slight slope at this point. I used the entire slope in the beginning, even for sleep. I put one to four pillows on top of it depending on whether I want to lay or sit up. I also use a pillow under my legs (at the knee). I used two the first few days but am down to one or none depending on how I feel.

forgot to add wedge photo

22 days Post OP

Feeling good today. Emailed the doctor's office to ask about my bruising and see if they thought it was normal. I live far away so I can't just swing by and have him look at it. I have a large lump where my bruise is (upper abs) and did not have lipo. so I just want to see what they say. I spoke with Mandi like a week ago about it, but i assumed I would see improvement by now and just want to make sure I am being safe. I still have a good bit of scabbing on my belly button but I am loving the shape- very very happy with that. My weight is down to 126 (from about 132 day of surgery). I am eating a lot so I am surprised by the scale. Also I am swollen and carrying water in my thighs and butt/hip area and tummy. I'm so anxious to get back to the gym although i know there's no way I could even do a treadmill for any length of time right now. I will just have to be patient.

This is why I needed my tummy tuck!!!

I had a couple weeks to go at this point before my son was born. I got this big with each pregnancy. My babies were 9lbs 6 oz, 9 lbs 9 oz, and 9 lbs 11 oz. It's no wonder my tummy was destroyed : ) And I am so thankful it was. My kids are my life. Now I get my figure back wooohooo

Starting to see some shape! 33 days post op

I saw my doctor on Friday because I was concerned with the bruising that is coming and going in my upper abdomen. I am relieved that he doesn't think it is anything to worry over. I just need time. He said he has never had a situation where it didn't eventually stop. He thinks I may have strained or twisted or somehow hurt that area. Well, he is correct! I know when it happened... immediately after surgery when I threw up. I felt a burning and tugging horrific pain there from the tightening of my muscles while getting sick. Since then, that area seems to get darker when I overdo it or twist certain ways and I can definitely feel when it happens. I must just have a slight bleed under the skin. As long as I am not swelling like crazy there I should be fine. Other than that he said I looked like I was healing nicely. He was happy with my incision. He told me to try and stretch a bit because I am still walking with a hunch. I will slowly try to stretch a little. He also said that I can resume light cardio when I feel up to it. I DON'T! LOL Not even close. So I am just going to hang out and wait a while. I am so eager to get back in the gym but I know I would be worthless. I am out of breath walking around the grocery store too long. I know most women that are as far out as I am post op are feeling much better than I am at this point. My doctor said I am probably taking longer because I had significant muscle repair. I had my husband take my sewing machine out and I am doing some sewing because it is a relaxing thing to do that doesn't take too much physical effort. I am making my daughter a renaissance dress and have already completed my step daughter's dress. It has been fun. (and more of a challenge than I anticipated... guess I need to work on my skills lol).
I went shopping for a little while yesterday and tried a few things on. The photo I posted is one of the shirts that my husband picked out. I don't think I will be wearing that out of my house : )

It's a BIkini day!!!

I was feeling good this morning so I decided to try swimwear on. I was happy with how it looked and felt compared to a couple of weeks ago. I tried the same bottoms on and they were very tight and my scar seemed higher. (maybe from the swelling) Although I am still swelling, it is slowly improving. yayyy! Also, I really love the look of a cute rashguard. It is the perfect solution for all of us while we are healing and want to keep our scars out of the sun. I think they're adorable and who would ever know we are trying to hide scars? Also I tried a string bikini bottom on and my scar shows slightly (showed more weeks ago). Maybe one day it will fade enough that I can wear them. Honestly, I don't even care if a little bit of my scar shows. This surgery has given me the confidence that I have been missing for so many years. I'm so grateful to my husband for understanding why this was so important to me. I am also so grateful to my doctor. He truly has magic hands!

61/2 weeks post op

I could not be happier with my results! I am finally able to be active and on my feet all day like I was before. I am not lifting anything heavy. I have only done a little bit of light cardio (stepper and brisk walking). no running and no lifting. I still get swollen and I still feel soreness in my upper abs but nothing I can't handle. I wear my binder almost 24/7. I am sure I will for at least a couple more weeks. My scar is looking better and I am so happy with my belly button. Did I mention I love my surgeon!? I am so grateful. I feel sexier now than I did at 20. I can't wait to get to the point where I can hit it hard at the gym again. I am posting pics in my tiny string bikini bottoms. There are just a couple of places that my scar peeks out a bit but when it fades I won't care! My doctor joked with me and shook his head when he marked me in my string bikini BUT he sure pulled it off didn't he??? : )

7 1/2 week photo

Not much has changed since last week. still wearing my binder. still a dull ache in my upper abs. still very pleased with my results

2 1/2 months post op! So happy I did this!!!


does anyone know how to change the status from "not sure" to "worth it"? also I can not add the date of my surgery. when i started the review I didn't have a date yet.

Almost 5 months post op!

I am feeling great. I got my belly button pierced and I love it. It is taking forever to heal though and I wish I had waited because it makes wearing my binder difficult. I really don't need my binder anymore but I like to wear it when I feel worn out or sore after a long day. I also got a little heart tattoo to cover a scar from gallbladder removal many years ago. The scar used to be up much higher and ended up right next to my bb :-) I got the go ahead from Dr. Reath to tattoo over my scar but the artist I went to wants to wait until the scar is about a year old. I was disappointed but I understand. I'd rather wait and have it look great. I still have a lot of numbness from my bb down. I am able to work out pretty hard. Still not quite back to where I was though. I'll get there. My weight has been bouncing around. Halloween was not good for me lol. I want to shed about 10-15 pounds. Hopefully my next update will show my hard work. I am beyond satisfied with my results. I feel like a new person. I LOVE my doctor!!!

quick photo

10 months post op! So HAPPY!

It has been a long time since I have posted. I guess that is a good thing because I have been so active and busy enjoying my new body that it hasn't crossed my mind to update. I truly feel I am now in the best shape of my life. I am hitting the gym full force. Harder than I was before the surgery. I am using abdominal muscles I never knew I had haha. It's amazing. I also started a facebook fitness page if anyone wants to check it out: facebook.com/ajfitforever
It is a place where we can exchange fitness and healthy food ideas. A great place to support one another on our fitness journeys. This surgery has given me a new outlook. I want to be the fittest me I can be. I feel like I am well on my way.
I took my belly piercing out because I think it was pierced too shallow. it has left me with a little scar. I wish i had never done it. BUT because I did, I may pierce it again in the future to cover the little scar. My advice- if you are happy with your belly button (I was and am very happy) DON'T pierce it!
I am counting down the days until I start the linework for my tattoo. I have to wait until the 1 year mark. In the meantime I have used Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation if I want to show my belly where my scar is visible. It really does work. You can get samples in department stores and play with the different colors at home before purchasing. It is pricey at about $35 so you want to get it right!
I will try to update more often. I will definitely do some photos at my 1 year mark in 2 months!

1.5 year post op pictures

I have always been active and worked real hard in the gym. But without this surgery, my tummy would have held me back from omplishing my fitness goals. I have achieved and surpassed my goals. I am so thankful for Dr. Reath. Oh, and I love my new tattoo! My scar was so nice and thin and light that I didn't even have to do a true "cover up". I am so very happy!

I am confident in my doctor (Dr. Reath). He did my...

I am confident in my doctor (Dr. Reath). He did my tummy tuck almost 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier with my results. He is truly a skilled surgeon. He exceeded my expectations. I am scheduled for part 2 of my mommy makeover in 8 days! I am so excited and nervous. I hope I chose the right size. I am looking forward to full, perky, large breasts! I nursed 3 babies and was a D cup during that time. Now I am a large B, saggy C. I wear push up bras daily to make up for the loss in volume after nursing and losing weight. I am looking forward to being able to wear any bra I want to! 

I am very active. I work out consistently and dance so I am not looking forward to being away from my activities. I know that it will all be worth it in the end though.
I will track my experience and healing here in hopes that it will be helpful to other women looking to have the same procedure. I know I have spent a lot of time here reading about other womens' experiences.

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