5'6" 150# 15%bf - Tummy Tuck - Knoxville, TN

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5'6" 150# 15%bf (wouldnt believe it to look at me)...

5'6" 150# 15%bf (wouldnt believe it to look at me) Mother of twins and my tummy and breasts have been stretched beyond recognition. I workout 5 days a week and lift heavy but no matter how much I train my stomach will never look like anything other than hamburger meat without the help of a surgeon ;)

Tomorrow is my first consultation with Dr. Reath and I am SUPER PUMPED! Ive read all his blogs, watched all his truthometer videos, and am very confident in my decision to go with him. Ive heard nothing but amazing things about both he and his staff and cant wait to meet them.

Im both excited and terrified. Terrified because I want this done like last year and Im afraid Ill have to wait even longer because Dr. Reath is a very popular guy here in Knoxville!

I already have a pretty good idea that I want saline over the muscle with about 300-350 cc. We'll see what Dr. Reath thinks about all that though.

Surgery Date Is Set!!!

On Monday I scheduled my tummy tuck for September 30!!!!!!! I decided to wait to do the boobies... The main thing I wanted was the tuck, the boobles were an after thought.

The count down has begun! It still doesnt feel real, and it probably wont until they are wheeling me into the OR.



Last week we paid the remaining balance for my tummy tuck. I wanted it done ASAP because I was worried something may prevent it from happening.... like all of the banks in the world would vanish into thin air, totally rational right?!

From some of the vlogs I've watched, I noticed some women get stretch marks from the actual tuck itself. Being a mother of twins, I'm not scared of a few stretch marks, HA. I did however want to try and prevent them, so I figured I would start putting Burt's Bees Belly Butter on my stomach everyday up until the big day. Can't hurt, and it smells so much better than coco butter. I got it from Target but I also noticed they carry it at Kroger.

So I've noticed I'm not talking about it every second of every day like I was prior to setting my surgery date. Maybe it's because there's nothing left to do but wait, or nothing left to say that I haven't said... HAHAHA! I'm sure my family is grateful for that. Still, there isn't a moment that goes by without me thinking about it. I get so excited sometimes, like a little kid who has had way too much sugar and goes to the coolest playground in the world but doesn't know what to play on first.

Pre-Op Changed

Just a quick update. I'm still working out like usual, and eating clean for the most part. My family went Paleo in January and it has been great! Occasionally we have gluten free pizza or desserts, but that's about it. The main thing I've changed is I have cut out alcohol completely. I'm not trying to diet hardcore or workout hardcore, I'm just continuing with what I'm used to and trying to be as healthy as possible for my surgery.

My Pre-Op appointment was pushed back a few days but I'm totally cool with that. Now my husband can come with me and I don't have to go solo! Its next Thursday on the 11th, which happens to be my husbands birthday. I still can't believe it's finally going to happen!!! So Excited!
I'll update again after my Pre-Op and get all my Post Surgery things together.

2 weeks to go!!!!!

I had my pre op last Thursday. Everything went great. I got my goodie bag, supplements and vitamins. On Friday the hubs and I went to Rent A Center and secured a lift chair WOOT WOOT! Today I filled my scripts... which I was so worried was going to cost alot. I don't take medicine, haven't had to in over 10 years so I assumed it would be exspensive..... All under $30! Yay! I have everything I need, just waiting on the day.

I'll upload pics of my stock pile and nest in a few days. :)

One more week!

Here we are, a week and one day from surgery. I still can't believe it's happening. I'm pretty sure I will be a total nervous wreck the night before and ESPECIALLY on the way to the surgery center. My Mom will be here this coming weekend. She's a total trooper because she's driving down from Indiana all by herself (she is a nervous driver) and has taken 2 weeks off to help us out with the kids. Can we say SAINT?!

Here's a list of things I've acquired for this whole vegetation stage :)

~For Comfort~
Biofreeze and Heating pad- for back pain
Hands sanitizer
Hair Clip and Hair tie- My hair is INSANE
Pens and Small notebook- Im a list maker...in case you can't tell
Flexible Straws
Husband pillow (love the name)- for when my recliner just isn't cutting it and I need to hit the couch.
Lift Recliner- Cant wait for this bad boy to arrive!
Extra Pillows, blankets, throws
Water container

~Medication and Vitamins suggested by my PS~
Bromelain w/Quercetin (helps with swelling and bruising)
Clinical Support AM & PM Vitamins (everything I need nothing I don't)
Vitamin C
Iron Supplement
All my scripts
And lets not forget the best of all..... Stool Softeners

~Incision Care~
Antibacterial Soap
Pads - My PS is a genius. They are cheaper than nonstick bandages and easier to use.
Tongue depressors, and Qtips
Triple Antibiotic, and Bacitracin
Waterproof tape

So.... I'm OCD, (bless my family's hearts) and Ive pretty much mapped everything out for My Mom and Husband for the 2 weeks following my surgery. I have all my incision care items in a basket on my bathroom sink, so its all together and if I need it in another room someone can just grab the whole thing. All my meds and vitamins are in, yet another basket, on the kitchen counter with a pen and detailed directions on how to administer. The pen is so whomever has to give me my meds cans jot down when they gave what. I've also put all the items I think I might want close by, on a tray to keep next to my recliner. The hair clip and hair tie are a MUST, and I am so glad I remembered to keep one nearby... My hair is super thick and long. I would panic without something to wrangle that junk up!

I think that sums it up. I hope I didn't bore you to death! Since reading other reviews, I have found the "thing you need" lists I've come across are super helpful.

SUPER EXCITED! I'll check back in on the night before!

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im not nervous, anxious, or scared.... which is weird. Definitely excited though!!! I decided to take some pictures with my bikini bottoms the doc will use for marking. Please excuse the lighting...my bedroom has horrible lighting so I just did a quit edit on the images. I cant wait to add after pics!

Just 24 more hours and Ill be on the flat side.

Officially crossed over to the flat side.

Surgery went well, and I got home about 11ish. Felt excellent up until 6 when all the anesthesia had completely worn off.

The pressure when I walk to and from the bathroom bothers me....my meds are keeping the pain at bay.

Shower tomorrow and I can see what it looks like! ????

Crazy tightness!

My entire abdomen is so extremely tight! I'm sure it's pretty swollen. Still haven't looked at it. It's not really painful just super uncomfortable. Tight is good though... it's better than floppy :)

Feeling pretty good....

It's day 3 and 8 feel pretty good. I can really feel the "quilting stitches" now. The only thing that is bothering me 8 the fact that I haven't pooped. Yep. Talking about poopin. Today is the day though. It's gonna happen. Lol! I've taken softeners and milk of magnesia, and had lots of spinach smoothies..... so.

No one likes it when I walk around.... but sitting for 24 hours isn't going to do me any good. I hate not being able to snuggle with the twins or my husband but I know it will be all over soon.

I'll try to get to my pc today to post pics. Pray to the poop gods for me! Lol!

Flat Tummy

Rough Morning

This morning was pretty rough. I noticed last night my pain meds were making me "druggy"... which I can't stand. So I took my last percocet at 5am. I'm just going to do extra strength tylenol instead. I've been horribly nauseous and had a rough headache all morning. After downing a ton of water it subsided a little. I'm getting up and down perfectly fine, I just wish I could lay in my bed... or take a bath. Lol! All is good though. Going to take a shower in a couple of hours and I'll feet soon much better.

Post Op Day 4

I'm feeling much better today. I'm only taking tylenol and toradol. There's not really any pain except the bruising around my pelvic region. I know everything will go back to normal once the swelling goes down but, I officially have a grandma butt. I don't mean normal grandma, I mean like my 78 year old great grandmother's butt is now where my butt used to be. My hips and lulu are swollen as hell! Which is making me super self conscious.... My tummy, incision, and belly button look awesome though!!!!!

emotional rollercoaster in full affect

The swelling is really starting to get to me. Im trying to ice as much as possible, walk around a little every hour, drink lots of water, and stay away from sodium. My tummy looks great....however, my hips, bottom and pelvic area are STILL swelling pretty bad. I keep telling myself it will look great in no time but its just not registering. I was not blessed with a nice booty, so i busted my butt in the gym for a year to get the little bubble i had. Since surgery it looks horrendous. I cant stand up straight which makes it look "pancakey". As im typing this i know how shallow i sound. Just having one of those days. My incision looks like the bandage may be rubbing it and causing a rash. My entire stomach is trying to rash up from the compression garment. Ugh. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".

Please excuse the typos and grammatical errors. Im on my husbands tablet.... which is a whole other headache. Im just so pissy right now. Sorry.

1 week post op

First of all... Thank you guys so very much for the support and advice!!! It helps so much with the mental crazies!

So I saw the amazing Dr. Reath today. He said everything looks great. I do have some swelling but nothing to worry with. My incision looks good.... I did have a reaction to the ointment, which explains the redness and burning Ive felt. No more dressings needed, just a tank top under my binder and I'm good to go. Which takes about 20 mins off my morning shower routine....YES! I go back to see him in 2 weeks. :)

I woke up with a terrible headache today, and felt really nauseous. Mandi (the best nurse ever) said it was more than likely from coming off the pain meds, it just takes a couple of days.

As I was dressing to go home I pulled my nunners over my incision and my husband tilted his head and said "hmm" with a half smile.... it instantly made my day. That was his moment when he saw that it was all coming together. My husband has been a total rock star through this whole thing. He's amazing.

So I'm definitely in better spirits. This long process of healing is going to suck and I'm prepared for it.... but I'm in it to win it and keeping my eye on the end result.

1 week & 1 day

I sneezed. HOLY COW! I don't ever want to do that again. Like, EVER!

Weekly before and after

I going to try to do these every week.... and also add one of the incision after I shower. The hubbers is at work and my mom went back home early. So I was told to sit in my chair and not move until he gets home. :)

Just some rambling....


I feel great today. Tuesday I did a little laundry and just knew that I would be exhausted the next day. Wednesday I woke up feeling great, but decided to take long breaks between "activities". I did some laundry, made the bed (sort of lol)... I even made pumpkin loaf bread. I'm still taking it easy and it takes forever to get small tasks done, but it feels great to help out just a little bit. When I want to cook, everyone helps me gather stuff I need and I sit on a stool in the kitchen. The most exhausting thing, byfar, is washing my hair.... its enough to make a girl consider a buzz cut.

The twins and my husband have been amazing! I still ice constantly and am listening to my body. Still no pain (knock on wood). The only discomfort I have is my back and occassional headaches. My incision is healing nicely. There's only a small amount of scabbing, and that's in the small gathered spots. Actually, as much skin as he removed, I'm amazed there isn't more puckering. I'm almost able to stand straight up. I'm not forcing it though, I stretch a little (a teeny tiny bit) everyday. I'll be so glad when I can sleep with my knees straight. They are so stiff when I wake up in the morning.

Today my plan is to clean myself up...Lol! I desperately need to tame this crazy mop I have called hair for the past week. Gonna try and find something other than jam jams to wear, and maybe throw some makeup on.

Every day gets better and better.

Almost back to normal.

A few days ago I figured out how to sleep on my side. I can not express how amazing I slept that night. It was outstanding. I can laugh now without feeling like im going to pop open, still have to cough slowly. I sneezed lastnight and ever since then, my abs feel like I did a 3 hour core session in the gym. Got out of the shower this evening and was putting on lotion, I noticed all my scabbing on my incision is gone! I do still have some on my belly button but my main incision is completely healed!!! I still have some swelling in the lower middle abdomen, and can't stand straight up completely just yet. With the exception of lifting things I'm basically back to my old self. Still listening to my body and taking breaks though. I don't ever do so much it's exhausts me....I kind of casually go about my normal routine.

I see Dr Reath the 22nd...... 2 days before I turn 30 :)
I'm hoping when I see him he gives me the all clear to discontinue the dreaded binder and start using my silicone strip.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures. 8P

2 week pics

I figured I would include a picture of what I looked like at rock bottom a year ago. When you think about the healing process and how long it takes to get back to normal.... It doesn't really seem like that long when I compare it to a year ago. I have come a long way both mentally and physically. I could not be happier with my doctors work. Im floored!!!

I use picmonkey.com to do my side by side collages....I Love that site! Happy Healing my lovlies!


I have never wanted to soak in the bathtub so bad in my life. Another one of those things you forget to ask about. When can I take a bath????? I miss my tub.

3 weeks

Today is the 3 week mark. I feel pretty good. I'm almost standing straight, still sleeping on my side (heavenly), and wearing my binder around the clock. Slowly getting back into the day to day grind. I cant wait to be able to mop....GOOD LORD! When I get the all clear to start running Ill head back to work, thankfully I'm self employed and can take my time. Yesterday was the first time I was able to cook AND clean the kitchen afterwards. Granted it took me forever, but I did it. My daughter has been so extremely helpful throughout this whole process. She's happy to help me, and tells me every morning when I drop her at school "Don't do anything but play video games until I get home." UGH! Such a precious little nugget. My son on the other hand asks just about everyday when I will be able to do stuff for myself, and let the dogs out. I love him but jeeze he's a turd. I think he's over it. My husband did amazing while he was able to stay home and take care of me, but I'm sure he's relieved to be back on the road and working. LOL!

I was washing my incision last night and noticed something poking out. It looked like a hair, but I think it's actually a stitch. There's a tiny...like tiny...pin head of a hole there and its pink. I immediately freaked out covered it in alcohol and put a butterfly closure on it. I see my doctor tomorrow, so hopefully he'll tell me its no big deal and I'm crazy for worrying. FINGERS CROSSED! I also have quite a bit of swelling, which I know comes with the territory. Last week I developed acne like a 14 year old HA! Its almost cleared up though. It has to be a reaction to the medicine or laying around too much, who knows. My face and neck looked terrible. I'm on the upside of it now though.

Overall I'm still super happy with my results and LOVING my new belly button and flat tummy. Just counting the days until he tells me I can start running.... and mopping. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

3 week pictures

Saw Dr. Reath today. He cleared me for light cardio, so the baby steps have officially begun. Im going to start walking every other day, slowing increasing the difficulty. He said everything looks great, and that I have an amazing waistline (finally I have a waist). Also the stitch I was freaking out about is fine, he just pulled it with tweezers and clipped it. Surprise surprise, I over reacted. Ive lost 5# since surgery day :) He said the swelling is normal, and Im full blown hormonal swing right now. You can tell in my pictures Im currently residing in Bloatsville! Not much difference that I can see in the pictures since last week. My energy levels have exponentially increased though. Im one happy lady.

First official exercise

Thank you so much for all your kind comments! :*

I walked 2 miles in about 40 mins. When I finished I wasn't sore or overly winded. Came straight home and took preventative measures just to make sure. Currently icing my belly and drinking water and pineapple juice. Resting the rest of the day.

Old habits die hard.

I was cleaning today and walked noticed my pants were up around my ears. LOL! I have been wearing my pants so high to cover my ouch for so long, I'm going to have to re-learn how to wear pants. Ha!

Over did it!

Tomorrow is my 5 week mark. Between taking the kids trick or treating, the Halloween party we had Saturday, and a few other things I've done over the weekend... I have over done it. Im swelling but it really isnt too bad, still wearing the spanx except to sleep in. I havent worn my binder in a few days but today I am. My quilting stitches are where Im feeling the pain. When I woke up Sunday morning I was so sore! So yesterday I just layed around. I'm still constantly icing my abdomen. Going back to work today and hitting the gym tomorrow. When I say hitting the gym I mean walking and working on barbell fundamentals with a pvc pipe... LOL nothing crazy. ZERO AB WORK! I am resting, however I noticed the more I sit still and do nothing, the more "stiff" I feel when I do try to move around. I need to keep being active, just need to find a happy medium.

Also I was complaining about how horrible my floors were..... Yeah theres no way I can vacuum yet. I tried to on Friday and only did a 6'x6' area before I said NEGATIVE, so I didn't even attempt to sweep or mop either. The hubbers hit them for me though :) Pictures to come tomorrow.

6 week update

Everything is going great. I have some swelling but it looks fairly normal. I've had to take a break from wearing my silicone strip, I pulled it of too quick and it took a tiny piece of skin with it... ouch.
I'm still completely numb under my incision on my thighs/hips, and in the center of my abdomen. Everything else has gone back to normal. My back and right side is still swollen a little.

I'm able to do squats with my 35# barbell, lunges, and vigorous walking (lol) but that's it. That's ok though because I can tell my booty is trying to come back. :) Normal every day tasks don't tire me out anymore, and I can safely say I am now able to vacuum..... PRAISE ODIN!

I see Dr. Reath on Wednesday, and hopefully I don't forget to ask about when I can take a bath.
Also my scar line looks kind of weird near my hips. I'm fine with the way it looks, I just want to make sure its healed and there isn't a problem with it.

My bikini bottoms and most of my underwear completely cover my scar, so I'm super happy with that.

7 weeks Dr. Appt.

I saw Dr. Reath today and everything went well. He cleared me to go back to normal, zero restrictions.... obviously if something hurts or is uncomfortable, don't do it. Also.............

I. Can. Take. A. Bath.

I am one happy girl. As we speak I am awaiting the hot water to build up from kids bathing, the dishwasher running, etc... because I plan on filling my tub up as high as it goes, and not getting out until my fingers prune up.

My next appt isn't until March of next year. I couldn't be happier. For now I'm going to enjoy the holidays and workout as best I can. Come January I will be ready to go balls to the wall in the gym and fine tune this new fabulous body of mine!!!

Happy Trails Lovelies!

Still ecstatic.

This weekend was the first time I really hit the gym hard and have been able to do it all week without any hiccups. The holidays were crazy and I enjoyed the food, a bit much. It's all good though because we're back into our Paleo grind.

So far the only place that feeling hasn't completely returned to is my hips below the incision and the center of my abdomen under my belly button. Everything looks great. The scar isn't AS red or AS purple anymore, it's a scar.... I've never been too concerned with its appearance as long as it's flat, and it is!

I can see my abs starting to show through, and I tell ya what.... I CANT STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!

I'm building my "tree trunks" back up and it feels outstanding. I missed the gym soooo bad!

Happy, Happy girl right here!
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

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