Nauseous in Knox

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Just got my attachments today. Would tell more...

Just got my attachments today. Would tell more about my experience if I had enough characters. However I have a big problem. I've been wearing the trays for two weeks. Over the past 3-4 days I've been getting fairly nauseous when wearing them. It's like the plastic and all that saliva just makes my stomach hurt or something. I feel better when they are out. I so hope someone else can relate to this and even better have a solution!!!

I read some posts that Meghan sent and they did...

I read some posts that Meghan sent and they did seem to allay my concerns to some degree. At least others are having similar problems. One thing I may have picked up on, I think it happens more when I'm hungry or my stomach is relatively empty. Before invisalign, I would sometimes get that feeling when I was really hungry. But with invisalign it happens so much faster and more intense. I have to very quickly take them out or lost it, and I usually feel better after I've eaten something. Weird I know.

About my Attachments: Just got them two days ago....

About my Attachments: Just got them two days ago. Have ten, mostly on K9s and back so they don't show that much. On some teeth I have two attachments. They are sharp even though the tech did file them down alot. Worse, they are rough. Whatever material they use is not smooth, which I can't understand. When you run your tongue over them it feels like you're licking a pumice stone - ewe. I can see why people have problems with them, but once my trays are in it's fine. I'm starting to get to the point where I prefer to have my trays in. Unfortunately I snack alot. Also once I got my attachments, I found using the "Outtie" tool was extremely helpful. I would even go so far as to say a necessity on those first days of a new tray when they are very tight. My doc told me to use a crochet hook. I had lots of them at home but let me tell you there is NO comparison to the Outtie (you can find them on Amazon. they are not terribly expensive but not as cheap as I think they should be) But for me, 100% worth the cost. Check em out

About Staining: So my first trays got pretty...

About Staining: So my first trays got pretty stained by the end of the two weeks. I thought they were but was surprised at how bad when I had the new trays to compare them to. I was brushing at least twice a day, not drinking or eating with them in. Brushing my teeth after eating and drinking, the whole shebang. Couldn't figure out what the deal was. Anyway after I got my second trays I decided to do some experimenting with solutions. Each experiment lasted app. 20 minutes. Not sure if the length of time was part of the problem. Equal parts of water and:
White Vinegar (nada results), Hydrogen Peroxide (zip), Bleach (actually this
was 1:10 ratio, bleach to water. got small results)
So the point is nothing was significant which was disappointing. Now it's just been two days and either I'm being overly obsessive or I've noticed some very light staining on my new trays. I used the Hydrogen Peroxide again and they did seem better? Maybe part of the trick is to use the solution every few days whether you see stains or not.

I have some Fast Bright (effervescent tablets from Amazon) coming in the mail. I'll try them on the old pair and let you know what happens.

I'm open to any other suggestions for my experimentation. I'll eventually get some pics up here as well.

About Staining part II: Well I got the Retainer...

About Staining part II: Well I got the Retainer Brite product from Amazon. ( I incorrectly named it in my earlier post ) and I have to say this product worked better than any of my other experiments so far. I actually noticed a difference after the one use where I didn't with the other products. RB says to use every day but because I am cheap, I will probably only use it 3 times per week. Plus I am happy with the result. The trays are not 100% new looking, there is still some staining when you look along the sides, but I think I will stick with this product for awhile.
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