66 Years Old Breast Lift and Augmentation - Knoxville, TN

I have interviewed some great plastic surgeons and...

I have interviewed some great plastic surgeons and will be making my decision on Monday September 19, 2016 with an expected day of October 2016 surgery. All my life my breasts have been a source of depression for me. I have asymmetry with one breast being a cup size larger than the other. As a girl I had no breasts at all. With age and sag I have something but it is far from attractive. I've been very nervous while contemplating this for 10 years but I am calmer now. I want this and I will be getting it done!

Back and forth!

Well tomorrow will be the day I make my decision. I am committed to going forward but keep going over the risks and possible problems in my mind. It is not a comfortable time with all that brain work going on. I am committed to the 2 stage procedure as I think it is more conservative and likely to present a better outcome. That limits me to two surgeons. One has his own surgery center and uses IV sedation as opposed to general anesthesia. This doctor is also a closer trip. I will meet with him for the second time tomorrow. I know both will be consummate professionals so it will be hard closing in on the decision.

Bump in the road

Well, I went to the plastic surgeon and my blood pressure was high. It got so high 219/109 that I went to the ER. Lots of tests, on blood pressure meds. I think I am just too scared to move forward. I meet with a new PCP today. We will see what he says.

All is well!

Keeping cool and just trying to relax. Got surgical clearance after a blood pressure scare. Whew!!!!

Off we go!

Well, it has been quite the journey. My plastic surgeon's office discovered I had high blood pressure. That was contributing to me feeling like a nervous wreck. After walk in clinic, ER, and a new primary care, blood pressure is coming down with meds and I feel so much better! The BP was so high it felt like anxiety and I thought it may be coming from the thought of surgery, even though I wanted it very much. My GP gave surgical clearance and we are good to go on October 13, 2016. I chose Dr. Lazarus in Knoxville for he was very, very conservative, sweet and a good fit for my personality. I liked all the plastic surgeons very much but Dr. Lazarus was my man. The woman who does my permanent cosmetics said, "view a few and then trust your gut." Dr. Lazarus won out. I also opened up and shared it with a few close friends and that was enormously helpful. My husband of 27 years and I are not getting along. He's gotten older and more ornery and he agitates me no end. He's no help so that, too, adds to the anxiety. However, this is for me. It is a lot of money. I chose Dr. Lazarus also because he has his own private surgical suite, used IV anesthetic, is close to my home. He has been around for 30 years and has an impeccable reputation. He did plastic surgery residency at Vanderbilt, one of our top hospitals here in Tennessee. I am settled and positive now. The nurse at the doctor's office, Marguerite, said turn the nerves to excitement and that is what I have done. She will be in the operating room while assisting while I am getting my surgery. She said I looked awesome for my age and will be thrilled with my result. Happy and Excited in Tennessee!!
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