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I will be having breast augmentation in two weeks....

I will be having breast augmentation in two weeks. I am 23 years old, and this is something I have known I would do for a long time. I am blessed (?) with curves in just about every location but my breasts. I suppose you could say I am a 34A, but I do not fill the cup and I use padded bras. In addition to being smaller in size, I have a constricted lower pole, contributing to an odd, triangular shape (and more fullness on top). I have had one child and breast pumped for 3 months, but that did not noticeably change my breasts, if at all. I've never really felt inadequate due to my breast size while in clothing. My fiance loves them and keeps telling me he will miss them (yeah, we'll see buddy). I am a proud woman and mother, but I do feel out of proportion. I do not feel comfortable in tighter tops and I do not feel as sexy when not clothed or in a bra. I look forward to fitting better in clothes, and feeling better without clothes on.

My consultation was last week and went pretty well. This was my second consultation due to not feeling entirely comfortable with the first practitioner I met with. I know many women suggest multiple consultations with many doctors, but the one I chose is well respected in the area, has impressive credentials, comes highly recommended, and I trust in his ability! That being said, I was a little concerned to find that I would only be able to get 300-360cc due to having a smaller base-width. Any larger could cause complications and/or basically...look ugly, which of course I don't want. I am just so afraid of going through all this to wake up and think, "They look so small!". I've tried to look at comparable pictures of other women with similar stats, but the results vary. I do not want to be a large-chested woman to begin with. I'm fairly active, I do not want the back problems, and I do not want my boobs to be the first to greet a stranger. I do wish for a full C, and to look proportionate, and to be able to play them up or down based on the appropriate situation.

I have a feeling these next two weeks will s l o w l y mosey on by as I torture myself with thoughts of doubt and paranoia. I try to tell my self that even if they are smaller that I wanted, it will still look much better. The nurse mentioned that many women in this situation have a revision down the road after their body has stretched to fit the current implant. I plan to stick with what I have for a good while, so I want the best results possible. While I do not feel guilty with the investment I am making for myself (it can be hard to do things for yourself when you have a small child), it is not one I will be able to repeat any time soon.

Impatiently Waiting

Honestly, I don't even know how I am going to function the next 11 days. BA is the only thing on my brain and time is moving so slowly. It is laughable to see me trying to do my school work. I wore a sundress today just playing around with my son. It is padded so I went bra-less, but since my breast don't even fill the cups of this size small dress, I wasn't able to bend over or move in a way that would show everything. Most of all, I just didn't feel sexy. I am SO ready to get this over with.

Have any ladies had success with weight loss the following months after surgery? I've lost about 30 pounds since January, but I would like to lose at least another 15. I do not expect my breast tissue to change much (they were small rather I carried extra pounds or not). I'm just wondering how long it will be before I can get back on the bandwagon? Did anyone find extra motivation to get in shape after having the surgery done? For the record, I am about 5'3 and 130 pounds.

Sinus Infection

Well, I have been fighting a cold for about a week. Went to the doc today and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I have laryngitis and am unable to speak. Perfect! The doc put me on antibiotics and my PS office said as long as they work and I begin to feel better then I should be able to continue as scheduled in a week. I have read that this can increase possibility of CC. Yikes!

Pre-Op Emotional Numbness

So I went from thinking about nothing but my surgery to hardly thinking about it at all. It is only a few days away but it just isn't registering in my brain. It is so weird how the brain works! I wish I was feeling more excited...or feeling something at all. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm afraid it won't hit me until the last minute, or after the surgery, and then I'll be in shock!

The Big Day

I made it to this morning! I'll be heading to the surgery center in a few minutes and thought I'd post a few last minute before pictures. Although I don't feel sexy in a low cut top or naked, I really only notice how disproportionate I look when looking at photos like these. But it helps me know that this is absolutely the right decision! I'm not having too many nerves as of yet. If any, about anesthesia. I will try to post an update later!

Post op

Surgery went well and quickly! I was given versed before anesthesia so I don't remember being put to sleep. I woke up as if no time had passed. For a few seconds I was dry heaving and coughing but it passed and I'm not having much nausea. I also got the shakes but that passed as well. I don't feel much pain yet and am feeling really lucid, just sleepy. (I'm on the car ride home).

Like most mention, they looked really small to me at first and I got really emotional and started crying. The fiancé and nurses all assured me I was still a little crazy from the meds...haha. Will update later and try to post pics.

Photo op!

Thought I'd post a quick photo before I zonk out for a while. So far so good! I haven't been able to get a good peak under the bra yet. My fiancé has been a nonchalant about the whole thing beforehand...even acting like he was sad the see the 'old ones' go. (Not me!) He is SO excited today...it's hilarious.

Day 1

I've been taking it pretty easy today. I'm laying down on a big 'bed-rest' pillow. It's about 6:30pm and my surgery was around 11am. It seems like I'm getting up every 20 minutes to pee. I've taken my antibiotics, Bromelain, and a stomach pill, but the pain still hasn't kicked in much. I am about to take my first pain pill just to stay on top of it, though I will switch to Tylenol as soon as possible. Just minimal discomfort at this point. I've only had some sun chips today. My fiancé is at the store getting some yogurt and fruit. I feel like I can eat pretty normally...it's just been a pretty easy, low-key day. I'm sure I will eat those words tomorrow!

Day 2

I've been able to go with only 2 pain pills so far, the first last night and the second at 4AM. Both were mainly precautionary. I started a muscle relaxer today (Soma) which, being someone who's never had one before, felt pretty nice! I think I may just try to stick with Tylenol for the pain and an occasional Soma for the muscles. So far the process has been so much easier than I anticipated. I don't know if the real pain is just delayed on-set or if it's really just not that bad for me...but I'm not complaining! I've been sleeping well, considering I'm usually a side and stomach sleeper. I am going to shower in a bit, so I will try to take some photos. I think I do have the 'frankenboob' going on. I had more upper than lower pole fullness to begin with so I am not surprised. It may also take a little longer for mine to fall into the correct position, according to my PS's nurse. I think I would have like to go a little larger. My PS reiterated after surgery that this was the perfect size for my body and because of my pre-op shape and narrowness, any larger would not have looked good in terms of shape. Bah humbug! I'm hoping that it's just a little boobie greed and that once the muscles relax and they drop, they will be the perfect size. I receive these daily quotes in my email and got a pretty cool one today:

"That thing you're dealing with right now, Annie... is not by chance.
It's the beginning of the most exciting transformation of your life, so far.
The Universe"

I'm really glad I did this for myself. Though I spent the year taking better care of myself with diet and exercise, I felt like I was starting to lose that fire. I think the boost in confidence will really help in other areas of my life.


My poor, poor fiancé. Someone please tell me how normal it is to be all over the place emotionally! I am crying a lot...for small reasons. I'm also feeling emotional over how they look. I knew ahead of time they would look weird at first, but it's still hard to see myself this way.

I showered today but the sharpie is still there. Since it's so close to the incisions, what am I 'allowed' to use to take it off? Or did y'all just wait it out?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Day 3

When my nurse called yesterday and I asked if I should switch to Tylenol, she told me to stick out the prescriptions at least through today. I now know why. I slept several hours through the night and woke around 7:30 in intense pain. I took two pain meds and a few hours later a muscle relaxer and the intensity hasn't been back since, but I am feeling very medicated. Blurry vision, unable to think straight, and sleeping most of the day. Day 3 has been the weirdest so far. My son came home last night and it's so good to have him around and joke and smile with him (he's 2). The fiancé goes back to work tomorrow and he goes to his grandparent's for the weekend. I feel guilty and sad I am unable to provide much for my son right now. He seems to be doing just fine, but simple things like making him some lunch and changing his diapers...I definitely have some guilt setting in. I know it's temporary and he can be wrapped in my arms again soon enough!

I am so stinkin' bloated today! I feel like I did when I was pregnant! I haven't used the bathroom yet despite a regime of white grape juice and stool softeners. Can't wait for life to feel normal again!

Lift My Spirits?

No matter how much you mentally prepare, some things still hit hard. Physically, this has been pretty simple. Take medication as scheduled and the pain is completely tolerable. I didn't realize what a mental roller coaster this would be. I feel so depressed. Partially because I am out of my routine and not able to get out and do much. My fiancé works a lot so he has not been able to drive me anywhere, and being house bound is seriously depressing. Normally I would break out and start a project or spray paint some furniture, but I'm still very limited on what I can do.

And despite being forewarned about bloating, I seriously look like I've gained 20 pounds. I am so bloated and I feel so disgusting. I'm a big ball of tears.

The girls are still riding high. Yesterday I thought they seemed too small, today I thought they looked great, but really...it's just too early to judge. They are too tight and high, and I'm of no mental capacity to judge anyway.

I think this would be easier for someone with more family support. I do not have much family, and most do not know about my surgery. Going at it alone was not a good idea mentally, so future ladies....keep that in mind.

Day 6

Thought I would update on a more positive note today. I woke this morning feeling well rested, less swollen and bloated, and the girls looked awesome! Still a bit high and tight, but much better. I went for my pre-op appointment with my fiance this morning. The PS is on Vacation and I met with the medical assistant. She removed the stitches and said everything looked good and showed me how to do the massages. Ouuuuch! Of ALL the preparation I did, I must have missed where that was supposed to hurt! I also told her about my emotional troubles and she reassured me that it was very common from coming down from general anesthesia. She agreed that getting out of the house was just what I needed! When I left they were higher and tighter again, especially the one on my right which tends to want to move up into my armpit...ha! My fiance took me to Hobby Lobby for some things I needed and to lunch at Jimmy John's. If you haven't had the pleasure of consuming a delicious sandwich from Jimmy John's...do so ASAP!

I had a hard time grasping before surgery how different I would feel post op. I can now officially say it was worth it. I feel much sexier, I actually enjoy looking in the mirror, bra shopping, and trying on clothes. I am not more of a woman because of my boobs, but I feel more 'womanly'. They already feel and look like a part of me, and it feel so much better than a giant padded bra. I'm happy with the size so far and am curious to see how they look when they settle down more. I wouldn't have minded larger, but my PS said any larger would not result in a nice shape for my body. I also did not want an obvious fake look, and my PS achieved that beautifully.

My fiance is so giddy today. He is very happy with the results. He has always advocated that I didn't need this surgery and was happy with the way I was. But he's extremely happy with the results. I asked him if it was worth the crazy lady he had to deal with for the past week, he said ABSOLUTELY.

Riding high

One of my implants (my dominant side) is riding a higher than the other. The left has dropped quite a bit and is comfortable, but on the right I feel lots of tightness and pressure...very uncomfortable. Massage seems to only irritate it further and icing only helps temporarily. Is this normal?

Two Weeks Post Op

Hello ladies. Life is pretty much back to normal. I have occasional soreness am still unable to completely shave one of my arm pits. I stopped all meds about a week ago and started lifting my 2 year old (only when absolutely necessary) yesterday. My right breast is still contracted under the muscle and higher and tighter than the left and I cannot wait for that to resolve. I was told to do aggressive massages three times a day and I must say I really hate doing them. At my post op appointment the medical assistant said I could resume cardio as I felt like it, so today I walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes. My workouts are usually an hour, and I felt like I could have gone longer but took it easy for the first day to see how my body reacts. I may go ahead with 45 minute workouts but still at a lesser speed than I normally would. I felt fine after this workout but my right muscle got pretty tight during the workout, and a few sharp pains.

A lot of girls go back and forth on if they went with the right size or not, so I thought I'd share my experience though only two weeks out. Before my surgery, I had so much advice to go larger than I thought I wanted to, so I was concerned when the max size my PS would do was 360cc. I'm very happy with the size. I wouldn't want to be smaller or larger. I am still able to fit into my clothing, only better. I can wear a sweater or t-shirt without looking fat (I was seriously worried about that...I wear a lot of over-sized sweaters, not a lot of tight low cut tops). I didn't tell many people and don't want it to be obvious, by my fiance said it is quite noticeable. Thankfully, no one has said anything...noticed or not. I went shopping around day 10 and tried on a 34C bra. It fit, but my breasts were still so high, I'm glad I didn't purchase any. As you can see in the photos, a large portion of my breasts doesn't sit down in the bra the way it eventually will. I am looking forward to when I can finally buy some pretty bras!
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