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I've always had small boobs, and have wanted to...

I've always had small boobs, and have wanted to have a BA for as long as I can remember. I was a 32b before getting pregnant with my daughter. Was a 38d when I had her and was a 38f while breast feeding. I was so excited to finally have boobs and they were pretty! Well, now my little girl is 3. I have lost 40 pounds in the past year and am currently a 34b and they are hideous. I have pancake boobs! I went to dr David reath's website last week requested a consultation. Teresa was so quick to respond, but let me know it usually takes about 8 weeks to get an appointment, but there was a cancelation for this Wednesday! I am so excited. I follow Dr reath on Facebook, googled him read his blog and what people post on here about him. I cannot find one person who is unhappy with their results so I hope when I meet him that I am completely at ease and we can work together to give me the figure I want. I'm 5'5"/145lbs and am thinking I want 400cc silicone moderate plus under the muscle. Any advice would be fantastic. Also, my husband will be taking time off from work after my surgery so how much time realistically would he need to take off to take care of my daughter.

Surgery scheduled!

I met with Dr Reath today and let just tell you that if Knoxville, TN is accessible to you, you should meet with him as well! My hubs is the only man that has seen my boobs in the last seven years so I was a bit nervous, but Dr Reath was nothing short of amazing! He answered all my questions and understood my vision. I have to have a lift/nipple placement correction on one boob. We are going under the muscle with HP silicone implants. After trying on sizers I was certain I was going to want the 550s to get the 500cc look, but now looking at the pictures I took I'm afraid that might be too big. I will show the hubs when he gets home and most likely over discuss it with him. Lol. My pre-op date is July 1st and surgery is July 25th. I'm am SO excited!!!!

Did the rice test

I decided the only way to know if I want 450 or 500cc implants is to wear some damn rice around the house. I bought nylons, and put on a sports bra. Filled one side with 450 and the other with 500. Immediately liked the 500 better so I filled both to 500. Now my 3 year old daughter is asking for rice boobies! Lol.
I have been having a hard time deciding between the two and also knowing that if I went this big, I would be able to correct the slight size difference between my boobs, so I also filled them to 425 and 450 to even them out. It's not a huge size difference, so I think I'm gonna stay with the bigger implants and have about a 5% diff in size.

Forgot a pic

Ugh!!! Driving myself crazy!

I'm am driving myself batshit crazy! I put in the rice sizers and played with my 3 year old daughter... Those damn things totally got in the way. I reduced it to 400 and was able to play a lot easier: jumping, running, etc. I'm leaning towards going with Dr Reath's recommendation of 400. Initially I wanted 375-450 and think I got selfish and greedy in the process. I'm doing this for ME, but I've still got to be a good mom. Has anyone else downsized for the sake of their kids?
I can't wait for this to be over so I can't change my mind anymore!


I will be sent home in a surgical bra and can wear any non-underwire bra after a week. I'm going to order 2 from tonserio, but I'm thinking a couple cute inexepnsive bras will be in order as well. Those of you who have had surgery what do you think about these?


I am totally in love with this site and the women on here. Between calming each others fears, encouraging each other and almost peeing my pants from cracking up I feel really good about my decision to upgrade my girls. I'm not sure that I would have the guts to do this if not for reading y'all's thank you for being amazeballs!!!!

My jellybean

Ok ladies, so I've been posting back and forth with another mommy and realized I need help. My little girl is 3, almost 4. She knows I'm getting boobs. She knows I'm going to have incisions and what they will look like. I have a plan for ways she can be helpful and be a big girl during my recovery. My dilemma is this: she still sleeps in my bed. She falls asleep with her head on my chest. Her pediatrician refused to take her tonsils out until she turned 3 and on many occasions quit breathing during the night. She also has night terrors, so I kept her in the bed with me, but now I can't get her out. Haha. I've tried putting her back in a crib and letting her cry it out, putting her in her room with her big girl furniture and staying with her until she falls asleep, putting a toddler bed beside my bed and nothing works. If she doesn't fall asleep on my chest and feel me when she reaches for me in her sleep, she won't sleep. My husband works night, so I don't care that she's still in our bed, but the falling asleep on my chest is something I can't have right after surgery. Any advice on how to break my jellybean of falling asleep on my boobs?


Surgery is just under a month away but I went shopping with my jellybean today and found a couple great deals I couldn't pass up. Rue 21 has bralettes on sale for$1.99...yes, $1.99!!!! I bought 7, not sure if they'll even fit after surgery but if not, I didn't spend very much so I don't care. TJMaxx had light seamless sports bras 2pack for $7.99 so I got those as well. I went to GNC and bought arnica cream. The guy was so funny. His wife's best friend just had BA and he says they feel like hard man pecks! Haha.
Now to the weird part of my day... Pre-op I'd Monday so I took cash out to pay for surgery and the lady at bank asked me why would some little girl like me be carting around so much cash. First, I'm not little:not by size , nor by age. Secondly, it's not your damn business but since your old and crotchety I'm getting my tits done. thank you very much. Her jaw nearly touched the floor. I walked out of the bank in bit of a mood only to have an old man tell me that a little girl doesn't need to be driving such an expensive car, and that my daddy must really love me.... What???? I'm 28, married and my dad is no longer living. I bit my tongue and put Alana in her carseat and drove away.
I guess that's what I get for not wearing make up and wearing my hair in a high pony. They must've thought I was babysitting Alana as well. Urgh people irk me sometimes. Sorry for the rant. I quit smoking yesterday so everything is getting on my nerves.

Pre-op done

Just left my pre-op appointment: I've got my goody bag and signed everything needed for my new boobs. Paid in full so there's no turning back now. I've decided on 500cc on the right and 475cc on the left because fixing the size difference is more important than having a bigger end result to me. Would I have loved 525/550s? Maybe, but I wouldn't have been happy with the size difference. I want twins not sisters. Haha....I know they won't be identical.
Mandi was great about answering all of my questions and changing my meds. Allergic to cephalosporins so i can't take Keflex and hydro/oxycodone makes me super sick so I'm getting Demerol, Cipro, Soma and phenergan.
Now I just have to see my hematologist to see if I have to be on lovenox post-op and I'm good to go! 24 more days!

Quick question, my husband doesn't want me posting bare breasted pics, but i feel like its expected. We all want to see results for the people we correspond with on here. Any advice?

Wish boobs

I haven't updated in a while.

Ok, the 25th needs to hurry up and get here! i know i shouldn't buy post BA bras yet, but i cant help it. I'm so excited. First Rue21 was having sales on lace bralettes now Aeropostale has seamless sports bras on sale. I've bought almost 15 new bras and I'm a little terrified that they aren't gonna fit. I've bought large and XLs so hopefully they fit during recovery. If not I only paid. $1.99 for the ones at rue21 and 5.99 at aero.
I just got back from my family's annual camping trip. My mother announced that I was getting my boobs done in front of my uncles and grandparents. It's really none of their business so it kinda pissed me off. Matt had to work so he couldn't come this year, so then it became an immediate attack on him. He's an ass man, and could care less about my boobs. He's never done anything to make me feel insecure about my body, so it really pissed me off. He's supportive of my doing this only because I wanted a BA before we were together and he wants ME to be happy with my boobs.

Anyways, I think I have everything for my recovery now. I just need the next 2.5 weeks to pass quickly. ;-)

Question for you all....Matt and I will be married for 5 years in September and part of his gift it going to come boudoir photoshoot. Do you think the end of August will be ok? I just don't want frankenboob pics. The photographer we use stays booked so I need to schedule it soon.


I just wanted to share with y'all how lucky I am to have picked such a great office. I checked the mail today and there was a package from Dr Reaths office. At my pre-op, mandi told me that I should get a squishy, Moldable ice pack and I said I probably have something at home or I will just use frozen peas.
SHE bought me the recommended ice pack! She has been amazing through my entire experience so far and this just really made my day.

Counting Down: 2 weeks

From my first consult to the time I have surgery is 5 weeks. I'm really glad that span of time isn't longer, or I would be driving Matt batshit crazy. Since we are going to be out of town for over a week I'm starting my deep cleaning today. I'm doing our downstairs area first: we have a tv room, kitchenette and bathroom on one side and spare bedroom, gym area and bathroom on the other. It's where I will be spending my recovery so that my little girl doesn't jump on me and hurt me. It's also the coldest place in the house so I will sleep better. Tomorrow I will do the upstairs: Alana's bedroom, bathrrom and guestroom. that child of mine has too much stuff and will take me all day to get her room in order.
Saturday will be the main living level and where we spend most of our time. I'm doing it last because its always used. When we get back next week, it's just be simple dusting, sweeping, mopping and laundry right before surgery. If anyone has a better plan, let me know!
I'm excited but don't want to get caught up in the excitement and forget to do anything vital to a good recovery.

Getting more comfy

As it gets closer to my surgery date, I get more comfy with you ladies. If we all had perfect breasts, we would be getting them augmented. With that said, Matt isn't keen on me posting bare breasted pics. I will, obviously. I will post naked before boobs the morning of surgery as I say farewell to them. Maybe sooner...if I can muster up some courage.

Prepping for the big day.

Now that my house is clean, I decided that I needed to start on what I'm gonna eat during recovery. I'd love to eat junk food: Pringles, Oreos, pizza, etc but i have worked really hard to lose 40 pounds and still have about 10 -15 to go so I don't want to get off track. I decided some ready made smoothies would be a good idea in case Matt can't figure out out to make the ones i usually drink. I had some breast milk storage bags(swear I'm not a hoarder) so I decided to portion the smoothies so that they can be grab and go. I also mixed and portioned out fruit and kale so all he would have to do is add water and pro-fit powder.
Now to make lasagna, chicken and rice and spicy beef and veggie soup to freeze. I think I'm gonna do a crockpot meal the day of surgery, either roast or BBQ chicken so that it'll be ready whenever they get hungry. If you have any other ideas, please share!!!

My funny hubs...

I have told a handful of people that I'm having surgery, but every day Matt tells me he was talking to some friend whose wife/girlfriend/fiancé/baby mama/ex ho/etc had a boob job. I guess for him its the same as you all are to me. I think he actually may be even more excited than I am. He went from being standoffishly supportive to all for it in the passed few days. It's really funny but I'm glad he's super supportive. He tells me that I'm always getting upgraded: my cars, my wedding rings, my house and finally my boobs. If y'all could hear him, you'd be on the floor laughing.

Frustrated and annoyed

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a bed rest/arm chair pillow! I'm a wee bit picky so I wanted to make sure they arent too soft, but I haven't found ANY and I have been to Walmart, target, SAMs, bed bath and beyond, and Kmart. I ordered one online, so hopefully I will have it on time. I will be sleeping in my chaise lounge or recliner the first night or 2 but really want to be back in bed quickly so my little girl and I can snuggle. If you know where I can get one, please let me know. Of rather have 2 rather than risk not having one at all after surgery.

ONE more week!

I'm really excited that this time next week I will be home resting with my big boobs!
I quit smoking a little less than a month ago, but today I was so stressed that I smoked. I felt SO much better. Just curious, how important is it really to completely quit? I think if i could have one occasionally that it would significantly ease my nerves.

Final details

My dumbass forgot to send in my medical history that has to be at the surgery center 5 days before surgery. I sent it with my prescriptions with the hubby to work tonight. Hopefully, it's not going to be an issue. I called my mama and told her not to come until the following weekend so that I will have some help for a full 10 days. I'm a little nervous because Matthew has never really taken care of Alana by himself. She's almost 4, and very much a mama's girl. I told Matt that I want to be downstairs during my recovery because its colder and quiet. I have a tv room, bedroom, mini kitchenette, gym and bathroom. I have everything needed for recovery and just need to organize tomorrow or Monday.
I'm getting my hair done and arm pits waxed on Wednesday...have any of you done that? Is waxing your pits necessary? I'm getting so excited and my nerves a building a bit too.

Last day being part of the itty bitty titty committee

This time tomorrow I will have just dropped my little girl off at her Nana's house and will be on my way to Knoxville. I think there's something wrong with me; I'm not excited or nervous. Maybe it's because I have other stuff going on, but I think I should be feeling something towards surgery.
Last week while we were out of town our AC quit working. It's getting replaced today but all the extra humidity has cause mold ALL over my house. I've had to wash all of our clothes, scrub furniture/walls/cabinets, etc. If my surgery weren't already paid for, it would probably be getting postponed. The new unit is being installed today, so I have to get the rest of the house done by this evening.
Quick question: with prior surgeries, I've had to drink Magnesium Citrate the day before to empty out my colon. It wasn't on my list of things to do prior to surgery, but a lot of you have said you have had trouble going to the bathroom afterwards. Would you drink it or just hope you don't have issues?

All done!

Surgery went well. Will do longer post, but I'm about to fall asleep

Surgery day

I thought I would have trouble sleeping last night and be nervous. I went to sleep at 11:45 and got up at 7:15. I slept very peacefully. I got up and scrubbed with the antibacterial body wash..hate the smell of it. I put my hair in a high ponytail, took my contacts out, made sure I had everything I needed in the kit that Dr Reath gave me. I dropped my daughter off with her grandparents and away we went. I got there 15 minutes before my start time and man was it packed!!! Signed in at 10:15, registration at 10:45, was undressedarked and has my I've going by 11:10. I even talked to the anesthesiologist in that time. Once I was taken to the OR the nurse realized that dr Reath hadnt changed my wound wash from ancef so he changed it to vanco and we were good to go. The anesthesiologist told me he was giving me oxygen...more like laughing gas! I'd already had decadron, toradol and versed. I was loopy as all get out. After that it gets a bit fuzzy. They had to dose me twice with Demerol and had Matt give me one of the somas from
one of my post -op RXs. I was super thirsty so i drank 3 sprites them the anesthialogist came to check on me and I apparently made fun of him for having 2 mouths.
My surgery itself only took 45 minutes. They did a slight lift on the right, lower the crease on the left, and I got 500 cc (left) and 475 cc (right). I can take pain meds every 3 hours but so far I can do them every six. Yay. Thank you ladies for all of your support and I apologize of there are a bunch of nonsensical errors!

Not too bad

I meant to update last night but fell asleep. The pain isn't as bad as I expected it to be. I'm able to take pain meds every 6-8 hours instead of every 3 like prescribed. I tried to shower but that didn't work out too well...I fainted. I was able to sleep on my side last night so that was nice....1 step closer to sleeping on my tummy. :)


Has anyone else had a bad reaction to the tape?

No Bra?

I was sent home in a surgical bra with a spare to always have a clean one. They are too tight already and bugging the crap out of me. I took it off and I feel SO much better. Is it ok to go without a bra for a little while?

3 days post op

Today has been pretty good. Took my antibiotic and one muscle relaxer all day. Getting ready for bed so Im gonna take everything: phenergan, Demerol, soma and cipro just so I don't wake up in horrible pain.
I expected the pain to be worse, but I was able to go out for lunch and dinner with my family today and it was nice to not be in a medicine haze. Hopefully tomorrow I can do without the somas as well.
My surgical bras are too tight so I bought some bandinis...2X!!!
That brings me to my biggest gripe... DO NOT step on the scale!!! I felt bloated, so I stepped on the scale and cried. 16 pounds heavier than when I went for surgery. :(
I know it's post surgical swelling, water retention, constipation and implant weight but sixteen pounds?!? :(
I will be taking a laxative tomorrow and no more giving in to the chewy chips ahoy cookies. Lol.

3 days Post op pics

Feeling good

I'm feeling really good. I'm not taking any meds anymore. I have muscle spasms but I suppose that comes with going under the muscle. They are still quite high, but they are getting softer and feel more like my own each day.
I can see how some women get boob greed. 500cc is a large implant but they don't seem as big as when I tried on the sizers. I'm not at all unhappy with the size, but I wish there was a more accurate way to tell what you'll look like/feel like after surgery because I wouldn't have stressed as much over 50cc.
I see my PS tomorrow for my first post op appointment so I'm looking forward to learning the necessary massages.

Amazing day!

I had my first post op appointment today. It went really well. Mandi and dr Reath are truly amazing people. Dr Reath is pleased with how well everything is healing and he showed Matthew and I how to do massages. Matthew has bigger hands so he will be doing it even though he's fairly certain I'm gonna punch him because its hurts like hell at first. Once you get the muscles/implant warmed up it feels quite soothing.

Because our little girl was with nana, Matthew and I went shopping. Of course we went to Victorias Secret. I got measured for shits and giggles. So far I'm measuring at 34DD, so once I drop and fluff, will I be bigger or smaller? I told the girl that I just got implants and she said that I will most likely be a DDD so to get a 36DD because that's the sister size, but for now I will stick with my bandinis and get measured again in a few weeks.

I wish all women felt this great! Am I at my goal weight? Nope! Do I need to tighten and tone up some? Sure! Do I even give a shit about that right now? Um...nope. I am happy that I have curves and fill out my clothes.

Final thought for today.... Are you wrestling between 2 sizes? Think about your final goal! WHY do you want a BA? Bigger isn't always the best choice. I know it was just 50cc between the 2 sizes I liked, but I'm so glad I went for symmetry instead of volume.

Side sleeping

Forgot to mention... I CAN sleep on my side! WOOHOO. I'm relieved because I've been sleeping on my side since 2 days post op. it'll be a while before I attempt sleeping on my belly. Matthew says I end up somewhere between my side and my belly snuggling a pillow when I'm good and asleep, so that's what's working for now. Mandi says to sleep however is most comfortable but that being propped up with help with swelling so I try to start the night that way and when I'm watching tv.


I've been able to very honest on this page, so here goes more truth: (Quit reading now if you don't want TMI)

The massaging hurts at first. Then your muscles get warmed up and it feels awesome! Having your husband be the one to do the massage isn't at all erotic until it gets to the feeling awesome part. My plastic surgeon recommended massaging several times a day so now my husband and I are like.... I dunno a newly sexual couple who can't get enough of each other again. I LOVE IT! Gone are the days of feeling self conscious. I'm not sure that he really is an ass man as he has proclaimed for the last 6+ years. He is definitely a fan of the new additions. I can only hope that you ladies are having such a great time as well.
Question: my nipple that got the lift is SUPER sensitive. Is that normal? The other has about the same level of sensitivity as before, but the other is like crazy sensitive. Does it stay like this?

So it's funny, when we go out I downplay my new enhancements by wearing a scarf or jacket. I thought I would want to show them off, but really I don't want other men looking at me, just the hubs. I hope that doesn't change.

People trying to rain on my parade

Slightly irritated. I had company this was family. Hearing the comment, "they don't look THAT big" pisses me off. What were they expecting... Dolly Parton? Pam Anderson?...umm, no thank you!
Regardless of what other people say I am thrilled with the size I chose and know that they'll continue to change as they drop and fluff.
Ok, enough venting. Some changes I've noticed is that they are getting softer and starting to feel more natural. Even jiggle a little when walking down the stairs or chasing my little girl. I'm also a little sore about an inch up from the beginning and end of my incisions. Anyone else have this? I don't really get morning boob anymore so thats great! If I start lifting something too heavy, they spasm. It's a nice reminder than I'm not supposed to lift more than 5-10 pounds for another week or 2.
I've also started sleeping on my belly again. The first night I though it might be a fluke but its been 2 nights and nap that I've done it i think it's safe to say I can sleep any way I want now.
I ordered a couple Victoria Secret bras because the store didn't have my size in the color I wanted. They were supposed to be here yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow they'll be here so I can post pictures. I just feel like the bandinis don't offer quite enough support, so I'm pretty excited about getting a couple day time/ leaving the house bras.

I hope you all who a recently augmented are healing well and those of you on the fence about doing it find comfort in whichever decision you make. :)

Day 10

Feeling Awesome

I'm 11 days PO. I went to Victorias Secret 6 days PO and got measured at 34D/DD depending in the fit of the bra. I debated buying bras this early on, and on Thursday went online and bought a couple. They came today and I'm busting out of one and almost out of the other. I ordered 34DD thinking I'd have a bit of room until I dropped. I'm adding an extender to one, basically making it the sister size to a 34DDD. Holy Moly! It fits much better with the extender and will suffice until I finish d/f'ing. I'm returning the other because its so small that it hurts to wear it.
Also, today was the first day I attempted driving. I can feel it pulling/stretching some muscles but it wasn't bad at all. Glad to not have to depend on someone to drive me around now that Matt's back to work.
Lastly, I just want to thank you all for the compassionate, encouraging words. It's made this experience all the better.


Hey ladies!!! Has anyone else get side boob soreness? I feel almost like I'm's hard to explain but it's not the most pleasant feeling, especially when wearing a bra.
Second question: do your scars feel hard?

Thanks y'all for all of your help.

Feeling more homegrown

I'm 2.5 weeks post op and couldn't be more pleased. I read so many reviews and honestly feel awful for the ladies who are still having pain or don't like the way their boobs look at this point. My little girl and I were walking around the neighborhood and she saw a puppy in the road. She was afraid it'd get hit by a car and took off after it, I jogged/ran with her and it didn't feel weird. I just wish I had 2 bras on so that they werent bouncing so much but that's just a modesty thing. I can no longer feel my implant and it doesn't move awkwardly anymore when I do something that flexes the muscles.
I still have the sunburn feeling on the sides, but its less frequent. I did go numb under my left breast and lost sensation in my nipple around 10 days post op, but the feeling is coming back now. Other side is still hypersensitive. It's kinda odd.
The ups guy delivered a package and I had to hold my 70 pound English bulldog back(not mean, he wanted a treat from the ups guy. He spoils my dogs). That was a little painful considering that's way above my weight limit right now. My little girl is 45 pounds and I have carried her a couple times with no issue.
Speaking on my little girl, she announced at church in front of the whole congregation (when all the little kids go up front for a bible story) that "my mommys boobs hurt. They cut her nipple and have her big boobies. Daddy 'ssages (massages) them." I about died. It was so funny, but a little embarrassing too.
I will post pics when I get home this evening.

3 weeks PO

Today marks 3 weeks since surgery and the first time I've went running since getting them. It felt pretty good. I did 1.5 miles before they started aching and having muscle spasms. I think I'm gonna have to get a sports bra with better support. Any recommendations?

Whoever said dressing down was easy lied

I've read so many posts about once you have clothes on, your boobs look small. Ummm, well I'm about to post 2 picks. I'm wearing a sports bra so they are a bit compressed but its the only way I could wear this shirt. One of the moms at my daughters school asked me if they'd been enhanced when I picked Alana up today. I laughed and asked if it was obvious because I've always wear a really padded bra. She was like, "girl, there is no denying you've had work done. You've been dressing more conservatively but they are WAY bigger than last year." Good thing I'm not shy. I gave her my doctors name and number.

Am I crazy?

Am I crazy or do your boobs get smaller? I think because the swelling is gone my boobs look small!!!! I'm still overflowing my DDs and sone DDDs but they don't look as big anymore. Maybe I'm just getting used to them. I'm happy with the size, and don't really have boob greed...just curious if its common for them to get smaller.


Taking a cue from my good (realself) friend BKraz and going braless today. I love that I don't HAVE to wear a bra to have cleavage!


I haven't had any pain for quite a while. Today I was playing with my 17 month old nephew, and we always play rough. He tripped and fell on my chest. I was laying on the floor tossing him in the air(which I've done for the past few weeks w/o pain). I'm in feels like I'm 2-3 days post op. when he fell on me, could he have ripped something? I see my PS Wednesday, so I'm not overly concerned but holy schniekies my left breast hurts. It got the brunt of his little 30 pound body.

2 month post op

I cannot believe its been two months already! Everything was going really well until this morning. I noticed on my lift side that my nipple is oozing at the very top. I called my surgeon and will be going in this afternoon. They say its probably a sterile abcess but want me be seen just in case.
I've had an unbelievably easy recovery, and I know it's all because Dr Reath is amongst the best in his field. From sleeping on my side 2 days PO, sleeping on my belly 7 days PO, running at 3 weeks and returning to full activity at 4 weeks this experience has been completely positive. My family spent a week at the beach recently and it was so nice to not be self conscious about my chest. I had a bit of trouble finding a top to fit right, but I enjoyed the challenge.
I bought underwire bras last week at VS. I'm wearing a 34DDD but find that it's easier to wear the sister size 36DD. It's funny to always wanted to be able to fill out a bra, but once you bust out of a D cup you have to start wearing granny looking bras. Oh the sacrifices we make! Hahaha ;-)
Have any of you watched Double Divas on lifetime? My mom lives in Atlanta so I think I may go to their store and have a bra made specifically for me.


There seems to be a pattern to the reviews on this site. You post a ton before surgery and the first couple weeks after, then you drop off the face of the earth. I apologize for that. I often forget that I have implants because my boobs fit my body and there aren't any nagging pains or moments of insecurity anymore. They are soft and squishy and feel completely homegrown. I don't feel like they are huge. I guess as I've gotten used to them, they actually still feel kinda small. 34 DDD does not equate to small tatas, but they fit my frame well. I have found that have trouble find bras that fit just right. Victoria's Secret fits the best if I go for the full coverage bras, but my nips pop out of the every day bras. Any suggestions for great bras that are super comfy? I'm seriously considering going to Atlanta to see the girls from Double Divas!!! ;)

Almost 3 months post op

Hey ladies!!! I'm a couple days shy of being 3 months post op. there's not been any significant changes. People use the term drop and fluff, but I honestly don't get the fluff part. My dropped but they never really "fluffed"...I've been a DDD since about a month post op. I do try to squeeze in to a DD if there's a bra too cute to live without. Lol. Finding bras can be a challenge. I still get achy below my armpit of I wear an underwire for more than a few hours so my wireless from Victoria's Secret is my go to bra. It's super comfy and I highly recommend it.
I will post pics soon!

Real friend

Oh my goodness....what an honor. I received an email today. I'm now a Real Friend on here. :) I can only hope that my experience can help other women through their journey. Its been an amazing few months and i look forward to sharing 4 month post op pics with y'all on Friday after I see Dr Reath.


Omgosh ladies, so I came across a website that I wanted to share with you. It's called True&Co. You take a 2 minute quiz and they "fit" you with bras to fit your tatas. Also you put a deposit on a box of bras and they come to your house for you to try on. You keep(and pay for) the ones you want and send the others back. Free shipping included. I love this because I have once again outgrown all of my bras. I bought several on because they have a sale right now...spend $200 get $50 off but all 4 have to be send back because I hate them and they are too small. I have decided once I get the right size (34F) Freya will be my favorite brand.

If interested in True&Co here is a link...yes, another bonus. Refer friends and gets $25off your purchase. I cannot wait to get my first box. I'm getting a Freya sports bra, Athena plunge, the Jude and 2 that they pick for me to try. I am so excited!

I am a little bummed to have outgrown Victorias Secret, but I will quickly get over that.

I have recently started running again. I NEED a good sports bra. I'm hoping to love my new Freya, but am open to suggestions....

Forgot the link for True&Co

4 months

4 months post op

4 months post op and loving how I fill out my tops!

Pics didn't post

Having trouble finding the right bras

About a week and a half ago I ordered several bra on
I ordered 34E and 34 F because every time I get measured someone tells me a different size. None of the 34E's fit. I'm completely popping out of then. Only one of the 34Fs fit. It's a Le Mystere full coverage bra, and looks like a granny bra but is super comfy. I'm sending the rest back and ordering more. What brands do you ladies like? I ordered Freya and Le Mystere. The Freya's didn't seem to be very good quality for a $65 bra. Looking for all your alls two cents please.

Got new bras today

I love!
I have bought so many bras trying to figure out what is the most comfortable for me. I have returned as many as I've kept, and their customer service is AWESOME! Parisa and le Mystere are my favorite, and panache makes awesome sports bras!
I'm almost 5 months post op, and until I took these picture I was beginning to think they have shrunk. I think the more I get used to them the smaller I think they are. Haha craziness!
I have gained some weight since surgery so I ordered the stuff to start the body by vi 90 day challenge. I'm so tired of having a belly so it has got to go!

Bottoming out?

I am FREAKING out. I was putting bio oil on my boobs when I got out of the shower and noticed my left boob felt funny. Am I bottoming out?

Forgot pic


I talked to mandi at dr Reaths office yesterday. She said that by the pics I emailed her, it's hard to tell if I'm bottoming out. He was only in the office for an hour today, and it was during the time we were closing on our house so now I will have to wait until next Friday to see him. I'm hurting pretty bad. My left boob feels like its on fire and being pulled downward. My right one is starting to ache like my left did about a week ago so I'm scared its gonna start giving me trouble as well.
For those of you who have had a double bubble or have bottomed out, what did your surgeon do to correct it? Did you change your implants?

Sweet gesture

Dr Reath and his staff are awesome. You all know how I feel about them. I received a Christmas gift from them today, a cookbook. It was such a sweet, unexpected gesture. It just gives me another reason to adore them.

Doubling Up

I go see Dr Reath tomorrow, but I have been wearing 2 sports bras this past week and it has taken away the pain and the symmetry is better. As soon as I shower though, it drops back down. I'm not sure if I should shower right before I go and wear a normal bra so he can see or shower in the morning and wear the 2 sports bras so that I'm not hurting and risk him not seeing the issue.

I hope you all have had a great holiday season. Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrated it yesterday.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words and support. This journey would not be the same without you all.

Saw Dr Reath Today

I was supposed to see Dr Reath on Friday but he had an emergency so I got rescheduled for today. I got there a little early, and Liz was as sweet as always. I only has to wait 2 minutes before going back to the exam room. I got half naked and put the robe on. Dr Reath came and examined me. He quickly agreed that there is noticeable change., but that the creases were still even. I told him that I felt there are looking a little better now that I'm doubling up on sports bras and only hurt when I'm in an underwire and bra less. He suggested I take Motrin or Aleve for the muscle pain, massage the implant upwards, and always wear an underwire. He wants to see me again in 4 weeks. I'm not allowed to run right now so I think I'm gonna start yoga and use my elliptical a little more.
I ordered 8 bras from because they are better priced than and I need to find an underwire bra that doesn't cause me the burning and pulling pain at my sternum on my left boob. I'm open to any suggestions. I wear a 36F in most brands so I can no longer go to Victorias Secret for comfy bras. :(

Bra Christmas?

There should be a bra Christmas or something. Since there isn't such day(that I know of) I'm going to celebrate the half birthday of my boobs. I ordered a bunch of bras from (they have really good sales on multipacks) and (they carry the big names I love). So within the next week or so I should be getting about 12 new bras and I'm hoping to love at least 4 and tolerate the rest. Matt says I've spent more on bras in the last 5 months than I have in the 7 years years we've been together. He should see he shopping card I have at for the boudoir photo shoot I'm doing for him in march. Nothing on that site is expensive, and if you buy from all the cute Facebook boutiques they get their stuff from sammydress BUT words to the wise it is REALLY easy to spend a LOT of money really fast because they carry so much stuff. Just be sure to check the chest measurements...what was I saying? Oh yeah, we should have a national boobie day or a fake tits holiday! I don't know, just something fun to celebrate!
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