Love em! 3 months post op as of 10/9/13

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Im 24 years old, and am looking into breast...

Im 24 years old, and am looking into breast augmentation. I dont have a great reason for wanting them, except for the fact that I want bigger boobs. I am 170 pounds, and 5'5" 1/2 and wear a 36B cup (which I cant even fill up all the way), i have noticed that no one else on here seems to have my measurements which scares me! I do work out 3-4 times a week, but I am more of a weight lifter lover than a cardio lover! I have wanted bigger breasts since highschool. My consultation is scheduled for april 23. I want Saline breast imlants because i have just read too many scary stories about gel. I have read so many horror stories! It scares me. Has anyone else been to the website The entire website is pretty much against breast implants, and i wonder if all those stories are true. I would really like other peoples opinons on that website, so let me know if you have read some stuff on the site. Most people on this website seem to love their new boobs, which makes me excited!

So this tuesday (april 23) i have my first...

So this tuesday (april 23) i have my first consultation! I am very excited. Im like obessed with looking at boobs, this website is addictive! Im still a little worried because I hardly ever see anyone on here who weighs more than like 145. I'm trying to lose weight before I decide to go through with this, right now im at 169. Do any of you think having bigger breasts will make a person look bigger? I was just wanting opinions on that. Thanks.

I went today for my first consultation with Dr....

I went today for my first consultation with Dr. Gallaher! It wasn't scary or weird at all. I had two friends with me which helped alot. He gave us a lot of info and then asked about what we wanted. I told him I wanted more cleavage and to not look so spread apart, and to look proportional ! He and the nurse examined my boobs and they said they are the same size which they don't see often! I was like yay! But I do have a slight touch of scoliosis, but that isn't bad . One of my shoulders is just a tad higher than the other. He said I have enough breast tissue for saline and that it would be a good option for me so I'm happy about that. I tried on sizers and posted some pics. I can't schedule anything else because in hoping to get a new job and I'm in the middle of applying for it, so ill have to wait and see if I get the job or not in order to know when to schedule pre op. and surgery

So I had my consultation April 29, and I'm calling...

So I had my consultation April 29, and I'm calling hopefully tomorrow to schedule a date. I'm hoping for July 10! I'm kinda iffy about having it done right in the middle of summer, but the sooner the better because I'm very impatient! I still want to get saline, but not sure on the size. When I went for the consult the doctor and I both agreed that 400 cc would look good on my body frame, but now im thinking I kind of want to go bigger. like 450-475 cc.

Ready to get boobs!!

June 24 is approaching fast! That's my pre op date. Can't wait!! Only 1 month and 10 days away from my BA! Still trying to decide if I want to get saline for sure.

Pre op!!

Today I had my pre-op ! I'm getting saline, under the muscle . The doctor will be bringing in 350, 375, and 425 cc. He advised me not to go any bigger than 425. I'm excited!! My surgery is July 10 at 7 am. The doctor said I would probably end up with a D or maybe DD at Victoria secret because they run small. I hope so.

New bra for the new boonies!

I bought my first bra for after the surgery! It's danskin! I love the color. Is it dangerous to get colored bras and wear them after surgery because the dye might fade onto the scar? Could that cause a problem?

News bras & palmers coco butter!

Some before pics

Ready to have nice, big boobies :D

2 days away from my BIG day!

I will be having surgery this Wednesday, July 10. I have to be at the surgery center at 5:30 am! Im the type of person who likes to get things over with, so I'm glad my surgery will be early. My actual surgery time is scheduled for 7 am. I'm a bit nervous, but mostly excited (although Im sure i will get more nervous as the time gets closer). I'm getting saline, and I really think I want the PS to fill it all the way to 425 cc, then again I dont want to be any bigger than a DD for sure. Im actually aiming for a small D. I am curently a small b cup (36b), so do you ladies think 425 will get me to a small D? any insights/thoughts on that? I also want them to be round and full, and lots of cleavage. Also, does anyone have any good recommendations for stool softeners, etc. The last thing I want to deal with is being constipated, just being honest. Well, Im gonna go now. I hope everyone is doing well, and healing well. For all the girls getting theirs done this week-Good luck!!

I have boobies : )

Well today was the BIG day, hehe. First my mom and dad drove me to the surgery center, and we got there at 5:40 am. I paid the remainder of what i owed, and then i signed some papers. I went back about 6 am to get undressed, pee in a cup, take my blood pressure, and get my iv in. The only slighty discomfort i had during this was when the nurse was trying to get my iv in for the all the mediciations and such. she had to stick me twice because she couldnt find a vein. She was very sweet though, I actually felt bad for her because she looked stressed about it. TO ALL LADIES GETTING THEIRS DONE SOON: DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE NIGHT BEFORE! it helps to find the vein! Another thing that happened (which was kind of embarassing) was that i had a freakin pimple on my left boob, which i normally dont even get pimples. The surgeon asked what it was, and i was like a pimple. He just said dont pick at it, and they will put a band aid over it and stuff. Also, another thing i did different was that I asked them either not to give me "la la" medication, or if that they did then dont give me much at all. I hate mediciation, and the lala medication (as i call it) is basically for nerves. I didnt want it, or feel like i needed it. I was out of the surgery center by 9:30 am!

About the new puppies:
- Mentor Smooth Round Profile Saline
- Right 485
- Left 500
Now let me tell you, I was SHOCKED to find out he went that big lol, because in the surgery room he mentioned 375 and filling it to 425, but apparently that was big enough. He sat me up during the operation to see what would look best. Im happy about it though, becasue I would rather be a little too big then too small.

Anyway, back the operation:
They wheeled me in the operation and set me up. The put an oxygen mask over me, and then gave me the anesthia. The last thing i remember is a nurse or someone saying it will be okay sweetie, and it kinda burned going in my arm (the anesthia) but not bad at all. I was out fast. Like I said, I got out by 9:30 am. I felt A LOT of pressure when i woke up, mainly just in the middle of my boobs. It wasnt that bad though, like I didnt feel like i couldnt breathe or anything. They gave me and coke and crackers, I only ate one. lol . Then I was put in a wheel chair and sent to the car! That was it!

So far, not so bad. just pressure. The main thing that hurts (a little) is my sternum,. and its not unbearable, and hopefully it will never be that way. anway, Im anxious to see how they look! I will try to post a pic tomorrow! after the bandages are taken off! hope all is well with everyone, and good luck to all the girls who are getting theirs today. I sincerely wish all of you well! Thank you all for the support!

Forgot to mention

I did get the crease incision,

First after photo

Post op day 2 boob comparison

1st day post op

So today hasn't been too bad. I slept through the night last night, except for getting up to take medicine. I was really tight when I woke up, but after I went for my check up today, and they removed my bandages and put me in a sports bra, I felt a lot better. Then I took a shower, and the warm water felt sooo good! I'm trying to only take Tylenol right now, instead of my pain killer. Seems to be doing ok so far! Well I hope everyone is recovering well! I'm gonna go now. Bye bye

2nd day post op

Today has been a bit more interesting than yesterday. I woke up with a bad neck ache. Im guessing it's from sleeping in a recliner. Honestly, my neck hurts worse than my boobs! it sucks! but I feel fortunate to say that i havent had any bad pain, only discomfort. Besides the neckache, i think im allergic to the muscle relaxer. It was making my body turn red, and slowed my breathing down. I just didnt feel right, so I stopped taking the muscle relaxer and i felt a lot better today. I also stopped taking my pain pill (i hate pills). I have been taking extra strength tylenol and it does just as good, plus it doesnt make me loopy. I think all those meds were making me loopy and constipated. I asked the PS if i needed to be taking the muscle relaxers and stuff, and she said no that it was only for my comfort, it doesnt help with the healing. The only thing i have to make sure I take is the antibiotic. Also, my boobs look way bigger today which i am happy about! Yesterday they just didnt seem big enough, but i realize that i have only had them for like 3 days. All in all I am doing pretty good, i feel thankful! I hope all other ladies are recovering well and loving their boobies!


A couple of progress pictures

Post op day 3

3rd day post op pic. I'm REALLY bloated here. It's awful lol. But my boobs are looking pretty good so far I think. I'm excited for them to drop and stuff so I can push them together. They feel very hard right now, and tight. Overall though, I'm feeling a lot better!

Post op day 4! Feelin good

Hello everybody! So today was a big improvement! I was able to shower all by myself, pretty much back to normal except for being careful with what I lift. The bloat is all gone now, thank god! I am no longer fatigued, feeling like I have go sleep 24/7. Today I went to the store and visited some of my family. I was outside and stuff. My chest still feels pressure but nothin like what it had been! I've been having vibration like feelings in my left breast. It feels funny, but doesn't hurt. The boobs are becoming more round I think. Oh and I also slept in my bed last night for the first time since my surgery ( I had been sleeping in a recliner) ! I slept very well! I can't wait to stop wearing sports bras, I hate them! But I have a long ways to go before I can stop wearing sports bras. I see my ps again tomorrow for a checkup and to cut off my stitch ends. Then on Tuesday I go back to work. Wish me luck! Hope all are doing well!

Post Op Day 6

Hello all! I went back to work today. I did ok, but my back started hurting really quickly and the most annoying thing that bothered me today was that my bra was rubbing a raw spot. Do any of you have any idea how i can keep the bra from rubbing my skin? Are there any sports bras that are longer than regular ones? My boobies are doing good, and I think they are getting softer. I just hope they get bigger soon, i really hope to be at least a 36 B. Im just gonna have to wait till they drop and fluff.


1 week post op!

1 week post op!

No bra!

Here's a dress I have on with no bra! I'm so excited!!

1 week and 1 day post op!

i'm doing well, feeling better and better every day! I cant wait to stop wearing these sports bras, i hate them! i have no real complaints though. I do have a question for you ladies...have any of you experienced shooting pains through one side of your back ? Today i had shooting pains run through my left side of back and through my right arm.

10 days post op! Feeling good

So I'm 10 days post op now. I feel back to normal and I hope I'm not doing too much and getting carried away. I'm a very social, active person, so I've been catching up with what I lost those couple of days after surgery! Last night I tried on clothes for the first time ( urban outfitters) and I bought a bra top! I also drank some wine :) hadn't had any alcohol since way before the surgery. It was nice. And this may be to tmi, but tonight my boyfriend of 3 years came over. It was a good night. We had homemade ice cream, and also did other things >_> I hope that was ok. My boobs feel fine, but in my booklet about activity, the doctor actually listed sex on there and said to wait about 2-3 weeks. Which I don't get why, I mean if I can work why can't I do that? Anyway sorry for that info, but I am kinda paranoid. I'm feel good though and love my boobs!! I hope everyone is doing good and healing :)))

12 days post op!! Love my body!

So I went crazy with pics tonight. I'm just so excited and really love how my body turned out. I feel so much sexier now and I feel like I look thinner! I'm not afraid of my curves , I'm proud!!

17 days post op!

I'm 17 days post op. everything seems to be going well! I love my boobs and they feel like my own! Im waiting for my left boob to drop, I think my right one already has some, as you can tell in the pics. My friend gave me her old 36 DD bra! Double D baby!!! I'm so excited lol!!

3 weeks post op in 2 days!!

I'm doing great! I bought my first 36 D bra today, and it has no padding whatsoever !!! I love it!!


Scars are getting lighter and lighter each day!

Scars are light


Boating with new boobies!

Today I'm going on the boat with my family, I'm kinda nervous but I will be very careful. This Wednesday will be 28 days though, so yay! I don't plan on getting my boobs wet today, because lake water isn't exactly clean. Lets hope I don't fall in! This Thursday will be my one month post op doctor visit ! And then after I'm going shopping for new swimsuit and a new bra. My boobies are definitely rounding out, and loosing the cone shape! I'm so happy about that, and my boyfriend lovessssss my new boobs lol he was going nuts over them. It was a good feeling. For sure!

1 Month and two weeks post op!

Hey everyone, it's been a really long time since I updated. Sorry, I hope everyone is doing well. I LOVE MY BOOBS! I can do anything I want now ( except push ups and chest exercises that use heavy weights) I honestly think my boobs feel like real boobs, and I can't see my implants. I'm happy I got saline. Also in other news, I recently got engaged!! It will be a week tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I can't believe it is actually happening! I start personal training tomorrow to get in shape by my wedding which won't be till June. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. Lol . It seems like a lot, we will see what happens!

Oh and 36 DD :)

I'm proud to say that I'm a 36 Double D! According to Victoria's Secret :) yay!!!

1 year today!

Getting boobs put in is something I'm so glad I did!! I like sexier and look so much better in clothes and swimsuits! I don't feel selfish at all for getting them! Love your body and do what makes you happy!
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