800cc HP Silicone Smooth Round Unders (Mentor Memory Gel). 15.2bwd. 32a/b pre ba. Almost 5'5", 140lb.

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I was tired of flat, deflated, ski-slope, post...

I was tired of flat, deflated, ski-slope, post baby boobies. I went on a couple consults and when I met my PS, and his staff, I knew it was the right place for me. From the 1st phone call to the last follow up I've had, it's been great. They are all helpful, kind, patient, open, knowledgeable, and highly professional.

When I met my doc, I knew he was "the one". His bedside manner is great. Same is true with his nurses. He (and they) answered each question, no matter how small or silly I thought it sounded, patiently and openly.

I knew I wanted silicone and unders (unless they had some reason why i shouldn't...which each PS I met agreed on unders), he didn't try to talk me out of anything and just explained options and what was gonna work for me.

I also knew it would be on the large to xl size. I was very happy when I met him and his nurse and they reassured me that I wasn't crazy, that with my frame and body type, the larger implants would NOT look fake or stripperish. (It's a MYTH that large implants automatically equate to adult entertainment!!)
I tried on from 600s up to 725ccs on that 1st consult. When I had my 2nd consult/pre-op and size decision day (hubby was there this time), I tried on 725 and 775ccs. I had thought I wanted 750s and decided to just go for that extra 50ccs, so that i could never regret not going larger (which too many girls go thru), and never get boobie greed. I believe that lots of PS's go smaller for the extra business. If you take care of yourself and your investment, large implants are NOT any more of a problem than "normal" range sizes. (A good PS doesn't bat an eye when you want 650 or 800 CCs and have broad shoulders or weigh more than 130 or so. Cuz it fits the body!)

This is my 1st, and I plan on it being my only, ba. I have a large bwd (15.2) and natural cleavage (says the doc) and side boob. So fitting those suckers in here was actually no issue. Of course with 800s, I got the largest that i could fit the 1st time anyway. Which fit my frame amazingly!! I finally have the hourglass figure I never thought I'd have!
I'm almost 5'5", 140, size 4, but not thin. Broad shoulders and waist, but slim enough from a side view. I consider it an athletic build because there isn't a lot of curves, but I'm muscular and not thin. So for me, 800cc was not too big, at all.

My doc has his own suite in a medical park. He has surgery in house in a separate area of his office suite. He has RNs and an anesthesiologist to assist in surgery. So it does save a bit on hospital fees. There were fees for anesthesia etc, of course, but less than other quotes I had gotten that would've taken place in a separate facility.
Also, it was nice to show up and walk in a private side door and walk out that same private door later....privacy! The nurses were amazing before and after (and I don't remember more than 2 minutes in the OR).

Of course I woke up thinking my ribs were being sat on by elephants, and having a hard time getting real deep breaths. This is normal! (for all sizes!) And it got better within a day or two, and was completely gone by about day three. I was sent home in a post op front closure bra, and a boobie strap.

All med scripts were given at pre op (2 weeks ahead...I prepared as much as possible for all post op needs, ahead of time). If you stick to your meds and doc instructions (do NOT stray from pain meds for a day or two at least, and stay on schedule!), it IS bearable. Some ladies have it easier than others. Under the muscle is a harder recovery, usually, from what I've learned from research. So for me, it was a good week til I really felt pretty normal and almost 2 weeks or so til I didn't feel totally weird lifting my arms or doing normal stuff like washing my hair!

I think it's important to know that around week 3 I no longer had brick boobies. But the crazy looking, high, square, flat looking boobies is known as "frankenboob", and is normal. Not everyone gets it...but lots of us do. I did.
At post op day 22 I finally did not have square tops. They still had a bit of man-body-builder flatness, but much less than even a few days before! As of now, pod 28, they look almost normal! Slightly hard still and still high. But much softer than day 1, and lower, and shape is improving daily.

I'm beginning to understand that part of why mine are dropping and changing shape so slowly, is because they are large and under the muscle and it's my 1st ba. So, my muscles are still trying to adjust and argue with their new situation. This is normal.

My scars (crease/under the breast incision) are already improving (how they feel [the lumpiness]...the pinkness will take a bit longer to fade). I have been using tea tree oil and bio oil and coconut oil (depending on what I feel like doing at the time) on the scars for healing, and silicone scar sheets for pain. I know they're supposed to help with the healing, but I don't care. They put a barrier between my bra and my boob...after a week or so The incisions got more sensitive. Way more. Which is normal. After a few days Of the rubbing, I got fed up and bought the scar sheets (which I cut into small strips) and started using them all the time. They help so much!!! Also about 1-1.5 week my nipples were really sensitive (also normal). My doc has me use lotion on them and use slight pressure while rubbing them, to help them recover from the painful sensitivity faster. It helps. I can feel it.

So at this point, I'm very happy. Can't wait for the drop and fluff to be finished. But the size is great for me and I finally feel like my body is womanly and sexy. I may get a tt in the future. Right now, I'm just happy and recovering from my ba. And adjusting to life after/with big boobs! It's wonderful! And my hubby is very happy too!

Do NOT be fooled that large CCs automatically means a certain look. Or that HP does either! That's silly. It's 100% Based on your body type, your bwd, and the look you desire! All my aunt's (but one) have huge boobies, naturally. So now I just look like the rest of my family in the boob department...except mine have full upper pole!!! Woohoo.
My current measurement (which I know will change with the d&f process) is 32G.

Also, a bit of real talk/advice:
if you don't KNOW your surgeon is the right one for you...meaning, on the same page with what YOU want and how to get you there...and you're not 100% confident in their skills and trustworthiness, keep looking! I'm serious. I met with others who I liked and would've certainly have had a "good" result, but I'd have ended up with boobie greed and ultimately unhappy cuz I didn't follow what I wanted for myself. So I kept looking. And my doc has almost 35 years experience, and was totally on my page (as were his awesome nurses!) and was able to answer my questions so that I knew that he knew what the heck he was doing! This is vital! Trust is vital!
Do research. Read the stories of girls who don't have good support post op. And keep looking so you do NOT become one of them! I'm glad I did!

And last thought is this. It's 1000% worth it!
I'm more confident. I feel sexier. It's nice to full out tops that fit me weird before. I have a shape I never imagined. My hubby is thrilled. And I would absolutely choose the same everything if I had to do it again!

Body with boobs!

Wanted to put some pics to show how balanced I look now. I don't feel fake at all. I feel balanced and womanly! Yes, I now have large breasts, but I don't think they look crazy fake. I love them. I want others like me, who've always felt off balance and boxy or flat, to feel hope too.

Just more pics. So happy with the updated version of me. :)

2 months(ish) post op update...soooooo happy!

Everything looks better with boobs. With nicr, full boobs, I should say!

2-2.75 ish months post op update

Pink top and grey bra is to show the difference from earlier post op to now and the other pics are just cuz they look so darn good!!! They look and feel pretty darn real to me! Yay big boobies.

Some new pics at the 3-4 month stage!

Life is fun with big boobies!

I'm including some stuff to show the difference in wearing fitted vs loose tops... and how it makes ALL the difference in how "fat" I look (someone asked me this, and it's useful info), and also how the larger boobs improve the way the body looks overall (imho)...creating the "hourglass" appearance.

I will say that at about 3 months post op, they began fluffing again and now, at 4+ months post, I definitely have larger boobs and need bigger bras again.
So, yes... they keeeeeep on changing for a while post op, ladies!!

Also, I'm currently going through some nerve reattaching/healing, because sensitivity has definitely been up the last couple weeks, and it is different each day.
So, that is something that takes some time to get fully back to normal too. No, it's not painful necessarily or even sore, just sensitive to the touch, mostly.

Maybe this info will help somebody know what to look forward to. I know this site has helped me immensely since I began my journey!

Speedy recovery ladies!! Enjoy those new boobies!!! I know I DO!!!!

Helpful sites that can save your breasts life! Or at least keep them properly elevated!!! ;-)

I was posting on another person's wall and trying to help her out with sizing, etc. I realized that lots of us need help finding out our true bra size.
Most ladies wear a band too big and cups too small, so we never get great support for our boobies! Sad face!!
But the plus side to implants (other than having huge(er), beautiful, fluffy, boobiebags, of course ;-)!!), Is that in researching our butts off, we often find out that most of us have been in the wrong bra size forever, like I was, and the process of surgery and recovery can lead us to find out how to get the RIGHT bra size!
So, I've been bookmarking sites since I began my journey last year, and thought it could be helpful to post all of them here together for everyone (of course, I didn't bookmark every good site I found, but these are ones I've used many times)! And if you know a good site that I don't or didn't include, feel free to link it in the comments!!

Have the breast day ever!!! (Totally did that on purpose. You liked it. Admit it.)

Here goes. In no particular order, just how I copied and pasted them from my bookmarks.

Sites I've found SOOOO useful for bra size info...


(for international conversions, since many good/quality bras for larger breasts are from UK and Poland, etc)


(with this one... remember only ONE size up in the band for good support, because the band should be 80% or more of your support! But helpful when you just can't find your true size and need a bra, or they are out of your size but you just "need" that bra!)

(this is one of the bend over ones, that have you bend over to measure your cup size. I've found some do it this way and others in standing straight position. I measure both, usually a 1" difference in my cup size from bent to straight up. FYI.)

(SoOoOoOoO helpful!!!!! Just plug in your numbers and comfort level and find your size!)


Bra wisdom (or not) that I've just picked up along the way. Take it or leave it. It's all good. But man, learning through experience when I could've just learned from someone else's muck-ups, is such a more painful way to go. Sometimes, literally. Teeheehee. But really.

So here goes. Nothing life changing. Or maybe it will be. Just my experience.

XL implants are not easy to shop for IN STORE, unless you live near a Nordstrom's, or something similar. Like a weirdo, I got implants and then moved out of the country 2 months later. Now, I can't find bras even close to my size in store. Brilliant. But hey, I didn't know. If I'd have known, I'd have bought a few more bras before I left, up a cup size or two. And I'd have absolutely tried on A LOT more brands and made notes (really, I should've done this!) I've fluffed at least twice since then, and now am busting, and unable to walk into any store anywhere around me, and buy anything even close to my size. Totally serious right now. It SUCKS. I'm trying online shopping, but it's not easy if you don't know your sizes in the different companies beforehand?. Lack of industry standards or regulations really sucks sometimes.
So my advice with this issue is: when you're at roughly month 3-6 (before 3, you'll still be changing waaay too much for a true measurement), go somewhere like Nordstrom's, that have pro fitters and carries LOTS of brand names, and get fitted and try on ALL of them, lol. But really. Or at least a lot of them. To see your size in all the brands you may like. Then you'll at least have a good jumping off point if you find yourself in a place where you need to do mostly online shopping. Like me.
I know this sounds off the wall, but if you don't know how the brand fits you, you will find that they all fit a bit differently and could lose tons of money on return shipping. I've already been doing this. Fuuuuun.

Next. For me, I've found that NO bra keeps them 100% still/immovable, if I'm doing any jogging, jumping, or similar movements. So I stick to doubling up the HIGH impact sports bras when I know I'm going to jog or jumping jacks, etc. This keeps them probably 85-95% still or more (it really depends what I'm doing and how agressive I'm doing it). Again, I can't find any actual sports bras in my size either. Yay.
So, for that I'll post my next life lesson...

If you can't find a sports bra in your size but need it immediately, do what I do. Go against the band measurement rule. I know. I know. 'But PillowTops, that's so hypocritical'. Um, get over it, I'm improvising here! What I find that really works is using high and ultra high impact bras (even though I'm totally NOT that girl...crossfit and body building, um, NO...but I DO jog/run while walking, in intervals, kind of like the h.i.t. concept. Or other exercise routines sometimes that include j.jacks and running in place, etc. When I do this, I NEED that extra support. Need it. Need. So. Do. You.). So I found ones that were available to me, high impact, and would be tight as all get out, and got multiple of them to double up. It works very well, for me.
(I'll include a pic of the sports bras I've found that work for me. The top 3 are PBX Pro reversible metro bra in size large, next down (in pic) is a Champion world's best sports bra high support (it comes in max support top, but it wasn't available to me) size 36DD (biggest they had), and bottom black one is a danskin now size large, I can't remember, but I think it's high impact.
The top two I layer...Champion under the PBX for my higher impact needs. The champion by itself it pretty good, it I had one of those soft wire type thingies. The danskin is good support for walking or normal activities. When I don't feel like a real bra, this is my go-to. I'll say that in bras that run small to large type sizing, I don't have a choice. I need large or my boobs don't even fit inside. So I can't use just one for high impact because this leaves far less support in the band than is necessary.

Next. For me, and this may not be true for some of you. But for me, I feel much better support from the soft moulded type bras and firmer, than I do from soft cup bras.
The soft cup can basically hold me in, but they do NOT hold me up (remember, I have 800CCs). So, I love the higher support type bras, and feel that for me, I can't get that without a moulded up or padding or something like that. (If you have super large boobs too, and found soft cups that lift, hook a sista up!! Please, cuz they are cute, I just need lots of support.)

For me, I never, ever, ever, I mean ever, go without a bra on. Unless I'm showering. (And I actually would do it then too, but that's kinda weird, so I refrain.)
I would, on a date or something, for a short time...like a few hours or so. But I keep my puppies supported without good reason not to. Always. My doc made it very clear that revision and lifts are absolutely NOT a necessity or requirement. Not for my size, or any size implants. That if you take care of them and have no issues, you can keep them. So, for me, I support them ALL the time.
Lounging at home I wear my danskin bras. Looking cute and out of home, I wear "real" bras with clasps and underwires (cuz my uniboob is pretty freaking massive these days. Just sayin.). Working out I wear high impact sports bra. For higher impact workouts, I wear two high impact sports bras. For bed, I wear either my Macomb? i-bra or a danskin. (the PBX would work well too for casual or bedtime. I just tend to be a creature of habit, and have formed the habit that at home lounging around, I wear the danskins. Like, right now.)

As far as MY experience with those danskin and Macomb bras, here's what I've found. The danskin work awesome for basic needs. They have adjustable straps, which I LOVE in a sports bra. But they get too loose/less supportive, if they go for more than two wears or so. (Don't even act like you always wash your bras after every single wear either. That would be crazy. Unless you have 100 bras. Then I guess it COULD make sense. Sorta. Except that you must spend too much time washing clothes. And that sucks too!!) But I usually wear them a couple or few times, depending on my activities (you can FEEL when it's time!), and need to wash to get that stiffness and support back into it. That's the danskins. As far as the i-bra goes. That's a whole different monster. It is supposed to be for larger implants. They claim on their website on the description, that it's for XL implants. But I think they really mean for XL implants as per what the standard/average size of implants are in the UK, not actual XL implants, in general. (This is in NO way a judgement about the average implant size or type overseas, it's simply an observation.) What do I mean?? Good question. From what I've seen, the UK ladies just don't get too many ACTUAL XL implants. It's more common over there to stay under the roughly 400-450cc range. Under that. (And I've noticed they do a lot more overs over there too, but that's for another discussion.)
Most docs generally say (at least here, in the US) that an XL implant is 650cc and up. So, when purchasing the i-bra I expected that. It is soooo not the case. They do not cover my boobs. At all. And one of them is even slightly smaller than the other (although they are the exact same size, supposedly), so I can't even wear my red one. It stinks. Cuz that is such a cute color! But I find that my black one makes me feel good and snug. (Not: good. And snug. But good-and-snug.) So, although it kinda creates a crazy quadboob cleavage effect, it really supports. (They are medical compression bras, designed for post op recovery, btw). So, I actually enjoy wearing it to bed. No flop at all. Completely immobile. But I do feel like a freak too. Cuz it makes me look crazy. Fo realz. Like, really. So although I'm using it and feel supported in it, I do not recommend the i-bra for anyone with actual XL implants (by the generally accepted definition of XL implants, that is). Maybe up to 600s or so, it would probably be covered? well and not look insane. It's extremely supportive. And expensive. I wanted them to work for me. Maybe they will for you. Who knows. Just do your research and decide for yourself.

What else? Let's see.
Oh. Yes. The type of bra I wear completely affects the way tops look. For example, if I wear my soft cup bra, my more natural shape and slope gets exaggerated when wearing any t-shirts with pockets (which I think are so cute!) because of pocket-placement-to-boob-ratio. It's weird. So I need to wear a moulded bra or something other than my crazy, no lift, soft cups.
And also the bra completely affects cleavage too. This one's kind of obvious. But hey, I'll say it anyway. However, for me, I have huge, wide, fluffy boobs, so I get the cleavage no matter what. (Thank you God for my wide-boob genetics, and thank you Dr L for being so good at boobiebags and placement!). It becomes a matter of how extreme I want it to be. For me, most of the time, I just wear a softer mould, t-shirt type bra. I don't want extreme cleavage, usually. I live in a place where everyone is like a foot shorter than me (and I'm practically a midget without heels. Sorta. I'm barely exaggerating these descriptions, btw.) And mostly/generally, they all have a lifetime, card-carrying, full fledged membership to the itty-bitty-titty-committee (that one's not exaggerated). No judgement. I was there for over 30 years! Finally burned my membership card! It just makes me feel very out of place, and culturally they are very modest and shy, so that just adds to my discomfort, if I run around with my giant tits hanging out. Which looks awesome, btw. I just feel under a microscope sometimes and prefer to be NOT looked at like that. Back home, absolutely...cleavage I will be showing. It just feels? inappropriate for daily life, here and now, for me. And sports bras aren't automatically ugly and like I'm not trying, imho. It totally depends on the look and outfit. If I'm going casual and in a goofy t-shirt, then i might wear my sports bra anyway, cuz darnit, it just feels pretty good! So, don't feel like you have to be dressing to the nines all the time just cuz your boobs are all massive and stuff. That's just silly. Do what feels good AND doesn't make you look like a crazy person. Then you'll be comfy and UNselfconscious about it. ;-)

Lastly, fake boobs do NOT look the same as real ones. Not in the way you may think, necessarily either. Mine look pretty freaking natural, with lots of lower pole fullness (that's bottom of the boob fullness, for any boobies-newbies).
I mean, size-wise. And not in the way I thought they'd look before I had my own boobiebags, either. I expected them to look bigger than the same size natural boob.... um, no.
Real boobs look bigger. Let me rephrase that. Natural boobs look bigger. My fake ones ARE real. Just not fully natural. But I'm way bigger than a DD, and nobody would ever guess it. Maybe a little bit bigger, some might guess, but nobody would guess I wear an I cup and bigger. (Except us surgery girls. We know what's up!) And nobody looks at natural DD boobs and believes they're DDs either. Strange but true. I believe a lot of that is just simple misconceptions and misinformation and true ignorance. The only time they may guess some huge size, is if someone can see obvious upppr pole fullness... because that's something that most natural boobs just do NOT have, or have much of. Combined with the fact that most women aren't even wearing their true bra size, either. So, when nobody wears the correct bra size, how COULD they realize what a DD really even looks like? It's crazy!
Most of us have spent our lives wearing a band that is too large and cups too small. Which is why I posted this whole thing to begin with!! Boy, did I get off track! Whoa. Oh well.
Maybe I made you chuckle. Maybe I helped you figure out something that I learned the hard way, and you'll be spared excessive return shipping fees. Or maybe I just wasted your time and you wonder what's the point?

The point is this: boobs are awesome, and we need to take care of them! Simple.

Some of the brands I've found that are geared toward us ladies with larger busts are:
Panache, Curvy Kate, Pour Moi, Ewa Michalak, Fantasie, Freya, Wacoal, Natori, Goddess, Parfait, and let's not forget Frederick's. I know there's more. But in my extensive research, these pop up the most. Polish bras are all the rage for support and beautiful designs! and Panache, Curvy Kate, Freya, and Fantasie show up over and over as good for busty gals. FYI.
Add any fab finds to the list, PLEASE.

Ok. I think that's most of it. Probably. I can't think anymore. Need more caffeine. But feel free to ask anything I might have forgot to mention. I'm by NO means any kind of expert. I just tend to learn everything the harder or longer or less obvious ways, which makes for good commentary and life experience, sometimes. Sometimes it gets me into trouble and causes shenanigans. But not today. I've just researched my butt off, and been through some things.

Oh. And lastly. This is a big one.
This is a support site. For info and support. That's something else I've learned. It's not the right place to be hurtful or negative. Not because opposite opinions don't have value, in some places. Of course they do!
But they are NOT good to share when someone is in recovery and not seeking your input.
Why? Because people who just had surgery are very, very, VERY vulnerable and sensitive, and susceptible to being hurt by negative comments. I've seen mostly support on here, but sometimes I've seen the polar opposite of support. And my input about it is this: if a person posts their updates and images, and ASKS for people's opinions, then, and ONLY then, is it the right time to say the less-than-positive things! And it's ONLY okay, if it's said with some friggin tact and kindness!!!!
But if someone posts their stuff, and hasn't asked for people to critique them, then it's probably (more than probably... definitely) inappropriate for negative comments. Why? Because it's hurtful, and causes insecurities during a difficult and highly emotional time. And if someone has never had their own surgery experience, they probably shouldn't bother saying it either, imo.
This is something I've seen repeatedly and it is absolutely horrible.

It's just as important to know how to treat each other with kindness during a vulnerable time, as it is to know when to double up your bras, or take a notepad to the bra store. I mean that.

That being said, I hope that didn't kill the "fun" buzz. But it needs to be put out there.
I LOVE this site. I love the support I've received here. I love supporting YOU guys.
And I do truly hope something on here was useful and informative.

So, that's some of the stuff I've figured out about sizing and bras and life with huge boobs. I'm posting a few pics too.

Just my current stats cuz it seems relevant.
My ribs are taping at 32" and my boobiebags are 41"-42"...I JUST ran and taped myself again. And realized I've grown since the last taping a few weeks ago! Geesh. (41" up and 42" bent over). So my current measurement makes me a 32I-J US, instead of the H-I I thought I was. See why this stupid crap isn't stupid crap, and actually matters??!!?!!!?? I JUST ordered like 4 bras and now I hope I got them big enough!!!!!!

Stupid return shipping fees!!!

You guys have a boobtastic day and I hope you find these websites as useful as I have, and maybe some of my thoughts are kinda helpful too.
Again, please update me on good bras or sites I might need to know!

Spread the love. Boobs are fun. Smile.
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Lazarus is great great great. Professional. Patient. Kind. Helpful and informative. Knows what he's doing. Great bedside manner. Very experienced. (30-35 years exp) Comfortable with xl implants. He was confident in what he was doing. I fully trusted him and still do! I'd pick him all over again! I highly recommend him and his staff! If you're in TN...get a consult from him! It's free and he's great and they are all very helpful! His private surgery suite is great too.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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