27yo, 5'4", 34AA, bf 4 kids, Got 425cc HP, under muscle, 7/2/15 - Knoxville, TN - JULY 2!

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I finally called today after months of research...

I finally called today after months of research and what seems like a thousand conversations with my husband about boobies. He has supported me from Day 1, I just have been waiting for us to save money or figure out our finance plan. He brings it up sometimes, and sometimes I do. However, yesterday, he told me he was sick of talking about it and that I just need to call and make an appointment. So I did! I have done my research and have chosen Dr. David Reath in Knoxville, TN. He seems like the perfect choice! When I called, the lady that answered seems so sweet and helpful AND PATIENT with me too. I had a few questions. Anyway, I have a consultation scheduled for Wednesday, July 1st, at 9:45AM. Now, it has officially taken over my brain!

Ok, so here's my story. I will be 27 years old in 2 weeks. Before kids, I was a 34A/small B. I have 4 kids (ages 10, 7, 5 and 1). I have breastfed for a total of 4 years. Before my first child (my only daughter) was born, I didn't have much boob to talk about. I never owned a bra that didn't have extra padding. While breastfeeding, I got up to a full 34B, which I still admire those pictures! Since I quit breastfeeding my last baby, I am even smaller than I started! I have lost breast tissue, which I didn't even realize was possible until now. Now, I can't even fill up at 34A cup and I refuse to buy an AA. I mean, how embarassing is it to bra shop already with small boobs??!! I tried to go to the woman cashier at the register at Sears last week. However, she was new and had to call the man over to ring it up anyway. I am sure my face was red as a fire truck. Married or not, it is embarassing to have a man ring up your small bras.

So, yes, I have enough stories to express my insecurities but I just want to share how truly excited and beyond belief I am today that I braved up and an appointment is scheduled!

Right now, I think my goal is to have 350-400 cc silicone, moderate plus implants under the muscle. This just doesn't seem real yet.
... July 1st. I am marking off the days...

How Did You Tell Family?

Well, my dad lives an acre away and my husband is pretty close with his 2 brothers and 2 sisters (who are very conservative). I am not sure who I should tell. Should I tell them before or after the surgery?
I am the closing Front End Manager of a large grocery store so I am going to have to have a good reason why I need at least...what 4-5 nights off work?
Does anyone have any advice of how to break the ice and tell family, friends and coworkers or if I even have to? I also might add that I live in a small town where people are more small-minded, making it more difficult to talk about!

Stomach Sleeping

Can you still sleep on your stomach after breast augmentation or is it not recommended?

Stretch Marks

What are the risks of getting stretch marks? Did any use any kind of lotion or cream to prevent it?

Wish Pics!

I am so excited! I'll post my pre pics when I get closer to my BA date, but this is my goal!

-Consultation Questions-

Well, I have exactly 2 months and 2 days til my consultation (but who's counting, right?!). I am so excited. I am nervous about my husband being in the room. We are very close and tell each other everything, but talking about cleavage and having a doctor check out my little tatas with him in the room seems a little awkward. I planned a few questions:
1. How do you handle revisions/will I have to fully pay for it?
2. Will I have good cleavage with my choice? (400cc mod plus, under muscle)
3. How often should I get an MRI?
4. Who handles follow up care and visits? (I definitely prefer the doctor!)
..and that's all I have for now!

New Wish Pics

The first few pics are from the Victoria Secret website. I have less than 2 months until my consultation. I wonder if my surgeon is always this booked up or if he's just getting a rush of patients right now. I do know that he is one of RealSelf's Top Doctors and Top Contributors. And, I found him by googling "the best plastic surgeon in East Tennessee". He also got to do a podcast for the American Plastic Surgery Association (sorry if that's exactly what it's called). But, after checking out his website, I looked at least 4 other surgeons websites in the area. I looked at the website layout, patient reviews, before and after pics and so on. Everything. I think he is the best for me. One thing I like the most is that patients rave about his bedside manner, and not just before the surgery, AFTER too, and that makes a big difference. You don't want to feel like you're a burden to your doctor when you're spending all this money. It's not always easy to come up with the money or the courage to do this. So, I already feel like there is no other doctor. I hope it stays that way. His results are impeccable. He has HUNDREDS of before and after pics on his site and I hope I get to be one of them!!

My consult is less than 2 months away!

My Two Members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

I contacted my PS office about possibly paying for and scheduling my surgery before my consultation since it took 3 mths from when I called just to get my consultation (July 1st). So, I don't want to have to wait another 3 months from that date to get my surgery if I can help it. I am ready to get this done already! Well, the lady at the front desk was so sweet and told me that if I email her some pictures, she will show the doctor TODAY and he can decide if I'll need a one hour surgery or 3 hour (breast lift) and then she'll call me back to pay and schedule it!! I hope I don't need a breast lift though. So, I just sent her the pictures.

Then, I was getting ready to delete them off my phone. I have 4 kids and work with a bunch of teenagers who always grab my phone and snap a bunch of selfies with it to be funny... how embarassing would that be if someone saw them?! Ahhh! And, I decided I better post them on here before I delete them cuz I am not quite sure if I'll ruffle up enough courage to take pre pics again lol so here they are. They are members of the Itty bitty titty committee but not for long! I hope I can actually schedule my surgery date this week!!

Consult and Possible Surgery Date Bumped Up!

Woohoo! My surgeons office called this morning and someone didn't confirm their appt so I am in for NEXT WEEEK (May 27) for my consult and if it's still open that day, I can book my surgery for July 2! I cannot believe it! I seriously have to buckle down and start saving more so we can finance less, but my consult is one week awayyyyy!

Consultation tomorrow

Dr. Reath's office sent me and email to remind me that my consulration is TOMORROW at 11:15!!!! I cannot wait! I have my preference of what I want, an open mind (somewhat), and my questions to ask. Did anyone bring anything to their consultation? I don't know what, I just don't want to forget anything! So excited!! I'll be cleaning the house all day trying to stay busy so time goes by faster!

I Had my Consultation Today

It was even better than I imagined. He asked me what I was wanting and I told him I did some research and told him my idea and he said he should be able to do that. He wrote down my bwd and I snuck a peak....12.5. He went over every thing to expect during and after surgery, possible complications, all my preop and post op appts and then the fun part... I got to try on sizers! They were really nice too and perfectly shaped. I tried on 400s at first and it looked like a good size (in the pics) but then I wanted to try one size bigger to make sure. We went 50cc bigger and they made me feel a little wider in the hips. Dr. Reath then said I have broad shoulders so a bigger size Wil complement me and THEN, I asked my husband what he thought and he said to meet in the middle. It was a PERFECT suggestion, so I am going with 425cc moderate plus, round, silicone (Natrelle Style 15). Everyone in the office is just so sweet there, made us feel welcome and comfortable. I never felt weird or out of place. I can't wait to go back for my preop...which is June 11!! 2 weeks!

Things to Buy

I have compiled a list from realself and other websites of things to be to be prepared for surgery to help be the most comfortable afterwards. It may also help with the "nesting" period. Some of it I already have but I wanted to share it to help other girls on their journey!
-Heating Pad
-Ice Packs (or thermal pearls)
-Bendy Straws
-Constipation Medication
-double walled plastic cup
-Gas Medication
-container to put stuff in
-snacks: crackers, jello, fruit, chocolate
-entertainment: movies, TV shows, books, Magazines
-Shower Caddy (hip level)
-face/Diaper Wipes
-Pill Case (childproof are painful to open)
-Bucket (in case I get sick)
-footstool in kitchen (so not to raise arms)
-clothing: Button down shirt, Zip front bras, comfy clothes
-Cocoa butter
-Yeast infection treatment (if u have problems from antibiotics)
-milk thistle 1000mg 2x/day (cleanse body and liver, strong anti-inflammatory)
-Arnica cream (muscle pain)
-Arnica Montana (bruising, swelling)
-Vitamedica Bromelain w/ quarcetin (reduces swelling and inflammation)
-underarm wax
-dried fruit for BM
-Crackers in purse for ride home
-Glasses case for ride home
-silicone strips (for 2-3 weeks after surgery)

ALSO, here's a good starter bra shopping list to help with recovery:
-Coobie Bra ($22) shopcoobie.com
-Genie Bra ($29.97/3)
-Under Armour
-Playtex 18 hour bra

If anyone wants to add anything, feel free! I am not sure if I'll get every single thing on the list, but I like to be prepared. Have a great day ladies!

Pre BA, 34AA

Bought this LARGE (!!!) bra at Walmart today, recommended from a RS friend :) Just hope it fits after the BA. Also, bought arnica cream, and 1 therapearls ice pack. I'm hoping if I buy a little at a time, it won't seem to cost as much. Not sure if I will need scar strips until my pre-op visit, next Thursday...6 more days!!!

Pre Op was a Huge Success Today!

I just have to say Dr. Reath's staff is the best. Truly, genuine, kind-hearted people work there...every single one of them! Ok, so I signed all the forms, got my preop vitamins and recovery kit today. Prescriptions will be in the mail soon. Everything was going good until I told her that we never discussed profile. I told her I was wanting moderate plus. She told me I'M GETTING HP!!! Words started jumbling together after that. She told me I had to take two showers with the scrub soap, one the night before surgery and one the morning of. I asked her if she said that I had to take two the night before, lol. My mind was seriously clouded for a minute there!

She did explain to be able to get the CC's I want, I had to do the HP for my bwd to get optimal long term results. Ahhhhh! I'm scared they're not going to look natural though. I know MOST OF the girls on here (or the ones I've read) got, or are getting, HP. It's just that I didn't know I had to be that brave! So, I really hope they look natural and I fully trust my plastic surgeon. So, I am officially getting Natrelle 425cc HP (omg...) under the muscle in EXACTLY 3 WEEKS...July 2nd!!!

After our discussion over everything to expect, I tried on sizers to double check the size to make sure it is still what I want (it definitely is!) and paid in full! Let the countdown begin!!

Pre Op Pics

I only posted 1 pre op pic before so I thought I might share a couple more so ppl can compare. I wear 34AA. I always wore a 34A but it had a big gap on top with no boob to actually fill it in. While breastfeeding, I filled up a 34B but that's about it. Breastfeeding my 4th child and loving my boobs when they were full, and the depressed feeling after I stopped breastfeeding, was my final deciding factor to follow through and research the surgery and get this done! I am getting 425cc HP and hoping for a large C or D. I see some women ending up with DD and I would be okay with that because I know they actually fit different than natural boobs would in the same bra, especially since they'll be so NEW ...and YOUNG!

One More Week Til Surgery!

I am so excited! I had to update!! So, I started taking my Vitamedica vitamins exactly one week ago and will continue to take them until 2 weeks after my surgery. I will also start Bromelain (which came with my preop recovery kit) on Monday (3 days before surgery) and will take them for a week after. I picked up all my prescriptions today. Without insurance, it was only $41, not bad at all. Now, I am just making sure I'll have everything I need. I think I am all set. I am also doing every thing I can to stay on top of the house cleaning so it's not overwhelming....I'm sure it won't make a difference lol. You wouldn't believe what 4 kids can do to a house when they're home for summer break! One more week!

I also had my first (and hopefully only) boob nightmare. I dreamed that I woke up with 2 sets of boobs. My new ones were under my old ones and I was trying to hide it from my husband by pushing them back up into my small boobs, but I'd be walking and they would fall back down and I was worried people were going to notice....and no that's all I remember! It's weird and amazing how the mind works sometimes!

Went into Full Freak Out Mode. Need Lots of Advice Please!!

Ok, so I just read an update about on eof my doctor's patients getting an infection and I google/realself'd it and you know that black hole the internet sucks you into with all the worst stuff that could ever possibly happen to you? That's where I ended up and now I am freaking out. I don't want an infection....I want to take the best care of myself and prevent any possibilities of this ever occuring.

I need advice on how to best take care of myself to prevent infection afterwards. Special care, things to do/not do, foods, I don't know,..anything you did or advice you're taking/going to take to help prevent infection would help me tremendously!! Thank you!!!

Tomorrow is My *BIG* Day!! Goodbye Littles!

I stocked up on groceries for the family so there's plenty of food. I bought another therapearls pack so I have one for each boob and can rotate on and off every 20 minutes. I also bought the off brand "movable" hot/cold icepack. Its a little bigger so I only need one. I also bought some Miralax today. Wondering if I should take a dose today. Has anyone else done something similar? Maybe I should call my doctor on that one.

My pillows are clean and ready, I have a stepstool for the bed and a storage caddy on my nightstand with all my essentials. I'm taking my antibacterial shower tonight at 12:30am when I get off work and again tomorrow morning!

I have to be at the surgery center at 9:30am and surgery is at 11. It's an hour away and I want to be a little early so we plan on leaving at 7:45-8am. My pill box is filled up for the next 6 days. I am going to be drinking plenty of water the next few days to stay hydrated. I even bought some Boost protein drinks to help me heal.

I hope I can get some kind of rest with 4 kids in the house. I can always send them outside to play. Also, my dad lives next door. He said send them over there if I need to. That was really nice of him. We will be cleaning the house and touching up the next few hours so I don't have to worry about it atleast for 2-3 days. Then, in 3 day when I have to get out of bed for more than 10 minutes...im sure it will look like a tornado hit.. and I'm okay with that. I'm kind of clean freak, alwayyyys cleaning the house but I don't mind right now lol.

I have to work tonight 7pm-midnight. Then shower and sleep by 1am. Good thing they're putting me to sleep tomorrow because I am going to be tired!! I told my husband to make sure he says goodbye to my littles today cuz its the last time he'll see them haha! Last day, hope all goes as planned. Ill try to update sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. Good luck to all my July (esp July 2nd!!) ladies!!!!!

Got My Girls!!!

Everything went perfectly. We're on our way home. I'm tired, chest hurts. Taking deep breaths helps. We have about 45 minutes til we're home but the trip is not bothering me, the bumps or anything. He gave me numbing medicine and said that should help for a few hours. I have to turn my head real slow because I'm getting dizzy real easy. My husband is always so loving and sweet and he is being the best right now telling me all the post op instructions the doc gave him. I can't wait to go home, possibly eat some chicken noodle soup and get lots of rest. Have a great day ladies! I hope my July 2nd girls had a wonderful experience as I did. Time for a mini nap! Xo'

Surgery Day, No Bra Pics

Their official debut!!

Day After Surgery Pics.

I woke up with a lot of pain, but not unbearable. It eased up throughout the day. I have used my ice packs 20 min on, 20 min off all day. Hubby took bandages off and I took a shower. Only washed bottom half with soap, just let water run over my top 1/2. Then, I let him put bacitracin ointment on my incisions (from doc with qtip) because I can't see under my boobs, which makes me VERY happy! I have been irritable off and on but with 4 kids, I really just want everyone to get out of my room and let me et some rest! My incisions burn, has anyone else felt this?? I replaced my incision bandages with pantiliners so my bra doesn't run them but they still burn. That's all for all now! Happy healing!

Sleeping Beauty! Day 2 Post Op

So I have been sleeping most of the day, when I'm not on RealSelf or watching Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I am keeping up with my meds and getting my walks around the house in every couple hours. I am also very loyal to icing the tops of my breasts every minutes for 20 minutes. I'm not sure if it's just in my head but it feels like they're getting softer on top already! The only pain I have is when I try to scoot back in bed so I'm sitting high up. And of course, WHEN I wake first thing in the morning. I only ice like once or twice at night. I hope that's okay? Theres a lil bruised feeling in the space between my breasts, too. I have not been grumpy at all today so that must have been a side effect from the anesthesia. I was very irritable yesterday and from the updates, I wasn't the only one so that actually made me feel better lol.

Hubby reapplied the bacitracin ointment to my incisions (which are also less bruised today!). Then I hooked my bra back up and he tucked those pantiliners in place to cover my incisions. THEN, he took pictures for me which is much easier than trying to do it myself. So far, I am really happy with my results. If anyone has any questions, I'll be glad to answer! Xo

Day 3 Post Op!

I been taking it easy for the most part. Hubby just helped me take a shower. It felt like they were started to soften up today but then as soon as I got in the shower, I had a sensation like they moved way up and tightened back up on me. Anyone else feel like that before when they took a shower? I also need to switch bras because the surgery bras they gave me are starting to feel too tight around the band. You can notice both issues in the pictures. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say my pain is a 2-3. The majority of that is under my left boob. I can't tell if it's the incision or some bruising under the incision. It's like a burning feeling. But, hubby put the bacitracin ointment on each incision, padded each one with a fresh pantiliner and hooked my sexy surgery bra back up! Now, I am good to go! Happy healing all my sexy RS ladies!

Changed Bras!!!

Changed Bras!!!

*Please ignore my last blank post*

So, when I posted those last pictures a few minutes ago, I realized how tight my surgery bra actually was and decided it was time to switch to my Large Danskin bra from Walmart ($10). I feel so much better! I can breathe again! However, I feel like I need to call my doctor and get this approved but it's Sunday and it's not really an emergency so, does anyone have any advice or opinions about changing bras during the first week post op?

4 Days Post Op - Morning Boob and Side Boob!

So, I called my PS this morning to confirm that it was okay to switch bras and I got the green light. Every PS has such different instructions (I'm thinkin about you tata, atleast u got that sexy bikini shot! Xo'). So, then I asked about icing. They said the swelling should have fully subsided by yesterday and I can just use them for pain if I want. I woke up around 6am with "morning boob" and went straight to the freezer for my Therapearls! For those that haven't had surgery yet, morning boob (for me) is just like a strong tightening of the entire boob. It feels like the implant moved upward to the top of my breasts. It's not really painful as it is uncomfortable. The icepacks help quickly with that though. I went back to sleep til about 9 and no pain! Yayy!

I am going to try and take it easy today. My left boob (always the left!) feels bruised on the side. I think I MAY HAVE dropped a little...not sure but I think I did. It makes me feel better anyway!

Playing Dress Up


Incision Sore

I am having pain on my left incision. It's just felt sore since Day 1-2 and I was wondering if anyone else has had this. Everything looks fine. I have my post op tomorrow. I'm just worried that it's still sore and I haven't had any pain or soreness with my right incision.

Post Op Today

I have my post op appointment this afternoon..yayy!! Surgery center called this morning to check up on me. I told them everything was good. Super excited about my post op. I think I get my stitches taken out today! Hubby went back to work today so I have to drive. My 3 older kids are going with the neigh or but I have to bring my 1 year old. My dad is going with me and will be able to take care of him while I see the doc. It seems weird but he's actually just been really supportive, not weird about any of this so today is going to be a good day. I hope driving isn't painful. It's an hour and 1/2 drive. Aaand, I have to go back to work tonight but I'm considering calling out for one more day, depending how I feel this afternoon. Wish me luck at my appt!

Sutures Removed!

Stitches are removed. Havent looked at em yet but I didnt feel a thing! Learned how to do "massages". I thought massages felt good? Can't complain, if theh help my boobs settle, Im happy! Got the okay to sleep flat on my back but I'm still nervous to. We'll see. Got another appt in 3 weeks.

Boobies are 7 Days Old!

I am 1 week post op today. I did my massages for the first time last night and once this afternoon. Hubby did them last night and I told him not to be gentle. He was rough too! Well, he may have been a little too rough (or this is completely normal) but I woke up at 5am with extreme sternum pain. You know when you try to take a breath and you have that sharp pain once in awhile? It was like that. Feels bruised, much better today though, went away pretty quick but I'ma see if it still feels like that later since I did it this time.

Went shopping and held a 36C cup up to my boobs, wouldnt even cover my nipple. D, too small. 36DD, looked like its gonna fit! Happy girl. Went home and massaged. Took pictures right after massage. Hope you're having a great day ladies! Xo'

11 Days Post Op! Good WEEK :D

I feel back to normal for the most part. I'm still not lifting (much) and the kids are helping a lot with the housework so I've been able to take it easy. Saturday, I worked a nine hour shift and felt some bruising on my sternum but took deep breaths and made it through it. My job requires NO sitting except for a 30 minute break! I wished I had a shorter shift yesterday but I am a manager so no choice. Took the kids to a theme park yesterday (Dollywood) and was there all day and I did fine. My incisions burned a little bit when I got sweaty so I would go in the bathroom and dab them off with a clean wet paper towel (and then dry) every so often and they felt fine.

Pain wise, can't lay on my side, not even for 2 seconds. I'll lean on my side (out of a lifetime habit) and soon as I do, I'm like "okay, thay doesn't feel too good". Srill sleeping propped up, even though I got the PS okay to sleep flat. I wake up with much less morning boob this way. I been massaging twice a day, which is a little uncomfortable sometimes but I swear they feel softer everyday. I don't have any pain or tightness. Nipples are still numb which is normal. Husband got lucky last night for the first time since surgery! I been scared to hurt myself so I told him the first time we'd have to go slow and "make love" so it doesn't hurt. Well, that wasn't the case but I really didn't have any pain anyway and I was happy about that haha. But enough about that.

So, overall, incisions are all healed up good still, no bruising left. I am feeling good and don't feel like I am doing too much. I'm taking it easy today because I have a 5 hour shift tonight. Gotta few pics. Hope my RS ladies have a wonderful week! I dont know if I would be able to do this without you guys!

New Bra! :))

I love the Danskin Front-zip sports bra! It's definitely the best deal for a good supportive and comfy bra! I love the front zip, makes it easier to do my massages :)
&&I'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, YAY!

Happy 2 Weeks!!!!!!!

I have boobs to hold my towel up!! Happy 2 weeks to all my July 2nd and 3rd ladies!!! I know there's a bunch! (I was the 2nd, but there was a few for the 3rd too). How's everyone feeling?! Xoxo

Happy 3 Weeks!!!

3 weeks today, ladies! No pain to report in my boobs. I do have pretty sensitive nipples. They're not numb anymore. The only time I notice they're sensitive is when I touch them though so that's a big no no! I started my silicone scar strips from my doctor at 2 1/2 weeks. They came in my preop kit. I may have to buy some more after awhile. My incisions feel half raised, half flat. Normal I'm assuming?

I'm back to work 30 hours a week with no problems now. I know I'm not supposed to lift but its a part of my job (up to 10-15 lbs at the most) it doesn't even feel weird when I do, feels completely normal. If I feel okay, can it still hurt me? I need to be more careful.

I still sleep propped up, just cause in my mind I feel like I'm healing better and it's helping the girls drop. If I absolutely need to move from that position, I will sleep on my side for awhile with no pain. I try not to though too often because I worry it'll affect how they heal. Does anyone have any advice on that?? I am still wearing my bra round the clock too.

Also, no morning boob this week. Well, one day but as soon as I sat up they settled down into place and it went away. It's actually pretty cool feeling. I called my PS yesterday and got the okay to ride my bike again. Me and one of my kids go riding down the road together. It's a good workout. Uphill the whole way back! I am so out of shape already too!

I added some pics of how soft they're getting! I can smoosh my boobs together!! Happy healing to all my RS ladies and have a good weekend. I wish it was the weekend already! We're going to a professional rodeo for the first time!

Happy 4 Weeks!!!!

Happy 4 weeks today!! Woohoo! I had my 1 mth post op yesterday. He said everything looks perfect, softness and incisions. He said they probably won't drop much more, which is good because I'm happy with where theyre at. He said I can start wearing underwire which surprised me but if they're ready! I will still wear a sports bra to bed. I love how Dr Reath pays attention to detail, especially during the surgery and placing my implants. So far, I'm very happy with the results.

Well, I went out and got my first underwire bra right after that appointment. The support and softness is amazing! It's a 34D and fits perfect.

One thing I DON'T like is when I hug someone, my boobs feel hard, like fake boobs and that will never change. I'm just going to have to hug different. Not many people talk about it. It's a weird feeling though. I want to be able to squeeze my husband without thinking about implants being rock hard between us but I guess it's a sacrifice and I hope to get used to it! Have a great day ladies!!

PS - sorry for the pic quality today. I had to do some cropping.

5 Weeks and Happyyyyyy!!!!!

Everything is going good. I'm fixing to start working out. I'm slowly gaining weight and it's going to take a lot to work it off. I've gained 4 lbs and I want to lose 10! So, that's what I'm motivating myself for.

I still haven't bought more scar strips but doc said they'll heal perfect so I'm not in too much of a hurry. I'll try to remember this week. Another shout out to my doctor, DR. REATH, for being amazing and giving me almost invisible scars from Day 1!

6 Weeks!!

Happy 6 weeks to my first week of July ladies!! I'm a little late posting but I have been working 6 days a week so the little time I'm home I'm cleaning house and getting back into the school routine so there's a lot going on. I have been sleeping without a bra for a week straight with my fingers crossed that it doesn't cause any long term problems. I really call my docs office on Monday and see what the team has to say about it. I take their advice seriously. But until then, I feel free and comfy and have slept better than ever!

As for the pics, I didn't crop my stretch marks out so don't forget, I had 4 kids within a 10 year stretch and my tummy doesn't bother me at all lol. I love my babies, I embrace it.

2 months & new PICS!

I am 2 months post op as of Sept 02. So, I have been healing well. I am so thankful because I usually do not do well with pain. They've softened up..as much as I think they will. They're not bouncy like natural boobs or soft like natural boobs but they look pretttyyyyyy and I had almost no breast tissue to start with. My nipples are still tender but not where I notice it anymore until I went to write this post, I had to check to make sure. I feel more confident still and I still love them. Next post will be at 3 months. I have a 3 month post op appt at the end of this month. I hope it will be a quick, short, and positive one. I still massage for about one minute per day to keep them from developing CC. Glad to see so many of you keeping up with RealSelf and continuing to update.

For the ones going through a hard time, I have been thinking about you and staying caught up on your posts so make sure to keep updating. We are here for each other; I am just one of many people learning everything there is to know from your experiences. Hoping you only the best outcome. Hope everyone is doing well!! Xoxo

Hot Tub Issue!!!

I never had this problem before!!! I need more water!!! My boobs are above the water. Lol I love this!!!!! Still very much in love. I pull my bra up and check them out every single day in the mirror! Hehe This is my first bath since surgery. Not feeling well, I knew this would make me feel better!!!#hottubproblems

3 months & 10 days!

I wonder if I'll ever lose track of how long it's been since my surgery! I doubt it. But, anyway, healing perfectly. Following doctors orders paid off....and he was very lenient too. I sleep on my stomach every night, without a bra. I told him at my 3 month appt and he said that's perfectly fine. I still feel a little nipple sensitivity, hoping it won't be forever, but it's not unbearable. Rippling a little when i bend over, cant even see it and no one will ever notice. Doc even gave me some new scar strips because I was asking if they look okay. Theyre almost completely fast but still maybe like 10-15% not flat which is fine with me if then stayed like this. Im seriously so happy with them! love the way they look and feel. I even had a customer compliment them. I was a little shocked that he was even looking and noticed, but hey, a compliment is a compliment! Hope all my RS ladies are doing well. I'm about to check my newsfeed, can't wait to see how everyone is doing! Xo'

5 month update!

Sorry it has been so long. 4 kids and working has taken over my life! Boobs are doing great, I love them everyday. I never forget they're there lol. My scars are looking like scars. I'd like them to lighten up some more. I also feel rippling when standing straight under my right boob but you can't see it. It only makes me nervous when my husband goes to feel on them. I hope he doesn't notice. I don't want to bring it up and kill the mood or have him think about it everytime he goes to touch me so I haven't asked! Anyway, here's some current pics!! Hope all my RS ladies are doing well and enjoying the season!

Today's my Birthday! + 10 Month Update!!

Girls are doing great...might I say perfect even?! I am so pleased with my results. My doc was amazing. I am wearing a 34D. I was wearing Warners bras and feeling like I should have went a little bigger. Then, I discovered the Victoria Secret Very Sexy push up bra! I have to recommend that bra to anyone that is looking for cleavage. It is the best bra, my favorite by far. And the colors are soo pretty! I am obsessed with going in there everytime I am at the mall now.

Everyone at work knows and I am fine with that. I talk about it with confidence when someone asks. I have even had friends ask if they can touch them...sure!! Go ahead, I am just so happy there's something to touch lol.

Everything is going great, glad to see my RS girls are all doing well! Happy healing!
David B. Reath

Dr. Reath is everything you would want in a doctor. I always felt comfortable with him. He is professional, warm, welcoming, informative, patient, top-notch in skills and has the bedside manner naturally. He doesn't have to try because it's who he is as a person. He's a good, honest, hard-working doctor that should never be taken for granted. I appreciate everything he has done for me and would recommend his precise, artistic skills to anyone looking for his services. If you want the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Reath is definitely my first choice! His work ethic and integrity is beyond what you would expect from the stigma of this field. There were no barriers and I felt very comfortable with him. Additionally, his staff is all very kind, genuine and supportive. I had to call a couple times with questions and they were very kind and understanding. I am so glad to have had such a wonderful experience with this doctor and his staff. I wish him the best in all his life's endeavors! It sounds dramatic but it's how I really feel.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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