40 Year Old, Breast Lift with Implants, 5'10", 240 Pounds - Knoxville, TN

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I wanted to post because I didn't see a lot of...

I wanted to post because I didn't see a lot of women on here of size represented undergoing a breast lift with implants. Getting surgery because of breast drooping and loss of volume after breast feeding, aging and weight loss.

The surgeon I have selected is Dr. David B. Reath in Knoxville, TN, which is about a 3 hour drive from my house. I chose him because of all the extremely positive reviews I read about him and his office's patient care.

I wanted to get a mommy makeover, but due to the extent of work I need to get done, Dr Reath said I needed to have the procedures separately, and I trust his judgment. So I will be having my breast lift and implant surgery done 10/29, and then when I am ready I will have a tummy tuck.

I will be doing a silicone implant, moderate profile, under the muscle, 500 cc's, smooth, with an anchor incision.

Husband will drive me to Knoxville the night before surgery (surgery at 7 am), and I will spend the night in a nearby hotel so I can be checked the next morning before we go home.

Had my final consultation today, receiving all my instructions and other stuff.

I am excited, nervous and I am experiencing additional emotions that are common for plastic surgery. I really want to come out of this with beautiful breasts that look as sexy and attractive as I feel, and hope that the doc does a great job and that I heal well. I have confidence in him and anticipate great things!

I will post my before pics tomorrow.

before and (coming soon) after

more before

10 days post surgery update

I wanted to post about how the surgery went and post new pics.

I went in for surgery very early on 10/29. I woke up earlier than I needed to, and sat in the bathroom, still debating with myself if I really wanted to go through with the surgery or not. I decided that since I had a habit of backing out of things that scare me or make me uncomfortable, and since I thought I would probably regret NOT doing it, I proceeded forward.

In the surgery center, once they started the IV, I started getting a little sleepy and they wheeled me into the surgery room. I remember scooting on to the table, and then nothing until I woke up in recovery.

When I woke up in recovery, I was really out of it, and went back to sleep what felt hundreds of times. I remember the nurse starting to actively wake me up, and I felt super nauseous, and telling her I needed to throw up, and then I did twice. I have no recollection of her cleaning me up, I just remember the next thing I knew my husband was there. They got me up and dressed, and kept fanning me and putting an alcohol pad up to my nose to try to help with the nausea. I felt like I was on the verge of vomiting every second. They got me down to the car, we drove back to our hotel, and I got into bed and slept for another 2 hours or so. When I woke up, my husband was out finding us some food, and after I woke up I felt fine. I was able to move around and get to the bathroom fine, and I had no pain. They say you are supposed to eat light, but I was ravenously hungry, and ate and felt even better.

The next morning I went in for a final check at the dr's office before we drove home. Since the surgery, I only took one dose of the pain meds, mainly because I was not in pain, just uncomfortable, and because I didn't want the meds to make me sick. I took muscle relaxers for the next two days, but then discontinued those because all I wanted to do was sleep and they were making my brain foggy.

Recovery has gone well. I was really, really bruised in the beginning, but it is getting better everyday. After about 4 days the swelling started to go down too. The biggest sensation I experienced for the first few days was the feeling that two boulders had been strapped to my chest, that my incisions felt super tight, and that I felt like my boobs were going to explode from the swelling and pressure. But at day 10, the feeling of heaviness is more or less gone, the tightness is mostly gone, and the explosive feeling is completely gone. My mobility is good, and I am able to do most things I need to during the course of my day. Only every so often I get twinge of discomfort and I really don't need much assistance.

I went to the doctor to have my nipple stitches removed 6 days after surgery, and they instructed me on how to do breast massages three times a day. I have continue to let things heal, and then after all the stitches have healed over and scabbed off can I start the silicone strips for scars.

Appearance wise, I feel great. As you can see I still have the yellow bruising and my stitched areas are still healing. I am definitely fuller and higher than I was before surgery, but I know things will change a lot in the next weeks and months. I feel more feminine and I like knowing that when I put on a shirt, that it is all me under there and not just a good bra giving me a shape and a form.

I do not regret at all doing this surgery and am thrilled so far.

40 days since surgery

Things are going very well. I am healing good and I feel like I look good. I feel like I may be pretty close to where I will end up being permanently as my breasts have dropped and the fullness has shifted.

The more time goes on, the more "natural" my breasts are feeling. One thing that I have done, that I strongly encourage everyone to do if they can, is to get lymphatic massage done both pre and post surgery. Having the massage done gets rid of all the build up of stored toxins in your lymphatic system, which helps you heal faster, and then helps you get rid of all the toxins in your body post surgery. I am not a doctor, but I can testify as to how much it has helped me. Another thing that has helped me in a major way is MPS or Microcurrent Point Stimulation therapy, which unfortunately is not a wide spread treatment. This treatment helped me with scarring and sensation, and I think was the single most helpful thing I have done for my recovery. If you live in St. Louis area, there is a therapist I can recommend to you.

I have my next check up this Friday.

Two years after surgery

Wow! Hard to believe it has been almost 2 years since surgery. Time has really flown. Never one day since I had the surgery have a regretted my decision. I still have some mild traces of scarring but it really isn't noticeable. The only thing I regret is not having gone bigger, and I actually had gone bigger than I originally was because I read how so many women wished they had gone bigger. I think because of my size and my height I could have handled more. Maybe in a few years I will decide to go larger, but for now I am very, very happy with how things turned out and not having to wear a bra is awesome! I do wear a bra most days, but I dont have to.
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

So far so good.

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