23 Yr Old, 2 Kids. Breast Lift with Implants - Knoxville, TN

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So I have read a bunch of stories on here and...

So I have read a bunch of stories on here and decided I would post mine as well in case it helps anyone. I had seen 2 PS in my area (Knoxville, TN) prior to seeing the surgeon I have chosen to do my procedure. The one I wanted had the longest wait for a consultation (June 1st) and happened to have a cancellation yesterday and I got in earlier! Yay! As of this morning I am scheduled for surgery on June 1st!
A little about me: I am 23 yrs old with 2 kids under the age of 2! Two back to back pregnancies wreaked havoc on my already not great breasts. I work as a RN in a critical care setting. I'm currently 5'5 and 145 lb and a small B cup. I have larger hips (size 10-12 in jeans) and I'm wanting a full C/D to balance out my shape.
So June 1st I am going to have a peri-areolar breast lift with silicone implants under the muscle. I think I have decided on 450/475 to correct some asymmetry, since I liked the 400/425 sizers (and my PS recommends increasing 50cc to adjust for under muscle). My preop is set for May 12th just a little over a month away!
Anyone have any good advice for pre/postoperative?

Change of heart on size

So after doing some thinking and playing around with rice sizers I think I'm going to go with 350/375 cc instead! I don't want to be too big and while I think the 450/475 balanced out my hips I would rather go smaller on implants and have a better shape and result from the lift. Besides ANYTHING is better than what I've got now!

Preop today!

I had my preop appt today and finalized the size. I'm going with 400/425 implants. I got my recovery kit from the office as well as some surgery vitamins and an ice pack.
Anyone have any recommendations about other things to have on hand for surgery?
I'm getting excited and also having a pre-buyers remorse all at the same time! Ha. This is something I have wanted done since I was in high school, but at the same time I feel very guilty about spending all of this money on myself when we have two young children. Two in diapers isn't cheap!

5 more days!

I only have 5 days left! I've been so busy trying to get everything ready for week of surgery! With two kids under 2 years it's taking quite a bit of planning to get everyone situated! Luckily my husband will be home with me for all but one of my ten days off after surgery and my parents are keeping the kiddos that night..
I work 4 12 hour shifts in the next five days so that should help keep my mind off nerves and things! The only shift that stinks is I work 5p-5a the night before my surgery and that won't be fun to not have anything to drink after midnight. Going to have my hubby take some preop pics for myself to look at after the surgery to really see the changes
I'm getting very excited!

1 day post op!

Well it's finally all over! Yesterday went well, we had a little longer of a wait time at the surgery center than I anticipated but it was all fine! Got back to a room, got my iv started then Dr. Reath came in to do some markings, and the anesthesiologist came by. They gave me some happy juice aka versed and we went to the OR. I remember sliding over to the OR table and I remember them pushing the propofol because it burns. Next thing I know I'm in recovery waking up! Took about an hour after that to be ready to go home. I was definitely uncomfortable when I woke up but not quite pain. The nurse offered me morphine but I took Percocet instead.
Since I've been home my husband has been waking me up to keep me on schedule with medicine. I have definitely not been comfortable enough to just use Tylenol yet but the pain medicine makes me sleep. Hopefully now that I'm getting muscle relaxers on board my pain will improve. Ice has also been a lifesaver. I wish I would have bought two of the ice packs they offered at the office to have one to be able to trade out with instead of it having to go back in the freezer after 10-15 min.
Also to anyone else who is having surgery soon, I would buy a couple of front closure sports bras from Walmart and just try to guess size before hand. The one they put me in post op was way to big and I didn't feel like I had any support in it. The one in the pictures is from Walmart, I think it's a fruit of the loom.


Preop vs 1 day post

1 week post op

Had my one week Postop appt today. I was cleared to drive (thank God), had my stitches removed, and was instructed on massage. I loved my PS instructions, "you need to shove them not love them". And be warned, they aren't very gentle when they are teaching you, but it's not supposed to be :) I can also take ibuprofen now too which is amazing because plain Tylenol is a joke! I can also sleep on my side or however I'm comfortable.
I go back in about 3 weeks for another post op appt and should start silicone sheets then, but the PS was very pleased with the way my incisions looked today, especially considering the amount of skin he had to remove during the lift. He also seemed to think they were settled for the most part. Maybe it's the way he places them but he said that the left needs to come down a little more but the right was already sitting on the infra mammary crease. They are also starting to feel much softer today.
Overall I'm very happy with progress, and exceptionally pleased with my PS and his office staff.
Also I have found for me the UnderArmour protégée sports bra to be the most comfortable! With 400 cc implants the 34D fits quite nicely at one week post op and gives great support!

2 weeks

I'm 2.5 weeks post op now and so far so good. I have been doing my massages as instructed. My left breast has gotten very soft, it feels like a real breast to me, and my incision is totally healed. My right side has been a little slower on both fronts. I still have a few small open areas on my incision, and on the underside of my breast I have some firmer lumpy areas. I'm not quite sure what is going on, but if I really massage, it gets better for a little while but then comes back. I called the office and they said just to keep an eye on it, so that is what I will do.
I am loving my results so far! Can't wait to see how they will look in the end! I go back for my next post op appt in two weeks!

2.5 week pics

Pics didn't load

Not so great weekend

So Friday I was seen in office, due to an open area with some yellow drainage. One of my dissolvable internal sutures had come to the surface and was slightly infected. I was put on oral antibiotics and sent home no big deal. Late Friday night I started running high fevers 102-103 and so I called the on call physician (not my surgeon) and he was less than helpful, told me to take some Tylenol and that it probably wasn't my breast causing the fever. Saturday evening my husband ended up calling him again due to persistent fever at which time he recommended I go to the ER for evaluation. After a lot of blood work, chest X-ray, ultrasound of my breast, I was admitted for IV antibiotics.
Now I must say this, while I'm currently not happy with the plan I STILL COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH DR. REATH.
He took time to see me in the hospital on Sunday (even though he was not the on call physician or the physician to admit me) and he's only doing what he thinks is best.
That being said I could use prayers from anyone willing to give them because in the morning, I am going to have to have surgery to remove my right implant for a while to clear the infection. I am not happy about this, I love the way I look right now and I am just now really starting to feel like they're my boobs not just fake ones. Not to mention the more vain reason of the fact that I don't want to think about the way all of my new bathing suits are going to look two weeks from now on my beach trip.

Good news this morning, fingers crossed!

Well yesterday evening my PS called and asked me to come by the office so he could remove my Gortex suture (a permanent suture involved with my lift) as a last ditch effort to see if I improved, but to still plan on surgery this am, as it was a very small chance..
Well praise the lord because either it does look better or he's just being a kind soul. Instead of surgery today, we're just doing another dose of IV antibiotics while I'm here and and it's already in, continuing oral antibiotics at home, and then rechecking in the office tomorrow. This isn't to say I won't end up right back here on Thursday, but after spending the night and morning in tears, I could have kissed the man this morning!
I'm so thankful to have a dr that truly cares about me and my wants and needs! He truly is the best!!

Yay for two boobs!

Well I went to see my PS again today for a recheck, and he was still optimistic! He said the fact that my culture are sensitive to the antibiotics I'm on and have gotten while in the hospital is a very promising sign. Also my breast is much less tender, I was having a lot of pain with manipulation while in the hospital and now that's back to normal as well! I am going to finish the round of antibiotics he started last week and then take another weeks worth and we will go from there. He said that he thought we probably had about an 80% chance of NOT having to do anything else that it was just the Gortex suture and around 20% chance that the implant may have been compromised and would need to come out so we will make that decision when I go back in 10 days.
I know I say this every post but I can't say enough how wonderful my dr and his staff are!

Wow time flies

I can't believe it's already been over a month since my surgery! I think things are looking much better so far! My right breast looks much better than it did last week, although I'm a little concerned that my incision is still kind of open from where he removed my Gortex suture. I already had an appointment for today from before all the hospital stuff happened so when I called the office this morning I asked about my incision and they just said to go ahead and keep my appt for today so he can just check it. I hate to bother him, but it will make me feel much better for him to see it and say it's okay. I feel like I'm probably just being hypersensitive to every little thing since I have had a few bumps in the road. I am really starting to see a difference in the height and shape of my areola without the Gortex suture in place, but all that can be fixed at a later time, as long as I get to keep my implants I don't really care too much what the nipple and areola look like for the time being. My left breast on the other hand looks great! Fingers crossed there's either no concern with the right incision or nothing a few extra sutures can't fix!

Sorry for two updates in one day BUT....

I got great news when I went to see my dr about my incision, we are officially out of the woods in regard to removing my implant! Incision line should close itself and there are no more worries about infection! I am so relieved!

Another comparison

So far I am still loving my results!

Sizers vs postop

I got just what I wanted!

A whole new level of confidence

While this review is long and filled with lots of things that people contemplating plastic surgery don't really care about, the bottom line is this: this surgery has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. It has allowed me to still feel attractive and sexy at 24 years old, even after two babies and the abundance of stretch marks that I gained from them. It has helped me to be okay with the way I look in a bikini, no matter what else I can criticize on my body. Dr. Reath has given me a very natural look, and for that I am grateful. So much so that a friend that is here at the beach with us asked what kind of bra I was wearing, because my boobs looked so good! Big surprise to her no bra, just new boobs! It has never felt so good to be confident in myself, and that makes every penny, and the ups and downs of recovery absolutely worth it!

No push-up no padding!

Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

As a nurse, I work with many different physicians, and I am rarely blown away by personality traits of doctors. Dr. Reath is the exception to this! He is one of the most kind, compassionate, welcoming physicians I have ever met! I knew that I would love him before my initial consultation because of all the information he provides on his website. A friend of mine also recommended him as well. I did really like the way he took time to answer all of my questions, explain the procedure, and make sure any of my concerns were addressed! He put me completely at ease in the surgery center and did a fantastic job! Fast forward a few weeks and I have had some complications in my recovery, just my luck, and I still have absolutely nothing but glowing things to say about Dr. Reath! It's very easy to be happy with a physician when all goes as planned, but for someone to still be thrilled with their care even after a few bumps in the road, that should really speak to his character! I truly have nothing but wonderful things to say! He is simply the best! I will and have recommended him to anyone and everyone I know that is contemplating plastic surgery!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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