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So I have just witnessed my mum have the same...

So I have just witnessed my mum have the same procedure about 6 weeks ago. I'm very very nervous as she was in heaps of pain the entire time. I did not realise how much pain she would be in. She was extremely traumatised the first month and has just turned the corner now. Dad also had the op three years ago and has not turned back! Now it is time for me and I am feeling a bit nervous. I got my blood tests yesterday. I also have a tentative date booked late June and I have my appointments for dietician, psychologist etc late this May.

I'm booked baby

Operation date is 29th June 2016 and I currently weigh 98.7 kg. Can't weight to kick this weight off! Hope my sore back disappears and lethargy! Hope I can get into some normal shops and not have to buy plus size clothes all the time! Mum is 10 weeks post op and finally just turned the corner so IM anticipating a long road ahead! She looks so good she even has this happy dance that she's never done before! So excited I can't wait! Fear hasn't kicked in yet I've accepted it's going to be painful so wait until that hurdle comes. I've got 2 weeks of eating before I start the shakes.. That I am DREADING they are disgusting, I tried them before! Oh well keep all updated!!!


29th June, 2016 and I was sleeved! Today, the 30th day 2 and I'm hanging in there. The pain is terrible and I have been told that the surgery went well. They even found a hiatus hernia which was a shock to me. I have had some broth and apple juice. I was on a drip until now. I'm a bit sleepy to write a lot will update soon xxxB

Getting through

Definitely a very rough journey. I don't think anyone tells you how hard it is for the restless people! Struggling to get fluids in but off the drip which is good. Nausea has been brutal also. It's 217am in hospital. I'm sure it will get better

5 days post op

I was pretty miserable last post I was thinking whilst at the hospital, what made me do this? What an idiot?
Finally a breakthrough. Out of hospital and feeling a lifetime better. Two people I know have had this procedure done and I can say I'm definitely doing well.
5 days post op and I weigh 93.5kg I was 101kg when I started before the shakes.
So feeling better every day and can see this was the only way for me after exhausting all diets and ways of life.
Just losing what I have I feel like I'm getting my life back.
Swallowing -I think I'm doing quite well and the only issue I think is that I can't wait to get hungry I need to eat on time otherwise I actually get more hungry eat a bit quicker and it hurts but I guess this is my problem in the first place!!!
Dr Kiron Bhatia

So far my interactions have been great he has been pleasant and informative

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