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The IPL data that is on the net does not represent...

The IPL data that is on the net does not represent all experiences. My personal experience differs greatly from “the have it done in the morning and go back to work in the afternoon” information available on the web or the information that my doctor gave me. My skin is the most sensitive of all skins it is a 1 on the Fitzpatrick scale. I’ve done two other chemical peels that took over 4 weeks each, these were time consuming, uncomfortable and messy but the pain was not an issue. I have a high threshold for pain and manage it by controlling my breathing. I rarely need to use this control to manage pain but I used it more than once during and after the IPL procedure. The procedure appealed to me a quicker “easier” way to remove my pre-skin cancers with my doctor assuring me it was less painful than the chemical peel and I would look like my old self in a week maybe ten days. There was also the fact that my vanity did not want more white scars on my nose and upper lip in a fairly large area. The negative aspect was the money that was out of pocket rather than being covered by my insurance as the chemical peel would have been, but time was a factor (I was getting ready for Thanksgiving travel). The actual peel was like being hit by tiny strikes of lightening which I got through by using controlled breathing and deliberate relaxation. I was then smeared with tons of creams and sent home. Home is where I stayed for the next week. Fortunately, I’m self employed or I would have to take sick days. I was a mess; I took a whole bottle of ibuprofen to manage the pain, swelling and generally discomfort. I kept cool things on my face and put tons of creams sometimes hourly. I woke up the first and second mornings after my procedure to eyes swollen so much that I had difficulty seeing. Only after standing in a cool shower to for several minutes did my eyes start to calm down ibuprofen was needed to take the swelling down enough to see. If I didn’t take ibuprofen I would experience stabs of pain shooting around my face. I wasn’t sleeping well. I finally took steps that I knew would work but had forgotten about in my agitated state. I use herbal remedies and natural cures when possible and I was reminded that I had New Chapter’s Mycomend medical mushrooms in my refrigerator. I muscle tested how many I would need and started taking them regularly, which was a blessing because that night I slept for nine hours. The Mycomend dealt with the swelling and the pain and allowed me to rest and start healing. I also wasn’t thrilled with some of the healing creams and started using Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream which felt so much better on the raw skin. I am healing but the peel went deeper than I thought it would and this is day ten and I am just starting to leave the house. My face looks like it was severely sunburned, I am able to let my hair touch my face for the first time in ten days and I have to cancel my travels for Thanksgiving because I didn’t think traveling on a plane with raw skin on my face was a good idea. In conclusion I didn’t save a much time as I thought and it cost me going out in public for a week as well a large amount of cash. I had two friends that took care of me while I was dealing with the situation and I can not imagine what it would have been like by myself. If you have sensitive skin and are set on doing this procedure get meds and take them before and after for a least three days. Have friends prepare to fetch carry and amuse you cause you are going to need it, have lots of cold packs and if you are so inclined buy Mycomend and Dr Hauschka’s rose cream and Dr Hauschka’s Milk wash which is a mild wash to sooth your skin. PS. It is now day 13 and I look ok, I am still “sunburned” looking and there are still area of peeling skin but all in all it looks ok. I personally will take the white scars from freezing off the preactinic keratosa.
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