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My bad vision started when I was in high school......

My bad vision started when I was in high school... Keeping my face much too close to the exam papers gave me a slight prescription of -1.75 in both eyes. As time went on and the doctors got better at checking my eyes I found out I also had a slight stig. In my left eye dropping my prescription to -2.00.

I decided it was time to take action when I went scuba diving during my vacation in the summer of 2015 and I had to wear contact lenses beneath my snorkeling gear... This was the final straw. Although most people might think of -2.00, that's not bad.... Having even this medium prescription meant I could not enjoy the beauty of everyday things without my glasses. I could not even find my wife on the beach without my glasses... Everyone looked alike at more than 3 metres away.

I decided to go with the custom wavefront procedure due to my abnormally large pupils. I also opted for the femtosecond laser after reading dozens of medical journals about the procedure [bladeless, if you don't know... They both cut your eye roughly the same way].

Surgery day:
I had a great experience at the clinic in the morning, ate a couple apples... Had my eyes re-checked, signed some forms, asked some questions, and I was ready to go.
I was the fourth one in, they sat me down under the cutting machine and put an obscure amount of numbing drops in my eye, which was totally fine because I don't want to feel it! They then applied the suction cup which felt like a little contact lenses and began to apply the femtosecond pressure. At this point my vision when completely grey and fuzzy, followed by black. I kept staring up with this ridiculously uncomfortable pressure on my eye for about 5 seconds and done... It was fully cut. Rinse and repeat for the second eye. During the entire process the doctor talked me thorough what's going on, he had had his eyes done as well, and this helped a lot. They give you stress balls to hold and make sure you're comfortable as well.

When both eyes were cut I was told that due to my young age a common occurrence is the formation of bubbles between the cut layers of the cornea. Although it is possible to proceed, my doctor sent me out of the operating room to a dark waiting room with tape on my eyes so that the bubbles would dissipate. This took about 30 minutes and I'm glad he did it this way, he wanted everything to be flawless and clean for the LASIK laser and I wouldn't have it any other way. After the bubbles disappeared I was positioned under the LASIK machine and more drops were applied, the flap was peeled back, which I didn't feel at all, and I was told to stare at the green light. A few zappy noises and burning smells later and bam I'm Hawkeye.... Repeat on second eye and that was it... I was taken out to the dark corner of the waiting room where they introduced me to the drops I will be taking for the next week, the first round of drops were applied and I was set there to wait for an hour. As the numbing drops wore off I began to get a major discomfort in my eyes, it felt like I had just cut 10 onions on my face and I began crying/could not open my eyes... This was at the one hour mark and the assistant came to get my just then. She applied drops [which felt amazing] and checked my eyes to see how the flap settled. Everything was OK so I was sent on my way with my new shades!

My vision was blurry/fuzzy this was because the flap was still detached. It felt like looking through frosted glass, however I could already tell it worked. I was looking in the distance and although things were frosty I could make out distant objects without a problem.

I got home... The numbing drops started to ware off again, and just like recommended I took an hour long nap. When I woke up it felt much better, no pain but some dryness. I followed the drop schedule and slept with my sunglasses on that night.

Day after:

I woke up in the morning with my awesome shades on and my eyes were feeling dry, I applied my drops as per schedule and went on with my day. The frosted glass look was gone and I could see clearer from behind my sun glasses. My wife and I went for a walk, all the trees and leaves were clear and beautiful... Watched a little TV but kept my eyes lubricated and everything was super clear from a distance. I was happy.

For the next couple of nights I slept with protective glasses, woke up with dry eyes, moisturized, repeat.

Today, Day 11.

Yesterday was my one week check up, I've been using the moisture drops whenever my eyes feel too dry which has been in the mornings or after heavy focusing. I was able to read the 20/15 line, although a little difficult, I was told this is really good :)

I still have some glowing haze around lights at night, this is supposably due to the inflammation of the cornea beneath the flap and I was told it will go away completely within a month or two. It had been getting less and less noticeable so I'm hopeful!

My vision is supper clear now, besides some dry eye in the morning I can comfortably read things my friends can't even see with thier glasses on! I would highly recommend this to anyone who can spare the change for it. I still wake up some mornings and think I forgot my contacts in because everything is so cristal clear, then I realized this is my vision now and it makes me happy.

Day 16

Every morning has been getting better. I now only use drops once when I wake up, and it's barely needed... but it still feels a little dry and I would rather not take a chance.

My vision is great... I'm sitting a mile away from the screen and this test is crystal clear as I type it. Still being extra careful not to rub or get sweat in eyes.

Feeling amazing.

Day 21

I'm noticing a significant improvement in my nighttime glows, they have almost completely disappeared. The vision is great, I can't find any good reason not to do this to yourself... I knew this would happen but I'm getting to the point where I overlook the fact that I've had this done. It hasn't been very long and I'm already getting so accustomed to having great vision that I forgot I ever needed to pick up glasses...

I have no light sensitivity at all, I feel as normal as I did pre-op. I have my one month checkup coming up in about 12 days and I'm hoping I can read that 20/15 line again... If I can then this sharp-ness is probably here to stay ;)


Over four months, couldn't be happier.

It has been a while since I came on here... Sorry I've been enjoying my vision too much.

I can now read the 20/10 line on most test sheets and I couldn't be happier. I'm not use to having vision so clear, so sometimes at night when my eyes get fatigued I get worried something might be wrong... when really I just need a good nights rest ;)

I have completely forgotten that I use to wear glasses, and I have almost completely stopped taking any kind of care of my eyes... the only thing I still keep from doing is rubbing them hard, which I didn't do before anyways. I have a bottle of drops which has been sitting on my desk for almost two moths untouched, don't need it anymore... I love the results and I'm excited to have this for years to come, now the trick is convincing my wife to do it too ;)

Please ask me anything you might want to know! I would love to help anyone who needs it. This might be my last check-in unless I get some replies/messages in the future.

Stay hungry my friends,

Over a year in... Love it

I honestly can't tell you how amazing this is, I wish I did this sooner. I have completely come to terms with my vision now, no more searching for glasses... I notice the smallest changes in the clarity if I don't get enough sleep, and I'm still amazed every time I look at someones face and I can see all the fine details.

Dryness... Just like when I had glasses, in the winter, sometimes I might use a drop or two.
Clarity... No halos, no fog, when my eyes are tired and can't focus very well lights at a distance have a star burst, but I had this with glasses too.
Pain... none
Vision? Still reading the 20/10 line on the eye chart. Yeah it's hard, and some of the letters are guesses... but damn even the 20/15 line is easy I have to challenge myself somehow!

10/10 Would do this again, should have done it sooner, trying to convince my wife to do it...

Stay hungry,

Dr. Omar Hakim

Doctor was amazing, #1. Wait staff got bogged down and forgot about me for 15 minutes... It hurt my eyes... Not happy about that.

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