43 Years Old - 5'7" 158 lbs. No Drain Tummy Tuck - Lift and 420 CC Saline Implants - WA

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I had my first tummy tuck consultation over 15...

I had my first tummy tuck consultation over 15 years ago after having two large children (1 C-section) which gave me a stomach full of stretch marks and loose skin. I am thankful I didn't have the money to get my tummy tuck done then.

Fast forward to 2016... I had two more large babies both by C-section and many more stretch marks and more loose skin.

I have review thousands of posts on this site over the last year. I am finally in a place financially and mentally to get my tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. I conducted a massive amount of research on doctors in the Seattle area and decided with Dr. Pratt. He is an incredible person with a proven track record and many awards. He has been performing plastic surgery for 20 years and also has performs a "drain less tummy tuck" which I was very interested in. I knew he was the right doctor after our first visit. He was funny, had a excellent bedside manner, his staff was professional... I couldn't be happier with Dr. Pratt.

6 weeks until surgery!!!!

Pre-op with tears!!!

I went in for my pre-op today and boy what a mess I was. First, I felt sick to my stomach after handing over more than 20K to the nurse... That was awful.

When I got back to see doctor Pratt he was sweet and wonderful as always. He said that I would get better results if he did a vertical incision all the way up to my sternum in order to best take care of my high stretch marks. It's called a fleur-de-lis pattern. I almost cried. I do not want a huge scar running from my pantys to my sternum. I am great full that Dr. Pratt explained this to me in detail. Now I need to decide what to do. Uggghhhh. This is bad news.
Surgery is in 9 days.

3 More Days Until the Flat Side

After much processing I have decided to go along with Dr. Pratt and do my tummy tuck surgery as he suggested. At first I was shocked and scared about doin the surgery Fleur de lis style because the last thing I wanted was a long scar that went up to my breast bone. But I do have very high stretch marks and a lot of loose skin up high and by doing the Fleur de lis I am certain I will get better results. My decision came down to one thing really.... Have one large scar and no stretch marks, or have lots of stretch marks under my belly button and risk the skin sagging in the future because of the horrible quality of my skin. I am secure with my decision. I will just get a tattoo cover up as soon as I am healed properly. I have attached a few pics. I am excited and can't wait to have this a expert behind me... Let the pain begin!!

Deflated c cup before surgery

Before pics of flat un even boobs. We decided on 420cc. I war a C cup prior to surgery. I didn't want bigger than a D cup.

The flat and big boob side

Dr. Pratt is an incredible man. His staff is excellent, super friendly, and caring. I got checked in. They asked lots of questions. The I changed into my sexy surgery gear. I've was inserted without pain. Super smooth. The drugged me up and helped me up on the table in the surgery room. I don't remember anything else until I woke up.

The pain was pretty intense. The ride home was 2 hours. No biggie!

The first night post op was bad. I have a high tolerance for pain. My boobs hurt the worst. My tummy however feels excetional. I was in a lot of pain. This morning I feel like a million bucks. Tummy is great. Boobs still hurt, but not as bad as last night.

I'm so excited!!!

New boobies

1 day post-op. Breasts hurt like nobody's business tummy tuck doesn't hurt at all it must be from the pain gel they leave in after surgery. I feel grea!!!!

Before and and 4 days post-op happybasncab be!!!!

I am now 4 days post-op from a full tummy tuck (wedge) and breast lift with 4200CC impanets. To be honest I feel like a million bucks. Only the first day post-op was really the worst. My boobs were killing me.i have very little pain now only when I get up from the couch or the bed. Sometimes I get a little off balance and use my walker which was a really good purchase. My tummy tuck never really hurt... I think because I am an old pro at it after having 3 in the past.i love Dr. Pratt and his staff and and overythrilled about my results thus far.

5 days post-op

Feeling pretty good today. Cut my pain killer dose in half, but still taking them every 4 hours. I have been checking my dressings and cleaning them but they are not weeping too bad. Had a little bit of yellowish seepage from under breasts today. I still need that pain pill every four hours though. I just woke up from my nap and needed the pain killer pretty bad. I might have overedone it this morning by cooking breakfast.

I am so happy with my surgery results. It gets better day by day. I took a pic with no bra and a tank.

Had to email the doc a pic of right breast

Was a little concerned with the look of my left breast when changing out my gauze. I suggest you buy a mirror so you can take a good look at your incursions every time you change our your dressings. This is the pic I emailed the doc. I got a quick call back and said to try and fold back the tape and put a small amount of neopsorin on it. Then watch it. I want to catch anything possible (like an infection) before it gets to aggressive.

Still having issues with the right breast

Emailing updated pics to the doctor and his nurses. They are such incredible people. Update pic from today. I took off all of the tape. Doesn't look to bad. The left breast and TT incision look fine. This bugga though!!!

8 days post-op. Overwhelmed with happiness.

Today marks 8 days post-op. I cried when I took these pictures today. OMG I am so happy. Are you kidding me. I have my 20 year old body back plus some awesome big titties and a few stretch marks. But compared to the before pics I couldn't have asked for anything better. Please remember ladies we have to be realistic about our results. We will never be super models! Especially after having 3 giant children. My right misbehaving boob is getting better. My belly button dressing fell out today and I started freaking out but it looks awesome. I placed some gauze back in it and taped it down. I couldn't last to long without my binders but I was able to get some more pics.

Finding a tattoo coverup for my belly stretch marks is next on the list!

First post-op Appointment Today with Dr Pratt

First off I think it's important again to say how much I love Dr. Pratt and his wonderful staff. I went in today for my first post-op appointment. I took all of my dressings off my new breasts and slipped into a robe. Dr. Pratt and his wonderful assistant came in and looked me over. Everything is great!!!! I did end up getting about 6 little blood blisters on my right breast, all on the underside. They are mostly healed and doing good. He said it was normal and he had seen way worse.

I still have the surgical tape on both nipples and all of the tape one breast. Also all of the tape is still on
my TT incision. He said to leave it on and cut it off as it falls off. Unless of course it got gross, wet, or smelly.

It was cool to have them admire and be proud of their work. I could see it on both of their faces. I was released to drive and was told to keep doing what I have been doing, which is sitting around like a lump on a log.... Waiting to heal. Next appointment is in 4 weeks. Everything is Awesome.

19 Days Post-Op - All the tape is off!!!

I was told by Dr. Pratt to leave all surgical tape on my incisions until A) it fell off (cut it off as it peeled loose) or B) take it off when it stays wet or gets smelly.

I have been doing exactly as he said, slowly cutting away at the tape, and today finally peeled off the last bit because it was gross . Since I'm still off of work, I have a routine.... I take a shower in the am, lube up with Neosporin, lay open air for an hour... Then bandage myself back up and relax for the day. At night I do the same thing. All of my incisions are closed and looking awesome! Yay.

I plan on using silicone tape and scar gel etc. once all of the scabbing is off of the incisions. Super excited and everything is going awesome.

Before - 4 Days Post-op - 19 Days Post-op

Before after pic

Dissolvable Stitches breaking through incisions

I was prepared for this based on others comments, but had hoped it would'nt happen to me. Darnit. I have about 10 dissolvable stitches that my body didn't like and they are now being pushed out of my body through my incisions. Little white stitches sticking out on both nipples and breast incisions in different locations. Ugggghhh. It's not painful. I don't have any on my tummy tuck incision... Yet! I have to refrain from using silicone tape for a while as the stitches work their way out of my body.

I had a horrible night last night as my left breast tried to drop. I had to take pain killers and Valium to ease the discomfort!! But my late morning she had dropped. My muscles felt like they were squeezing the implant and I thought it might burst. Wow. That was horrible. But this afternoon I feel like a million bucks.

4 weeks post-op and cleared to wear non underwire bras!

Breasts are doing good. I'm still spitting out stitches. But I did finally go bra shopping today. Dr. Pratt wanted me in that compression ace type wrap for four weeks. 36DD is the size. Since I don't plan on wearing a bra again... I did have to buy some for work because it's not socially acceptable at work to go braless. Shopping was fun but exhausting.

Almost 6 weeks post-op

My tummy swelling was down today and I felt good so I figured I would take progress pics. These are just before and afters. I will be 6 weeks post-op in 4 days.

Wow, what a journey. The only complaint I have is that my breasts are still spitting out stitches and it's taking forever for them to come out. I've seen some laxity in my existing tummy stretch marks, my surgeon warned me about it. I was prepared for that to happen.

The big question is.... All things considered.... Would I have the surgery if I could go back in time knowing what I know now? The answer is HELL YES!!

I am a new woman with a new found confidence. Hell, I went to Fred Meyer today wearing no bra and tiny little clothes and I felt like a million bucks. I was wearing the outfit in the attached pics.

8 weeks post-op

Just updating pics. My breasts are still spitting out stitches. I have minimal to moderate swelling in the area above my belly button up to my breasts. I wear a binder at night in that area. My right breast is moving faster than the other and I go through periods where they aren't symmetrical. It's scary. Symmetry is the most important thing to me. I am doing exercises on my left breast. Pushing on opposite sides of the breast and holding for a minute to break scar tissue. It's working. I am so happy with my results!

3 months Post-op - What and Awesome Journey (Seriously)

Wow. Has it really been three months. It seems like it's been much longer.

My breast are almost finished spitting out stitches. I have a few that were spit out of my TT incision also. Wow that was annoying!!! Sometimes I have areas in by breast incisions that open up and drain a little and then close back up... Again annoying. I haven't taped my breast incisions in months because of the spitting of stitches. I think I'm on the downside of all of this. Hopefully I can put it behind me soon.

My tummy has been swollen above the belly button still. At work I wear a full length binder that I bought at Macy's. I wear it everyday. When at home I still wear my surgery binder to help with the upper belly swelling.

I love my breasts. Dr. Pratt and I sort of argued about the size I needed. I wanted 450cc, he wanted 420cc. In the end I said ok with 420cc but gave him the option the be the artist and decide for me while I was under. He went with 420cc... And he was right. 450cc would have been to big for me. After the thousands of reviews I read, not one woman complained about their implants being to big, but many complained about wishing they were bigger. They are bigger than I expected but they are perfect. I am happy with the symmetry and the way they have dropped. I have a few new stretch marks on them but I am getting them removed asap.

My tummy is loosening up a bit, but still looks awesome under clothes.

Life is awesome.

5 Months Post-Op Update

Things are doing great. I believe my breasts have dropped completely. The left breast is still a little tighter than the other, but it doesn't bother me. And as far as I can see you can't tell by looking at them. I am pleasantly surprised at the overall look and feel of my breasts. I still have one open area that spit out a stitch a while ago that hasn't closed yet. But other than that they are totally healed. Love them!!!!

My tummy is healing well. My upper abs are still sore and weak. I wave been exercising them. When I golf they hurt sometimes. Dr. Pratt has me doing some exercises. I'm pleased with my tummy look. The most important thing to me was that it was flat. Which it is. I wish there was a way to completely remove all of the stretch marks but that is impossible. I think I'll feel better when I get my tattoo that will cover them up.

Still the best thing I could have done for myself!!

14 months post op - tummy tuck and lift with implants.

Wow, has it already been 1 year? This journey has been incredibly beautiful. I cannot believe the person I have become since surgery. I have gained such confidence. One could say that I am a bad ass. Lol. I am so very happy with my results. Again, Dr. Pratt is a genius... I owe him my life.

Looking back... the pain from the lift and implants was very real. That was the most difficult part. Spitting out the dissolvable stitches was totally annoying.

After three C-sections and the pain gel that Dr. Pratt leaves inside under the tummy skin... the tummy tuck was no big deal.

I had some issues with tightness in my left breast for almost a year. I was afraid of scar tissue buildup and the possibility of needing revision surgery.... but after a mammogram and reassurance from Dr. Pratt that I was totally fine... My left breast is magically better. One of the women at the clinic said that she had discomfort in her left breast for over a year after surgery and she just woke up one day and the discomfort was for.

I have more breast tissue in my right beast which has led to her being a little larger and more settled than the left (I never expected perfection). I told Dr. Pratt that it was more important than anything to me that my nipples were symmetrical... he gave me that!!!

I haven't worn a bra since surgery and it has been extremely liberating... and cost effective too! I wear a very supportive sports bra only when working out (these baby's are heavy)! Lol.

I am pleased with the results of my tummy tuck. Now that my stomach is flat, I have no problem showing off my stretch marks. I regret not opting for the vertical scar like Dr. Pratt suggested. It wold have removed more of my stretch marks.

This surgery was the best thing I cold have ever done for myself!!! Thanks Dr. Pratt. You are the best!
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