It All Started in a Bathroom During Happy Hour..... - Kirkland, WA

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It all started in a bathroom during happy hour...

It all started in a bathroom during happy hour when my friend showed me her beautiful flat tucked tummy. I looked down at my belly, which kind of resembles my husbands balls, and in that moment I made my decision.

I run. I run a lot. I know that no amount of diet and exercise is ever going to get rid of the mommy tummy. And I hate feeling the extra skin bounce with every step, every high knee, every jumping jack. I am confident that getting a tummy tuck is the right choice for me.

I interviewed several of the top plastic surgeons in my area. It's surprising how widely the doctors varied in price for the same list of services (TT and BA revision). I don't know if it made a difference but I went to one consultation straight from work and the person who wrote out my quote actually commented on my designer (Ted Baker) clothing...then she handed me a quote for $25,000. Needless to say I didn't pick that doctor and I made sure to wear jeans and a t-shirt to all the other consultations.

I chose Dr. Partington for many reasons. He has the right credentials, I liked his personality, his price seemed fair, and I have seen his work in person. Very impressive before and after results.

I have told a few people. Most of them don't understand and don't know what to say. It's hard because support really does make it easier. I am very grateful for the RS community! I spend more hours than I am willing to admit reading your stories. :) Thank you.

I'm gulp, 40 years old, 5'7 and 145 lbs. My TT and BA surgery is scheduled for May 12. About 15 years ago I had a BA. I am having a revision because the twins were placed a little too far apart. I'd also like to go a little bigger. I'd love to get liposuction too but PS thought that would be too much at one time.

I'll post the dreaded before pictures within the next couple of days. Looking forward to this journey!

Before pictures

Taking naked selfies is not as easy as you all make it look! ;)

Had my Pre Op appointment today! Just 4 more weeks :)

I had my pre op appointment today. I met with the office manager and paid all of the fees. Then the nurse went over the paperwork and pre op tasks. She gave me info on what we should and shouldn't do before and after surgery. We took the official "before" pictures. The doctor came in because we needed to decide on a breast implant size and material. I choose 450cc silicone mentor high profile placed under the muscle. Everyone at Dr. Partington's office is amazing. I am so confident in my PS choice and feel extremely lucky to have found them!

My husband attended the appointment with me today. He was, to put it mildly, "difficult". Nothing he did was wrong, it was just....annoying. He has a hard time expressing emotion. He is terrified that something bad will happen to me.

To put some context around this - I don't have any fear. I color outside the lines on a regular basis. "What would you do if you weren't scared?" Is my favorite question. I am also fiercely independent. I didn't invite him to the PS consultations. At the time I just thought, this is a personal choice. But it affects my husband too. He is not opposed to my having the surgery, he's just scared. And he probably wishes he had more information. He doesn't have RS. I haven't supported him well enough through this journey.

May 12 hurry up already!

Husband seems to be feeling more comfortable with the surgery and my goals. I cannot wait for this surgery to happen. Flat tummy and grown up boobs!!!!

Two weeks till the big day!!!

Yesterday I ran the Big Sur marathon. It's a hard course and I got a PR! It will be the last marathon I have to run and feel my tummy bounce. I also dread the pictures because it's discouraging to see flab around my waist. Two more weeks. Can't. Flippen. Wait.

Less than 24 hours to go!

Happy Mother's Day!

Surgery center confirmed my check in time for Monday. Sh!t gets real when they ask you to bring your will!

Last night I drank smooth move tea so that my system would be nice and clean going into this. The house is ready. We replaced all of the flooring in our house (hardwood, carpet, tile). It was an ordeal. My dear husband almost knocked out one of the contractors....then who would have been my "responsible adult"?! Due to all the problems we had two/three different companies doing work. One of them was outstanding, other two almost gave me a stroke. PM me if you want a referral. I cleaned out my closest and remembered to keep a couple of my fat pants for post surgery swelling (thanks RS for that advice). I scrubbed everything...even the walls.

Anyone else feel like a 90 year old buying the shower chair, toilet riser, and pill dispenser box?!

My emotions must be kicking in. I had horrible nightmares last night. I also started regretting that I never told my parents that I'm having this surgery. I don't think they would object but I know they would worry. My (step) mom worried so much when I spent a month in India, I just couldn't put her through that again. I decided that telling them would be selfish, for my benefit (support). And now it's Mother's Day, so for sure I can't tell her today!!!!!

My period is due any day now.....oh joy. That may be contributing to my craziness.

One last before picture

Last pre op pic! Good bye ball tummy!

I am on the flat side!

I made it to the flat side!!!!! Yay! I am all wrapped up. As soon as I see, I will post. Pictures. Odd to feel the changes but not see the results.


My husband is taking such good care of me! So greatfull!!

Exciting day!

I took two different anti nausea pills plus a patch before I left my house. I was a bundle of nerves when I arrived to the surgery tower at 6 AM. I checked in and signed more paperwork. The nurse called my name and we headed to my room. The nurse checked all of my medications and told me what to expect. At about 7 AM the PS arrived and he marked me up. Then I met the anesthesiologist and he described his role. At this point I started to calm down a little. They rolled me to the OR and after about 1 minute of chit chatting I was out. I remember waking up in recovery. Sipped some cranberry juice and then got to leave by about 2:30 PM. I was not in terrible pain like I had expected.

Pain is manageable with out the hard stuff (oxy). I am just taking the pain medication that has acetaminophen in it. But I do have a very high pain tolerance.

Worst part is not being able to see what I look like! PS called tonight to check on me. I asked when I could see my results and he asked me to wait till Wednesday. I'll try to wait that long! Or maybe just a little peek... ;)

Cleavage !

I think they are a bit high right now however, I know from experience they will drop and fluff. I really want to peak.

I feel like veruca salt "i want it now!"

So I am waiting until my post op appointment to change dressings and see my results (May 14I). I asked the nurse if the PS took any pictures after the surgery.. It's gross but I kind of wanted to see how much skin he removed.

I can tell that I am starting swell hell. Boo. I'm drinking protein shakes , water. and eating rice chex. I really don't feel like eating real food.

Pictures tomorrow! :)

Worth it!

Just got back from my first post op appointment. Everything looks good. I'm very swollen right now but that's to be expected. The nurse took both of my drains out! Big milestone. I am very pleased with the results.

Don't. Cough. EVER

I woke up with a tickle. I tried to hold the cough off. I have been successful at willing my cough a way before....but not this time. It wasn't pretty. The pain was off the pain scale charts. Not knowing if I caused damage or not is going to haunt me.

When will I be able to cough, sneeze, and laugh without pain?!

Who's idea was this anyways?!

What fresh hell can this be?

I have been coughing up phlegm since 1 AM (sexy, huh) and those deep repetitive coughs feel like a little fairy is dancing up and down my tummy. No. That’s a lie. It feels like all the muscle repair is cheese wiring through my muscles slowly making it's way up to come out of my mouth uncontrollably. And now that I have been reading RS for six months, I consider my self an expert, and I have diagnosed myself with something that can only end in death. But my PS doesn't agree with this diagnosis at all. Weird.

Due to the coughing, the pain is slightly out of control. Did I mention I weened myself off pain meds on day 3? The PS asked me to take Advil. Let's recap. Do you remember the part of your labor where everyone was afraid of you, especially your husband. And you morphed from a sweet pregnant lady into Godzilla. Only your version of Godzilla had a limited four letter word English vocabulary. Well that's me, only I'm not pregnant. Hey! At least I found one positive.

Sleepless in Seattle

Two hours was the longest stretch of sleep I have had since my surgery on the 12th. The reason is as soon as I would get into deep sleep I would have to cough. The coughing episode would last about 15-20 minutes and then I would spend two hours icing (20 min on 20 min off) and just trying to get over the excruciating pain. I now have bruising in a couple places on my rib cage near the muscle repair. At 2 AM today I decided to go against my nurses orders and take the allergy medicine. I woke up at 7:45 AM. I got over 5 hours of sleep out of it. Hopefully optimistic.

Turning the corner!

I am finally getting enough sleep and not coughing anymore. I am still very swollen (skin feels very tight/hard) and I have a sharp pain in two spots on my left side. But I'll take a couple of pesky problems over the coughing any day! I started back to work on Monday. It's kind of nice to have something else to concentrate on besides my tummy and boobies. :)

Every day a little stronger.

Everything started to get better from about day 7 on. I worked from home last week and that worked out really well for me. I stopped pain meds at day 3ish. I am not taking anything outside of my multi vitamin and allergy med. My weight has stabilized. Swelling is still there but going down. I am still a little hunched but standing much taller than a week ago! The incision is probably what gives my the most angst. It's healing and everything looks as it should but I keep having crazy nightmares that it opens and my body breaks in half!

My back story. I once was 220 pounds, size 22 on my worst day. I don't even think my husband knows that number. It was after I had child number 2 and 3 (very close timeframe) that I ballooned up. I lost 20 - 25 pounds pretty fast after giving birth but by no means was I healthy (FYI that's still a size 18). It took a lot of hard work and re education about nutrition before I finally figured out how to be healthy. Going into surgery I was 144, today I am 140. I am very aware of everything I put in my mouth. I eat a lot, even now. But it's lean protein, veggies, fruit, and limited whole grains. I get a rash and GI problems when I eat gluten and dairy, so I have cut that out. Getting healthy and proving to myself that I could maintain my weight prior to surgery was a good decision for me. I am so excited to see what this new body can accomplish!!! Maybe even an ultra? We'll see. My trainer recently sent me an email that says, "can't wait to re build you from the bottom up".

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone :)

TGIF - quick update.

Still doing well. TT and BA scar is healed. I am walking 2 miles a day, standing upright, and can sleep on my side again. I still swell in my lower belly. I wear my binder at night and spanks during the day. I also get tired very easily (even after my shower I am ready for a nap).


Bio-oil rocks. I massage my tummy and scar with it every night. Seems to help the swelling go down after my long walks.

No more sticky tape!

I was getting so tired of the sticky brown tape over my incision. I ordered the Gelzone Wrap. It gives you a little compression and is can help the scar. It replaces the tape if you are fully healed. I ordered it straight from the manufacture because I read some reviews on other sites where people were shipped off brand product. I'll let you know how it goes. Feels great so far!

Funny story. I work in technology (very male dominated industry). I have told the people I work closely with that I had a TT. Of course I didn't tell the men I had a BA. The other day I was walking with my coworker when he looked at me, stopped and said, "something is different". That's when I looked down at my boobs. His eyes followed mine down and he said very loudly, "oh my god you are wearing flats!!!!" Whew that was close!!!!

Tough week....

On Tuesday I fainted and when I came to, my lips and face were blue. I went to the ER and they did a bazillion tests. Everything was normal except I was dehydrated, had very low blood pressure and low platelets. I need to slow down a bit maybe. Other than that, my TT and BA is great! My swelling is up probably because my period is due soon. But I am still very happy with my results!

That time of the month.....

Hi ladies!

Not a lot has changed. I do have more energy. I use a fitbit and am up to 4.5 miles per day. I usually walk about 1.5 miles during the day and 3 miles after dinner. I ran a felt so good! I am adding about 1 mile per week.

Had my period this week and holy hell was that fun. Urban dictionary definition of "period" pretty much sums it up: "A period of pure agony for a female, lasting way too long. Sings of this state include screaming at anything that moves, rolling around on the couch in pain, and spending hours with cold water and stain remover."

6 weeks!

Can't believe it's been six weeks! Followed up with my PS and everything is healing perfectly. He is amazballs. Seriously he needs to wear a cape.

I had a complementary broad band light (BBL) treatment. Not to be confused with the "oh my god Becky" BBL. Although I wouldn't turn that treatment down if he offered (hint, hint). Anyways, the BBL should even out my skin tone (face) and reduce the color of my scar. Excited for that!

I am up to 5 miles a day. I split that into two. 2 durring the day and 3 after dinner. I take Friday off. I swell a little more with the activity but not much. I think the good out weighs the bad.

Happy Friday!!!

July 4th!

Busy day but I wanted to keep my Friday updates going. I did a fun before and after photo today. Hope all is well with my RS family.


I ran Ragnar this weekend! It's a relay race - everyone has 3 legs. I ran about 13 miles total. Longest leg was 4.5 miles. I am finally able to run without stopping to walk. My abs started burning a bit during the last leg but nothing I couldn't tolerate. My friend had some tape and I used it on my scar. I didn't think the tape would help but it did! I finished the race yesterday and today I am a little swollen. I feel great and am excited to get back in running shape!

Back on my road bike :)

Yesterday I started training on the street vs my bike trainer. Takes a little more core strength but I easily road 28 miles. Today I notice a little bit of soreness when I cough, laugh, or sneeze - but nothing I'm worried about. Very excited to get back into marathon and century shape!

It's been a while RS!

Hi all! Sorry I have been MIA. Everything has been fine. We moved this summer and that craziness kept me from keeping my blog up. Can't wait to check on my ladies to see their progress. I stared doing core work again. It feels odd but doesn't hurt. I might try Barre. I am still running and biking. Weight is about the same (144). I would love to lose 10 pounds, but who wouldn't ;).

I'm still so glad I had a MM!

Thought I'd post my six month'ish pictures. I have been doing Barre workouts 4-5 days per week. My total running milage is about 10 miles per week. I could be running more, just been busy. My weight is 145 (no real change). Still very happy with my results.

Time flies when you're on the "flat side"

I missed my one year update!

I'm still doing well and happy I had the surgery. I will post pictures soon!

+1 year update

I'm still completely happy that I had a mommy makeover!

Scar photo

Sharing a picture of my scar.

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