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Dr. Pratt recently performed gynecomastia surgery...

Dr. Pratt recently performed gynecomastia surgery on me. My experience throughout this process has been extremely pleasant, quick, and painless. My whole life I have had excess breast fat, which made me feel very self-conscious in my everyday life. My chest was not proportionate to the rest of my torso. I did everything from dieting to exercising and still nothing helped. Whenever I would tell people close to me about it, I would get the usual "Why don't you just do push ups?" While I appreciated their advice, I eventually realized the only way to fix this problem was to get surgery. I did not know much about this type of surgery and did a bunch of research. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to proceed with the life changing decision of finally getting this issue fixed. I researched many doctors in Washington state. I read up on their medical background, experience, qualifications, certification, etc. I wanted to make sure I felt confident when I decided to finally inquire about the surgery and set up a consultation. I looked at the before and after photos provided as well as client reviews. I also looked at the techniques that each doctor used for this type of surgery. When I sent my inquiry about the surgery via Dr Pratt's website, I explained my situation and also asked about the cost. The cost was especially important and a major reason why I had never pursued this surgery in the past. Withing 24 hours, I received an email from one of Dr. Pratt's Patient Care Coordinators named Shannon. She was able to address all the questions I had as well as put me at ease. She quoted me a price range that was very reasonable. After calling her and talking to her for a few minutes, I decided I wanted to go through with the consultation. I felt more comfortable knowing that Dr. Pratt had extensive experience behind him: he has performed many gynecomastia surgeries. She was able to get me in the following week. When I came to my consultation both Shannon and Sarah, another one of Dr. Pratt's Patient Care Coordinators, greeted me instantly and made me feel very welcomed. I filled out some forms and followed Shannon to a room where she asked me further questions and answered any further questions I had regarding the surgery. Finally, Dr. Pratt came in the room and examined my chest area. He went over what technique he would use on my particular case and made me feel confident in his plan of action. He went over what to expect, in particular, with any bruising and/or pain and restrictions. He gave me an estimate on how long a typical procedure takes. After getting all my questions. I knew I was going to go through with the surgery. Shannon assisted me with some blood work and went over the payment options. I then set up my surgery for their soonest available slot. Shannon reminded me of the do's and don't during the days leading up to the surgery and gave me a very detailed walkthrough of how surgery day will go. She also gave me a packet with the copies of the papers I signed and written instructions of pre and post operative directions. This was my first every surgery, so knowing what to expect helped ease any anxiousness I may have had. The day of surgery, I was taken to the operating area and given a temporary locker area to store the clothes I was wearing and change into the robe, compression socks, traction socks, and cap. I was asked more questions about my medical history and my blood pressure and temperature where taken. Then Dr. Pratt came in and made his marks on my chest (like they do on movies and shows), and reassured me that I was in good hands between him, his nurses, and the anesthesiologist. I then met with the anesthesiologist, who asked me more medical history questions and informed me what to expect with anesthesia. I was then give my anesthesia and was taken to the operating bed. Within moments, I was out and before I knew it, I was woken up. I felt as if nothing had happened and I did not feel drowsy at all. They gave me some crackers and juice and set up a post-op appointment for the next week. I went to my post-op and Dr. Pratt informed me that I was healing very well. I told him I was very please with the results already and he said that once I am completely healed, I will be even more pleased. I could not help but smile. I finally decided to do something about a problem that had been controlling my life as long as I could remember. I already feel more confident, even though I still got a lot of healing to do. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity for about a month and having to wear a post surgery gynecomastia compression vest for a month is no problem at all. Having to sleep on my back for about two weeks is new for me because I am a side sleeper, but it is definitely not an issue. I never experienced any pain since the surgery, only extremely subtle soreness where the incisions were made. I recommend Dr. Pratt to anyone out there looking into getting this type of surgery. Him and his staff are there to help in any way they can. Gynecomastia is a lot more common than I thought and well worth the reasonable cost for the surgery.

First Set of Pictures (Before and After) (taken within the same week)

These are the before pictures, as well as the after pictures (taken within days of the surgery). Keep in mind that it can take months for the final results. I will be posting updated pictures when the time comes. I hope these are helpful to any of you considering the surgery. I sincerely felt immediate confidence when I took my post-surgery vest off for the first time to take these pictures.

Two Week Update!

Having the post-surgery vest on has helped a lot with sensations in my chest of any kind that were out of the ordinary. When I had to take it off to shower, a little bit of soreness was experienced while the vest was off and while I was washing myself. Also, I made sure to be very careful whenever I had to reach for items throughout my day. I did it rarely and when I did, I made sure to do less stretching of the arm and more moving my body in the direction where the item is. For instance, if I was laying on my bed watching t.v. and needed to grab the remote that happened to be a couple feet away, I would move my body toward the remote using the lower part of my body. If I needed to get up from laying down or adjust my position, I would try not to used my hands to aid in the movement. Sometimes we don't realize how much we use our chest muscles until we are put in a position where a wrong move might bring on a subtle feeling of soreness. During about the last few days of the second week of recovery, I have to say that the soreness in general was still pretty minimal. There is a very subtle amount of swelling, which is to be expected. I don't have any bruising. When I lightly run my fingers over my chest, I feel a little unevenness, but that is also to be expected. It's just what happens between the swelling and the muscles re-attaching to the underside of the skin. As the days have gone by, this unevenness has been gradually becoming more and more even. I found it to be a little difficult to sleep on my back for the whole night during the last couple days of the required two week period of having to do so, but I think it stemmed more from being excited the two week period ending. The whole sleeping on my back was an overall fine experience. I occasionally have felt weird sensations randomly throughout my chest, which is just the nerves that were disturbed from the surgery getting themselves back in order. Not only am I still doing great and feeling good, this process has been a very intriguing one to experience. This is the first ever surgery I have gone through. I don't think I will post any updated pictures just yet, but if I do I will be clear on how much time has passed between the last pictures and the new ones. I hope this update was pretty informative and that I was able to paint out a clear picture of how I have been doing the two weeks post surgery.

Three Week Update!

During this third week, I must say that is has been nice being able to sleep on my sides again. Although since the incision marks are near my armpits, I was not able to sleep with one arm under the pillow yet. If I tried, I would get a very mild sensation where my incision is that was not comfortable.

As far as pain or discomfort in general, it has been minimal. Occasionally this week I have noticed that my chest felt tingling, especially near the nipple region. Also when I would gently push down on my chest in certain areas, the sensation felt almost like a mild sunburn.

The unevenness I mentioned I had felt in a previous post, has been slowly going away.

I am looking forward to ending my fourth week, because then I will be able to keep the post surgical vest off. It is not a pain to wear, it would just be one less thing to worry about.

Six Week Update!

During these last couple weeks with the post surgical vest off, I noticed that my nipples and certain areas of my chest were still a little tender especially when I would lay on my stomach to sleep. I had little bits of discomfort when hugging family I had not seen in a while because the pressure from the hug would cause slight pain. Besides these little issues, I feel very good and capable of going about my life as if I did not have surgery weeks ago.

As these last two weeks have past, the tenderness has been going away as well as the unevenness when I look down at my chest.

I have bought a bunch of tank tops and I have worn them out in my everyday life. I feel very comfortable about my chest and I am glad I do not have to wear layers of clothes anymore, it's way too hot for that.

Seven Week Update!

So I have been feeling very confident with my shirt off the past couple weeks.

I am coming towards the end of my 7th week since my surgery and forgot to mention in my six week update that for the first time ever (by choice), I was able to swim with my shirt off in front of people.

My family was very shocked to see me with no shirt on and they told me I looked great. They also told me that they knew how important this surgery was for me and they were happy I finally did something about my chest.

In the past couple weeks, I have felt motivated to start getting more in shape. I have eased myself into doing cardio on the treadmill as well as leg lifts, while on my back, to work on my belly fat. I have also gone for walks as often as possible.

All my life, I have let my chest dictate what felt like every choice I made. Now I feel like a weight has been lifted. Although I can't get the years I spent in shame back, I look forward to the future.

I am posting the most recent pictures of my chest. You can kind of get a good idea on where the incisions where made. These marks have been lightening up as the weeks go by. They are also in an area where there is a natural crease when my arms are at rest.
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pratt has a great bedside manner. He has a very warm and friendly personality. He knows what he is doing and this comes from many years of experience. Surgery is an art and Dr. Pratt is an artist. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!

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